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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / The 2 last upgrades seems like they don't have any purpose...

It’s for you to build up angels while waiting for the new content, so that you can steamroll through when it releases.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / How many angels?

People saying 0 kreds spent is just like saying “HAHA I CAN BEAT THE GAME WITHOUT SUPPORTING THE DEV, SUCK IT UP”

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Granted, but HyperHippoGames shuts down AdCap, making you die of boredom.

I wish I could apply the same tactics as this game in real life.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by Lawolf:

After playing Caravaneer, I remember finding a browser game that was very similar.

If I remember correctly, the only real difference was that you were a robot, and that you actuaclly had to wait real hours for your caravan to reach other cities. Other than that, all I recall is that you had to register on the game’s site to play.

Anyone know this one?

Minethings ?
It is a slow paced game , based on mining items and stuff.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rogues guide to Killing everything (Clearly not robbed of Hydronics...)

This guide is bad and you should feel bad.
Unless you are maxed , Ragetalon ( or fdagger) , Red Agent , Roc and an mp ring is the best you should wear.
Foul gives a 8% damage boost over Ragetalon.
Rather than spending 3 life ( 15-18 def = 30-48 dex ) , you can just max dex instead and find a HUGE damage improvement.

When you are maxed it is always price vs bonus , but when you are unmaxed it is price of maxing vs price of new equipment.
Rather than paying 2 extra def for griffon over hippo , for a measly 1 def bonus, you could just drink 2 extra def.

The gods section is so funny.
You think your funny notes make this a good guide ?

If you guys need a good godlands guide , try here
And here is a guide if you have finally maxed a rogue or are planning to max a rogue

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg What if...

Originally posted by NotTrueee:

Then ROTMG would be so easy no one plays it. What if Kabem didn’t even buyed ROTMG?

WildShadow would have still been bankrupt and finally would have closed the game since they spent more money on servers than what they received in revenue.
What if all pot drops stopped , but pre-existing pots remained.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Trouble Connecting? Clear Your Cache!

I found out how to stop it though – Zoom out or zoom in a lot , you will get the text back.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Trouble Connecting? Clear Your Cache!

I have no text either.
I cleared cache and cookies and also hard refreshed.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Join The Guild of DOOM !

Get ready for another dose , of DOOM !

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Achievement Hunting

Originally posted by ima_noob:

umm nobody cares, what relevance does this have to the game.
You could be saying something different like: Why are all the free games without achivements but instead you say Hey im hunting for achievements.

ima_noob , I have a feeling that no one in the community particularly likes you.
Most posts have either incorrect facts or are meant to annoy someone.
All have incorrect grammar.
So yes , you are a noob.

Originally posted by knives254:

How many of you are playing the game because you want the achievements and
not because you like the game?

I’m one.

knives254 , you are not alone , majority of the players started this game for the achievements.
When I joined I hated the game , but now that I have all the achievements , I have a liking for this game.
Good luck.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Join The Guild of DOOM !

Get ready to find your inner DOOM !

Requirements – Level 15 , Active .

The lowest contributor every week , will be removed , provided that they also have under 50 weekly contribution.

Post here to apply.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / F2P New player Guide

Actually you get gold at a decent speed too (compared to other similar games) but you need VIP to use gold well…

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by lols2567:

Granted, but because of the amazing update, every single server in Realm is full.
I wish to have all characters 8/8 in every character slot and for ammies to come back and for the ammies to be in my vault chests. :D
And to the person does not corrupt this wish to get the same thing and become famous.

Your account is hacked.

I wish for the ability to max by drinking one pot of the kind .


Topic: Off-topic / Would 100 daleks vs. the weight of 100 daleks (including casing) in hedgehogs win a battle?

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Tukkun's WPM... Wow.

I type at 34 WPM , never finished it , too boring .
Dont judge me by my typing speed . I can easily type at 50 on an iPad . ( auto-correct + auto grammar + auto capitalization + better keyboard )

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ordian's mining guide by popular request!

I used to find it impossible to fight bronze pickaxe HC crystal . I am level 1000some and rank 172 .
I followed your guide , then made a bronze pickaxe and fought them crystals . Then I decided to increase boosts by chilling out in -Infinity ( 0.1% per kill ) . Was selecting stuff and all , and then found that I HAD ALREADY BEEN ON HARDCORE AND HAD KILLED ALL THOSE CRYSTALS ON HARDCORE WITH A SILVER PICKAXE !
Thanks Ordian !

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ordian's mining guide by popular request!

Originally posted by Zelja:

SC1 HP depends on the rank of the pick used, it’s not just a flat 500,000.








SC2 increase in a similar way and are always double the HP of SC1, hardcore will multiply any of these hp values by 2.5

EDIT: Might as well add the chances for the epic (SC2) crystal to spawn:
0% Base rate, 1% in Hardcore, 2% in Worst Moon, 2% if using a Master’s Pick, 3% if using a Legendary Pick and 5% if using an Unobtainium Pick.
These do stack, so if you are mining in HC WM with an Unobtainium Pick, SC2 has approximately 8% chance to spawn.

This is wrong IMO .
Got the special secret crystal with silver pick on normal mode . I have no idea how . ( Mined 107 crystals before getting it )

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] What if an AI deck had a buffed orbo ?

I have always loved the way the orbo joke has been going on since ages , and was wondering what if for some event , the AI deck had a buffed orbo , like all the buffed commander .
Somewhat like 5/2/0 Weaken 2 , Flying , Evade . Just like a challenging orbo for the players , only found in AI decks

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] You guys are kidding, right? Gasher???

I know you !
Quit ROTMG yet ?

They just make better and better cards to compel players to buy card packs / WB

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / No More Healing ( READ ) !!!

I am a knight , I can tank a cube shotgun or a skull shrine shotgun . I still stun it so everyone else can attack it without fear of being shotgunned . Do I demand for drop sharing ?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Guild Hall Upgrade

LOL at both of you !

Guild fame is the total fame earned by all players while they are in the guild . Guild upgrades are bought with guild fame , which is basically all the fame earned together while in the guild .

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted , but your handlebar moustache is skin coloured and has the texture of skin and is not differentiable from skin .
I wish I had infinite ammies .

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / i quit. selling my vault

I first thought – How to trust you . But YOU ARE EARTH !
Wow , didn’t know you were on kongregate :)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Is there any way to search a guild ?

If there are 0 members in a guild the guild is lost forever . Sorry

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New players come here

Originally posted by HEROGAMING:

Ok so you guys do not make the mistake LOADS of people make it is rushing into the godlands at level one its retarded.Gods are completely easy that’s why they are called gods that’s why they are so easy I am being sarcastic they are not easy get items and level up before getting into the bullet hell this game is.I hate it when the worst players die it says noobish player died from a cube god at level 1.My point here is to help you get better at this game if you are the smallest bit lucky you can actually get to level 4 or 2 but every two seconds I see some level 1 die from a medusa or djinn its annoying and I am trying to help you listen to other players and they will always say that level 1’s always die to gods try and get items it will help you sorry for a crappy ending i couldn’t think of anything to say.

Newbs never , I repeat never die from cube gods .
Reason being , they get killed on their way to the cube and die from other smaller cubes :P