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Topic: Redshift / Post your Schematics!

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Active Offense
Name: Plasma Strike
Description: Fires a plasma strike against all interceptors including your own for 325 damage

Note: I re-rolled several times, and it looks like this one and the Nuke Strike described above by Cunni are the only possibilities. No variations on the damage levels either.

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Topic: Dream World / Oldtimers-How much coin ya got?

Brains Over Brawn Badge
(5 points – 267,267 awarded)
Solve 5 puzzles
You acquired this badge on Nov. 04, 2010.

Coins Deposited: 38,620,957,201,039

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Topic: Redshift / Post your Schematics!

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Plating
Name: 3600 mm Plate
Description: Plating 613 / Reduces all incoming interceptor damage by 3.05%

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Plating
Name: 3600 mm Plate
Description: Plating 572 / Entire fleet become invulnerable for 2.02s when Capital Ship is destroyed

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Plating
Name: 3600 mm Plate
Description: Plating 611 / Reduces all incoming escort damage by 5.05%

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Plating
Name: 3600 mm Plate
Description: Plating 513 / Reduces all incoming damage by 10.5% from hosts

The plating level varies at reroll. I got a max of 622, and a min of 513. I selected the interceptor damage reducing plate. Gets 0.05% damage reduction and 61.1 points of plating per upgrade level.

Edit: found a new one

Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Plating
Name: 3600 mm Plate
Description: Plating 629/ Reduces all incoming damage by 5.05%

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Topic: Redshift / Post your Schematics!

Rarity: Epic
Slot: Active Defense
Name: Interceptor Factory
Description: Restores 1 Interceptor every 1.99 seconds with 25.1% plating

Each upgrade level decreases time by 0.01 seconds, and increases plating by 0.1%

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Topic: Redshift / Potential FP Formula Adjustment

Originally posted by KL172:

I agree, we desperately need a more comprehensive measure of fleet power that does not rely so heavily on host level. It is far too easy to manipulate FP and it is breaking the arena mechanics. An FP cap is not a terrible idea in itself but until the FP rating system is reworked it is a crippling blow to arena game play.

Players that I was able to stand up to and hold my own against before the cap was implemented have now become untouchable, which is the opposite of the caps intended effect. They have a drastically lower FP than my own fleet but they are immensely more powerful due to very low level hosts and max level escorts. In the arena they can deploy their entire fleet and I am capped at half or less of my own fleet and am almost instantly destroyed.

I was enjoying the arena before the cap was implemented even though I would sometimes face the same unbeatable opponents over and over. At least I had control of my entire fleet and could fight the way I wanted with no other limitation but the strength of my fleet and my chosen tactics of deployment.

If you want to implement a game mechanic that relies on a players fleet power, other than just simple leader board ranking, then I feel the proposed formula to rework the FP system or something similar is highly necessary.

+1. Arena is unplayable since the cap was introduced, so going back to base raids until it is being fixed.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by hotnfilthy:

First slot: posi/dw ring
second slot: heal staff
third slot: talisman

i always have full red crystals, i dont need them. i prefer coins instead.

1st scoped bow —> for me very usefull at fighting players at mystics
2nd ring
3rd taliboy

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Topic: Dream World / some questions about allies

Princes Eli xp bonus is a passive skill. So not needed to use her for the XP bonus.

I and many others use Elf/valk and Hunt. thats all.

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Topic: Dream World / Hot Keys for Beginners

Originally posted by kwll:

you also forgot Ctrl W

Hmm. I actually tried that one… Dammit. Never trust a troll.

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Topic: Dream World / hope something changed in new expansion

1. There are only a few that actually mist a lot nowadays. + not entirely sure what you are saying here. I have a gazillion billion coins to mist.
2. Hotkeys? Dont think other hotkeys than customizables (switch class) are needed and open chest/puzzle. I only use space, and 3 (fight/ tali), very fast already. But still not really important.
3. Other things to buy with gems are a must, but nothing you mentioned. Maybe a new structure like opening new areas with gems which contains best weapon drops / higher xp bonus / week hero & genius as rewards might be better.

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Topic: Dream World / Idea!!!!

Low lvls should stop whining. They already have the updates we didnt have at those low lvls. Lvling is very easy, 200% xp guilds instead of max 105%. + Try to do invasion for a month + fighting town leaders only. Thats how we rolled.

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Topic: Dream World / Milestone?

Nice one Tumalu, too bad I cant beat that record…

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Topic: Dream World / chance for good drop from hell

Originally posted by DeathStryke:
Originally posted by weezyfosheezy:

yea the vast majority of extended items would be considered crap.

Depending on what you call crap. I’ve got posi agi +9 armor from h3, sold it, because it is crap for me. Though lots of people would kill for it.

Your going to kick your narlings when you gonna switch.

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Give pillars a random cooldown for 24-30 hours. So they wont be all stuck to the same timezone.. this is just insane i and many others can’t hit them lately.

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Topic: Dream World / Congratulations on level 95 larry1977/ The "Easter Bunny!"

Ty guys :)

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Topic: Dream World / Collecting stones in the war phase?

Originally posted by Thariel:

Can a guild collect stones during war phase ? or do only the stones collceted during build count ?

Build only.

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Topic: Dream World / The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Expansion Thoughts)

Originally posted by hansolobaric:

i have more fun drinking beer

-1 :(

Had too much beer yesterday and it is not fun at all :P

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Topic: Dream World / Home Screen Bug

There is an official bug report thread for this. Kingk actually reads it, and responds to most comments.

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Topic: Dream World / New Bosses

Originally posted by dna0008:

So has anyone beat Auth and Ultima ?

Pat not yet, as don’t have HOT hostile. Authority switched to sword, and takes me 2 hits to PF him (and it happened every time I got him as opponent).

Originally posted by Goontra:

K, My OP wasn’t about pvp-ing the top 50.

OP was about making the top 50 players the new beatable bosses, who indeed can one-hit you, but give XP and coin reward if you trie ( just like the MS ..)

- Give the top 50 players 1B X their actual HP, and name it VP ( Virtual HP’s; VHP’s )
- each player can hit the top 50 player of his choice, to get some coin-xp reward after each attempt.
- When the VHP’s of a top 50 player reaches zero, he’ll loose 2% of his lvl.

Or maybe someone else might have another idea which will bring the fun back into this game..

Goontra, do you know how much time and e takes me to get 2%? I do not agree with the 2% lose, and probably none of the players over lvl. 84-85 do :(

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

1. Mystic mines sections do not list requirements for areas not yet accessible. For example I can see requirements for areas 1 & 2, which I already have access to, but there is nothing listed on the third, just grey (should be something like “lvl. 90-98”?)

2. The number of stones which will be rolled over when the war phase ends is not listed anywhere. This should be available somewhere, so guilds can plan in advance.

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Topic: Dream World / Stupid Doll

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:

I don’t think dolls work on mystics.

They work, I tested. But it must be in the inventory; if in bank, it’s useless. Anyway, it is used automatically so no action is needed.

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Topic: Dream World / Orc Ring + Isendel

Originally posted by 2h2h:

Both Orc and Drow ring are mine :-)

GZ Levi :)

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Topic: Dream World / Grtas to Ultima!

GZ Pat. Plus GZ for the new sword.

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Topic: Dream World / Dex and Crit Rate

EDIT -———————→ See dna’s post below. Those are the correct numbers

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Topic: Dream World / Was that a Hell Gate record?!

I believe it was really a record, estimated less than 10 mins to put him down!

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Topic: Dream World / Don't you love...

Originally posted by Dmitry83:
Originally posted by larry1977:
Originally posted by krashkill0069:

I agree that they don’t do it to upset anyone, however, it would be nice for once in a while for other to actually get in the top 3. At least once in a while let other have a chance to win the better items and let other players/guilds reap the benefits.

If you are in top 3 with decent damage, and see another top catching up, there is also the option to send a PM and ask them to stop so you can get your chance for good gear. I did so many times, so I got my top gear. I can tell you that top players from most guilds were willing to let me go ahead every now and then, and I know that others got their stuff in the same way, by tops letting them ahead.

Don’t you love when you have to beg if you want to get any good stuff?..

I prefer asking nicely, although The Beggar gets a lot more money than I do (and an endless reserve of low level crap stuff) :)