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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Faction Farming

The big bang theory

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Topic: Faction Recruitment / Pwnersaurus Rex: Competitive, upper-tier faction seeking interesting, active, articulate players

Hey, I really need a faction and yours sounds like a good one. I’m currently lv 12 with arena ranking 5000. I’m very active but getting bored to wait for the energy bar filling up. Please invite me if I meet your requirement.

Oh, there’s one thing I have to let you know. I absolutely do NOT know how to use the invite links. They never worked for me.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / looking for faction

lv11 arena 5000 mission 54 very active
looking for battle mates and in game friends

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Nominate your favorite cards!

Normal Division: vampire
Silver Division: fury walker
Gold Division: hatchert
Unique Division: Rifter
Legendary Division: Apex