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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Red weapon and HDA

Originally posted by starcraftoxford:

I have a stalker :/ One that likes to make up silly stories, whilst probably being shouted at by his mum.

is verry powerfulk stalker

…not really, no.

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Topic: Kongregate / Who is 1 quest in room?

I am.

(come on, someone was bound to say that)

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Topic: Kongregate / Change ads PLEASE

Originally posted by eugenebilly:
I personally like ads because it shows me things i may not have known about

is verry powerfulk consumer

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Topic: Dino Battle / Game is losing my attention

Originally posted by Tinybolt:
I log on, and there’s literally nothing for me to do

You’re not going to like it but… whose fault is that? Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to bot arena in order to gain levels. I’ve seen it many times, a few players spenders burn through content extremely fast and then complain about lack of content. Sorry to disappont you, but here’s quick reality check: devs have limited time and they can either cater to wishes of few highest level players or work on content that will benefit remaining 99% of player base.
Sure, devs aren’t faultless either since they made it that amulets make game trivial, but that’s another story.

I guess it’s Sword & Magic all over again. Just like I predicted: I’ll the last man standing after others burned out after rushing through content.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / A question I have

Originally posted by starcraftoxford:

Is very powerfulk question.

is verry powerfulk quote

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / what is your best weapons

Originally posted by DevilAqil509:

Is very powerfulk weapon why this StarCraftoxFord Keep Saying this word :/?


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Topic: Dino Battle / Bugs & Problems

Originally posted by grenadier234:
This game is a TOTAL RIPOFF

Considering it’s free I just don’t see how.
And maybe you should describe your problems when you’re less angry, because you’re not making any sense.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Bugs & Problems

I hate to double post, but this one is big and rather important.



  • Crystals cost 1/10 of their listed price, but only when buying directly. So called “special offers” are selling them at 1:1 ratio (before promotional reduction). For example 200 crystals cost 20 kreds (and not 200) when bought using “bank” window, but they cost 100 kreds when bought with 50% discount from special offer window.
  • Game takes very long time to load/stops loading entirely for some players. Usually at 40% mark. Make sure progress bar shows actuall progress and that those people don’t time out while waiting.
  • Lag, lag everywhere. Or, to be more precise, behaviour that most players calls lag and which in reality is just flashplayer eating all resources. Not only this game is leaking hemmorhaging memory, it also creates hundreds (if not thousands) copies of the same small file in cache folder (I found about that one when I was decompiling all cached files looking for combat damage equations). First step should be reducing amount of all flashy and completely unnecessairy things, like animated icons in top left corner of most pop-up windows. And for crying out loud, change the way they are displayed. Making them grow bigger instead of instantly making them full size is a huge waste of resources and probably #1 reason for massive slowdowns and reduced performance after 15-30 minutes of playing.
  • Bad synchronization of combat damage. Very often people attack boss, see their dino deal damage only to find few seconds later on victory screen that they dealt 0 dmg and received no loot.


  • Albertosaurus and Tarbosaurus have very low damage compared to other dinos of same level and attack.
  • Battle trance/Thrill of blood skills are severly bugged. Details pop-up says they have cooldown 2 turns, but in reality they can trigger two rounds in a row. If player hits boss with critical hit and boss stuns player in next turn, then Tarbosaurus/T-Rex will be healed every turn while stunned. If player’s dino (Tarbo/T-Rex) dies during boss battle and that player goes to arena and kills opponent with critical hit, dino will be revived in boss battle. Yet another bug related to those skills: sometimes AI controlled Tarbosaurus would die in arena and heal at the same time, making winning impossible, since it would just lie on the ground with hp > 0.
  • Bleeding deals twice (maybe more) as much damage as listed in skill description. This includes both initial attack and damage over time.
  • Technically not a bug, but Velociraptor is severly underpowered, especially considering its price.
  • Bonus from amulets is applied after timer ends for however long you keep browser window open (some people reported even 6 days).


  • Finished battles players didn’t join don’t disappear from invitations window until “Find combat” button is pressed.
  • Single invitations do not work, only “invite all” button.
  • People with 500+ Kongregate friends and those with private profiles can’t invite others for boss battles (probably don’t have anyone on in-game friend list, not sure about details on this one). I’m not sure if you can do anything about it other than mention it in new tutorial, since those problems used to appear in other games too and it might be Kongregate’s API fault.
  • Dinosaurs with all skills maxed continue getting skill points.
  • When Diplodocus (and I assume pteranodon) uses mana restoring buff while previous is still active, it regains 5+5 mana in that turn.
  • If casino spin would give super game, closing window before it ends spinning results in free spin for regular wheel instead.
  • Go to Shop → laboratory, switch between categories. Black backround is not aligned with frame. Not sure how else to describe it without using too many words, so just look at icons at the top.
  • Sometimes items don’t appear immediately in inventory and require changing dino/another battle/refreshing browser window to appear.
  • Quite a few achivements do not work. For example Master of Dinosaurs, Porter, Hunter, Champion.
  • Increasing level of hp boosting passive refunds all learning points put into stamina.
  • Damage values displayed under dino in inventory have no reflection on actual skill/basic attack damage.
  • Implants (and possibly other items too) can auto-equip on dino that doesn’t meet level requirements.
  • Sometimes group buffs from previous battle are applied to next, especially if they were activated shortly before boss died.
  • Clicking “call friend” on window that pops up after death during boss battle resurrects dino.
  • Sometimes dino dies immediately after being revived from “call friend” button, it happens when Kongregate window is immediately closed and dino is bleeding.
  • Furious triceratops starts with common skin. It has stats of fossil one and all other dinos of this tier start with fossil skins.
  • Entire Diplodocus line shows dinos at level 1, not 80 like other dinos.
  • Maternal custody skill’s description says it increases max hp by 8% regardles of skill level. Only description is wrong, skill works as it should increasing hp by 8%/skill level.
  • Daily quest asking for 10 titanium, basalt fiber and aluminum alloy only removes titanium and basalt fiber from my inventory. Some people claim it doesn’t remove anything from their.
  • Amulets with same name can be activated even when effect is active. It has no additional effect, just wastes amulet.
  • Win count in “best week” category is reset every week.


  • PvP says “Section is temporarily unavailable!” It suggest temporary problems, not feature that is not yet implemented. I suggest you use common “Coming soon!” instead (even when we know it’s not really coming anytime soon…).
  • Revive/call for help window after dying during boss battle has some Russian? Ukrainian? text. Not sure which one it is, so I’ll just call it Ukrainian from now on.
  • Mana/charge/energy. Pretty much everything about it is a total mess. Get rid of charge. Either change energy (stat used for minigames) to stamina (or something similar)and change mana to energy, or keep energy and use mana for in-battle, well, …energy. I told you entire ting is a mess. :P
  • Stamina should be renamed to endurance, constitution, health or something similar. In most games that have stat named stamina it is not used for health but as a sort of energy pool.
  • Restore (on skills) should be renamed cooldown.
  • There are items/amulets which increase accuracy. There is no such stat in game and those items (most of them, anyway, haven’t tested all) increases damage.
  • Healing items say they restore strength.
  • Shield and defense seem to mean same thing in some cases, but different in others.
  • Some items say they increase attack. If they actually increase damage (as I suspect is the case) then description should be changed to reflect that.
  • When cursor is moved over mana bar during battle, it displays Ukrainian.
  • When somebody uses group buff during boss battle, combat log displays Ukrainian text.
  • Shop → offer, 1st tab’s name is in Ukrainian.
  • When selling item, both window and button say “sale” instead of “sell”.
  • Inventory → dino. When cursor is over shield it says "items\’ " instead of "items’ ". Moreover, entire sentence just feels wierd. Maybe just get rid of it entirely?
  • Inventory → dino → skills. Pop-up from attack and stamina lists values from skillpoints and items (listed as “objects”), but one from defence doesn’t.
  • Breadwinner achivement says “Reward: 1 crystal”. No other achivement says that and since they all give 1c, this line can be removed.
  • Descriptions for many achivements end in semicolon.
  • Poisoner achivement is actually awarded for killing with bleed; there’s no poison in this game.
  • Primeval achivement and shop tab call amulets “discs”.
  • Gifts window: “In about a hour gift will be delivered” → “Gifts are delivered after an hour from sending” or something similar.
  • Wisdom totem: “experience in 3 times” → “experience 3 times”.
  • Plains runner’s description (“it can always run away”) can be confusing for new players. I was expecting it to have some sort of skill that would actually allow it to, you know, run away from combat.
  • Ornithocheirus’ description says “perfectly balancing defense and attack”, which isn’t really true skill-wise.
  • Vivifying matter says it “restores all skills and arms”. What does it even mean? Does it allow dino to grow back arms lost in combat?
  • Store → ammunition. Restore, Program and Elite fighter all feel weird.
  • Items’ pop-up: there is colon after stamina.
  • Hurricane’s loot description has word in Ukrainian.
  • I’m not native English speaker, but I think “Reach check points” is better than “Achive check points”.
  • Pop-up over skull between “Fight” and “Hero” in boss window says “thinds”. Also entire sentence is unfinished.
  • Damage totem says “DEM” below icon.
  • Button for joining boss battle says “kick”.
  • Tournament: “before the expiry of the Week” → “before the end of the week”. Also “spot” → “place”. “Old” → “Previous”, since you can only see results of last one anyway.
  • Menagerie is referred to as “zoo” in some quests.
  • There’s no such thing as “kk”. It’s “M”.
  • “invite in combat” → “Invite to combat” (or for combat, both seem ok).
  • Shop → laboratory. “only available” is weird choice of words for listing only items you can equip, but I’m not sure how to make it better. “only equippable” maybe? Or “only usable”.
  • Samson’s damage is displayed as 0-0.
  • Artefact scale lvl 180 should give 209 attack, not 109. How do I know it’s a typo? Because all other artifact scales increase all stats by same amount compared to previous one (120 is +18 each stat compared to 100, 160 is +36 compared to 140, etc.)
  • Message from winning bonus for crystal purchase from casino makes little sense.

That’s it for now, I’m pretty sure I forgot one or three, will update if anything new comes up.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Testers-moderators are wanted.

Originally posted by Billybob66787:

I can be a tester I like the game I have time and I am on A LOT I speak good English [I am from the u.s]

Originally posted by erfy911:

i can test

Funny how two guys with no forum history and whom I never saw in chat feel urge to nominate themselves for position that requires experience and good knowledge of game.

Originally posted by makerart:

The crucial things are:
- to make the game better.

You’re welcome.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Tips For Devastator

is verry powerfulk boss

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Topic: Dino Battle / Damage Calculation

Originally posted by SuMagi:

My attack with my littel T-Rex: 3323-23733
Other Players attack with T-Rex: 5100-36500

PROTIP: disregard those numbers. Damage ranges under your dino are meaningless, the only thing that really matters is basic attack damage. Move coursor over skill with 1/1 points and look there, that’s what counts.

flier lvl 70 with stats 115/74/200 (including starting skin 110/65/40) has strike with 2640-3227 dmg, values under dino say dmg 924-6602
diplo lvl 70 with stats 70/168/200 (including starting skin 65/100/40) has strike with 3118-3811, while values under dino say dmg 873-6237

As you can see diplo deals more damage with basic attack than flier despite having lower dmg values displayed under dino. I know many people like those numbers because they can reach really high values and everyone wants their epeen as big as possible, but they have nothing to do with actual combat damage.

When the Damage you’re doing depends to the Computer-power you’re playing withe, the game is done for me.

k, bye.
In case you haven’t noticed, damage dealt to bosses is calculated in real time, so people with better PC will deal more damage than those with flashplayer lagging because of old/weaker computer or those with worse internet connection. That’s primary reason why some people score 0 dmg despite seeing their dino deal damage to boss on their machine.

PROTIP #2: there’s edit button, no need to triple post.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Master of dinosaurs

Since one picture is worth 1000 words, I’ll let them speak for themselves. Just remember to pay attention to skins.
(Warning: image heavy post.)

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Topic: Dino Battle / Bugs & Problems

Originally posted by mab32480:
So i started my second totem today a little early costed me 18 crystals. Had to watch 30 mins go by while dino battle refused to load arena opponents.

You’re not going to like that, but… it’s your own fault. I always refresh and then do a single arena fight before activating totem to avoid nasty surprises.
Besides, developers can’t be hold (entirely) responsible for servers’ issues. What if amazon cloud (where most of Kong’s games are located) crashed (like it sometimes does) during your totem? Would that also be developer’s fault? Yes, this game can get laggy as hell after some time, but if refresh/restarting browser can’t fix it, then it’s most likely server/connection issue and it’s out of dev’s hands.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Fail crimson event

People who get those artifacts now can focus on helping new players instead of grinding for better gear. I know I will. Plus, most players benefitting from this event was already doing that, so I see this event more like reward for them than anything else. And last but not least, everyone with spaceport lvl 3 could quite easily obtain artifacts of similar level from chests. So I like it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Ever met/know someone who says that flash games are stupid?

Originally posted by light_bringer777:
Originally posted by MaoWEE:
Originally posted by light_bringer777:

Wondering myself if flash would really die off or simply find some balance point where competition would be low enough for a certain amount of dev to keep making them.

If HTML5 becomes the new norm however, then maybe flash would slowly disappear, but at least we’d still be seeing free web games :)

It might pretty much… die…

Like you think there would remain no market at all for free web pc games?

Like you think there would be people who actually read before responding? He was referring to Flash, not free games.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Mistaken Payment of Gems Falls Under Common Law Claims of Unjust Enrichment

Originally posted by awesomestudios77:
Though I’m sure rumble has something in their ToS that negates this entirely.

Kids from that silly country between Canada and Mexico will never cease to amaze me. National law trumps all and every ToS ever created. Devs are free to put any amount of BS in ToS they want, it still won’t have binding legal power. No, not even when you click “I agree” (at least not in EU, anyway).

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Topic: Dino Battle / Top 5 reasons why players leave this game.

Originally posted by MakataDoji:
there’s only 2 things to do in the entire game, arena and bosses.

As opposed to what exactly? This isn’t some AAA cRPG with lots of sidequests, this is simple flash arena combat game. It has exactly same amount of content any other game of this type: PvP (sorta, needs major rework) and co-op PvM. I’m not sure what else you need, other, more succesful games like SAS4 are exactly the same. Actually, SAS4 has no PvP, only co-op playing same 7 maps over and over and over again. If you want a game with some sort of sophisticated endgame goal, then I’m afraid flash games aren’t for you.

Most every time I click find combat I find nothing which means high levels almost immediately kill anyone needing help thanks to the absurdity of the quests, or no one is fighting bosses they can’t easily kill.

And who’s fault is that? If you see no bosses, start your own. If you can’t beat it alone, ask in chat for help. I don’t remember you speaking in chat once, which means you’re one of those guys who don’t understand multiplayer part of this game. Friend people of similar level, do bosses together, coordinate in chat. You know, the way game was meant to be played?
Oh, and speaking of never seeing you in chat, you do realize that you don’t get invites unless people add you as friend on Kong? If you never speak up in chat most people won’t add you, so your invite list will be forever empty.

I haven’t used boss drop gear since maybe level 30.

Funny, I use them all the time. For few slots, sure, but heroic (and sometimes fossil) are better than commons 10-20 levels above them. Also, bosses are the only way to obtain fossil+ quality of gear, so I see no point for comparing them with arena, since those 2 serve different purposes. Also dev was made aware of this problem and agreed that xp rewards for bosses and arena might not be optimal.

Where’s the 10 arena victory daily? The kill a boss daily?

Are you serious right now? EVERY day I get same set of dailies starting with “kill lavabot & join invitation to boss battle”. That’s as new player friendly as it gets. It forces high level players to do low level boss, hopefully helping newbs, while at the same time it teaches said newbs to join forces and check their invitations window.

I’ve yet to collect a single nanotube and maybe I’m just unlucky getting them from bosses but you’re all too willing to sell them to me.

I got 103 from laboratory during Infection event. Premium content for free during limited time events is actually pretty nice idea I wish more games would implement. Also, they drop from level 50+ bosses, so you might want to try there.

Originally posted by urhitman:

give this game credit it has only been out of beta for about a month and this is a game with alot of potential from which you guys complaining about all of the negative things dont see

And here ladies and gentelman is prime example why 12 year old kids with no concept of constructive criticism should stay at school instead of playing games all day. Once you grow up you might learn that we’re giving developer feedback about all the things he’s doing wrong. This game went from 120+ players in chatroom during weekends to about 40 during weekdays. If it drops any lower there won’t be enough to team up against harder bosses and that “game with a lot of potential” will die before it ever gets a chance to reach it.

also if you pay attention there are always people who are asking for help or to be friends on the chat and when you acknowledge them it actually boosts the fun of the game

Don’t you feel silly now MakataDoji? Even that kid knows you should not passively wait for boss’ invitations to drop into your lap.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / best weapons in game that medics cant get?

Originally posted by starcraftoxford:

Is very powerfulk weapon.

QFT (and forcing meme)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike Rushing in Tournaments and a Note to the Devs.

It always amuses me how noobs join game and instead of learning it, they rediscover the wheel. Since the very beginning people were complaining about rush and since beginning it was very easy to counter. It just requires you to move out of your comfort zone and start thinking. Basic rush cards remain the same, heroes have much more hp than back in my days when we could counter rush. So problem is with you, not game.

And M&M rush in equalizer? lol, you have to be either extremly unlucky or completely suck to lose to that.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Top 5 reasons why players leave this game.

1. They never get to play it in first place. They get stuck either on white screen (loader before game) or on loading screen, usually around 30-40%. And no, increasing flash storage is not guaranteed to make it any better. Currently both cause and foolproof solution are unknown.

2. Bad tutorial. It explains only most basic things about combat and then ends. No explanation what are differences between starting dinosaurs, no mention of 3x xp boost which makes arena grind much shorter, nothing.

3. First boss. Technically it falls into point #2, but this issue is so important I think it should be mentioned separately. Almost every player start Thickhead as soon as they hit level 10, gets killed by boss and is left wondering what to do now. There is no in-game explanation that bosses are team effort, there’s no explanation how to add friends and invite them for fight, nothing. Even worse, due to poor translation/unimplemented feature/bug many people think you can stop current boss fight and get frustrated when they learn that’s not the case.

4. Fucking “special offer” popups. Not only they’re INCREDIBLY annoying and disruptive, they also make game look like terrible pay2win moneygrab. Sure, those who played for more than 10 minutes know it’s not true, but many don’t stick that long for reasons mentioned in this post.

5. Lack of communication from developer. I understand that English isn’t your native language and you have some problems using it, but that’s not an excuse. I played Sword&Magic by korean developer 109studio and his engrish was terrible, but it didn’t stop him from posting updates both on forum and in “game news” section. News in terrible English are much better than no news at all, because they at least show that game is still developing and wasn’t abandoned. They give us hope it can get better and that our suggestions might be taken into account.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / 9/12 Balance feedback

So this game is still ruled by speed? Silly question then, OP. Change that. I can think of at least 4 ways:
1. Speed only determines who goes first, but then everyone gets exactly 1 turn.
While this would make speed buffing activated skills useless and require changing them into something else, it’s still my personal favourite because it would create interesting strategic choices. Do you want to make glass cannons and strike first? Or maybe you want super tanky team that moves after all 4 opposing combatants had their turn?
2. Diminishing returns.
Make speed square root or logarithm of agility or something similar, so there will be optimal point where putting more points into speed instead of magic/strength would reduce damage output per turn.
3. Reduce speed gain from dexterity.
If agility only gave 1/10 of current speed gain it would be much less attractive. This of course wouldn’t solve “need speed bonus on every single piece of gear” problem, so it’s far from being optimal solution.
4. Already mentioned in this topic speed cap.
Not a big fan of this one, since it’s basically my point #1 but with everyone investing enoough to hit cap, which leads to homogenic builds.

I know one player won’t change anything, but I’m not interested in playing as long as there is only one proper strategy: max speed on everything. Fire based party? Need speed. Lightning/stun? Max speed. Want to go with poison? Invest in speed. Booooooring.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Make Events Drop Mastery Points 100%

Originally posted by techtw:
chance of getting mastery point tokens will literally (not statistically) be 50%

literally (not statistically)

What does it even mean?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant is dying

This one is dedicated to oldtimers.

This game is dying, I quit.

Bonus minigame: find (and link) all topics about tyrant dying created over those years.

I can not express how happy I am with those news. Every time shitty p2w blatant moneygrab with devs caring only about their wallets bites the dust, my hope for humanity rises tiny, tiny bit. I’m very curious about vaccum it creates though. With Rise of Mythos being on massive decline for quite some time, where will all the CCG players go?

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Topic: Dino Battle / Bugs & Problems

Originally posted by IvicaR:

my chat doesnt work.It only show connecting to chat

That’s problem with Kongregate and/or your connection, nothing to do with game itself.

Originally posted by KolekaX:

After a Boss Battle for a quest I have had to refresh for it count towards Quest goal. I have cleared my cache, waited 5 minutes for it to auto tick the count and no go. Only way it counts is by refreshing. I am now on the Power Unit Quest, refreshing for all 20 seems abit much and alot of work. This did not happen for the Creepy Events and only started during the Infectious Event

If you do another boss or arena battle items from previous one will be added, no need to refresh.

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Topic: Dino Battle / Nanobots

What is purpose of this item? We won a lot of it in labolatory minigame during infection event and we can’t use it for anything.