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Topic: Off-topic / How many days in total have you been banned?

got perm banned from runescape once lol

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Topic: Kongregate / [Archive] Badge of the Day 2012

definately failed got to round 61 :P and my character was leveling nicely after the campaign hell too

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Topic: Time World / Friend requests (find friends here)

accepting all

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Topic: Kongregate / Hot New Games....

unadjusted rating would probably be closer to the badge hunter view. Legacy of a Thousand Suns went from 4.1 to 3.67 after getting badged.

I don’t think people have too much of a problem with premium content but more “in your face” premium content.

Like “oh poor you your out of energy please buy a refill!”

But yes I agree that the social community around the mmos are crucial for people playing them.

I’ve been testing some of the badged mmos too some aren’t that bad. NOT all deserve 1 star ratings.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Do most Multiplayer Games not get badges because they're not good enough or just because they're "Multiplayer"?

badges are kinda harder to make for mmos because their is no clear end to the game. in a single player game beating the game can be hard or medium in a multiplayer game its hard to judge. Do you want to make someone play the game for 1-2 weeks or even longer just for a badge?
Many have lots of premium advertising and the badges need to be balanced.
People hate waiting for stuff to happen Waiting to collect resources blech.
The comments and ratings tend to get trashed when badges are added but yes they have badged a ton of multiplayer games before.
Also with shooters the difficulty of badge varies. Like on the one i was playing get 15 kills for easy. Now that could be difficult if you have people that are experts and you are a begging but if your in a room full of noobs it is easy!
People hate waiting.
Also you need to consider what happens if the game dies can you still get the badge? :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Forever "Under judgement"...?

Yea besides being close to level there isn’t much incentive to play and rate new games. I like getting badges and only play games without badges if I really like them a lot.

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Topic: Kongregate / MMOs Are Ruining Kongregate...

Facebook game =/= Mmo lol

Browserbased Mmos are rare and hard to make cause a true good game needs a good team of developers/lots of players/lots of servers plus mmo is a different type of game – people dedicate months/years to.

Subscribtion is the other alternative but it doesn’t work out as well as it takes longer for the user to decide to pay. (I played Runescape for 5 months before paying)

Demo mode but then that wouldn’t have as much badge possibility

#of plays and add revenue. With energy system it inflates the number of plays so high. I mean i may play a tower defense game 3 hrs or more in one sitting and then not really add to the number of plays til another 3hr session. But I probably added many plays to Legacy of a Thousand suns playing 2-5 minutes at a time trying to get the badge still have 2m more damage to go lol….

Anyway look up kongregate virtual goods strategy- yes they are pay 2 win but the statistics says less than 2% and in many cases less than .5% of users pay but the ones that do pay are puttin lots of money in some 100+ dollars.

Though I wish some games didn’t have auto 1/5 because they have kreds or are featured. -Runespell Saga is a pro game but I bet people rate it down because it sells faster exp and silver (or maybe im just wierd. Poker+solitare+levelingup+combat+3 star system)

But yea mafia wars types games are all over fb and they require logging in every day! I prefer playing whenever I want and as long as I want. Maybe 1hr one day 12hrs other days lol.

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Topic: Kongregate / New badge discussion

legacy of a thousand suns – booo but ok

pocket creature pvp – medium is kinda harder than hard cause you can raise your gem level quicker in the endurance mode ect =P

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Topic: Kongregate / What constitutes a good game for you?

Music! Putting the right music on a game can make me up my rating by 1-2 stars. levels, upgrades, strategy, games that have different ways of beating them. good controls, funny, interesting looking characters.

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Topic: Kongregate / Disable Ratings during Badge of the Day?

The badge of the day encourages people to try games they probably wouldn’t have played til they got all the badges they liked. So yea general audience = ratings down but I think the only time it would really affect it is when badge of the day is a hard or medium badge and people are under time constraints. But in general the badge of the day rating vs normal rating would probably be the same its just more people are rating the game which is always a good thing. =P