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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingory] New server, new gameplay

Dear Kingory Players,

After elaborate preparation for a while, KINGORY Europe Server8 will be expected to come on October 24. 2012 18:00.

Some new gameplay are added in the new server for the first time:

New Weapons and Armors
New Merchant System
Weapons and Armors Upgrade System

1. New Weapons & Armours:

Two new Armor Sets added in the new server: Ancient Legacy Armor Set(Tier 8) and Destiny Armor Set (Tier 20)
The Tier 20 Armors can been obtained only by reforging the Tier 8 Armors with Upgrade Gems and the Runes.
The Players also can find more Weapons and mounts of historical heros in the new server.

2. Merchant SuShuang:

There was a famous Merchant SuShuang in three kingdoms period. He is placed in the new server. The Player can purchase from him various Upgrade Gems,the Runes, the Gamble Box,new Weapons,new Mounts and Armors.

3. The Nameless Weapon

The Player can get a Nameless Weapon by making task. To forge the Nameless Weapon with the Upgrade Gems, the player can get a super weapon.

4. Upgrade Gems and Runes:

There are some Upgrade Gems and Runes in new server. They are used to upgrade weapons and armors. The player can find them in wild or buy them from the Merchant SuShuang.
The player also can obtain them by purifying and smelting.

During New Server Opening Event, the players can get a Gift Pack containing Upgrade Gems and the Runes.

New SERVER, New Gameplay

Come and Experience a whole new Kingory !

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Cheers! KINGORY New Server 5 is coming!

Hi there Kingorites, are you ready for the new server Inter 5? You’ll have opportunity to get awesome gear.

Time Frame: 12:00 July 20 – 12:00 July 29, Friday, 2011 (Kingory time, Europe Time).

“The Arena King” is special for those who are skilled in battles. Top ranked players in Arena will receive equips as follows:

The champion will receive a full set of King Kit (12 pieces):

Official Homepage:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Cheers! KINGORY New Server 5 is coming!

Launch time: 17:00 June 22 2011 Kingory Server Time

Celebration for the opening of new server:

once bonus: charge first time over 20 €. Gift pack follows:
1 x Corvee order
5 x Lu Ban Leaflet
2 x Lu Ban Sketch
5 x Coral
5 x Liuli
1 x Crystal
1 x Amber
1 x Food Bundle
1 x Lumber Bundle
1 x Stone Bundle
1 x Iron Bundle
1 x precious physical Potion
1 x Elixir
1 x Census order
regular charge bonus:
charge (diamonds) bonus (diamonds)
200 20
400 60
1000 300
2000 800
4000 2000
10000 7500
newbie gift packs: 10 sets for government level 1 up to 10

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Cheers! KINGORY New Server 5 is coming!

Now will provide this most concerned gaming experience to players around the world!

5th KINGORY Server Open in June 22, 2011.

Welcome and enjoy your stay with !

More than 2000 towns, 100 cantons, and capital cities of stats and nations… All these cities have their own prototypes in the history records. All the political geniuses and military talents that recorded in the history will show them up.
Kingory brings an age of chaos and heroes.

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Topic: General Gaming / Kingory Events on

Dear Players,

since this week, Kingory releases Daily Super Star Event involved in the best Lord on Defence and Offence every day for each server.
You can see who is the Winners on the Bulletin Board in game.

Following is an award schedule for winner:

1x King Helmet on Monday
1x King Pendant Chain on Tuesday
1x King Pauldron on Wednesday
1x King Girdle on Thursday
1x King Cloak on Friday
1x King Armor on Saturday
1x King Bracer 1x King Combat Boots on Sunday

more info:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Kingory Event - Summon your cavalries !

Dear Players

Next week (15:00 Mar. 28 ~ 15:00 April 05 KST), kingory is releasing a charging event for extra cavalries bonus. Do you own a powerful troop without laborious production? No problem more. Don’t worry about the food issue, food package will be sent along with troops. For fair play, troop dispatch will be performed at 16:00 KST every next day.

This event is only one week valid for all servers!

Charging Detail for Bonus:

20€ for Cavalries x1000 + Food Bundle x1
50€ for Cavalries x3000 + Food Bundle x3
100€ for Cavalries x7000 + Food Crate x1
200€ for Cavalries x15000 + Food Crate x2
500€ for Cavalries x40000 + Food Crate x8

PS: If you wanna appoint a city to dispatch these troops, please specify the coordinate of this city by payment in the field “Instructions to merchant”. Otherwise, these troops will be sent your city with most food resource.

Ejoy Game Team

Official Homepage :

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Topic: General Gaming / Show your business talent

Money-Money (abbr.MM) is a MMO business simulation game. The English version is done by the end of 2010. We are very proud that the first open server will launch on our server in Europe. According to a market-analysis report of SFM, that

this game is very welcome from the group of intelligent people, particularly office ladies and gentlemen. You can fully bring into play your business talent in this tough competitive finance storm — a war without the smoke of


here is homepage:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / KINGORY , my Favorites

I wanted to let everyone know about a great game that’s out there, for those of you who like that kind of thing. I really don’t much enjoy playing games but it is a great distraction and has provided me with many hours of fun. I have

also made some great friends through it, something I never expected. It’s called “Kingory”, set in historical China, a massive-multiplayer-online" fantasy/adventure strategy game. You can check it out at:

Created by Ejoy games (, they have done a very good job from a programming perspective. The server connection never drops (unless it is from my end), and game errors are incredibly rare (I have never encountered one).

The response time is great, works in-browser (I have the best results with firefox). Also the game is very deep, has lots of features, there is always more to learn about and more to do to improve your playing ability. The only warning I would give is that it is highly addictive, watch out that you don’t find yourself spending all day every day at this!

Be sure to add me as a buddy, my user name is “Amitabha”.

With love,

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Topic: General Gaming / Can't recommend the new Dragon's call server enough

Can’t recommend the new Dragon’s call server enough, nice to be able to join a game without huge amounts of high level players monopolising the game!

Nice simple interface, straightforward tutorial – the pvp is superb, guilds, guildwars has now started, instances & quests – couldn’t ask for more.

Best part is you only get limited AP (action points) per day, so those looking for a game to play 24/7, look elsewhere! Perfect for the casual gamer, plus you can get more AP in pvp or using in-game gold, no need to use real money. Big relief there!

I don’t use referral links, feel free to add my name when registering, but that’s not why I’m writing this – not for profit, just to let you guys know about the new server for such a well presented game. Have a look – see you there!

here is homepage