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Topic: Wartune / How the new sylph system and world bosses schedule has ruined the game for non to low/mod cashing players

Then Just listen to This .Here Explains Jarod Psigoda the CEO from Reality Squared Games (R²Games) the Strategie Behind Wartune and Chinese Browser games like it.

So give up any hope the change.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Suggestions

Originally posted by illinarin:

I’d like to suggest (and I’m assuming either there is a way, or it has been suggested before) a way to turn mass amounts of a lower unit into a smaller amount of a higher tier.
example: I have 600 t4, use this w/e it would be “service” maybe, to turn those into 200 t5, and then turn those 200 t5 into 100 t6 ect. ect.
I’m sure their would be some formula along the lines of - Input troop value x .75 = output troop value. Make it a once a day thing with a limit on how many of each tier you can put in, the higher the tier, the less the max obviously.
I will also admit that turning it the other way may be beneficial as well turning higher tier units into lower, but the output wouldn’t be quite so high.
(and for anyone who’s seen this suggestion before sorry, it just strikes me as something that would be very useful)

When you next time in the game i suggest you look at refuge camp this future exist since Ascension came out

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] Glitches/Bugs

Since for a few days nobody can log in to hog i just dont unterstand why kogregate still keeps the game in there list of games ,
just send a letter to snail and tell them if the dont bother fixing the problems you take it out for good.
Maybe this wakes them up a bit