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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / BUGS - Official Thread

My Hord got attacked on a mine and then I started to have weird GUI bugs. when I tried recalling him he got stucked. Maybe someone can look if he is really stuck and if freeing him will solve my GUI bugs? Thanks.

Here are screens of the GUI bugs:

EDIT: Hord got free, visual bugs are gone. Thanks.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / COMBAT TIPS(28/02)

Tested for Martyrs:

5 Martyrs = 69 sec → 22 = 5min~

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / COMBAT TIPS(28/02)

Tested for Shining Lance:

5 Shining Lances = 170 sec → 9 = 5min~

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

Token shop for doing PVE and PVP.

Currently, neither PvP nor PvE is very rewarding if your are at endgame and/or don’t care about the rankings or shrines/being king. The buffs the king tower and the shrines give are mostly good for the sake of doing more PvP aside them being also to a degree useful for orc farming until endgame. I think in the longer term there need to be more incentives for both PvP and PvE oriented players to keep them interested and offer them alternatives and incentives besides the current gameplay.

PvE: Some boss raids in a realm, where you get tokens based on the contributed damage.
PvP: Tokens based on certain achievements in PvP.

Token shop: The tokens can be used in the shop to gain special troop types you normally can’t get and that don’t necessarily are stronger but somehow different, so that you really want them. Alternatively you also can include something like alternative commander art or new commanders or items for commanders. There are a lot of possibilities. Balance is critical though.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Lag/latency issue

The server restart yesterday solved the 20 sec. attack desync problem for me. Now, I see the commander showing to return from an attack after 1 sec. instead of 20. Other people reported though, that for them not much changed. In any case, restarting the game once in a while on the server side might help in some way or another.

On the other hand the game seems more shaky and studdering overall, like the seconds on commanders counting down not linearly but in a laggy way (some seconds show longer than others). That is not a big deal for me though, since the desync problem was the biggest issue.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Lag/latency issue

Yeah, it is a rather mind boggling problem. While with the last patch the lag on a hero returning to your keep was fixed, the lag while attacking something is back and far worse than before last patch. The issue also seems to get worse over time. Before the last patch the lag was around 8 sec. Directly after the last patch there was no lag at all. A few days after it the lag was around 4 sec. Last week it was around 11 sec. And right now it is pretty much 20 sec.

An example: My Trellan needs 29 sec to the orc camp. When he arrives, he fights for 1 sec. and then returns again. But the browser doesn’t reflect this. For us players the hero has the status “Attacking” for 10 to 20 sec! Which means that after the status finally updates, the hero is already 10 sec away from the keep.

Now the problem there is that the new orc camp (or to be more precise the killed one hopping and respawning) doesn’t spawn immediately but only after the browser session syncs with the server. Which means that if you try to bounce a camp via two close piles of bones, instead of being able to do that every 30 sec you get one bounce every 40-50 sec due to the lag. This in turn decreases the exp gain significantly (on <5 min healing setups), which is already pretty low due to the various changes over the last patches (in later levels you need to chain attack orc camps for over 12 hours for a single level, which is not even boring any more, but just bothersome).

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Topic: EMP Game / Updates discussions

I like both changes. Will be healthy for the overall game by enabling a larger number of players to stay at least somewhat competitive without playing 24/7. Not a big step, but a start.

But I agree with Masakarii that the max. amount of ress a planet can store has to be looked at and increased alongside the other changes.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / COMBAT TIPS(28/02)

Tested for Order of the Bloody Cross:

5 Bloody Cross = 48 sec → 31 = 5min~

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Release notes week of 24/02/2014

Originally posted by darkitay:

orc camps need xp boost, if u up the grinding lvl then at least give ways to boost it, as it now the patch will be like the first one, we dont want to see it once more, change the xp formula plz grinding past lvl 25 is hell… and u will make grinding from 17 to 25 hell also.

I think darkit is right. When watch offensive hp will be reduced, healing times (e.g. with militia) and/or grind efficency (e.g. with MAAs) will go down by maybe 50%, so doubling the XP gain from orc camps would probably still not be enough. Additionally, I would propose an increase in XP gain from PvP actions.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / COMBAT TIPS(28/02)

Thanks for the healing times.

Just tested MAAs. They have the same times as LBs.
5 men-at-arms = 16 sec → 93 = 5min~

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Release notes week of 24/02/2014

I am missing a filter for pve/pvp messages in the report center. As it is currently (and as it still looks from those screens), you still can’t filter between orc camps and player interactions. The problem here is that orc farming will spam away the important castle attack messages in no time. It would be good to have an archive for those pvp reports or at least additional tabs.

Also, what dragon said.

Otherwise interesting changes. Looking forward to the update. :)

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Suggestions

Equipment templates
It is very annoying that every time you remove/add troops their equipment is set to lvl 1. For starters, it would be helpful if the database could save the last configuration of a particular unit type for every active commander and then reuse that configuration when you add units to that commanders instead of setting everything to level 1.

On a more advanced level, it would be great to have a template system, where you freely configure a unit type with equipment levels and then save this configuration with a custom name (e.g. Sword Shock Equipment). When you then add swords to some commander you can select the template from a list for this particular unit type and you can now also easily change it on the fly for different tactical situations.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Gold confirmation [petition]


It is a basic function that should be present to avoid making (potential) customers unhappy.

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

Originally posted by aManIsCold:

Thanks for this. I am a dev, and this is a very succinct description of how the game works. Really great description of how the deckbuilding works, and basic gameplay, and you really understand how it all goes together.

—Colin Adams
Art Director, Artist: Vespitole Faction

Thanks for the praise. If you guys like this topic, you could consider pinning it to the top of the forum.
And to return the kind words: Like I already told you in the kong chat, I love your art. :-)


Originally posted by zzxxzz3:

There are actually 4 red heroes, though I don’t remember the name of the fourth. She gets one random resource (or one magic?) every time an ally is sacrificed.

That might have been an exclusive Kickstarter backer reward hero. For us, there are only three red heroes available, as far as I know.

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Topic: War of Omens / How does this game work?

Originally posted by crazedmoth:

Thanks. Also, does levelling up do anything?

It gives you a hero card at character level 4 and then upgrades this card at level 8 and level 28. Moreover, you get some silver with every level up. Also check this topic .

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

Thanks for your feedback.

I fixed the error with the number 5 regarding bank card pool and also added two new points: Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

Foreword: Since the ingame-tutorial is lacking as we speak, I want to try and explain this game in a simple and comprehensive way. Thanks goes to the FAQ topic of Melkor which helped me when I started, as well as all the helpful souls on Kong chat. If you know the board game Dominion, you will have an easier time understanding this game; if not: Don’t worry & have fun with this great and refreshing game!


Factions: There are three factions: Metris (blue), Vespitole (green) and Daramek (red)
You start the game with a green hero and a 10 card starter deck as well as a red hero and a starter deck for her. You can switch between those decks with the arrows next to the hero image in the starting screen.

Heroes: For every faction there are currently three heroes (so a total of 9). You start out with two and the other seven can be found randomly in card packs (in any card pack, also the basic oak pack). Heroes gain experience and level up which will give you silver as a reward. Every hero will unlock a special hero card (H symbol on the middle left side of a card) at level 4 – more about Hero cards later.

What about a blue/Metris deck? You start the game with 0 cards from the blue faction. Opening card packs will eventually get you blue cards though. In order to see those cards and be able to build a deck, you first need to find a blue hero in a card pack. This could take a while but it is not a big deal since you also need 10 cards from the blue faction to build a deck and even then the resulting deck is most likely not playable very well. The blue faction is an advanced faction and not necessarily recommended for starting players since it gets much stronger as you upgrade basic cards – more about upgrading cards later on.

Deckbuilding: A deck consists of exactly 10 cards from a single faction and every hero can only have one deck configuration at any given point in time. There are three card themes for each faction but those are only giving you hints on what cards could potentially combo well, you can mix them however you want. Moreover, there is a coin section for every deck with 10 additional slots, which is empty as you start as a new player. When you don’t put a coin in those 10 coin slots, it means that you will play the game with 10 faction specific generic coins – more on this later on. Coins and cards can be used in several decks at the same time, you don’t need to get the card multiple times. Initially, you can only use one copy of a card in a deck, but when you upgrade your cards you can use up to three copies of a card in a deck (with different coin cost though) – more on card upgrading later on.

Basic gameplay: When you start a game you can see four cards on the left side. This section is called your “bank”. It is a shop which can hold a maximum of four cards randomly selected from your “outgame card deck”. Every turn a new card from your outgame deck will randomly appear and if that one would be the fifth card on-screen, the most bottom card goes back into the card pool of the bank. Besides the four cards from the bank, there is also your “match deck”, the deck where you draw your hand from. Your match deck initially consists of 10 coins from which you draw four at the start of the game. From the starting turn on, though, you only draw three new cards from your match deck (as long as the maximum hand size doesn’t exceed four cards). Basically, you can always keep one card in your hand before ending your turn and you will still get the maximum number of new cards (three cards) at the start of the next turn. That said, if you end your turn with two cards in your hand, you will only get two new cards at the start of the next turn. Some card effects can make your hand temporarily exceed four cards, though.

So, there are two decks: The bank with four cards from your out-of-the-game deck and your real match deck, which starts out with 10 coins and then gets bigger as you buy cards from the bank with those coins. Aside from most blue faction cards, cards you buy are permanently added to your match deck for the current battle. An example: You buy a Militia from the bank and the card is then on the field. Let’s assume that on the next turn your enemy kills it with a skull. The Militia then goes back into your match deck and you will eventually draw it again and can play it from your hand without paying the card’s cost again. Take note though that you can’t draw this particular Militia from your match deck again as long as it is already on your field. On the other hand, as soon as you buy this Militia from the bank, the Militia card is again added to the pool from which the bank draws new cards and you can therefore buy it multiple times into your match deck eventually over the course of the match, if you wish so (this means you can get multiple copies of the same card onto the board at the same time). The bank is basically a pool of cards for various situations and play styles from which you build a totally new and unique match deck every game according to the situation and the enemy deck. There is currently no mechanic of removing coins from your match deck, so there will permanently be 10 coins in it.

Card packs: A pack always gives you a choice of three cards of the same rarity from mixed factions. You can only pick one of them. There are three card packs: Oak, which is the basic pack and can contain every card in the game (even the special coins). Next, there is the silver pack which contains any card in the game but no commons and this pack needs to be unlocked by buying gems once with kreds (real money involved). The last pack is the premium pack for gems which you currently can’t get aside from paying kreds and which can contain only rare cards and special coins. The oak pack is everything you will need for the first months due to the upgrading of cards (see next section). Therefore, getting commons is a good thing (they are also strong in the early phases of any match and shouldn’t be underestimated). The silver pack is only better when you have every common upgraded to the maximum, but you can still get any card in the game from the basic oak pack over time.

Card upgrades: Any card (besides coins) can be upgraded twice. Upgrading means that the coin cost of the card will be decreased by 1 per upgrade. So if a card initially costs 2 coins it will be for free after its 2nd upgrade. In order to upgrade a card you need to find it in packs four more times. In order to then upgrade it a 2nd time you need to find another ~20 copies of the card. You can see the upgrade level by looking at the four corners of a card: If there is nothing, it is not upgraded; if there is a small triangle (the colour of the triangle is different for each faction), the card was upgraded once; if there is a small triangle with additional decoration, it was upgraded twice to the max level. Upgrading is more of a long term motivational factor, but well worth it, since it makes the basic card pack the best card pack for new players due to many of the common cards being essential for any deck. Upgrading commons can boost your early game a lot with the lower “summoning costs”.

Coins: Special coins represent the highest rarity in the game and can be found in all of the three packs (even in the basic oak pack). You can select the special coins in the coin section of the deck editor individually for every deck.

Card rarities: There are 5 rarities: I (common / grey icon), II (uncommon / green icon), III (scarce / blue icon) and IV (rare / purple icon). Special coins © are the fifth type and have the highest rarity. Moreover, there is the H symbol (yellow) which represents hero cards. The common tier doesn’t mean that a card is weak by the way. Strong cards are distributed throughout all rarities and most cards have their place an various deck setups.

Hero cards: You can recognize hero cards by the (H) symbol. There are currently three per faction (one per hero). In order to get a particular hero card you need to level the corresponding hero to level 4 by playing games. The hero cards get their first upgrade (the hero card will cost one coin less to buy after every upgrade) when the corresponding hero reaches level 8 and their 2nd upgrade when the hero reaches level 28. Every hero card can be played in any deck of the same faction, the card is not limited to the hero you got it from.

Which hero cards come from which hero?
Red: Liet → Festival / Esra → Stampede / Mogesh → Sacrificial Lamb
Green: Cap. Listrata → Merchant Guild / Sofocatro → Spy Network / Cardinal Pocchi → Tithe
Blue: Valdorian → Stratagem / Birondelle → Stolen Plans / Theodox → Mayhem

Singleplayer: The story campaign is currently still in development, so you can only play skirmishes against the AI (or multiplayer). There are five different difficulties and the curve is steep. Even the second difficulty “Apprentice” can already be too much for a new player. It is most efficient to stay at a tier where you can win fast and consistent. Farming “Neophyte” can be quite rewarding with a fast deck until you have a much better deck with upgraded cards. The later difficulty tiers will become unlocked as you play a particular number of games.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer feature currently has no matchmaking (in development) so it can be quite tough for a new player to win there. Winning a match will give you 150 silver and 150 EXP while losing will still give you 50 each. There might be players with cards/heroes you can’t seem to find in the game. The reason for that is that this game was funded on Kickstarter and there is a very small number of backer with special cards/skins or foil versions. Those shouldn’t give them a particular advantage, though.

Faction mechanics Vespitole: The green faction mechanic is every card drawing another card, which could potentially create an infinite chain if not for the 10 coins which will interrupt the combo. The green (and the red faction) are also big on ally cards which will often tank enemy attacks and randomly attack once per turn or when fed (this means you give one apple to them which would also heal them if they are missing hearts – their life points).

Faction mechanics Daramek: The red faction is all about combos, which directly draw card types from your match deck. For example Rat Catcher will draw another ally from your match deck when you play him. This only works if there is currently another ally which is not a Rat Catcher in your match deck.

Faction mechanics Metris: The blue faction doesn’t have any ally-cards and normally doesn’t buy cards from the bank permanently. Basically, their cards don’t go in your match deck and your match deck will most of the time only consist of 10 coins (other than stealing or buying cards from your enemy). Metris can draw cards from the enemy with various card effects and keep them in their hand which means that this card is currently not available in the other player’s match deck since the Metris player stole it. After the stolen card was used, it goes back into the match deck where it came from though. You can see the ownership of a card by looking at its border (e.g. red means it is a card of the enemy player).

If you find any mistakes or have anything to add, feel free to comment. Thanks and have fun!

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Koria Ex lvl 3 impossible for free/old players?

I also got 7 copies on Friday, but on Saturday I was stuck on the 4 crystals left mark for at least 40 games (or over 24 hours, the whole Saturday pretty much), which is quite ridiculous since it happened to so many people. Maybe it’s some sort of weird bug with the algorithm because I can’t imagine a dev implementing a mechanic like this in such an obvious and maddening way, seems quite stupid and dangerous to intentionally risk your customer base in such an blatant way.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Small beginner guide (e.g. ref codes, ability order, leveling)

Originally posted by tameo:

I had a card i had on lvl 3 in chest. I could only sell it for 250 crystals…

Yes, you still get packs which include cards you have on level 3 and cards you already have on level 3 in reward chests which is basically like the 250 crystal reward. You only don’t get cards you already have on level 3 in Extra and Ultimate packs in reward chests.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Small beginner guide (e.g. ref codes, ability order, leveling)

Originally posted by Omnobo:
Originally posted by Toimu:

Currently, there are 2 guilds you cannot buy characters unless you spend Diamonds (real $$). Can you win them after battles?

Great guide! I used your referral code.

Yup, you can sometimes win Extra and Ultimate packs from chests after a battle. It’s rare (I’m level 11 and I’ve seen 1 Ultimate and 4 Extra packs total), but it happens.

Yes, like Omnobo, I have also seen around 6 Extra and 2 Ultimate packs in chests after a battle so far and I got lucky and got two of those Extra packs. One only had a copy of a card I already had (free faction) but the 2nd one got me a level 2 hero of the dark faction. I can now normally get copies for that card in the 700 crystal packs. The good thing is that this hero even unlocks a 2nd generation hero from the darkness faction when I get him to level 3. So I basically got two premium faction heroes with one chest. (it seems this is not the case)

By the way, the Extra chests get better the longer you play the game since they don’t give you cards you already have at level 3. So when you have every free faction card at level 3 after some weeks, Extra packs will give you a hero from the premium faction without fail.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Exp Bar

Yeah, that happens sometimes. It is a bug showing you more exp than you actually have. Just refresh your page and it will show the correct amount.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Small beginner guide (e.g. ref codes, ability order, leveling)

Since the tutorial does an insufficient job at explaining some important things, I wanted to post some insights I obtained from playing:

•The energy pool actually doesn’t limit your ability to play games, but without energy, you are not able to open a reward chest at the end of each battle. Your account still receives EXP though. You get 1 point of energy every 30 min. Leveling up your account refills the energy pool. The pool doesn’t increase from leveling up and stays at a maximum of 5 units. The quality of the reward chests’ contents seems not dependant on you winning or losing the match.

•In order to level up a hero you need to find another copy of that same character. The copy becomes a green crystal and is added to your original card. You need 3 green crystals to level the card to level 2 and 7 for level 3. If you get a higher level copy of a card you already have, you can instantly jump to the next level.

Abilities have a certain execution order : Attacker bottom ability >> defender bottom ability >> attacker middle ability >> defender middle ability >> attacker top ability >> defender top ability >> attacker basic attacks >> defender basic attacks

Rolling the dices works like in the classic game “Yahtzee”, you mark the dices you want to keep and the others will be rolled again. There are 4 dices: blue and yellow (which seem like the slightly rarer dices), red, and the grey sword dice. The latter lets your hero execute his/her basic attack (the value of your basic attack is printed directly under your character picture to the left and is sometimes not showing correctly due to a bug). You can trigger the same ability multiple times if you have the required colour combination twice (e.g. an ability needs red and blue and you have two red and two blue dices, which results in the ability being used two times). Moreover, the same dice can be used to trigger two different abilities (e.g. you have an ability which needs red and blue, one which needs blue and yellow, and the third needing yellow and blue; in that case if you have three grey swords plus one blue, one, red, and one yellow dice, all your three abilities will be triggered and you will then proceed to do three basic attacks).

•Selecting heroes with certain abilities as attacker or defender is important for winning matches. You can look up each ability in detail by clicking on it which will reveal additional information. E.g. fireball X has an additional effect where the overall damage of the opponent is decreased by 10% of X. You should try to make smart use of heroes which have an “all” ability (if you have any) because this will also affect the two other heroes you currently have on the board (not the ones you have yet to draw onto the board though).

•The basic booster for 700 crystals cannot include for example cards from the green faction (or cards from the 20-something cards icon that you can see at the very end of all of your hero list), but if you got a hero from the green faction from an EXTRA booster (besides spending money, you can also get the two types of premium boosters from a chest after battle if you are lucky) you can get further copies of this hero from the basic booster for the purpose of leveling that card. This doesn’t seem to hold true for the special preview cards from the 5000 crystal booster. Maybe it is later on possible to level those cards when their faction is officially released and no longer part of preview cards.

Ex cards are special promo heroes which you currently cannot get aside from the point in time when they were initially offered. Right now, every weekend (normally Friday 12:05 pm until Monday 11:55 am Central European Time) a new Ex card is released and a copy of this Ex card is included in one of each of the 6 reward chests after a battle. If you don’t waste your recharging energy (besides during sleeping) you should be able to level it to level 3 without spending money on the special Ex booster currently only available during the weekend. Take note that those two approaches are the only way to get it to level 3, since you can’t get copies of it from normal or premium boosters!

When you register for the first time, you can input a referral code. Doing so apparently gives you 1000 additional starting crystals. The person referring you in turn gets 2000 crystals when you reach level 5. Ask in the kong chat for a code.

UPDATE: I lost interest in the game and moved on. It could therefore be that by now some parts of this guide no longer apply due to outdated information. I wish you a great time!

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / [Public Town] Eytinland (193k pop) wants YOU!

I would also love to move to a city where everyone contributes.

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Bug reports

Regarding the Swamp unit ‘Zabira’, either the text is misleading or the card is bugged.
I never get a -2 damage reduction. Not when I get directly attacked by an opponent, not when I defend with her and not when I attack and a defending opponent wins the dice throw damaging me in the process.

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Contests

Great idea, but …

in order to register for the tournament you need to register at your forum and this requires a Facebook account. So basically anybody without Facebook can’t participate. Can we register here on Kong, too?