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Topic: Kongregate / Least Earned Impossible Badges - New Stats!

The Least Earned Badges for 171 days from April 16, 2014 to October 4, 2014 of Badges that existed on April 16, 2014. A Badge must have been awarded during the period so Badges removed before April 16, 2014. The newest Imps are segregated. (Yes, I missed a couple updates.)

The format is:
"Earned 2013-02-08 to 2014-04-16" = "Awarded 2013-02-08" -> "Awarded 2014-04-16" - Game (Badge)

Easy (7 shown)
56 = 32021->32077 - Dinowaurs (Burnin' Down the House)
79 = 53645->53724 - Heroes of Gaia (Every Hero Needs a Sidekick)
82 = 175906->175988 - GlueFO 2.0 (Warrior of the Worlds)
98 = 39829->39927 - BeGone: Guerra (All for Three)
110 = 45316->45426 - Remnants of Skystone (Meet 'n' Greet)
178 = 31531->31709 - Oroboros (Seeker Slicer)
190 = 33205->33395 - Death Vegas (Hit Me!)

Medium (10 shown)
44 = 12377->12421 - Dinowaurs (Future Fossil Fuel)
46 = 8188->8234 - Remnants of Skystone ("It's Your Nidarian Duty")
47 = 10033->10080 - BeGone: Guerra (Kill and/or Be Killed)
49 = 17518->17567 - Dinowaurs (Victory of the Ancients)
71 = 18892->18963 - Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 (Combusteo and Juliet)
71 = 65513->65584 - Kongai (Community Crushing)
74 = 12866->12940 - Army of Destruction (Double Dome Defender)
82 = 9620->9702 - Typing Ninja Hunter (Typing of the Demonic)
87 = 4288->4375 - Punk-o-matic 2 (All Aboard the Cover Band Wagon!)
91 = 50878->50969 - Mr. Bounce (Professor Bounce)

Hard (16 shown)
3 = 19249->19252 - The Grinns Tale (Ghost of a Chance)
44 = 5358->5402 - Dinowaurs (Bingo! Dino DNA!)
45 = 21163->21208 - Heroes of Gaia (Vacation Home)
46 = 17976->18022 - Heroes of Gaia (Army of One... Million)
47 = 22640->22687 - Penguinz (Antarctic Chainsaw Massacre)
48 = 11319->11367 - Oroboros (Expert Dimension Hopper)
49 = 4479->4528 - Remnants of Skystone (Pockets Full of Sprockets)
52 = 18559->18611 - Mr. Bounce (Baron Bounce)
52 = 9767->9819 - The Last Canopy (Avian Savior)
52 = 5149->5201 - Remnants of Skystone (Remnant Reclaimer)
53 = 5570->5623 - LightSprites (Life Is Fun)
54 = 8506->8560 - Portal Defenders (King of the Portal)
56 = 9748->9804 - Smileys-War (>_
56 = 16023->16079 - Kongai (Playing to Win)
56 = 8371->8427 - Dodge (Can't Touch This)
57 = 15413->15470 - Drone Wars (Drone Warrior)

Impossible (all except newest shown)
89 = 5048->5137 - Mechanical Commando (Twenty-four Karats of Fury)
111 = 6189->6300 - Meat Boy (map pack) (First Aid Masochist)
115 = 5091->5206 - ZunderFury (Feat Fanatic)
115 = 3973->4088 - colourPod 2: dimensionPod (Fear Not the Darkness)
120 = 3248->3368 - Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG (Ultimate Monster Slayer)
124 = 5885->6009 - Pyro (Pyromaniac)
125 = 3656->3781 - MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction (World Domination)
138 = 3658->3796 - Tarnation (Flower Power)
142 = 4658->4800 - Fold (Black Hole Escape Artist)
142 = 4395->4537 - Frantic (Frantastic)
149 = 7286->7435 - Vector Runner (Tunnel Vision)
154 = 4959->5113 - Orbular (No Orb Left Behind)
157 = 5982->6139 - Tower of Greed (A Winner Is You!)
158 = 8083->8241 - Gravitee (Interstellar Golf Deity)
165 = 6010->6175 - Hexiom (Hexiompossible)
170 = 2790->2960 - Ultimate Assassin 3 (Assassin's Greed)
172 = 9022->9194 - Line Game (Line Flyer)
180 = 8389->8569 - MoneySeize (The Man with the Golden Coins)
184 = 5278->5462 - Balloon Invasion (Thunderous OPEC Guardian)
186 = 5011->5197 - Cell Warfare (The Burning Legion)
201 = 5426->5627 - Super Stacker 2 (Totally Stacked)
203 = 5012->5215 - The Space Game: Missions ("No One Could Hear You Scream")
210 = 1821->2031 - Mission in Space : the lost colony (Alien X-Communication)
214 = 7524->7738 - Focus (You've Got the Touch)
222 = 10034->10256 - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 (Up to 11)
225 = 7498->7723 - Dino Run (Chaos Theory)
230 = 2650->2880 - DJManiax (Mouse Over DJ)
232 = 4248->4480 - Frantic 3 (Insurance Discount Qualifier)
237 = 13946->14183 - Monsters' Den (Hardest of Core)
237 = 7828->8065 - Warlords: Heroes (Lord of War)
251 = 5966->6217 - Bubble Tanks Tower Defense (Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble)
257 = 2117->2374 - Death vs Monstars 2 (Behold a Pale Horse)
258 = 11063->11321 - 99 Bricks (99 Problems)
258 = 5589->5847 - MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 (Psychosomatic Exhaustion)
262 = 17431->17693 - Streamline (Rhythm Prodigy)
287 = 1155->1442 - Vertigo: Gravity Llama (Llama Lampooning)
308 = 7263->7571 - Elona Shooter (Random Number Disintegrator)
310 = 22029->22339 - The Necronomicon (Necronomiconquerer)
337 = 9207->9544 - Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (Ultima Hero)
340 = 16702->17042 - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac)
350 = 17779->18129 - Amorphous+ (Hall of Fame)
383 = 19441->19824 - Dolphin Olympics 2 (Fish Thankfulness)
403 = 7375->7778 - Run 2 (Slave of the Fireflies)
441 = 28876->29317 - Meat Boy (Band-Aid Fetish)
496 = 17153->17649 - Sonny 2 (Over the Ashes)
1222 = 55274->56496 - Pandemic 2 (President Madagascar Assassin)
New Imps
208 = 0->208 - Rogue Soul 2 ("All That Way for a Little Imp") *ADDED 2014-10-02 *
534 = 0->534 - oO (BAC on Track) *ADDED 2014-09-12 *
1086 = 1329->2415 - Epic Boss Fighter (Outlasting & Out-Blasting) *ADDED 2014-04-04 *
1308 = 0->1308 - Cardinal Quest 2 (Roguestrike) *ADDED 2014-06-23 *
1783 = 4->1787 - Hippolyta (Get on Your High Horse) *ADDED 2014-04-16 *

Most Earned Badges during this period
11360 = 227585->238945 - Kingdom Rush (Linirea Defender)
10028 = 57705->67733 - BioGems (Calamari Calamity)
8479 = 80275->88754 - Cursed Dungeon (Worst Hangover Ever)
7844 = 75766->83610 - The Last Stand: Union City (Last Stand by Me)
63231 = 888031->951262 - Learn to Fly 2 (Ice Cold Revenge)
47918 = 276671->324589 - The King's League: Odyssey (Territorial Aggression)
43271 = 643403->686674 - Learn to Fly 2 (Frequent Flyer Bonus Points)
42852 = 125887->168739 - Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Hero of the Day)
116393 = 840891->957284 - Bloons TD 5 (Gibbon Kempo)
105270 = 1266551->1371821 - Learn to Fly 2 (Frosty's Fall)
73721 = 185125->258846 - Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Journey's Beginning)
73024 = 103125->176149 - Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM (Wham, Bam, Train Your Hand)

Removed Games
Desktop Tower Defense 1.5
Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze
Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
Battalion: Arena
Fantasy Online
Dragon's Call
Backyard Monsters
Legacy of Heroes
The Grinns Tale

These games had no Badges earned during this period, listed in the order the games were Badged.
The Grinns Tale must have been removed during this period: 3 people earned the Hard; nobody earned the Easy.
Kong has had 52 Imps. Desktop Tower Defense 1.5's "Immaculate Desk" Imp is no longer available.
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Topic: Kongregate / Calculating points for level

Hi 123aaa789,

I figured out the pattern for the official levels (1-65) in April 2009. (That was a good month. Kong Chat changed from mostly Flash to mostly JavaScript. I was chatting constantly and got Modded.) Five years later, I still cannot guess which extension is better, and which one Kong will choose, although I am certain the two will be different.

This chart will only be useful for you for a while because (Third Place) onemorelevel is 2 levels (14,000 points) behind you. You only need 3700 points to reach lvl 101. Enjoy.

(For those who have not been following along, 3700 points is enough for a new account to reach level 24, and the 14,000 points that onemorelevel needs to catch 123aaa789 is enough for a new account to reach level 46.)

L101 +145 +5525 =160910 (or +220 +6575 =173135)
L102 +145 +5670 =166580 (or +220 +6795 =179930)
L103 +145 +5815 =172395 (or +220 +7015 =186945)
L104 +145 +5960 =178355 (or +220 +7235 =194180)
L105 +145 +6105 =184460 (or +220 +7455 =201635)
L106 +155 +6260 =190720 (or +245 +7700 =209335)
L107 +155 +6415 =197135 (or +245 +7945 =217280)
L108 +155 +6570 =203705 (or +245 +8190 =225470)
L109 +155 +6725 =210430 (or +245 +8435 =233905)
L110 +155 +6880 =217310 (or +245 +8680 =242585)

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Topic: Kongregate / Calculating points for level

This thread contains some strange systems for calculating points needed for each level and some requests for how to extend levels.

Math for calculating Points for Levels
Level 1 is free.
Level 2 is 50 points, 15 for registering so need only 35.
Level 3 is 110 points, 60 more than level 2, which is 10 more than needed for level 2.
Level 4 is 180 points, 70 more than level 3, which is 10 more than needed for level 3.
From 3 to 30, the additional points needed per level remains 10.
For 31-35, the additional points per level is 20.
For 31-50, every 5th level, the difference increases 5: 36-40=25, 41-45=30, 46-50=35.
For 51-65, every 5th level, the difference increases 10: 51-55=45, 56-60=55, 61-65=65.

More Levels!
I decided two good ways to continue the pattern, either:
1. The difference remains 10, or
2. Use a pattern for when the difference increases. Our two data points are +5 three times, then +10 three times. A reasonable pattern continues +15 three times, +20 three times, etc..

Level +10Diff +TotalDiff =PointsNeeded (or +Pattern +TotalDiff =PointsNeeded)

L65 +65 +1705 =36560 (or +65 +1705 =36560)
L66 +75 +1780 =38340 (or +80 +1785 =38345)
L67 +75 +1855 =40195 (or +80 +1865 =40210)
L68 +75 +1930 =42125 (or +80 +1945 =42155)
L69 +75 +2005 =44130 (or +80 +2025 =44180)
L70 +75 +2080 =46210 (or +80 +2105 =46285)
L71 +85 +2165 =48375 (or +95 +2200 =48485)
L72 +85 +2250 =50625 (or +95 +2295 =50780)
L73 +85 +2335 =52960 (or +95 +2390 =53170)
L74 +85 +2420 =55380 (or +95 +2485 =55655)
L75 +85 +2505 =57885 (or +95 +2580 =58235)
L76 +95 +2600 =60485 (or +110 +2690 =60925)
L77 +95 +2695 =63180 (or +110 +2800 =63725)
L78 +95 +2790 =65970 (or +110 +2910 =66635)
L79 +95 +2885 =68855 (or +110 +3020 =69655)
L80 +95 +2980 =71835 (or +110 +3130 =72785)
L81 +105 +3085 =74920 (or +130 +3260 =76045)
L82 +105 +3190 =78110 (or +130 +3390 =79435)
L83 +105 +3295 =81405 (or +130 +3520 =82955)
L84 +105 +3400 =84805 (or +130 +3650 =86605)
L85 +105 +3505 =88310 (or +130 +3780 =90385)
L86 +115 +3620 =91930 (or +150 +3930 =94315)
L87 +115 +3735 =95665 (or +150 +4080 =98395)
L88 +115 +3850 =99515 (or +150 +4230 =102625)
L89 +115 +3965 =103480 (or +150 +4380 =107005)
L90 +115 +4080 =107560 (or +150 +4530 =111535)
L91 +125 +4205 =111765 (or +170 +4700 =116235)
L92 +125 +4330 =116095 (or +170 +4870 =121105)
L93 +125 +4455 =120550 (or +170 +5040 =126145)
L94 +125 +4580 =125130 (or +170 +5210 =131355)
L95 +125 +4705 =129835 (or +170 +5380 =136735)
L96 +135 +4840 =134675 (or +195 +5575 =142310)
L97 +135 +4975 =139650 (or +195 +5770 =148080)
L98 +135 +5110 =144760 (or +195 +5965 =154045)
L99 +135 +5245 =150005 (or +195 +6160 =160205)
L100 +135 +5380 =155385 (or +195 +6355 =166560)

JayIsGames would be Level 135 using Method 1, or Level 128 using Method 2.
123aaa789 would be Level 100 using Method 1, or Level 98 using Method 2.
I use Method 1 for tracking my level on my profile.

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Topic: Kongregate / Least Earned Impossible Badges - New Stats!

The Least Earned Badges for 432 days from February 8, 2013 to April 16, 2014 of Badges that existed on February 8, 2013. A Badge must have been awarded during the period so Badges removed before April 16, 2014 (e.g. Caesary) and today's new Hippolyta Imp are excluded, but games removed during the period (e.g. Backyard Monsters) still appear. Due to the extremely long duration since the last report, the "new" Frantic 3 (not in last report) and Epic Boss Fighter (12 days old) Imps were added to the Imps list. The other lists do not include any Badge that did not exist on February 8, 2013.

The format is:
"Earned 2013-02-08 to 2014-04-16" = "Awarded 2013-02-08" -> "Awarded 2014-04-16" - Game (Badge)

Easy (8 shown)
173 = 248054->248227 - Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (Dirty Desk)
183 = 31838->32021 - Dinowaurs (Burnin' Down the House)
214 = 192180->192394 - Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze (Synergistic Spheres)
275 = 53370->53645 - Heroes of Gaia (Every Hero Needs a Sidekick)
299 = 25787->26086 - Dragon's Call (Starting on the Right Foot)
585 = 32620->33205 - Death Vegas (Hit Me!)
645 = 30886->31531 - Oroboros (Seeker Slicer)
651 = 39178->39829 - BeGone: Guerra (All for Three)

Medium (8 shown)
104 = 104794->104898 - Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (Clean Desk)
131 = 12246->12377 - Dinowaurs (Future Fossil Fuel)
139 = 14539->14678 - Dragon's Call (Master Quester)
143 = 17375->17518 - Dinowaurs (Victory of the Ancients)
164 = 13536->13700 - Dragon's Call (Taking Names)
169 = 8019->8188 - Remnants of Skystone ("It's Your Nidarian Duty")
170 = 9863->10033 - BeGone: Guerra (Kill and/or Be Killed)
191 = 4097->4288 - Punk-o-matic 2 (All Aboard the Cover Band Wagon!)

Hard (9 shown)
109 = 5249->5358 - Dinowaurs (Bingo! Dino DNA!)
113 = 27468->27581 - Backyard Monsters (Monster Cartographer)
122 = 34543->34665 - Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (Spotless Desk)
129 = 5441->5570 - LightSprites (Life Is Fun)
134 = 11185->11319 - Oroboros (Expert Dimension Hopper)
134 = 6592->6726 - Breach (The Chosen One Zero One)
135 = 20372->20507 - Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze (Amazing Maze Master)
136 = 18423->18559 - Mr. Bounce (Baron Bounce)
137 = 4187->4324 - Thing-Thing Arena 2 (Pure Madness)

Impossible (all except newest shown)
164 = 13987->14151 - Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (Immaculate Desk)
203 = 3045->3248 - Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG (Ultimate Monster Slayer)
220 = 3436->3656 - MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction (World Domination)
255 = 4756->5011 - Cell Warfare (The Burning Legion)
257 = 4791->5048 - Mechanical Commando (Twenty-four Karats of Fury)
268 = 3705->3973 - colourPod 2: dimensionPod (Fear Not the Darkness)
283 = 4808->5091 - ZunderFury (Feat Fanatic)
286 = 5903->6189 - Meat Boy (map pack) (First Aid Masochist)
304 = 3354->3658 - Tarnation (Flower Power)
306 = 4352->4658 - Fold (Black Hole Escape Artist)
331 = 5554->5885 - Pyro (Pyromaniac)
345 = 4614->4959 - Orbular (No Orb Left Behind)
347 = 2303->2650 - DJManiax (Mouse Over DJ)
351 = 7732->8083 - Gravitee (Interstellar Golf Deity)
355 = 7143->7498 - Dino Run (Chaos Theory)
384 = 2406->2790 - Ultimate Assassin 3 (Assassin's Greed)
391 = 5035->5426 - Super Stacker 2 (Totally Stacked)
395 = 4617->5012 - The Space Game: Missions ("No One Could Hear You Scream")
400 = 1421->1821 - Mission in Space : the lost colony (Alien X-Communication)
403 = 4875->5278 - Balloon Invasion (Thunderous OPEC Guardian)
417 = 5593->6010 - Hexiom (Hexiompossible)
423 = 5559->5982 - Tower of Greed (A Winner Is You!)
433 = 8589->9022 - Line Game (Line Flyer)
444 = 5522->5966 - Bubble Tanks Tower Defense (Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble)
449 = 6837->7286 - Vector Runner (Tunnel Vision)
463 = 3932->4395 - Frantic (Frantastic)
507 = 7882->8389 - MoneySeize (The Man with the Golden Coins)
573 = 9461->10034 - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 (Up to 11)
584 = 7244->7828 - Warlords: Heroes (Lord of War)
658 = 4931->5589 - MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 (Psychosomatic Exhaustion)
676 = 6587->7263 - Elona Shooter (Random Number Disintegrator)
692 = 463->1155 - Vertigo: Gravity Llama (Llama Lampooning)
719 = 15983->16702 - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac)
743 = 10320->11063 - 99 Bricks (99 Problems)
758 = 13188->13946 - Monsters' Den (Hardest of Core)
764 = 6760->7524 - Focus (You've Got the Touch)
767 = 18674->19441 - Dolphin Olympics 2 (Fish Thankfulness)
774 = 1343->2117 - Death vs Monstars 2 (Behold a Pale Horse)
836 = 16595->17431 - Streamline (Rhythm Prodigy)
861 = 16918->17779 - Amorphous+ (Hall of Fame)
1100 = 8107->9207 - Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (Ultima Hero)
1329 = 0->1329 - Epic Boss Fighter (Outlasting & Out-Blasting) NEW (12 days)
1347 = 20682->22029 - The Necronomicon (Necronomiconquerer)
1359 = 6016->7375 - Run 2 (Slave of the Fireflies)
1392 = 15761->17153 - Sonny 2 (Over the Ashes)
1403 = 27473->28876 - Meat Boy (Band-Aid Fetish)
4248 = 0->4248 - Frantic 3 (Insurance Discount Qualifier) NEW 2013-02-08
4812 = 50462->55274 - Pandemic 2 (President Madagascar Assassin)

Most Earned Badges during this period for Badges that existed on February 8, 2013:
Hard: 57490 Kingdom Rush (Linirea Defender), 25409 Burrito Bison Revenge (Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack), 21649 The Last Stand: Union City (Last Stand by Me)
Medium: 197103 Learn to Fly 2 (Ice Cold Revenge), 155814 Kingdom Rush (Bucket of Bolts), 138340 Learn to Fly 2 (Frequent Flyer Bonus Points), 110972 Infectonator 2 (Six Million Dollar Ghoul)
375413 Bloons TD 5 (Gibbon Kempo), 320912 Learn to Fly 2 (Frosty's Fall), 233599 Infectonator 2 (Undead Duo), 218106 Kingdom Rush (Rushing It)

@LakeSnow - I stopped updating monthly or quarterly because new Imps were arriving soon after an update. 14 months seems extreme, now 2 Imps released in less than 2 weeks.
@MyNameIsNothing - Thank you. I was busy and delayed updating for the Imp released 12 days ago. Then another arrived, which would have made a very short duration. I have the JSON for 2014-01-18 when I almost created a report, so I could make another including all last year's Badges.
@racefan12 - Yes, he is sure.
@uzzbuzz - Is that what is happening now?
@Bluji - Thanks. I pulled the Badge name out of the JSON quickly, very quickly, too quickly.
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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Will use this for replies to Comments that should be brought to the top, but do not fit into the Guide.

1. Moved Cyan OH from Mesyra to Tagging section
2. Thanks. The Stamina numbers have been corrected. My room is testing to learn the correct numbers for Honor (and Energy).
3. I used your “2E” values for SP farming.
4. I haven’t tried boosting PvP with char Equipment and Generals. Will research and ask your help to improve that.
5. SOCK4 wasn’t mentioned at all in my guide for new players. Z12 and Whispers are in this guide as the final two Quests to do before starting AP grinding.
6. Yes, I still don’t care about or recommend SP Farming, but the guide now covers how. Do you really want people summoning Normal Horgraks?
7, You haven’t published anything to suggest that loot for SP crafts has the same chances at any difficulty. I wouldn’t know; I’ve hit ~10 Normal raids in my entire career at DotD (to get CK from Normal DL.) Others use the lack of extra stuff as one of their excuses to hit Normals. Please suggest better text, or prove that the extra loot does not affect the odds.
[Please respond by editing. Would rather this thread didn’t become lengthy with obsolete suggestions.]
[Originally posted Aug 1, 2013 7:44am. Swapped posts to use upper one for Debates]

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Topic: Technical Support / Entire Site Down For Most

@Melorian Thanks.

Seems this needs a bump. Some players are reporting games do not load. Copied the old instructions changed to today’s IP Addresses:

1. If you have a modern version of MS Windows, Start – Run – then enter:
notepad SystemRoot\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Everybody else, read here:

2. Add these 5 lines to the bottom of the file:

3. Save.

4. Kong should work after refreshing. Please PM me if I missed a server name.

5. When the Admins fix Kong, you can disable this by opening the file again, and adding a # at the beginning of those 4 lines, like: #

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide


AP vs SP
AP → KB → PC
PC allows buying Premiums (and other PC gear) with extremely good long-term (some permanent) advantages.

SP increases Stats
Through level 100 or LSI 7, whichever comes last, raising Energy and Stamina is best use of SP. Gaining SP quickly to increase E/S is important. Improving gear/Legion/Troops/General will increase damage much more than using SP.

After lvl100/LSI7, SP will come while working on AP, just not as quickly as SP farming. But still the effect of gear et al. will have more effect than SP.

When a Stat reaches 10k, the cost doubles, and quickly becomes very expensive. Incrementally more SP gives less benefits.
The 1st 10K SP adds 10k to the Stat
The 2nd 10k SP adds 3.6k to the Stat
The 3rd 10k SP adds 2.2k to the Stat
The 4th 10k SP adds 1.7k to the Stat
The 5th 10k SP adds 1.4k to the Stat
70k SP is needed for a Stat to reach 20k.

Haste+QM(+Macheon) increase leveling speed.
Gibbo reduces leveling speed (~12.5% of XP from raids.)
The faster a player levels, the sooner DotD tells you not to play.
The slower a player levels, the less they play DotD.
For most, leveling quickly is good.
For players under level 500, auto-leveling (leveling fast enough to not stop playing) is very good.
Just before level 1000, may be good to stop leveling until a WR, so can level more times when it matters.

Some players claim to be leveling slower to increase their BSI to help with PvP.
Getting Grandmasters-at-Arms (or Pit-fighter) set helps much, which requires hitting Cara (or spending PC.)
Why worry about PvP if you aren’t playing?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide


Combat Health is at the top left, and the maximum is what your main character has with current gear, not any of the setups inside the PvP area. Refill Combat Health using gold by clicking the plus sign (+) hidden to the left of the words “Combat Health”.

Achievements are available for winning and losing Duel, Colosseum, and Joust so do not worry about losing, which also helps keep your Duel and Colosseum Ranks low.

Requires belonging to a Guild. Uses Honor. Uses your current character and equipment.

Wins give 1 XP so good for using excess Honor to reach 1 XP TNL.
Losses give no XP so good for using excess Honor before leveling until you complete the Achievement for Joust Losses. Stash your gold before trying for losses.

Duel and Colosseum
Use all your Tickets for Duel and Colosseum every day.

If you gain Duel Tickets (Serpina drops them), use them immediately. Each day the total is reset to your maximum. If you still have Tickets at midnight server time, they are wasted. You can stockpile tickets by killing Serpina and not reloading DotD unless your Tickets are already full.

Duel and Colosseum have Ranks. You can buy things when you reach certain Ranks. You cannot drop below “Safe” Ranks indicated by crossing the white lines in the Rank list to Ranks multiples of 4 plus 1 (1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.).

Achievements are for both winning and losing.

Equip for the highest Attack (and Defense.) That score is multiplied by your BSI, which should be abysmal until over level 100. DotD adds a random number to you and your opponent, and chooses a winner. Find beatable players by checking who attacked you and lost. Keep clicking “Again” until out of Tickets.

Initially, do not worry about losing. You can only attack and be attacked by players within 5 Ranks of you and within tiers based on level.

Level borders at 100, 500, 1000, 1500 (likely more); at level 99, you can only attack and be attacked by players up to level 100; at 101, the lowest opponent will be at least level 101. This restriction is in addition to the 5 Ranks restriction.

Most players use a version of SOCK for Duel. Repeatedly loading the SWF for any versions of SOCK causes incredible lag after a few attacks (30-40 for typical computers), and crash DotD, Kong Chat, or the computer before 100 attacks. Ad Blockers can be used to prevent this. Instructions for Firefox can be found on this page:

The Rank system is the same as for Duels.

Click “Team”, sort Level – Descending. Choose your 3 highest level Friends and equip them to get the highest total power. Details are at:
For a calculator, register and enter your best gear on this site:
NOTE: As of 2013-06-24, this site does not use Enchant bonuses for selecting Raid gear.


Once you have 3 Legions, you can start Invasion. You must have 3 Brigades to Attack.

Use all your Invasion Tickets every day. The rewards for gaining Invasion Ranks are very good, starting with the Oroc Invader troop.

The formula for Attack Brigades is 4*Attack + 1*Defense. Sort Generals, Troops, and gear by Attack to choose the best.

The formula for Defense Brigades is 1*Attack + 4*Defense. Sort Generals, Troops, and gear by Defense to choose the best.

Equipment stats are used. PvP bonus is used. Enchantment buffs are not used.
Sort gear by Attack (for Attack Brigades) or Defense (for Defense Brigades), and PvP Bonus. Ignore any Enchantment numbers. Compare the top few PvP Bonus with the top few Attack or Defense stats.

No buffs or skills are used except:
- Increase Brigade Power, which is Legion Bonus plus rewards from gaining Invasion Ranks: multiplying Invader troops by the associated type, and Tactics.
- PvP Bonus on gear, multiplied by 1.3 so check your gear both by stats and by PvP Bonus
- Your “every legion” bonus from SoD, Dahrizon, Vork, Fontella, Panoptica, and a few WRs.

More information at:

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SP Farming

SP farming is hitting raids to gain the most Loot to Craft SP without gaining AP. This is most useful for:
- New players who have the gear or better from tagging and Mesyra, and are still under level 100 to increase their LSI well over 7.
- New players who have the gear or better from tagging and Mesyra, are over level 100, and have yet to reach LSI 7.
- Old players who have great gear and stockpiled enough PC to gain the next few Premiums.
- Paying players who do not care about playing well because they will just buy gear and Energy and Stamina.

SP Farming is hitting Normal raids. NM raids require twice the damage of Normal raids to gain the same loot. NM raids also have more loot interfering with getting SP crafts (although since nobody knows the odds for any particular loot reward, whether this affects SP farming is unknown.)

These are targets for Normal raids.
  375k Erebus
  440k Grune
  625k Tainted Erebus
  770k Lurking Horror
  875k Sir Cai
  910k Nalagarst
1.040m Kalaxia
1.100m Gravlok
1.125m Bogstench
1.170m Bellarius (Glyph)
1.250m Ulfrik
1.375m Guilbert (Glyph)
1.430m Mardachus
1.430m Hydra
1.500m Sisters
2.090m Kang-Gsod
2.420m Wexxa (Glyph)
2.500m Mesyra
2.600m Tenebra
2.750m Rift
3.000m Nimrod
3.120m Valanazes
3.500m Phaedra

All non-regenerating Large, Epic, and Colossal raids are listed. Small and Medium should always be summoned on NM because AP requires 5000 kills. Assuming SP crafts are similar from all raids, only Erebus (Epic) and Grune (Large) should be farmed for SP; Erebus also gives Sargaash for recrafting the upgrade. For Colossal, Glyphs may make Bella a better choice than Nalagurst.

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Craft – Enchant – select an item of gear – select an Enchantment Rune – click Enchant.

Enchanting an item again completely removes the old Enchantment.

Your character’s gear should always be Enchanted.
You Duel and Colosseum gear should always be Enchanted.
Your Legion gear only benefits from Enchantments that add bonus damage. Gear Stats do not matter.
Invasion is unaffected by Enchantments.

Enchantment Runes are found in many places. The most common (and lowest enchantments) is from PvP Duel, Colosseum, and Invasion. The best Enchantment Runes are listed in Phase 6: Questing End-Game and Phase 6: Raids End-Game but you will not be getting those soon. Do not use Relics or Stones to enchant until you have Crafted all the gear that requires them.

Only use Perc Runes on your Perc Item Set.

Only proc buffs are helpful for Legion Commander gear because stats are not used. Ruzzik’s Head (or maybe Severed Qwiladrian Head) are the best Runes for Legion Commander gear because they include good procs, but only Enchant that gear after your char has the best boosts.

Use the lowest enchantments to Enchant everything you are using for your character, Duel, and Colosseum. Enchantments do not help with Commander gear on Legion or Invasion.

When a WR starts, use your Runes with highest Attack on the gear your character will use to hit the WR.

After enchanting everything, you may want to enchant again any items that received less than half the average Attack bonus.

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Phase 6: Raids End-Game

You finished all the Quests and Raids for the parts for SOCK4!? Time to finish crafting the parts.
- Bulwark of Erebus = Craft Shield of Erebus + Dragon’s Brain(Common), Dragon’s Heart(Common), Dragon’s Liver(Uncommon), Dragon’s Kidney(Uncommon), Dragon’s Intestines(Rare) from Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra, Tenebra, Valanazes. (Do not overhit or will not get Commons)
- Grand Bulwark of Erebus: Craft Bulwark of Erebus + Pragmatic Relic
- Drake-Doom Bulwark: Craft Grand Bulwark of Erebus + Qwiladrian Power Stone
- Rohesia (General): Craft Ghostly Whisper 1, Ghostly Whisper 2, Ghostly Whisper 3, Ghostly Whisper 4

- Rhynhart Warhorse (Mount) is from the 500 AP Knight’s Reward gamble. Hopefully you have Tussao and he obtained the Mount. Or at least you have so much PC that you do not mind wasting 500 AP per attempt to gain the Mount. Good luck.

Now you can use 1-hits while wearing the correct gear to hit the specified raids for the on-hit drops for the 5 final pieces needed to Craft SOCK4. Once you have the Enigmatic Power, switch back to your Raid attack gear to hit the target. See this page for the setups:

I have SOCK4! What next?

Get Enchantments for all gear used by your character, and in Duel and Colosseum. (Did you notice the Runes from Questing are better for stats than any Runes from Raids?)
- Jack’s Revenge raid for Jack’s Greater Runestone: 60 – 115 to Attack, Defense, and Perception
- Ruzzik raid for Ruzzik’s Head: 55 – 110 Attack, Defense, Perception and damage proc for slight chance to inflict heavy damage)
- Teremarthu raid for Severed Qwiladrian Head (and other runes): 55 – 110 to Attack, Defense, and Perception and adds a damage proc to the enchanted item; This added proc has a small chance to activate twice on the same hit
- Frog-Men Assassins raid gives Red Beastkiller:55 – 110 to Attack, Defense, and Perception and chance for greater bonus damage vs Beastmen.
- Dragon’s Lair: Pragmatic Relic: 55 – 110 to Attack, Defense, and Perception

Complete all the AP for raids: 5000 of each Small and Medium raid, 1000 of each Large, Epic, and Colossal raid.

Get SP. See SP Farming section

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Phase 6: Questing End-Game

See this page for list of items from Quests. Get any you missed.

Get Enchantments:
Chest of Caracalla from Z10 gives Excelsior Rune (and other runes): 10 – 220 to Attack, Defense, and Perception.

Then repeat the NM difficulty of the last Area of each Zone to get 250 total completions for AP.

Use Energy for Tisi and Serp. See next section.

Use Energy to gain SP. Best area for craftable SP drops is unknown; have heard that Z10 is good because the crafts are 4SP, but likely that Z1 is inexpensive enough to be better.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Phase 5: Tiered Raids

Check that you have these items for SOCK4 from Non-Tiered Raids:
- Mina von Richten (Troop) listed in previous Raid section.
- Grimsly’s Monocle (Helm) Epic loot from NM Grimsly raid
- Sparkles of the Newblood (Chest): Epic drop from Hard+ raids: Ironclad, Zombies, Stein, Bogstench, Nalagarst
- Durbin Diamondfist (General): Epic loot from Nightmare Erakka-Sak (Raid)
- Lysimache (Mount) : Crafted with six colors of Dream Threads from raids: Hargamesh, Grimsly, Rift, Sisters, Mardachus
- Shield of Erebus (OH): Epic loot from NM Erebus raid
- Xalis (Troop): Epic loot from NM Sisters raid
- Nestor (Mount) : Epic drop from Hard+ raids: Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra
- Dragon’s Brain(Common), Dragon’s Heart(Common), Dragon’s Liver(Uncommon), Dragon’s Kidney(Uncommon), Dragon’s Intestines(Rare) from Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra, Tenebra, Valanazes. (Do not overhit or will not get Commons)
- The Baroness’ Doublet (Chest): Extremely rare loot from The Baroness raid

And these items from Guild Raids:
- Knightfall (Ring): Epic loot from Legendary+ Obyron, Hammer, Dirthax, Dreadbloom
- Kobold Illusion Legs (Pants): Rare loot from Krasgore, Malchar, Xessus
- Brathrur (General) Epic loot from Krasgore

Tiered Raids
Tiered raids guarantee specific amount of loot for a specific amount of damage. The simplest is Rhal (a Guild raid) where hitting for at least 1 damage gives 12C/12U/12R/6E. Tiers are typically only listed for the number of Epics in the loot category. The “Z10 raids” have a Rare Tier giving 2C/2U/1R at 6m on Normal (12m on NM) for getting Treasure Golems and Skeleton Legionaries, but the usefulness of that Tier has declined with newer better freely available troops. Where known, the Tiers list the number of Epics.

The advice for Non-Tiered Raids (hitting AP and later checking if a raid needs help) does not apply to Tiered Raids. You must hit a Tier to get Epics, and any damage between Tiers is wasted. For very strong players, not initially hitting a top tier leaves room to gain from hitting the raid again later if it needs help.

The first number is the optimal damage for AP and most Epics per damage. Italic items are required for SOCK4.

  12m Jack: Dread Butcher's Mask (Uncommon Helm), Ivan (General) (AP:6m. Tiers:12m/2E, 60m/3E, 72m/4E, 144m/6E, 216m/7E, 288m/8E, 360m/9E, 432m/10E, 504m/11E, 576m/12E. Under 12m gives 2C/0U/0R/0E. Uncertain about last 3 Tiers, but why are you still hitting after 12m?)
  60m Jack’s Rev: Dread Butcher's Mask (Uncommon Helm), Claudius (General), Ivan (General) (AP:30m. Tiers:60m/8E, 120m/9E, 180m/10E, 240m/11E, 300m/12E, 360m/16E, 720m/27E, 1.5b/36E, 3b/72E)

100m Burbata: Ghostly Whisper 2, Barracks Scroll 5, Ridolphus (Leveling General), Z'ralk'thalat Essence, Orc Bloodrager (Uncommon Troop good for Invasion) (AP:10m. Tiers: 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)
100m Krugnug: Gloves: Imperial General's Manicae, Imperial Senator's Chirothecae, Skeletal Commander's Manicae (AP:80m. Tiers: 25m/2E, 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)
100m Riddler: Boots: Imperial General's Caligae, Imperial Senator's Calcei, Skeletal Commander's Caligae (AP:80m. Tiers: 25m/2E, 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)
100m Leonine: Helm: Imperial General's Cassis, Imperial Senator's Corona, Skeletal Commander's Cassis (AP:80m. Tiers: 25m/2E, 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)
100m C.Marius: Generals: Centurion Gaius, Mordechai (both also from Krugnug, Riddler, and Leonine) Pants: Imperial General's Bracae, Imperial Senator's Bracae, Skeletal Commander's Bracae (AP:80m. Tiers: 25m/2E, 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)

120m Teremarthu: Qwil Illusion Feet(Rare), Qwil Illusion Hands(Uncommon) Qwil Illusion Legs(P) (AP:120m. Tiers:25m/2E, 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)

150m Dragon’s Lair: Derek's Boots (very rare), Pragmatic Relic (for Grand Bulwark of Erebus, also from Rhal and Tisi raids), Weaponsmith Scroll 3, Armorsmith Scroll 3, Greenleaf set, Derek's set (AP:58m. Tiers:105m/2E, 135m/4E, best:150m/6E, 225m/8E, 300m/10E, 375m/12E, 450m/14E, 525m/16E, 600m/18E, 675M/20E. If you overhit a Tier by 25m, continue to next Tier.)
150m Hurkus: Catalina (General 355/170), Homeland(OH 130/300), Carlotta's Fairy (Rare: Ring 200/150), Unseeing Eyes (Uncommon: Helm 140/160/145), Crab Guard (Common: Troop 75+/185+ good for Invasion defense) (AP:112.5m Tiers: 90m/3E, 135m/7E, 150m/10E, 180m/12E, 225m/15E, 300m/19E, 550m/26E, 900m/30E. The 150, 180, and 225m Tiers are at the optimal 15m/E, and 300m is 15.8m/E so hitting 225m is good, and if you overhit to 240m, continue to 300m)
150m Malleus: Merry (General 290/290), Ghostly Poet (Uncommon Troop 100+/89+) (AP:100m Tiers:100m/3E, best:150m/8E, 225m/11E, 300m/12E, 375m/14E, 450m/16E, 525m/18E, 600m/20E, 900m/30E. If you overhit to 169m, continue to 225m.)

180m Thaltherda: Water-Woven set 200/195 (AP:150m, Tiers: 120m/9E, best:180m/10E, 225m/11E, 240m/12E, 300m/13E, 500m/14E, 750m/17E, 1b/20E)

200m Z’ralk’thalat: Ghostly Whisper 1 (AP:175m. Tiers: 100m/7E, 200m/8E, 300m/9E, 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E)

400m Caracalla Qwiladrian Power Stone (for Drake-Doom Bulwark), Imperial General's Gladius(MH). Imperial General's Scutum(OH), Imperial Senator's Sceptrum(MH), Imperial Senator's Codex(OH) (AP:200m. Tiers: 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E, 1.25b/20E, 1.5b/24E, 1.75b/28E, 2b/32E, 2.25b/36E, 2.5b/40E, 2.75b/44E, 3b/48E)
400m Frog-men: Wolf Beastman Illusion Torso (Common), Wolf Beastman Illusion Knife(OH), Wolf Beastman Illusion Head(H), (AP:128m. Tiers: 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E, 1.25b/20E, 1.5b/24E, 1.75b/28E, 2b/32E, 2.25b/36E, 2.5b/40E, 2.75b/44E, 3b/48E)
400m Count Siculus: Ghostly Whisper 3, Training Ground Scroll 5, Orc Bloodrager (Troop good for Invasion offense), Burbata Essence (AP:4.250m Tiers: 400m/10E, 500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E, 2b/32E)

500m Ruzzik: Red Hood Ranger's Knife(MH), Red Hood Ranger's Bow(OH), Red Hood Ranger's Hood(R:H), Red Hood Ranger's Breeches(U:P), Red Hood Ranger's Cape(U:CH), Clockwork Angel, Red Hood Ranger's Boots(C:B), Red Hood Ranger's Gloves(C:G) (AP:220m. Tiers: 300m/2E, 400m/5E, best:500m/11E, 600m/12E, 700m/13E, 800m/14E, 900m/15E, 1b/16E, 1.25b/20E, 1.5b/24E, 1.75b/28E, 2b/32E, 2.25b/36E, 2.5b/40E, 2.75b/44E, 3b/48E. Rate is constant starting at 1b.)

“Z10 raids” are Krugnug, Riddler, Leonine, and C.Marius with the same AP, Tiers, and loot including Centurion Gaius (Epic, General, required for SOCK4), Mordechai (Epic, General), Skeletal Legionary (Uncommon, Troop 64/88), Treasure Golem (Common, Troop 67/65) and one piece of Imperial General’s set (Epic), Imperial Senator’s set (Rare), Skeletal Commander’s set (Rare). Caracalla is excluded when referring to “Z10 raids”, having different AP, Tiers, and loot.

Krugnug, Riddler, Leonine, C.Marius, Teremarthu, and Z’ralk’thalat have targets below FS so someone needs to waste Stamina for these raids to succeed.

New Raids
These are new with tentative data. The Tiers listed give the Epics; many likely start lower, and many are likely missing. The targets are AP because no other reason to do these raids, except Cannibals does not give Epics at AP so target is higher. Gulkinari is the only one with usable loot (PvP Troop), yet has the least data.

200m Zugen:Sergeant Semuni (General), Vampire Scout (Troop) (AP: 200m. Tiers: 150m/8E, 180m/9E, 225m/10E, 240m/11E, 300m/14E, 400m/16E, 799m/19E, 1b/23E, 2b/33E)
150m Gulkinari:Felpuur Wall Guard (PvP Troop) (AP: 150m. Tiers: 150m/7E, 180m/9E, 225m/11E, 300m/15E, 556m/18E, 951m/22E)
112.5m Verkiteia:All the King's Men (Legion) (AP: 112.5m. Tiers: 113m/3E, 191m/8E, 250m/12E, 301m/13E, 403m/14E, 502m/16E, 525m/18E, 601m/21E, 900m/23E)
280m Cannibals:(AP: 240m. Tiers: 280m/12E, 302m/13E, 400m/14E, 500m/17E, 599m/18E, 704m/21E, 901/23E, 2b/46E, 3b/68E, 3.797b/88E)

Energy-based (Tiered) Raids
9.375m Serpina: Sabre de Sang, Rib-Slipper, Duel Tickets. (AP: 9.375m. Tiers: 5.625m/65, 7.50m/92, AP:9.375m/119, 11.25m/146, 13.13m/173, 15m/200, 16.88m/227, 18.75m/264, 20.63m/301, 22.50m/338, best/max:24.38m/375

260m Tisiphone: Pugnacious Plarra (Leveling General), Tiberius (PvP General), Pragmatic Relic, many troops. (AP:75m Tiers: 150m/2E, 200m/4E, best:260m/6E, 325m/7E, 400m/8E, 650m/11E)

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Phase 5: Questing for SOCK4

Check that you have these. Get them if you do not:
- Danse Macabre Legion: Buy from Bazaar after Z5 is unlocked.
- Wintermail Hauberk (Chest) drops from Snow Beastman Pack minibosses in Z6 L and NM. If you do not have it after grinding Z6 to unlock SoD-L, repeat Z6A5NM for AP.
- Samuel (General) drops from Normal SoD quests. If you do not have Dahrizon, repeat the Areas that have the Scrolls you need.
- Snulgar (General) drops from Hard SoD quest. If you do not have Dahrizon, repeat the Areas that have the Scrolls you need.
- Archmage Renoir’s Gloves Rare drop from minibosses in NM SoD Quest. If you do not have Dahrizon, repeat the Areas that have the Scrolls you need. Otherwise repeat SoD-A5NM for AP. [Not for SOCK4: Rissa D’Tang (General) drops from NM Z10 bosses]
- Optional: Discord magic from Z8A4 Sisters quest boss. This is not required if you can find a raid with Discord or ask someone else to add it.

New areas:
- Mummy Pharaoh’s Ring drops from Z9.5 Normal Jack quest boss.
- Mina von Richten2 (troop): Upgrade Mina von Richten with Bottles of Blood from each Z9 Quest boss.
- Bracae Carae (Pants): Craft one Head from each Z10 Quest boss. Complete Z10A5NM Cara always drops Dungeon Plunderer’s Legion (not needed for SOCK4.) Then if needed, repeat Cara on NM for AP, the others are easier on Legendary. The Skeleton minibosses in A4 and A5 drop Gladius Larvalis Magnus Scrolls that you will need to kill the Whispers NM Boss.
- Dragon-Rider’s Helm drops from Z11 Frog-Men Assassins quest boss
- Dant’Kun drops from Z12 NM Teremarthu Quest Boss
- Library Watchman’s Eviscerator (MH) and Ghostly Whisper 4 drop from Whispers NM Quest boss. Use 5 Gladius Larvalis Magnus Scrolls to beat this boss.

These are not guaranteed drops. Expect to grind each area several (or many) times.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Guild Raids

Several Guild raids are critical. Groblar is the only source for Haste magic. Salome has the best Legion and troops available from tagging, and the best free Mount (requires hitting at least 13.33m.) The Rhalmarius raid gives the Bucket Brigade legion and generals Kalevra and Booma.

Do at least 10m damage to Kasgore, Malchar, and Xessus to get parts for Insecticide. 20M is best damage for Loot. 90M is highest Tier. Use Insecticide to get Eyes from N’rlux.

Many of the items listed are needed to craft the Magnificent Dragonite Set or other guild armor.

  300k Celeano: Caelian Stallion (Mount for Leveling), Harpy's Curse (Magic)
  440k Arachna: Spider-Silk Thread
  550k Al-Azab: Quicken Mind (magic), Pristine Dragon Scale, Derlini Battle-Lizard (boosts Killmi-Killyu)
  600k Groblar: Haste (magic), MagicMushroom, Caelian Stallion
  900k Deathglare:
1100k Ragetalon:
1200k Gladiators:
1800k Tetrarchos: Armor Scraps, Gladiator's Blood, Gladiator's Sweat, GladiatorsTears
2200k Scuttlegore: Armor Scraps, Gladiator's Blood, Gladiator's Sweat, GladiatorsTears
1800k Tithrasia:
2700k Black Moon: Greater Midas' Touch (magic), Golemite Ore, Magic Dust, Enchanted Water (Common so overhitting will reduce chance of obtaining)
3300k Varlachleth: Greater Midas' Touch (magic), Golemite Ore, Magic Dust, Enchanted Water (Common so overhitting will reduce chance of obtaining)
4500k Euphronios: Kapitän Karotte (Leveling General), Greater Midas' Touch (magic), Golemite Ore, Magic Dust, Enchanted Water (Common so overhitting will reduce chance of obtaining)
2400k Slaughterers: Joon's Orb(Rare), Nela's Kiss (Magic)
3600k Lunatics: Essence of Madness (Rare), Lunacy (Ring, good proc for Legion), Demagoguery (Legion with 20 ANY Troops, good for early Invasion)
4440k BanBros(F&S): Silver Salara (General), Shaoquin's Shadow
7000k Agony: Leech's Heart, Vayan's Doll
3000k Obyron: Prince Obyron's Eyes, Knightfall (Ring for SOCK4), Fairy Prince's Wings (good proc for Legion)
4400k Hammer: Knightfall (Ring for SOCK4)
5500k Dirthax: Arash (General), Dirthax's Tooth Fragment, Knightfall (Ring for SOCK4)
9000k Dreadbloom: Arash (General), Crushed Deathbloom Petals, Knightfall (Ring for SOCK4), Dreadbloom Lash (MH, Good proc for Legion)

Tiered Guild Raids
5m Krasgore: Krasgore's Toe, Brathrur (General), Manticore Hunter (Common)
5m Malchar: Malchar's Glove, Malota (General), Demon Hunter(Common)
5m Xessus: Xessus' Horn, Haunild (General), Centaur Hunter(Common)
These 3 raids are: AP: 5m. Tiers: min:10m/1E. 14m/2E, 18m/3E, best:20m/4E, 30m/5E, 40m/6E, 50m/7E, 60m/8E, 70m/9E, 80m/10E, max:90m/11E.
Gaining the first item from each allows Crafting the Insecticide Legion.

6.660m Salome: Battle Drake (best free Mount), Matilda (General), Angels of Virtue (Legion), Chaste Angel, boosts for 6 Generals from Guild Raids, Wizard's Tower Scroll 1 (AP:6.660m Tiers: Min:13.33m/1E 18.66m/2E 24m/3E Best:26.64m/4E 40m/5E 53.28m/6E 67m/7E 80m/8E 93.24m/9E 107m/10E Max:120m/11E)

20m Apoc Demon: Murkan (General) AP: 20m. Tiers: min:20m/1E, 28m/2E, 36m/3E, best:40m/4E, 60m/5E, 80m/6E, 100m/7E, 120m/8E, 140m/9E, 160m/10E/11R/12U/12C, 180m: 11E/12R/12U/12C or 12E/14R/14U/14C
NOTE: Uncertain whether 12 Epics is another Tier or chance at 180m.

100m N’rlux (AP:100m Tiers: 8m/2E, 17m/3E, 26m/4E, 35m/5E, 45m/6E, 56m/7E, 67m/8E, 78m/9E, 90m/10E, 103m/11E, 116m/12E, 129m/13E, 143m/14E, 158m/15E, 173m/16E, 188m/17E, 204m/18E, 221m/19E, 238m/20E, 255m/21E, 273m/22E, 293m/23E, 311m/24E, 330m/25E, 350m/26E)
- Hit 100m for AP. Loot is just Flags.
- Use Insecticide Legion for on-hit drops of N’rlux’s Eye. You need 5 Eyes for each Magnificent Dragonite Set. You may want to create more than one set to use in Colo or Invasion.
- Wear Magnificent Dragonite Set for on-hit drops of Capture War Banners.

40m Rhalmarius: Barracks Scroll 3 (Citadel), Kalevra (General), Booma (General), Bucket Brigade (Legion good for Rhal and Invasion), Pragmatic Relics

This is the only Guild raid with a cooldown. Tagging Rhal gets the loot (12C/12U/12R/6E); tag even if you cannot do much damage because everybody gets the same number of rewards. 40m for AP. Most Guilds require not hitting after getting AP for the first 24 hours so all Guildmates can hit. Once the timer reaches 60 hours, kill Rhal.

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Phase 4: More Quests

When you reach Zone 10, your progress may stall so increase Defense while working on other areas.

To get the AP for completing a Zone, you must kill the boss of the last Area of the Zone on NM. Repeating the NM difficulty of the last Area of each Zone gives credit towards the Zone’s AP for completion. You cannot reset an Area/Difficulty more than once per level.

“Climb” means complete each area on Normal, Hard, Legendary, Nightmare. Repeating an Area on NM costs much more Energy and may give better chance at an item than repeating Normal. Some items require completing NM. For the last Area of a Zone, you want to repeat only NM to gain AP. When neither condition applies, repeat Normal.

Normal Quest bosses from these Areas guarantee a Book for the Citadel:
- Z1A3 (Grune : Barracks)
- Z2A3 (Lurking Horror : Armorsmith)
- Z3A4 (Erebus : Weaponsmith)
- Z5A5 (Nalagarst : Alchemist)
- Z5.5 Whispers (Count Sic : Pet Emporium)
- Z7A5 (Bellarius : Research Library)
- Z9A5 (Valanazes : Stables)
- Z10A1 (Krugnug : Jeweler)
- Z12 (Teremarthu : Training Ground)
- Z13 (Ruzzik : Wizard’s Tower)

Zone 1 Area 2: Repeat until you have Barrel Lid. Mazalu has chance to drop Barrel Lid needed for Brough’s Trinket 8 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 1 Area 3: Climb to NM Grune, always drops Mayor Tullian’s Helm needed for Brough’s Trinket 5 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 2 Area 3: Climb to NM Lurking Horror, always drops Doomed Bandit’s Dagger needed for Enigmatic Item 2 needed for the second upgrade to Sword of Conquered Kingdoms.

Zone 3, Area 2: Repeat until you have Black Coral Blade. Scylla has chance to drop Black Coral Blade needed for Brough’s Trinket 3 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 3, Area 2, 3, 4: The March III Legion is an occasional drop from these quests. After getting the Black Coral Blade from Area 2, climb Area 4 until you have the Legion.

Zone 4 Area 5: Climb to get Hero’s Cuirass (guaranteed from NM) and the General “Lady Elaine” (chance for “Tyranthius’ Ashes” on any difficulty) needed for the Shield of Ryndor upgrade from Lord Tyranthius Quest boss.

Zone 4: Attack to get parts for Shield of Ryndor. Each part has chance to drop from named boss. Repeat each area (climbing Area 5) until you have the boss’ part.

Zone 5, Area 3: Repeat until you have Shadowknight’s Agony. Stein has chance to drop Shadowknight’s Agony needed for Brough’s Trinket 6 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 5, Area 4: Repeat until you have Shadowknight’s Toil. Bogstench has chance to drop Shadowknight’s Toil needed for Brough’s Trinket 6 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 5, Area 5: Normal Nala gives Alchemist Book. NM Nala gives Francis (General). Any Nala can drop Shadowknight’s Prison (CH).

The first upgrade to Sword of Conquered Kingdoms requires Stones from Zone 4 Area 2, Zone 5 Area 2, and Zone 6 Area 3 (and Raids.)

Zone 6: See Phase 3: Questing for Scrolls of Dahrizon section

Zone 7: Magma Horror Essence has a chance to drop from all Zone 7 bosses to allow the Magma Horror personal raid needed to upgrade Sargaash.

Zone 8 Area 5: NM Mard drops Archimage Letharin (INT General)

Zone 9: Attack to upgrade Mina. Craft – Legends – slide almost to the bottom – Mina von Richten. Each bottle is from the boss in the corresponding area of Zone 9 – Purple Bottle is from the Area 1, Cyan Bottle is from Area 2, etc.. Repeat each area (climb Area 5) until you have the corresponding Bottle. A5NM always drops Wyrm-Slayers II Legion.

Zone 9.5: Boss can drop Ghostly Cat Familiar. Each difficulty boss also drops parts of Mummy Pharaoh’s set.

Zone 9.6: NM Boss drops Apocolocyntosised Fiend Ring (250/230/150).

Zone 10, Area 5: NM Caracalla always drops Dungeon Plunderers Legion.

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Phase 3: Questing for Scrolls of Dahrizon

- Each difficulty completed adds 50 bonus to all Legions. With Dahrizon, SoD adds total 300 Legion Bonus.
- Get 5 Scrolls (any difficulty, one from each Area, two from Area 4) to craft Dahrizon, the best free General who adds 100 bonus to all Legions.
- The bosses of each difficulty also drop other Generals: Samuel the Six-Armed (Normal), Snulgar the Screamer (Hard), Telaria (Legendary), Rissa D’Tang (NM).
- The minibosses on Normal, Hard, and Legendary drop the Insania set, which is great for Health&DEF build for Questing. All 5 parts are 280 DEF and add a total 1250 Health.
- The minibosses on NM drop the Archmage Renoir set, which includes Gloves required for SOCK4.

Complete Zone 4 Area 1 Hard and get Kyddin’s Signet (see Important Loot from Raids) to start the Scrolls of Dahrizon zone.

Zone 5: Attack to unlock SoD Hard. Check Craft/Legends/Misako Essence. Repeat each area (climb Area 5) until you have the corresponding “Misako’s Journal Page”. Page#1 is from the boss of Area 1; Page#2 from Area 2; etc. When you have the Pages, craft Misako Essence, do the Misako personal raid to get “Misako’s Cleansed Ring”, then craft the “Suneate of the Last Emperor” to start SoD Hard.

Zone 6: Climb Areas. Each boss drops part for Craft/Legends/Mestr Rekkr Essence; two in A5. Repeat Areas on Legendary or NM to gain Wintermail armor from Snow Beastman Pack. Do Mestr Rekkr personal raid for Championship Belt. Craft Hauberk of Gold to unlock Legendary SoD. (A5 Kalaxia boss also has: Alchemist Scroll 1 from Normal; Kalaxia’s Eye for Solus 2 from any difficulty; and Frost Wyrm Chieftain’s Shield from NM.)

Complete Zone 7 on Normal.

Zone 8: The boss of each Area, and the third battle of Area 1 (part #6 in Crafts/Legends), have parts for Gauntlets of the Realm Walker needed for NM SoD. Repeat each Area (climb Area 5) until you have the part. Once you have Hargamesh’s Stinger, reset Area 1 and only do “Strangers in a Strange Land” for “Mysterious Emblem” (normal hit drop.)

If you are missing only one Scroll after completing Legendary, repeat the appropriate Area until you can craft Dahrizon. If you are missing a General from a difficulty, repeat the Area on that difficulty, otherwise do the highest difficulty.

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Introduction to Quests

If you win battles easily, use a Perception build for Quests. Do not put SP into Perception, just use gear with the best Perception. Perception from 0 to 1000 affects the chance of a “Perc reward” (the pop-ups) from Quests. Stop at 1000 until you can reach 4000 Perception to have a chance for Green Perc rewards. If you lose battles, try using a Defense or Health build, use scrolls for bosses, or work on an easier Area.

Do all Quests on Normal difficulty until the first area of Zone 4. When starting Zone 4, do the first area on Normal and Hard to unlock the “Scrolls of Dahrizon” (SoD) zone in the bottom right corner of the Map.

See the Special Generals and Leveling section about Generals and troops for your Leveling Legion. You will not have the Perception Generals and troops early. Until you get them, use Generals that boost your Defense.

Each 10 Defense reduces damage taken by 1. Uses total Defense on char, including Base Defense, char gear, and char Defense buffs from Generals. If you have less than the Defense listed, you will receive more than 1 damage. Using Health gear makes that tolerable; the Insania set is good.

Important information is Defense needed to complete Zone on Normal (to reach next Area, receive Citadel Scroll) and on NM (to gain unique drop and AP.) This list is Defense required to lose 1 health per attack from final boss, Normal/NM. Data is obviously incomplete.
Z1: 190/310
Z2: 340/1250
Z3: 590/2150
Z4: 890/3230
Z5: 1890/6830
Z6: ?/?
Z7: ?2250/4540
Z8: ?/?
Z9: ?3200/12500
Z9.5: ?/?
Z9.6: ?/15480
Z10: ?6000/19580
Z11: ?/?
Z12: ?/24180
Z13: ?13100/?
SoD: ?/6390
A Tale of Two Swords: ?/?
Whispers: ?/130,000. For NM, use 5 Gladius Larvalis Magnus Scrolls to remove 15,000 health.

Data collection (DEF + 10*maxDamage)
If you have battled Normal or NM last boss of an Area with a ? or is very different from the list, please contact me.
Z5N: 1340 (1 hit)

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Important Loot from Raids

Loot Kyddin’s Maps from these NM raids to craft Kyddin’s Signet required for SoD (see Phase 3: Questing for Scrolls of Dahrizon), one Map each in order: Bloodmane, Kerberos, Hydra, Sir Cai, Tyranthius.

Loot Teucer Tullian from Hard or NM Bloodmane, Kerberos, Hydra raids. Upgrade with Bone Arrows from Mesyra (Purple), Nimrod (Cyan), Phaedra (Chrome), Tenebra (Black), Valanazes (Gold). Original Teucer disappears from Legions when upgraded or recrafted for SP; must add upgraded version. You can stockpile Bone Arrows, but can only have one unupgraded Teucer.

Loot these raids for SOCK, one part each in order matching Craft – Legends – Sword of Conquered Kingdoms (top entry): Erebus (or Tainted Erebus), Gravlok, Lurking Horror, Grune.

Loot the Blood of these NM raids to craft Mina: Grune, Lurking Horror, Gravlok, Erebus, Tainted Erebus (same list as SOCK but must be NM.)

The first upgrade to SOCK requires Stones from NM Kalaxia, NM Tyr, NM Bogstench raids (and Quests.)

Eventually work on crafting Brough’s Trinkets for upgrading Shield of Ryndor, and getting Enigmatic Items needed to upgrade Sword of Conquered Kingdoms. The items are not loot; they have a chance to drop during the raid when you hit the specified raid using the specified items.

Many raids give Generals and craft materials for under 4,000M. Check the Wiki for other loot:

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Target Damage for Non-Tiered Raids

Work on gaining AP. Most of your playing time will be trying to get the Red (Small, Medium) and Orange (Large, Epic, Colossal) Achievements for “killing” NM raids. This list is the minimum damage (1/2 FS) needed to get AP for each NM raid. Hit each raid until you have this much damage, then stop. If you overhit, you will get slightly more loot, and fewer people will be able to join the raid, which is not nice, especially for the small raids marked $. Some players will accidentally do more than their Fair Share due to Magic and gear procs. Occasionally check your Active Raids list sorted by Ascending Time to check if a raid needs more people, or if full, you should help kill it.

  300k Alice $
  200k Ataxes $
1360k Baroness $
1800k Bellarius
  700k Bloodmane $
1800k Bogstench
  450k Briareus $
1240k Erakka
  600k Erebus
  500k Gravlock $
  200k Grune $
1440k Grimsly
2200k Guilbert
1200k Gunnar
1826k Hargamesh (May be lower than 1.826m, but 1.810m does not get AP. )
  15k Horgrak $
  650k Hydra $
1000k Ironclad $
  950k Kang $
1600k Kalaxia
  700k Kerberos
  350k Lurking $
1500k Maraak $
2200k Mardachus
  100k Mazalu $
4000k Mesyra
1400k Nalagurst
1040k Nidhogg
4800k Nimrod
5600k Phaedra
1250k Rift
  500k Scylla
1400k Sir Cai
2400k Sisters
  800k Stein – Regenerates, but does not fail
1000k Tainted Erebus
4000k Tenebra
1200k (Lord) Tyr – Regenerates and fails often
2000k Ulfrik
4800k Valanazes
1100k Wexxa
  900k Zombies

$ = Raids that almost all players want to join so overhitting hurts the community even more than it hurts you.

If a raid is nearly dead and not enough health remains to reach the target, you can overkill with a large hit. Your loot and AP credit are based on your damage, even if it was more than the remaining health.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Introduction to Raids

You have good gear, a good legion, and good troops to fill it.

If your LSI is not 7 or more, see the SP Farming section. Otherwise…

Put SP into Energy with the goal to reach Zone 4 and then complete the Scrolls of Dahrizon zone to boost all your Legions. For your Stamina, it is time to look at other raids. Ignore “Tiered” raids for now.

You may want to increase Stamina for two goals:
1. Hit AP on the raids for Kyddin’s Signet to unlock Normal SoD.
2. Hit 150m in under 5 hours on NM DL (Dragon’s Lair) to get the Greenleaf set for leveling. (Ask for private raids. Public DL die in minutes.)

Damage to Raids
1-hit = Base Damage + procs
5-hit = 5.1 times Base Damage + procs
20-hit = 20.5 times Base Damage + procs

Loot from Non-Tiered Raids
At any given damage, Non-Tiered Raids have different chances for giving different “loot categories” such as 2C/2U/1R/0E or 2C/2U/0R/1E (Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic). Non-tiered raids have no guarantees. Hitting the “2E” mark (the damage where getting 2 Epics is typical) can receive 0 or 5 Epics. More than 3 Epics is very rare, no matter how much damage is done. Doing very high damage does change the likely loot categories to include higher rarities – a common complaint from overhitting is not getting any Common Loot.

Non-tiered Raids give diminishing returns: the more damage you do, the less that damage increases your chance of gaining another Epic. In general, gaining 2 Epics requires 3 times the damage needed for 1 Epic, and gaining 3 Epics requires over 10 times the damage needed for 1 Epic. There is some variation based on raid size.

For non-Tiered NM raids, always do at least the AP amount, which is 1/2 FS (Fair Share = total health divided by maximum number of player slots), and almost always gives 1 Epic Loot.

XP from Raids
Raids have 3 buttons for attacking: 1, 5, 20.

Using Stamina on a raid gives
1-hit: average 2.5 XP/resource, range: 1-4 XP
5-hit: average 14.5 XP, 2.9 XP/resource, range: 5-24 XP
20-hit: average 60.5 XP, 3 XP/resource, range: 21-100 XP

Using Energy or Honor on raids gives:
1-hit: average 1.4 XP/resource, 70% 1 XP, 30% 2 XP.
5-hit: average 7.5 XP, 1.5 XP/resource, range: 5-10
20-hit: average 30, 1.5 XP/resource, range: 20-40 XP

Quicken Mind has 5.8% chance to double the XP.
Haste has 3.9% chance of extra hit.
Maximum possible XP from one 20-hit with Haste and QM is 400XP. Be careful of leveling when XP needed for next level is low.

Once you have good Mounts, using more hits on a raid (by using smaller hits) allows more chances for Mount procs for higher average damage per hit. Reaching the target on a raid typically could be done with 1 20-hit (20 Stamina), 3 5-hits (15 Stamina), or 12 1-hits (12 Stamina). You gain more AP and Loot conserving Stamina by hitting more raids with smaller hits at the cost of some XP, offset by more Haste and QM procs.

Log Analyzer
In a raid, click on the log (left side above Rallying Cry and Change Magic), then CRTL+A to select all, CTRL+C to copy.

Go to this page:

Click in the box near the top (above Submit), then CTRL+V to paste.
Click Submit.

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Phase 2: Mesyra, Your First Real Raid

You have some gear and troops, and can do some damage.

Your first real Stamina attack should 4.000m to (many) NM Mesyra for:

  • Bakrax (General)
  • Boar’s Snout II Legion, which can use 10 Terraclean Statues and 10 Dragon-Slayer Mages (but not Blood-Drunk Vampires or Treasure Golems.)
  • 2 Nestor (Mount:150/150/80), the second-best free Mount for you and your Legion until you get Battle Drake from Salome.
  • Dextrous Cyan Claw (MH:158/42), and Cyan Scale Wings (Chest:80/120).

Hitting 4m sounds like much, but Mesyra is a dragon with 5 magic slots, which should be filled with Haste, QM, GID, CK, and BB for much damage. If you receive 2 Nestor and Bakrax before getting the BS2 Legion, switch to hitting 4.000m to NM Tenebra – has one more magic slot for IL or ID, has a different General (Rassera), and gives Briseis’ Blessing magic.

Your first real Honor raids should be:

  • NM Celeano (300k) for Caelian Stallion, Mount for Leveling set.
  • NM Groblar (600k) for Haste magic.
  • NM Salome: Start with 6.660m for Angels of Virtue legion and Chaste Angels. When you can, hit the Epic Tiers (min:13.33m 18.66m 24m best:26.64m 40m 53.28m 67m 80m 93.24m 107m max:120m) for General Matilda and Battle Drake mount (get second for Legion.)
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Special Generals and Leveling

You will often use a specific Item Set with a Legion that has complementary bonuses. The Generals are listed best to worst for each purpose.

Generals giving Energy/Stamina for leveling
(Abbess Catherine with Boost), [Pelari], (Angus with 2 Boost), [Woosen], [Belsamus], [Kember], Milaku, Kapitän Karotte, (Angus with 1 Boost), Dant’Kun, Ridolphus, Aeric, Galatea, Pugnacious, Angus, Syriss, Ullis.

Preparation for Leveling
Repeat these steps whenever you gain better gear or Generals for Leveling.
1. Have ready the Item Set and Legion that gives the most extra Stamina and Energy. Normally, count Stamina as twice Energy. During WR, Stamina, Energy, and Honor are equivalent.
2. Know how much extra of each resource you get from your Legion and your Item Set. For the Legion, write down how much you have of each resource, then switch to an empty Legion and subtract the new numbers. For your char, wear your Leveling Item Set, write down the numbers, then switch to the Empty set and subtract.

Getting ready to level
1. Always save enough Energy to hit your most expensive Quest.
2. Be careful not to accidentally overlevel. This can mean to stop using 20-hits when under 400 XP TNL.
2. Try to use your Stamina. Also use Energy to get close to the amount you need for your most expensive Quest.
3. If you have less Honor than XP TNL, try to use it on raids.
4. When your Honor is more than your XP TNL, use Jousts to get close to 1 XP TNL.
5. Switch to your Leveling Item Set and Leveling Legion.
6. Use your most expensive Quest to level up. This has several benefits. Quests state how much XP you get so less accidents. Quests can use more than 20 resources so you can earn more XP from one final Quest hit than 1 final raid hit. And that final hit can “overlevel” – starting the next level with less XP TNL.

After Leveling
1. Use a little of each resource to give room to start regenerating resources.
2. Your Combat Health was refilled. Try to use it so you do not get farmed in PvP.
3. Use the extra resources you gain from your Legion.
4. Switch from your Leveling Legion to an attack Legion.
5. Use the extra resources you gain from your Item Set.
6. Switch from your Leveling Item Set to an attack Item Set.
7. Return to normal work.

For more about setting up to level quickly, see:

Other Special Generals

Perception for Questing
Cogs2, Cogs, [Vork], Panoptica, [High Priest Maclis], [Katya], [Pelari], Aeric
Use Perfected Clockwork Part to craft Cogs2 and Cogs, then fill a Legion with Artificer’s Clockwork Golem. Do not worry about the other Clockwork crafts until you cannot fit more Artificer’s Clockwork Golem into any Legion; the Clockwork gear is likely to quickly become obsolete by Perception Rewards:

[Wun Ping], Calla, Galatea, Abbess Catherine

Attack and Defense
Medea2 (WR boosts), [Vork], Roland2 (Crossed Swords boosts), Olaf (2 boosts), Tiberius, [Ariala], [Dao], [Rubarb], Olaf (1 boost), Prince Xand, Queen Lena, [Shandra], Roland2, Olaf, Francis, Medea2, Abbess Catherine, Kapitan, Roland, Medea, Galatea. ([Gerlow] and [Sycrax] unknown)
These can be used for Duel, Joust, Colosseum, and to fill your Questing and Leveling Legions.

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Item Sets

You can save a set of equipment for your character by first changing the Item Set under your character on the Profile screen, changing the equipment, then clicking Save. Very early in the game you will just use items with the best Attack.

Suggestion for saved Item Sets:
1. QuestPerc: The top Item Set should be your best Perception gear for Questing.
2. QuestHealth: If you have difficulty with any Quests (usually bosses or areas with difficult minibosses), use the second Item Set for Health and Defense gear.
3. Nrlux: When you have the Magnificent Dragonite Set, use this set for N’rlux.
4. Other: You might use this for PvP, dragons, WR, or any other special purpose.
5. Raids: For your best Attack gear.
6. Leveling: The bottom Item Set should be your best Stamina and Energy gear. The Day 5 Daily Gift Calissa Armor is good. The Greanleaf set from NM DL is extremely good.

Many players have worked to guesstimate the statistics for the procs of Generals and Equipment. You can find their results here:

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Legions and Troops

Most of your damage will come from Legions. Your Legion will quickly surpass your character’s power. Early in the game, Legion power is mostly determined by Troops. As you gain Generals, they will have more impact on Legion power than the Troops.

The formula for raid damage per 1 resource (Energy, Stamina, or Honor) is:
4*PlayerAttack + 1*Player Defense + Legion Damage

Legion Damage = (1 + (LegionBonus/100)) * (2*GeneralsAttack + 0.4*GeneralsDefense + 1.44*TroopsAttack + 0.36*TroopsDefense)

Some Legion Bonus only apply in certain battles; a second Legion Special damage number appears at the top for when those criteria are met.

As you gain Legions, check whether they are stronger than your current Legion by clicking Auto-fill. If the new Legion is stronger or at least close to your current Legion Damage, rearrange your Generals and Troops, and replace all the equipment. You only use the last Legion that was loaded when you leave the Legion screen.

The Legions you use will likely be (troops are listed best first):
Strength and Strangeness Bonus 240 (from Malleus) 10 Special (Role), 10 Special (Attribute), 8 Strength = 10 Chaste Angel, 10 Blood-Drunk Vampire, 8 Orc Invader/Crab Guard/Treasure Golem/Orc Bloodrager/Terraclean Statue.
Swords and Stitches Bonus 240 (from Count Siculus) 15 Melee, 15 Healer = 15 Clockwork Angel/Orc Bloodrager/Blood-Drunk Vampire, 15 Orc Shaman.
Boar’s Snout II (from Mesyra) 10 Tank, 10 Ranged = 10 Orc Invader/Crab Guard/Terraclean Statue and Oroc Invader/Ghostly Poet/Demon hunter/Dragon-Slayer Mage, quickly replaced by Angels of Virtue.
Angels of Virtue Bonus 230 (from Salome) with Chaste Angels.
Bucket Brigade for Rhalmarius (from the Rhalmarius Guild raid) 30 Any Troops
Insecticide (from Guild raids) with 10 Demon hunters/Dragon-Slayer Mages, 10 Manticore Hunters, and 10 Centaur hunters for N’rlux.
Wyrm-Slayers II for Dragons (from Z9 NM Vala Quest) 6 Strength, 6 Agility, 6 Tank, 6 Ranged = 12 Demon Hunters, 6 Treasure Golems, and 6 Manticore Hunters

The monthly WR is very likely to make available a Legion that is better than these. Always try to get Legions from WR.

When you have 3 Legions, start PvP/Invasion.
198 = 120/70 Oroc Invader (Oroc, Ranged, Agility) @ 700 Invasion Points
203.4 = 90/205 Orc Invader (Orc, Tank, Strength) @ 3300 Invasion Points

The next best Troops are from tagging these raids (which you’ve already been tagging):
176.4 = 90/130 Chaste Angel in Angel of Virtue Legion.
174.6 = 75/185 Crab Guard (Merfolk, Tank, Strength) COMMON FROM Hurkus
172.8 = 100/80 Ghostly Poet (Undead. Ranged, Intellect) UNCOMMON FROM Malleus
135 = 80/55 Clockwork Angel (Angel, Melee, Intellect) UNCOMMON FROM Ruzzik
122.4 = 60/100 Chaste Angel (Angel, Special, Wisdom) UNCOMMON FROM Salome
119.88 = 67/65 Treasure Golem (Construct, Melee, Strength) COMMON FROM Krugnug. Riddler, Leonine, Marius
90 = 55/30 Dragon-Slayer Mage (Half-elf, Ranged, Agility) RARE FROM Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra
88.2+ = 60+/5 Orc Bloodrager (Orc, Melee, Strength) UNCOMMON FROM Siculus
73.8 = 30/85 Orc Shaman (Orc, Healer, Wisdom) COMMON FROM Siculus
70.2 = 40/35 Blood-Drunk Vampire (Undead, Melee, Special) COMMON FROM Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra, Tenebra, Valanazes
61.2 = 40/10 Terraclean Statue (Construct, Tank, Strength) RARE FROM Tenebra, Valanazes

Auto-assign uses the unused Attack stat to choose equipment ignoring whether the equipment adds any value. Legion Equipment only use their bonuses, not their Attack/Defense/Perception, or any bonuses that affect stats such as Energy, Stamina, or Health. Check to use equipment with “Bonus raid damage”. No filter or sort is available to help find the equipment that has effects in Legions.

If you have exactly one of an item, it will not be used twice if equipped on both your character and the current Legion. The proc can only happen once. Unsure how the item would be counted for “Bonus if other items of this set equipped” since the char and “Legion Commander” gear is counted separately.