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Topic: War of the Web / organizing kong

hyfg, i hit like 10 this morning alone. 10 is nothing

either organize into two groups or everyone should make another account.
one account cities and plenty of launch sites – enough cities to build up again if wiped out. when you gain enough money build a level 9 armory and pick up enough queen calls, then replace it with a level 9 barracks full with rank 9 soldiers to defend your launch sites. it’s only one barracks but it will deter attackers from having a pop at you and reduce losses in general if you have a solid rank 9 army not just pissy militia. save a really minimal amount of turns for any army maintenance and then the rest of your turns go into research.

second account as a strong military to wipe out newgrounds researchers. have enough soldiers to defend the base and enough to send out to war. use a spy hub to find those with the most launch sites and clear them out. if you can afford to, trash the whole base – but better off just moving on the next target. if you have rank 9 soldiers with queen calls then it shouldn’t be too hard, especially when up against militia. don’t forget to spy on the base first to sabotage the stronghold defenses, if any.

i agree no revenge, just build up again. revenge is a waste of resources.