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Topic: Transformice / hacker, glitch or bug?

Today, (New Zealand time: 6:20pm date:1/01/14 )

When i tried to log in it said i was already connected… O.O Then after a few mins of waiting, I got to log in but… T^T I was back to level 1! I was level 30+, (my username: Rufelfeather) And i had no friends and tribe.. The entire game restarted and i couldn’t tell my Friends because i didn’t have their Kongregate accout (or friend them either) I want to know if this is a glitch, Bug or hacker? I’m not sure it is a hacker (i Never found a restart button…) Please Let Me Know If You Have A Answer To This! By; DuhDuhSister, (or Rufelfeather, or Nickeyminecraft (in minecraft)
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Topic: Wild West Town / no neighbors and actions.

i’ve not have that many neighbors that i can help, and if you don’t mind. would you add me?


when i try help one of my neighbors with their animal feeding,( they have a whole barn on hungry animals) when i feed them it says ’ no actions left’.

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Topic: Cloudstone / RUBIES

When you click something you are nit meant to click like the buy when you don’t have enough cash, It comes up with kreds. What are they? How do we get them?

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / MY GAME WON'T LOAD!

Exsuse me but my game won’t load now. Please fix this bug because i really fancied the game. Thanks ;’D ill be happy if you fix it.

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