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Topic: Game Programming / Resources for learning CS5

friends of ed foundation game design rex van der spuy it has what you need

i would recommend ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University by gary rosenweig, but some of his examples do not follow good programming practices, but he still has a grip on how to use the flash software so read the book and take what bits and pieces are useful to you.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game Assets Resources and Tools

bookmark this one boys this is like a one stop shop for developers.

this is a very nice find thanks for posting .

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make the simplest p2p

pay to play can be beneficial if done right. remember when we used to pop in a quarter in the arcade machine?
ppl prided themselves on 1 coin runs.but as magic the gathering has shown us pay to play can easily and horribly mutate into pay to win. You cannot believe how aggravating it was to lose to first turn kills with the “power 9” and dual lands that i could not afford.

Free to play whether you like it or not is here to stay, if only for the sole purpose of generating revenue. This is a business after all, and any business that is not getting money to flow into their coffers on a healthy basis, has a nasty habit of going tits up.

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Topic: Game Programming / Seeking Help with text adventure game

I think I know the kind of game you are trying to make. Do you know about the old sierra game series “Quest for Glory”?

It had command line text based rpg. but you had magic points and fighter mage thief skill points to put in. So my advice is look up “quest for glory” on youtube and see what happens.

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Topic: Game Programming / obat aborsi kalimantan 082136022093 penggugur kandungan

I don’t know what any of this says but the FDA and the USA in there tells me this is spam

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Topic: Game Programming / making a new platform game

Okay first off. this goes in the collaborations forum, second this is not the kind of question you ask without having the cash to get the answer you want.

make your game in python with dummy test sprites first. then you can worry about artwork when you have a prototype

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Originally posted by pugzy:

You should pay them for doing most of the work needed to display pictures and what not on your screen, so you don’t have to.

Yes that’s true.
UNLESS they are claiming to give it to you for FREE. Then all bets are off. All bets should be off if they do that.
I doesn’t matter what I think. But when you use their engine IMHO , you either kick up monthly to unreal, like they do in the mafia for making a good successful game, or you’re stuck designing a shitty game with their engine that doesn’t take off and make you money,so you don’t have to pay.

Both options are unacceptable. As a game developer, you should be allowed to make the next minecraft, and not have to pay a software company anything. That is our right. I exercise that right by refusing to touch unreal’s engine.

Unity/Unreal is free unless- WRONG! There should not be an unless to it.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

You should not ignore it. You should not have to pay any company a dime for using an engine they are claiming to give you for free. It does not matter how successful your game is. That’s not trolling, that’s how it should work.

Its pretty much the coding equivalent of wearing a T-Shirt with a Pepsi logo on it. When you go out in public wearing it, you are ADVERTISING THE PEPSI BRAND FOR FREE. Pepsi knows that. Its good for them, but its bad for you because Pepsi didn’t have to pay you for endorsing their product, so you get nothing.

Making a game with the unreal engine, regardless of how well it does the job, is still advertising the engine and endorsing the product. But this time you have to pay them if you do it well. If Unreal wants to do that then its their company. But the bottom line is you pay a price somewhere in there. Therefore despite what it says on their website, Unreal is not free.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

That’s not free. They would not bother with royalties if that were the case. They are letting you play with it and will only charge when you make something that makes money. Essentially preying on your success.

Fuck that. Flashdevelop. That’s free. Vectorian Giotto. That’s free. That’s a free photoshop.
Why would I ever make a game on a engine that makes me give them the money that I earn on a game that I made out of it?
Unreal needs to be paying ME to make games on THEIR software.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

I’m not defending anything. I firmly believed flash and as3 was the way of the future, and the future along with mobile tech has proven me wrong and laughed in my face. I do agree with you on which tool and script is the best: nobody can agree that any are the best therefore we should all agree that NONE are the best. Except the code and the tools that you are comfortable using and which help you understand how to code and how to make games with perfect clarity.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Of course as3 can’t do what c++ can in the world of business. That’s because as3 never was designed to do any of that in the first place. Oh and here’s a surprise for you: it never was designed for the purpose of making games either. And yet people managed to code good games in as3. And they got better at it.

Its not profitable to make games for the flash platform anymore. That’s a hard truth. But like Powster said, with haxeflixel and how similar it is to as3, you can still make games (or other programs) in flash then port it to whatever device. So it can still be used, and applied in different ways.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

The reality is C++ has been around a lot longer than as3, which is why its in everything but the kitchen sink. and yes AS3 is derived from c++ and java which is probably why AS3 is easier to understand than c++. And yes its true that as3 is no longer a popular language with android and icrap on the scene. But to dismiss it as a dying and useless language, especially given adobe’s move to work with open fl and HaXe(which is an open source as3) is pure ignorance and bias on your part.

I don’t like Unity, I hate xCode, and I don’t believe Stencyl or Game Maker to be the step in the right direction. But I understand that each of those programs and scripts MATTER in the big picture of game development, and are just as important as as3.

You no like as3? That fine. Don’t want to use it? Its a free web. But don’t be quick to dismiss it or those who use it as worthless and lame.

That’s just fanboyism completely inverted.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Originally posted by DannyDaNinja:

Yeah sure just borrow Flash CS4 from the pirate bay.

If you are going to do THAT, then the wise move on your end is to use it for LEARNING AND STUDYING PURPOSES ONLY!!

Do not EVER publish a game for commercial consumption on pirated software no matter how old it is. They will punish you severely for it.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Originally posted by CaptianKirk:

Learn C++.
ActionScript is a dying language. It’s also really annoying to work with and the documentation stinks. The biggest downside is the cost involved with adobe products.

I recommend code::blocks and SFML

These are both great tools for making games. SFML is just one of the many options out there. Learning C++ opens up so many opportunities out there. More than flash or HTML5 or whatever popular these days.

I look forward to the the day they invent an app or prog that will allow me to reach thru this computer screen and give you such a bitchslap.

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Topic: Game Programming / Haxe 3 book?

haxe unfortunately is still fresh in the programming world. so its pretty much every man for himself. but if youve learned as3 or have an understanding of it, then you are able to understand haxe because the languages are very similar.

hopefully now that adobe has decided to work with it, there will be more breakthroughs and tuts available.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

vectorian giotto as well. thats a free type of flash but you will have to learn how to use it on your own.

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Topic: Game Programming / On debugging.

This post is intended for those that are new to the art of programming and want to learn how to make games, but are having difficulty getting their programs to work properly, and have problems solving their problems.

Anyone reading this feel free to make any edits or amendments to this post
if there is anything important below that is missing. I also request that this be stickied so that it will be readily available to those that need it.

It is not strange or unusual to run into problems when you start to activate or compile your code into a game or program.
Everyone makes mistakes. I understand from personal experience that it can be very hard and very discouraging to see nothing but errors and not feel like any progress is made. But unfortunately in order to truly succeed, you must be prepared to fail 1000 times over first.

The important thing is to learn from every error you make. The traditional approach to this end is debugging. Now while flash has the debug tool available, that does not mean anyone who starts to code will will know how to use it , or how to problem solve in their head. What’s more, you may not be able to have access to a teacher to help you solve your problem. And there may be a chance that you won’t get the answers you need from your teacher if that was the case.

So written below is a simple Practicum to teach you about testing and experimenting, and researching, and self reliance while hopefully at the same time sparing you an undue amount of stress in the process. 

Debugging Practicum:

Part A: The Problem

I compiled my code and got the following compile error on line # ______ in my ______ class file:


I compiled my code and got no compile errors, but my game program crashed on line # ______ in my ______ class file:


I compiled my code and got no compile errors, but my game program is doing something strange/ unwanted/ wrong etc.:

Part B: The Procedure

I ran a check on the internet and did a google search and this is what I found out:

I did ______ to solve my problem and I got the following result:
(This step will be repeated several times.)

I ran a trace on __________ and this is what the trace results told me:

Part C: The Solution

I solved my problem by doing this:

I ensured my solution was valid and effective by doing this:
(This step is very important. Always check your work.)

The reason I was having this problem in the first place was this:

Above all else the most important thing in all of this is: DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!
As long as you keep trying and failing and
learning what not to do, eventually you will find the correct answer on your own. And once you do, your abilities will only get better.

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Topic: Game Programming / Learn How To Create Your First Game Without Any Programming Experience

Nice speech.
I think I’ll steal it.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

rpg maker
no wait their code output is in ruby.

stencyl perhaps or game maker.

but I don’t understand why you would want to avoid flash. I studied java and c and visual basic and python in college and later I learned as3 on my own. Guess what? I found flash and as3 a lot easier to wrap my head around.

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Topic: Game Programming / New to Game Development

Endless speaks the complete and total truth. I know this firsthand because i followed did exactly what he wrote down.
Not only did I learn more about as3, I also learned a fundamental truth; everyone has their own way of making games.
No 2 games of Tetris are built exactly alike. But they are not wrong, unless they are buggy as hell.

That’s the most difficult part about this. Learning how to dev games on your own and creating them in your own personal fashion. But I’ve been there so I’ll give you a tip or two to get started.

Your best bet is to start from the basics. Pong;Asteroids;Concentration, MJWs avoider; Tetris; Bejewelled etc..
These games are relatively easy to make and can springboard you into programming concepts.

When you do your research, do not stop at one example and study that. You should study at least 6 examples of asteroids before you make it. Study them, find out what each of the versions of asteroids have in common, how do each of these games operate, and most important of all, can you understand it and put it to good use? If you cannot understand what the author is doing when you look at the code, or if its way out there for you, put it aside and look at something else. The purpose is to learn not to fry your brain.

And dont just learn about games, try to figure out what your errors mean when you compile and it blows up. Identifying your mistakes is just as important as learning how to code.

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Topic: Game Programming / How can you get Developer

wut butun iz fly up?

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Topic: Game Programming / Suggest a game!

Funny story.

I have a hot project Im working on I will refer to as SOSUMI. SOSUMI is not finished by a longshot; however when I was trying to debug it and figure out what was going wrong, I had to go back to the drawing board and hit the books. In the process of doing THAT, I accidentally invented ANOTHER game I call BLIPS.

Can anyone point out the moral of the story here? I would do it but I’m just too busy right now trying to develop games.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD Timing

Nvm I thought we were talking about the theme for gitd.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to temporary suspend gitd for the winter until you have an active lineup of ppl able and willing to do a gitd run.

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Topic: Game Programming / Help for Complete Beginner in game development

Rule number one always is: Do NOT make an MMORPG your first game, or an FPS. Hell don’t make a mistake i made and try to make a beat em up your first game.

Start with something small. like tetris, or breakout, or asteroids. That way you get to make a program and learn the intricacies of game development.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash IDE will soon integrate with Haxe+OpenFL

Well when the winds of change is blowing up your skirt you have to adjust your position to avoid embarrassment.

Nobody wants to pay 699 for a program, they’d rather pirate and sometimes do. What does adobe do? make their stuff monthly subscriptions now. However Flash is going out the door, thanks to ios and android and mobile tech. When it does, the open source group will scoop it all up and and continue to make games with openfl and Haxe, and Adobe will not have any piece of that. How do you think adobe’s monthly subscription revenue will hold up, when ppl no longer need to use flash to make flash games?

Adobe made the right call. They made the SANE call. They understand that they cannot stop the inevitable, so they decide to bend over and let open source have its way in order to save themselves.

As well they should. $699 for software is just abhorrant.