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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Auto Idle card functions different than description.

The idle card's description does not seem to fit for the actual functionality of the card. This difference may have been from recent changes or I could just be understanding the wording differently.

The problem is although the description says that it will change change to idle mode as "required", it seems to switch based on a random amount of time, rather than based on how full the progress bar is. This means that the mode will randomly switch to idle in the middle of the progress bar, sometimes lasting until the progress bar is full. Other times, this causes the progress bar to be full for a few seconds before being switching to idle.

I do not mind if this was an intentional functionality, but if it was, then maybe the description to be altered to state that it "periodically changes to idle" instead to clear up misunderstandings.

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