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Topic: Dino Battle / Nanobots

What is purpose of this item? We won a lot of it in labolatory minigame during infection event and we can’t use it for anything.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Nanobots

Originally posted by makerart:
Originally posted by Honory:

Well i started to collect them, but i do not know what the things are for. can anybody help me?

Collect crystals while getting achievements or fighting with bosses.


Question was: what are nanobots used for, not how to get more crystals. You know, nanobots, those items from labolatory minigame that were (supposedly) best reward?

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Maxed random stuff (damage, armor, speed, critical etc.) [WIP]

Originally posted by TroopsofTomorrow:

idiots, spewing numbers that do absolutely ,nothing. try playing the game.

verry pitifulk troll


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Topic: Dino Battle / Tyrannosaurus vs Dacentrurus

Originally posted by Zak25:
Seizan_7, you didnt even mention the Unkillable skill. It’s a passive skill.

Let me quote myself:

- ‘second wind’ passive – if you’re going to buy Dace, it’s probably because of this ability

This being said, I dont know which dino is the best.

My moneys are on diplodocus, since it could, at least in theory, ‘go infinite’, that is solo everything without use of any item/amulet/limited use resource. I’m not 100% sure since menagerie is currently bugged and doesn’t display maxed values for skills for entire branch, but with mana regen + shield + heal and enough hp diplo could negate damage from any attack. Yes, it has lower damage than top attackers, but it possibly could attack infinite amount of time without dying.

My guess would be the T-rex as it can hit amazing numbers.

T-rex has barely 17,6% more damage than Tarbosaurus. While extra damage is nice, it’s not that much.

The Dacentrurus is not a high hitter, so it would be nice though if it had a buff which helped the other dinos in the party, like some other dinos have.

Except then it would be too good. Aside from Tarbo/T-rex there are no heavy hitters. I use fliers, the other branch of predators, and they’re support with quite low damage. The only thing tanks should have is for their skill that weakens defense to be global debuff (unless it already is, then they’re fine the way they are).

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Topic: Dino Battle / Questions to the developer

No, it’s not. Otherwise support dino players would be screwed because they wanted to help team.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Long loading ? Try this

Personally I wouldn’t allow this game for unlimited storage, since it not only leaks memory, but fills cache with hundreds of copies of same file. Just set it to some reasonable, finite amount.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Tyrannosaurus vs Dacentrurus

Neither. I thought about getting one, but then compared them to free dinos and don’t think their price justifies their unique skills.

T-Rex vs Tarbosaurus:
- 30% more dmg from passive (+100% vs +70%)
- buff that gives 100% crit – useless since it already has 30% from passive and another buff giving +70%
- buff (passive?) that boosts Sharp bite – extra +50% on single attack that requires mana in addition to mana consumed by buff itself? Garbage.
- passive increasing dmg vs bleeding targets by 50% – the only reason to even consider T-rex. Assuming it works with Mechanical Tarantula Bleed for $1k from store it gives him some nice and cheap (but not free!) damage.

So basically 420 crystals (600 without discount) for some extra damage (250% vs 170% if passives stack additively, 200% vs 170% without bleed).

Dacentrurus vs Furious Triceratops:
- buff protecting from damage – hard to say how useful, since that’s entire description. Considering high mana cost and short duration, I’d guess not very useful.
- ‘second wind’ passive – if you’re going to buy Dace, it’s probably because of this ability.
- double damage vs stunned dinos – nice, since tanks don’t have that good damage, but not amazing.
- crappy 30% hp healing buff instead of very cool passive that increases damage after being hit by critical hit.

If it weren’t for that great passive swapped with useless superflous heal, Dace would be actually quite nice. As it is, it’s just Triceratops with different damage buff (vs stunned and not after being critted) and virtual 70% more hp.
I’m not sure if it’s worth 600 crystals, but I know it’s definitely NOT worth 2000, which is price without discount.

Unless you really think that those minor bonuses are worth it, you should save your crystals for future. Who knows what else they’ll add to shop?

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Using The Right Mouse Button

I’m pretty sure you can’t use right mouse button in flash for anything. Can’t recall a single game that would allow that.

few seconds of research later

Ok, so you theoretically could, but it requires Flash Player 11.2 or above and knowledge how to do it and willingness to actually implement that.

Long story short: HTML 5 is future, forget Flash.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / SECRET ABOUT THE HEAVY CLASS!!1!1! (also fan art thread)

Originally posted by TroopsofTomorrow:
Originally posted by Tiedus:

Once heavy gets a light saber, I am happy.

how about getting a job first, this m8 lol is on the dole but laughs at someone who WORKS at mcdonalds. btw, nice art.

is verry powerfulk post, wuld read agian

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Topic: Dino Battle / Suggestions on how to have a good start?

Use 3x xp totem (bottom right plus sign) and then attack highest level enemy in arena you can. Once level 10, start doing bosses.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Thanx EREBS and BladeLorD001 for your appreciated help!!

Tanks to you and other helpful players.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / New Event

is verry powerfulk gun

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Stupidest things you did in the game

Originally posted by arendkant:

All the stupid skills i bought.


Originally posted by brandalanX:

I just sold my hard thorn by mistake and it’s 6** :( i’m so stupid

Originally posted by killaman44444:

tried to sell a crappy shitgun and sold my 9** CM 307 maxed with bio and overclock

This is topic about stupid things, not smart. Both of those guns are shit, l2DPS

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Wrong rewards

Originally posted by NKSpool:
If you did not, I am sorry but you must have been one of the users who had corrupted data in our databases and there is nothing we can do to get this data back.

In that case why not give reward to all those affected? As bad as Rise of Mythos can be, at least they would give server-wide compensations for their fuck ups.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Any suggestions for a good medic build.

Currently there is no point in maxing cleanse, just put 5 or so points so duration matches cooldown if you plan on using it often. If you can’t kill non-boss zombies in that time, then you have much bigger problem than short duration.
Personally I’d put 25 in medkit, 25 in nuke antidote, 25 in toughness, 1 in cleanse, crit, field supplies, final farewell and remaining 21 in either crit if you want extra offense or body armour expert for defensive build.
Unless you want to go really balls to the wall defense (no point if there is cap on damage reduction though), then 25 medkit, 25 BAE, 25 energy regen (since you will use all augments for extra def), 25 aura.

Pay grade right now is kinda bad, since it only affects post-mission money and not those you find/get from selling stuff.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Wrong rewards

Originally posted by NKSpool:

Hey everyone, sorry about the wrong rewards being handed out. We are in the process of trying to re-award the correct rewards from the last event. So hopefully everyone should get what they earned soon!

I’d much rather have free respec as compensation for speed nerf skill change.
And why waste time trying to figure out who was in which tier, just give nantos to everyone! :P


Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / stupidity found in the missions

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Hack report ?

Not that devs care, but here is example of retard who actually tried to convince us that he bought skills, not hacked.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Maxed random stuff (damage, armor, speed, critical etc.) [WIP]

Thanks for starting this topic, I was too lazy to do it myself, but the more I research this game’s mechanics, the more interesting they get. And by interesting I mean completely broken.

Full Graphene [RED] armour set:
Physical Defense: 138 + 240 + 99 +159 + 99 = 735
Thermal Defense: 735
Chemical Defense: 735

PD with full augments and max Body Armour Expert = TD with full augments and BAE = 10154,375, which translates to 101% damage resistance to physical and fire. Too bad armour can only have 2 different augments, so close to full invulnerability! Except, of course, those pesky dark minions, but screw them, that’s what full HP tanks are for.
So full Graphene gives us 101%, 101% and 45%. So the question is, can we get better? Remember kids, hazchem augments give us 400% modifier on base armour, phys and fire only 250%. And so, the quest for Total Immunity begins! Dun, dun, dun!

100% resistance requires 10000 armour, so 3636,(36) before 175% bonus from BAE is applied.
Plot twist!
Quest is divided into two: one with armour only (harder) and one with Medic’s Protective Aura applied (easier).
Lets start with easy one.
Sadly, aura bonus is not multiplied by BAE and stacked on top of final armour, but it still allows us to cut 1250 from Heat/Toxic. So now we need 3636,(36) P, 3181,(81) H/T.
Heavy Trooper Vest: 540, 140, 80. With P and H augments: 2290, 890, 80. So much physical! But so heavy!
Titan IDS 01: 164, 94, 84. P and H augs: 694, 449, 84.
Titan IRN HUD: 184, 104, 94. P&H augs: 884, 604, 94.
Armour so far: P: 3868, H: 1943, T: 258. Required to reach our goal: -231,63, 1239, 2924. Ooops, looks like we got too much P and not nearly enough H and T with only 2 pieces remaining. Let’s try different helmet then.
Graphene Combat Hood: 138, 138, 138. H and T augs: 138, 723, 930.
Graphene Body Suit Bottom: 159, 159, 159. H&T augs: 159, 796,5, 1035.
Graphene Boots: 99, 99, 99. P and T augs: 466,5, 99, 615.
Total defences: Physical 3747,5. So far so good. Heat 2957,5. So close, yet so far… Toxic 2744. Looks like our quest failed. Oh well, lets see how much more to reach our goal:
P -111,1, H 224,5 T 438.
Final resistances: Physical: 102%, Heat: 97%, Toxic: 94%.

Tomorrow I’ll try slighty different approach to see where it leads us. Stay tuned for part 2, where we cheat and look for 99,50…01% resistances, since game would round up display to 100%. Whether or not combat engine treats that as true 100% remains to be seen.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Maxed random stuff (damage, armor, speed, critical etc.) [WIP]

I really hate to double-post, but this topic could use a bump, especially considering what I found about max physical armour. Drumrolls please!
First of all, credit goes to Demogorgon22 from NK forums for presenting formula how armour augment upgrades work.

All armours are obviously in [RED] variety.

Titan IRN HUD: 184 Physical Defense (also -5% movement and +10% gun damage)
Heavy Trooper Vest: 540 PD (also -15% movement)
Titan IDS 01: 164 PD (also +15% reload speed)
Titan MEM Trooper: 245 PD
Titan MEM Sprint: 155 PD (also +12% movement)

This gives us total 1288 PD.
Flat bonus from lvl 10 fortified augment: 240 + 400 + 120 + 240 + 120 = 1120. Percent bonus: +250% of base PD for each piece.
Total PD: 1120 + 1288*3,5 = 5628

Body Armour Expert lvl 25 skill: +7%*25 = +175%

This leads us to maximum physical defence: 5628 * 2,75 = 15447
In case you’re wondering how much damage reduction that is…

wait for it…

wait for it…

sqrt(13282,5) = 124%

Suck on that, Savage Necrosis teleporting spawn!
Also, cry moar how speed nerf made this game hard and armour is useless.
Also, poor Heavy with his Die another day giving him mere 90% damage reduction for only 10 seconds with 50 s CD. Sure, it gives him resist to all, not just physical, but still…
Oh, and don’t forget this awesomness comes with -8% movement! But then again, why dodge if you’re immune?

If you use Rubicon Power Assist instead, you’ll end up with only 106% reduction, but +32% movement.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if that was mistake on devs’ part while buffing defence augments or if there is hard cap of 90% damage reduction regardless of armour value. Or maybe I just messed up math.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Kicking from private matches

Originally posted by smbisme:

pay for HR what a waste of money that can be used for ammo and augs. just speed run pods… beating pods 15-20 times in an hour is better than any HR game.

just boost speed and use the weapon calc to get the best augs for your weapons. Ive gotten quite a few high level boxes like this, and dont have to worry about seeing a steel in a HR match and be all butthurt about how thats supposed to be impossible.

Why is it that stupid people have this irresistible urge to post nonsense at every opportunity?
If you ever bothered with reading with comprehension, you would know that there’s no such thing as “steel box in hr game”, only people who don’t understand how HR works. Second, and more important issue is, since when HR excludes speedruns? Was there some update I’m not aware of that slows down all HR games? Also, congratulations on beating pods in 3-4 minutes. One question though, if you’re so good, why do you even need boxes anyway?
Just because you’re poor lvl 10 peasant doesn’t mean HR is bad power-up. If you start buying it around level 25 (maybe even slightly earlier) you’ll notice you hardly lose any money and gain is pretty real. To explain it in simple terms: let’s say tier 6 box drops 5% of time, tier 7 box 2,5% and tier 8 box 1% (just examples, not real values). Without HR you’ll see 2,5 T7 and 1 T8 every 100 boxes, with HR 7,5 T7 (3 times as much!) and 3,5 T8 (3,5 times more!). Actually you’ll see slightly more with HR since it also has drop bonus, but it’s not that big. So yeah, please, continue telling me how HR is waste of money and how you get awesome boxes all the time while I’ll keep buying HR and get way more high tier boxes than you. And last but not least, if you need money just join AV a few times, it’s real gold mine.

Now on topic: as others said, you get who you invite. If you invite everyone (and that’s what you do by making room ID public) then you should learn to live with consequences. That’s like opening doors to your house and saying “everyone’s welcome!” and then complaining that some hobo puked on your new carpet. Private games are fine they way they are, it’s public that need few tweaks.
And no, you’re not “carrying” people half your level, because power of player is mostly influenced by their gear (especially gun), not level. I had Raptor around lvl 21 and Sub-light (one of top 5 best guns in game) around lvl 25 and I could easily outdps less lucky lvl 30+.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / The 1st Elite Squad open for buisness

Originally posted by FTLcaptain:
just act normally and don’t go to special lenghts to please us.

Ohohohoho, that’s a good one. Does your clan specialize in making jokes by any chance?
Also, I’m with Lightning, clans are kinda-sorta pointless. I mean sure, playing with pugtards triggering spikes in pods can be annoying at times, but it’s lesser evil compared to waste of time and energy required for all that clan nonsense.

We have been (…) recruting randomly everywhere (…) Just so you know we won’t recruit everyone

In a words of great scholar and philosopher Dalia Royce: ’Kay.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / FAQ on High Roller (HR)

Originally posted by TroopsofTomorrow:
and where did you exactly get all this information. certainly not from the few words where it says-pay 25k for better loot.

From using brain mostly, you fucktard. I’m getting really tired of your retarded posts, so I’ll walk you through entire process:
1. Start game.
2. Buy HR.
3. Hit Escape to see pause menu.
4. Profit.

Now, was that all really that hard? I don’t think so. All the information is there in the game, if you’re too stupid to understand that then it’s only your own fault. Maybe if you spent less time posting same nonsense again and again and more time in school, you’d be at least marginally smarter.

as for the info, none of this would have even been made possible and public. if It werent for me in the first place

Illusions of grandeur much? All of that was in game all the time. Again, just because you’re too stupid to know where to look, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

If you hate this game so much, just go the fuck away. Nobody cares about you or your moronic and repetetive posts. Every time you click “reply” button you’re making idiot out of yourself, so just stop. Nobody is going to stop playing this game just because you hate it.

Originally posted by smbisme:

Ive seen a lot of your complaining and its all around nkspool… who is this person you hate so dearly?

It’s one of developers, who called him a liar after Troops claimed that he got steel box with High Roller active. Troops being idiot he is, instead of admitting to mistake (that steel box was either from level up or he thought other players’ HR would give him +1 box quality without need to buy HR himself) started this moronic crusade posting same shit over and over again. I swear, it’s like his entire vocabulary consists of nothing but “liar” and “lapdog”.
inb4 I’m nkspool’s lying lapdog :P

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Health Regen should be a % of Max HP

Originally posted by mrsquash:

support, will probably never be added, but support


Biosynth I think should be ‘vampirism’, as in fixed amount of hp healed per hit, not kill. This would make “high rps, not so high dps” guns (mostly SMGs) at least somewhat useful.

Originally posted by TroopsofTomorrow:
Originally posted by kingofrsjr:

support, same goes with biosysnthesis, that needs % hp not hp points

nkspools little lapdog, yapping again. don’t you ever post anything of your own. post leech.

Hate on me too, plz!

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Maxed random stuff (damage, armor, speed, critical etc.) [WIP]

Yes, I suspect some of them (like ammo) are applied multiplicatively to final gun damage increasing it even further, but I have no way (or real desire) to check it. That’s why I assumed additive, for lowest possible result.
About calculator: I always use google as one. :D
About bosses: wait for savage versions, according to wiki savage Necrosis has 1500000 HP :P
About math: “3000 * ( 100” should be “3000 * (200%” since 100% is base damage and you double it with deadly
3000 * [1 (base) + 1 (deadly) + 0,19 (target assist) + 0,1 (helmet) + 0,25 (deadly force) + 1,50 (killing spree) + 0,25 (HD ammo)] * 1,1 (killing machine) * 3,01 (critical) is how I calculated it, but I suspect HD ammo might be multiplicative, with skills possibly too.