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Topic: The Gate / shards and augment

I’ve some question about:

1) how many of them are necessary for summon a disciple?
2) is there other necessary other than shard for summon a disciple from shards?
3) how i can summon a disciple from shards?
4) can i found the “slash” things in non-boss normal stage?

Thanks in advance to who can answers even partially to this quests cuz i prolly miss something i can’t find (maybe due to my laziness :p)

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Topic: The Gate / raid boss drop

good to know that now boss drop shards and not full monsters, just wasted some “free” gold for being sure to destroy i monster i need and now i see that i taked only shard, very good ty for don’t said it _

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Topic: Wartune / Fishing

Splinter Lv80 Knight server 3 Europe

I’m not surely the 1st who noticed it: how is possible that catching a fish that have to drop a reward dropped something different to what expected? Fish that “theorically” should drop Crypt tokens drop Daru and that who should drop Enhanced Bounty Scroll dropped Lvl5 luck stones. Another bug join the collection. GREAT _

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Topic: Wartune / Can't log in to server

s3 wont works stuck on 50 %

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Topic: Wartune / Post maintaince 30/10/14

Ty vm for make me lost my dailiy plunders, old players who quitted long time ago and that gave me free kyanite without problems now i’ve 2 options: don’t plunder anymore cause no-more quitted players to plunder or move in next zone and get plundered every day with a probability of 100 %

TY VM fot this wonderful gift

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Weekly Maintenance 9/25 @ 3:30 AM EDT

Why instead of fix something that works so good like exp scroll in Spire? Why don’t fix some really annoying bug that infest arena like the one of the 4 naked knights that sometimes appear and make the whole 4 team members refresh cause in the next fight after win/lose all is freezed? or the huge lag that manifest itself in arena and in nirvana (in particular at last boss)? Those are things that should be fixed first (not the possibility to gain extra exp from spire)


Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 3.1

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Topic: Wartune / No limit at worst

Unbelievable !!! Another arena bug 1st there was only those with 3 naked knights (now are 4) and now after win a battle all freezed, need to refresh and obviously no reward.

Is this game or what

Great another arena lost pff

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Topic: Wartune / Huge Bugs after Thursday 14/08

Splinter Lv80 Knight Kong Server 3

This new patch has revolutioned entirely this game and make Wartune “a bit” worst.

1st: LOGIN: yday evening at tree reset and this morning around 8 st i tried to login but i had to wait more than 30 mins be4 enter in to the game.

2nd: ARENA: Friday and today (17/08) i can’t enter at 12 st. I had full team and all clicked “Ready” but when i clicked “Start” nothing happend and for the 2nd time i lost completely arena for the 2nd day (i can’t be here for evening cause real-life)

3rd: BATTLEGROUND: yday completely missed cause i didn’t see any starting bg button and today be4 entering i had to click more times be4 i can enter.

I really don’t know why a game that was so much playable (at least for me) till thursday 14/08 morning, after a patch that should had made it more interesting, has become so much annoying and frustrating.

I really hope this things may be repaired soon.

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Topic: Wartune / Patch 2.46 Changes

i want only to say thanks to r2 for makes Wartune worst at ever patch released TY very much

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Tailsman

sorry for the banality of the question but I found the m. talisman few weeks ago and before using it I wanted to know if, when used, the skill lv 90 remains forever or do I have again a dumb luck to find another one to be able to re-use.

Thanks to anyone who will give me an answer.

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Topic: Technical Support / Alice is dead chap 3 problems

i try for an hour to play this game but i can go only to the 2nd screen and my cursor is blocking and it don’t move. i will try everything (install and re-install adobe flash palyer, adobe shockwave, open new windows, refresh) but nothing worked.

If someone have any type of solution to suggest me, please tell me.

I’ve else try all the procedure explained in the forum but nothing.

Thanks to anyone who can help me to solve this problem