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Topic: Holyday City / Massive jump in cost between two upgrades

That jump surprised me as well, and it did take a looooooong time to close that gap. But i did, only to find out i would hit an even worse wall soon after..

Your current gap isn’t too bad, you are just expected to live off the managers, which you should get very often where you are at. However, once you close the gap, you will soon realise that gap/jump is a piece of cake compared to what’s next. Trust me, it only gets worse and worse and worse….. :/

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] Regarding conquest multiplier

I believe the huge ammounts of DK’s gained from this unbalanced version needs to be fixed as well. It will only do so much good to “fix” the mutiplier if you don’t fix the huge ammounts of DK’s gained this way already as well.
Sure, some people would whine over it if you remove their DK’s, but if they only got them through “exploiting” a serious unbalanced part in the game design, i don’t see why they could have a valid point in complaining.

Right now, it’s hard for me to see how this game is going to have a future. To me, it’s obvious that Idle Conquest wasn’t meant to be a big game, and now it is suffering greatly because of that.

My best suggestion for a solution would be to redo the game all over and keep as many concepts as possible. However, i do hope Taiga comes up with a better solution than that, i just don’t see how it is possible with the current broken state of this game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarLight: Multi-Player Cheaters

Wbarnum and Ub1693 is the same person …, be aware of those names when joining games. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Easter Madness Event!

Well ..,

so far all i have seen is (on the server kongregate is connected to):
10min One More event (got the last 3mins of it, yay!)
10min random pol (got the last 30 seconds of it).

So far is yet to be seen:
at least a few more One More and PoL’s (considering it’s actually an EVENT over SEVERAL DAYS)
New event types
various resource reduction events
energy events
random gifts

note that it is stated that the events is in pluralis, so we should be given at least 2 of each. :)

i’m sorry to say, but at this point i can soon name OGP a lying and greedy company, which is currently milking and killing hotr.
It’s pretty obvious that this easter madness event is all about p2w, as there isn’t anything that point towards an event that gift free players or those who spend only small ammounts.

well done OGP, you are now exactly as bad a company as all those other companies using the f2p-p2w model! :)
I might even go as far as to compare you with R2games!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] List of current bugs

Updated first post. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] regular mobs in ice regions too hard

Heya Ichthyic,

Honestly, i am sick and tired of games revolving around “who can do the most DPS!?!!?”. I like to see that there is no longer one setup which works, though some setups certainly works better than others.
Having put everything into offense was your own choice. I don’t see how you could expect a good defense would be included with that.
Months back this game was pretty much boring. Swath and meteor all the way, never a risk of dying and you could max out your character pretty fast. Now it takes like forever to max a character, both skill and equipment.

Games changed into a money making buisness long ago. At some point, people found out what potential this market had, so naturally it would atract greedy and ignorant types. It’s just the way things are, sadly.

This game hardly supports p2w (pay to win). Sure you could upgrade everything fast, but also get bored even faster. I haven’t paid anything in this game yet, but i do consider spending a little. However, i was just disconnected during mission 7-3 on Overrun almost 70% through the map. Once i get this mission done, i will have all stars, which should be enough proof that this game can be done without paying any money.

I hope you hang in there, but it’s entirely up to you if you wish to go do something else, i can’t change that. ;)

My best advice to you is being patient, and taking care not to misunderstand the signals that the developers send to us through this game.

- Nitro

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] regular mobs in ice regions too hard

Heya Ichtyic,

Actually, i had a lot of trouble when i got to the ice region. It took me several levels and upgrades just to make it to stage 5-2. Then i couldn’t progress again, and in the end i think i were roughly 7-8 levels above the recomended.
I think the regular mobs had a large boost in dmg and durability sometime before i started playing this (last month). Sometimes this means they are tougher than minibosses (which really need a revamp). A few times a group of monsters can even be more deadly than actual bosses.
Try work with that Skin of Stone. With my 40% damage reduction, 16% against the storm element, plus 50% against the storm element from Skin of Stone, i managed to reduce damage recieved to 0 (on Overrun difficulty in mission 7-3). It can really make a difference if you use this skill or not.

just FYI, only ice golems and the malee guys are frost elemental. The ranged ones and Witches are normal damage.

Goodluck and keep working. Eventually you will get past this, only to realise there will be even harder missions ahead of you. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] regular mobs in ice regions too hard

Heya Icthyic,

Try and get the skill called Skin of Stone. It works very nicely against elemental enemies. I’m not sure if it gives 50% resistance to all 4 elements at the first stage, but that’s what i get currently at stage 4 or 5 Skin of Stone.
Sometimes this halves the damage i recieve, making it possible to kill enemies before they kill me.

I hope this helps. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Suggestions and Ideas

- Make a buy back function. Nothing too fancy, but perhaps a tab that will clear when you exit the game, to avoid taking too much bandwith. It should be fine with just the latest 25 sales you made.
- Don’t make any PvP in the near future. I can easily predict hugely unbalanced setups with the skills currently available. It could potentially kill what little population this game has, if you make a very unbalanced PvP at this time.
- Extend the time of spirit helpers, or make the expensive ones, cheaper. Currently, the price is pretty high, compared to what you gain while they are active. As it is now, they only seem to be a good option when running missions you just try to complete (those you find to be hard), not when farming xp / karma.
- Extend the time of buffs. 5 minutes just aren’t enough. It should be raised to 10 minutes at least. Perhaps some of the items will need a little price raise if doing that. Crystal ones should be raised to at least 20 mins, 30 preferably if you ask me.
- Make a bar from which you can quickly use an item from the inventory (buff items).
- Please make it possibly to bring 4 skills. It would be much more convenient with 4 skills (rather than having to tab through 3 times 3), and it wont really unbalance anything, as we are so limited by total energy anyway. Even better would be making a whole bar of 8 or 10 slots.
- Character screen (in game) should show how much mana and health you regen per second with your current setup.
- Mana cost before and after skill upgrading should be visible. Sometimes you might not want to upgrade, if you know the energy cost raise it will bring.
- Make a permenant bonus for doing missions on Overrun. I’m thinking something along the lines of 1% elemental resistance per mission. For example 1% Storm resistance per mission in the Storm areas. Areas without any element could possibly give 5 or 10 Permanent armor per mission insted.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] List of current bugs

Originally posted by jooe15:

Well first off if u scroll over those so called merlons you will notice they are not all melons some are zombies and they look the same when underground. As far as I’m aware every one of those bugs have already been reported. That chest bomb seems to occur everywhere not just in that one place. Open the shop seems to be rare for most people however there is another shop glitch that happens were people get all level 1 items and that is much more common.

Maybe they are all reported, but i have no chance to see if they are detailed reports.
This thread is made mainly to make developers aware of issues. Some players may have use for it as well, to avoid bugs or find out more about them, to help the developers further.

I didn’t write anything about a “chest bomb”..?
Open the shop has happened to me roughly 100 times, while the all level 1 items have happened just once. So, i think you are speaking more for yourself on that point. It seems like that anyway.

I agree that it is also possible to spot zombies in the melon fields, as you have explained it. This makes me think it is intentional, not a bug.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] List of current bugs


1. Invisible monsters.
While in mission 7-2 (Fallen Hero), i found a new way to have enemies go invisible. After you killed the 16 Kiwano Zombies, you will need to go down some stairs to a platform followed by more stairs. On the platform you will meet a bunch of Jimanju trees. If you run back up the stairs, they will sometimes go invisible when chasing you. A similar problem with a stairway and invisible regular monsters seem to happen in mission 6-3 (The Risen One).

2. Stairway with a pit.

3. Mission ending too early.
In mission 5-2 (Creeping Cold), i were just playing on Hard difficulty, and after the first wave of mobs, i got the option to return to village, as if i had completed all the objectives. I clicked it, and it actually worked. The mission is completed and the cooldown timer is there. Free star, but obviously bugged.

4. Insane damage from mobs.
In mission 4-1 (Going Under), some mobs seems to have had their damage output increased way too much. I think it was on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty, that the trappers seemed to have way too high damage (Around 600 per hit). Not even Chief Bloodfang does that damage per hit, so it seems to be wrong. I know trappers are meant to do such damage on “higher” difficulties in area 6, but certainly it must be wrong for the first mission in area 4.
When doing this mission on Overrun, you will meet magjaw spitfire (amano type of mob). These are bugged for sure. They do around 1.200-1.300 damage per hit! OP much?

5. In front / Behind.
Looking at the health and mana gauge, you can see the health icon being placed in front of the gauge, but the mana gauge behind. I can’t see the logic behind this.

6. Mobs walking out of the map.
What is the point of having mobs walk out of the map? It happens in nearly all maps, and to me it makes no sense. Maybe someone should guide them back on the path, or atleast limit how far out they can walk. If they are only a little out of the map, you can always make them chase you, by walking near them (or throw some meteors on them, or whatever).

7. Open the shop/All level 1 items.
It happens rarely now, but every now and then, the game gets stuck when opening the shop, or there will be only level 1 items, no matter what level you are. I play in FireFox.

8. Settings not saving.
Some weird bug i also discovered, was when i change my settings in game. Somehow, the game will remember what volume i set the music to, but it wont remember the graphic level or the sound volume. Kinda odd don’t you think?

9. Upgrade to something worse.
When i try to upgrade my Thirsty III to Thirsty IV, it seems i am going from 40% chance to steal HP, down to 20% chance to steal HP. Kinda silly if you ask me.

10. Speedy cooldown.
I noticed that after completed mission 1-3 (Raging Ushi Oni) and 2-3 (Shade of Moroko) on Overrun, the cool downs doesn’t really make sense. The cooldown for 1-3 is 6 hours, but the cooldown for 2-3 is only 3 hours. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, considering that 1-3 is before 2-3?

11. Floating chests.
In several maps, there seems to be a bug where you see opened chests floating in the air. While typing this, i remember atleast mission 2-3 (Shade of Moroko) and mission 6-3 (The Risen One). In both of them, it’s rather early in the mission.

12. Double bosses.
In mission 5-2 (Creeping Cold) and 7-1 (A Strange Crop), two identical bosses spawn insted of just one. In mission 5-2 i noticed this the first time on Medium difficulty. In mission 7-1 it appears to happen on Easy/medium (i haven’t done hard/Overrun yet). In 5-2 the bosses seemed to spawn quickly after each other, but in 7-1 you have to keep killing regular mobs after the first one spawn (without killing the first one), to make the second one join the fight as well.
In both cases, you complete the mission by just killing one of them, But you get xp/drops from killing both of them. So far it have been like a bonus for me, but it obviously makes the mission harder, having to fight 2 bosses at the same time.

13. Misplaced things.
In mission 7-1 (A strange Crop), the house in the most north eastern place, in the final area/boss area, has a melon inside it it. Seems a little misplaced if you ask me.
the 2nd last Grave before Kazuma’s crops is hovering in the air, looking a bit misplaced. Same problem with a grave at the first dead end on the map.
Finally, after defeating the boss and completing the mission, the blue barrier doesn’t drop, so you can’t go back in the map, if you wanted to do that. I have noticed in other missions that the barrier drops after defeating the boss, so this is why i think it is bugged.

14. Shingami Scrolls.
Sometimes, when you die, you get the option to use either Karma Shards or an Shingami Scroll, even if you have no scrolls. Rather often, it states i have 5 of those scrolls, while in fact i have none. Trying to use one of those 5 scrolls you do not have, will fail and give you a message that you do not have any.
What is bugged about this, is that now you don’t have the option to use crystals to super revive with, if you wanted to do that.

15. Elemental Resistance.
Looking at the character screen in game, nearly all the time, elemental resistance is looking weird. For example, if i have 2% Storm Resistance, it mostly shows as either 1,999998/1,999999/2,000001/2,000002. Would be nicer if it would just say 2, as it should.

16. Animation on levers, torturred monks and Wood Sprites.
In mission 4-3 (Big, Bad, Bloodfang), the weapon effect animation show on levers and torturred monks, even though i don’t hit either. Currently it shows the flame animation for “burn”, but i suspect it’s bugged for the other weapon effects as well. This also happens to the Wood Sprites in mission 6-2 (A Small Problem). What’s the point of releasing them, when it looks like i burn them up upon freeing them?

17. Stats not showing the same.
For alot of effects from items, it shows as one thing on the item, but hovering over the icons next to your character portrait shows something else. For example, i have 4,5% bonus to Armor on an item, but on the buff icon next to my character portrait, it says i have 4,5% boost to damage reduction.

18. Music disapearing.
When you collect big/huge ammounts of Karma “laying” on the ground, the music will disapear and return short after.

19. Sound too loud.
in mission 5-1 (Early Winter), when you walk by the river, in the beginning of the map. Somehow, the sound gets extremely loud, even when i have set it to very low. Probably need an adjustment.

20. Monster stack.
So far, i have only seen this happen in mission 7-1 (A strange Crop). Somehow, the Kiwano Zombies can be on top of each other, in the exact same spot. For example, in the beginning of the map, i spotted something one yellow dot headed my way. Instantly when the zombie arrived, i slashed it and i died. It looked like i took alot of hits right after each other, rather than just 1 big hit. Next time i circled around a bit, and soon they started to split apart. To me, it’s rather bugged if we don’t know what we are facing, when we are fighting “a” monster.

21. Spelling/Grammar/typo.
In mission 7-1 (A Strange Crop), there is 2 errors in the objectives text. First mistake is “destory nests”, which should probably be “destroy nests”. Second mistake is “eliminates Rotten Kiwano” (only on some difficulties), which should probably be “eliminate Rotten Kiwano”.
In mission 3-2 (Graverobbers), there is a error in the objective task. It says “find theif hideout”, which should probably be “find thief hideout”.

22. Monsters do no damage.
Sometimes you and some monster(s)/boss are headed to the same spot. If you manage to stand nearly on top of it, you will recieve no damage. It have happened quite a few times in random places, so it doesn’t seem to be a map specific bug.

23. Chief Bloodfang missing animation.
In mission 4-3 (Big, Bad, Bloodfang), i got a bug where Chief Bloodfang was sorta frozen. There was no animation for his basic attack (swinging his axe), but the other 2 types of attack had their animation. His figure looked frozen when he stood still, and when he moved, his frozen figure would just float after me.

24. Loading 10%—>100%—>11%
When you load a map, you will see that when the bar reaches 10%, it will shortly change to 100% and then continue at 11%. This is just a visual bug, but still a rather silly one.

25. Wanted enemies with no rewards.
In mission 7-1 (A Strange Crop) on hard/overrun difficulty, you are tasked with destroying 2 Melon Nests. These show as Wanted enemies when you fight them, but they don’t give rewards in form of xp/karma.

26. Crafting.
When you try to upgrade an item attribute, the game will bug out if you have 2 stacks of the material(s) you need. For example, if you have a stack of 99 metal and a stack of 2 metal, the crafting window will show as if upgrading the item. However, it doesn’t deduct Karma or items and will automaticly fail no matter how many times you try. To fix this, i had to remove the stack of 2 metal. I’m not sure if the bug is caused by just having 2 stacks, or if it triggers because one of the stacks doesn’t have an sufficent ammount of materials to the upgrade.

27. Skin of Stone stun.
I think that i read somewhere that advanced training in Skin of Stone will give a chance to stun attackers. This isn’t the case from my experience with it. What’s fun about the last 2 trainings in Skin of Stone (V/VI), is that you have a small risk of stunning yourself upon activating Skin of Stone. I’m thinking somehow the coding in this went wrong somewhere. xD

I may update this thread as i encounter more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Bosses NOT appearing in some locations

Perhaps it would be wise to also stop the invisibility og regular mobs ..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Bugs/broken with update thread


I’m totally with you on this one. This an annoying thing they sneaked in with the apc update.
I just wanted to mention the cause of it, in case you didn’t already know. ;)

If they want to have such a limit, it would be nice if they added a “remove all pending friend request button” as well. :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Bugs/broken with update thread

I think someone mentioned that if you have too many friend request pending, that message will show. No clue why though.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (April/May)

Originally posted by Mebdach:

I like the ideas about sorting, though I doubt they’ll be implemented. As for DM rewards, while even less likely to occur, I’d restrict it to one reward per a given rank. In other words, you’d only get a reward the first time you get #x on the leaderboard for a certain category, rather than every week/month you stay at that rank.

Well, i can always hope, right? ;)

I like your idea about giving rewards only once per category and then never again for that category, but i got a few questions regarding just that.

Say, if i were to be placed 7 on the attacker leaderboard in the first month, then i get 3. place in second month and 1. place in the third month. Would i then get rewards for all 3 months, since i am improving my score, or would i just get for the first month? What happens if i got those places in the opposite order (1st. month rank 1, 2nd. month rank 3 and so on).

A possible fix for that, would be that the rewards for any place in the top 10 would be the same, but that makes competition for 1. place a bit meaningless.

Should the rewards even be for top 10? Or should it be limited to top 5 or top 3 perhaps?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (April/May)

I kinda like the whole thing about medals and the way they are awarded. But i find it rather confusing to look through them.

Perhaps it would be better to enable some ways of sorting them. For example you could search by: newest, best/highest, category (for example, trading), weekly, monthly.
This way, i could just sort by categories to see in which areas i am doing better/worse, without having to scroll up and down looking for the right pictures.

Also, i think it would be cool to have the monthly medals come with rewards in form of Dungeon Marks, to encourage competition.
To avoid imbalancing this too much (considering some players end up high in nearly all categories), people could be limited to getting rewards in only 1, 2 or 3 categories.
The rewards i could imagine being something like (in a 3 category scenario (with less categories giving rewards i’d say the rewards should be somewhat higher)):
1. 5 DM
2-3 3 DM
4-6 2 DM
7-10 1 DM

Another thing i’d like to suggest, is having the option to see all categories giving medals. For example, i have gotten medals for Elven combat (or whatever the name is), player combat and others which are not listed on the leaderboards. Possibly, i could also see some categories disapear. Here i think mainly on the combat ones. Personally, i see no reason to have more than 3 categories in this area. Elven combat, attacker & defender.

I’m looking forward to an response, and if anything like this have been suggested before, i’m sorry i haven’t seen it.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / need auto hiting or auto lvling

Originally posted by vinnie879:

and we need something that spends our point and equips our character, casts our spells and summons our raids.

i hate logging in and having to do something in a game


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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Raids Bot

Okay i’m done arguing here .., mxuxl you are being a pathetic hypocrite. It’s exactly people like you that create any negative atmospheres everywhere around you. Not that i blame you, it’s just how your personality is !

As for you avandor, i wont ever trust people like you. Somehow you give your own word more credit than any one else .., that’s not only suspecius, it’s also hypocriticial.

for the last time .. the raids are distrubated randomly now .., it have been REprogrammed yesterday .., wake up or atleast keep whining in chat over an issue that is solved, not on the forums.

bloody cheaters can’t handle fairness across the whole community of ANY level .., kids Tsk Tsk

flame on all you want, i care no more, thereby no further replies from here .., i got better things to do than waste my time on such stupidty as is shown on the replies in this thread.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Raids Bot

To get this thread back on track before it could lead to anymore negativity regarding the distrubation of small raids, i think we should dumb the issue all together.

The Raid bot is distrubating the raids entirely random now (the small raids), so there shouldn’t be any advantage/disadvantage sitting in any specific room anymore.
How exactly that is done must be up to HumanGirl to explain as i have no clue about anything when it comes to programming things.

OFF TOPIC: If there is any bots that could lead to bots being disallowed completly, it’s the listener bots used to give a certain group of people en unfair advantage over other players. I’m not saying all listener bots are used in that way, because surely some are used for the greater good of the community, but some people use them to gain a personal advantage, which is against ethics and good morale (in my oppinion).

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Raids Bot

Originally posted by Avandor:
Originally posted by Nitromand:

NOBODY is at any advantage over others because of this raid bot.
The only ones who claim to be at a disadvantage, is those who refuse to move to room 8. Basicly, you are causing any “disadvantage” to yourself, not the progammer behind the bot.

Hey, maybe i should start a thread, whining over a select few people get all the “best raids” because they are sitting in room 1.

Cmon guys.. There are advantages to being in Room 1, why else would you sit there? Stop being so fking greedy already.

You really need to make up your mind which thought you believe before posting. You state nobody is at an advantage, but they cause the disadvantage to themselves, but the reason they are at the disadvantage is because they aren’t in Room 8. You then say that Room 1 has advantages (despite saying that the advantage can be had by moving to Room 8) and that people who have developed their own small community and don’t wish to break it up are greedy.


and you my friend are taking things out of context.

i wont even argue with you. From my point of view, you choose to understand things exactly how you want to understand them, not how they were meant. It would do no good to argue, since you would obviously just keep misunderstanding.

Or maybe i should give it a try . Lets see …………, if those small “communities” you refer to, is so bent on staying in the same chat room forever and ever, they would have chosen to get any advantages/disadvantages gotten from that.
That’s all cool they want to be in the same room forever, they just shouldn’t whine at any “disadvantage” gained that way. They obviously have the advantage of being with other (assumed) high lvls, sharing raids in a way that only benifict a select few, rather than the whole community as a whole.

The way that I (myself, personally, own private view) look at it, these people refusing to leave their old chat room (or move their whole “community”), have chosen to stick with their current community/advantage and thereby chosen to ignore the “advantage” gained by being in room 8.

So basicly, they have caused any disadvantage to themself BY themself. When they start whining, i think it’s greedy and outright pathetic.

Besides, it’s not like anything were ever made a secret about this raid bot. If there really is an advantage for room 8 people (which i personally believe there is not, but that’s another point i don’t really have time to discuss today), anyone have the ability to move there. When they refuse to do so, it’s their own problem and they shouldn’t whine over it or be hypocrites (once again, my own personal oppinion about a group of people. Flame all you want about that, it wont change my view of that group.)

So, want to troll again avandor?

EDIT: Raid bot have been reprogrammed so the small raids are now distrubeted random. Seems there is no use arguing any further about this subject.
Now i just wonder when the conspericy theories about the raid bots random distrubiation will start … (drumm roll)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Raids Bot

NOBODY is at any advantage over others because of this raid bot.
The only ones who claim to be at a disadvantage, is those who refuse to move to room 8. Basicly, you are causing any “disadvantage” to yourself, not the progammer behind the bot.

Hey, maybe i should start a thread, whining over a select few people get all the “best raids” because they are sitting in room 1.

Cmon guys.. There are advantages to being in Room 1, why else would you sit there? Stop being so fking greedy already.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Raids Bot

If people have such a big issue with this bot posting the raids in room 8 as the first room, they really should just move there.
You can’t have it all. .

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] How the Grinnfinite Dungeon works

Not sure if it’s any helpful, but after having run GD a whole lot of times, it seems that the times i got my highscores have been in runs with alot of cranks in it.

For example, i just set my new record of 3.600 after leaving when done with room 38. But earlier, i left at room 40 but didn’t even beat my old record of 3.100 (honestly can’t remember if i had a chest in room 40, but i doubt it). My run to 40 didnt have many grander bosses. Just a hell lot og regular “tough” mobs (thrunks, thumpers, scarecrogs, fausts, spikeys and so on).

My new record of 3.600 sent me through alot of cranks, both grander and normal ones. I only met 2 Stu’s and 1 Tom if i recall correctly.
I believe my old record of 3.100 sent me through alot of ghosts/cranks and ended on floor 37.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Box of ideas for Dev's

Originally posted by Youkyou:

Power gems: How about enemys sometimes droping Gems, so staying alive not just means you don’t feed enemys, but it means that you get stronger! These look purple, big (like a npc ship that is small), and glowing green.

Team atoms: How about turrets and batterys and shield emitters sometimes drops atoms that give xp to the ENTIRE team when picked up. They are green looking atoms.

Glasses atoms: atoms that have glasses on, no special, they just look cool :D

in overall, you suggest making “snowballing” easier?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Developer appreciation thread

Originally posted by Youkyou:
Originally posted by Masakarii:
Originally posted by habeebe:

So it seems like there are tons of posts criticizing the developers, or whining about how such and such is way OP. I won’t pretend that any game is perfect, but I happen to think that the developers do a good job of fixing problems and releasing content. I also happen to think it’s a pretty good game for being in beta and made in Unity.

Post here to show your love for the developers.

If you would play from begin you would think different.

They made 2 balanced Ships ( Jabber and Hirudo ) OP and dont get them back to balanced again.
They nerfed 2 Ships to hell ( Iron Wolf and Angel Fire )
They added a Ship called Circe that has nothing to do in this game. It just breaks the gamestyle in every way.

They added a surrender option because of crying from some Players and that option destroys 50 % of the games.
They added Team option what makes the game more unbalanced.
They added an ELV system that is seen from the system how it works 30 years old.
They added the game on first page to get more Players. Was a huge mistake because of all the current lacks. Those Players who left again will never come back.

In my eyes that has nothing to do with a great job.
The game itself was great, it was insane. It was fun. But with patch over patch they crush it.

I dont like lies thats why i write this. Maybe the DEVs hate me already. But its better to say the truth!

Atleast people here don’t complane like you,
I like the game dev’s, you did a WONDERFUL job making it, and to show Masa the good parts,

4000 B! for free!
A bunch of ships that will be added every now and then!
A bunch of stuff that is (coming soon), may be bad but think about it! That means they may be working on it!
The dev’s Care about our foughts!
The dev’s keep updating!
Bug fixs.
New ships to use every week, makes you want to use diff ships and makes you wan’t to test it out!

Maybe more!

4000B was just to stop people from mass fleeing .., very short termed thoughts LMAO.
“everywhere it says comming soon” .. maybe they should switch it to “comming whenever we will feel like it”.
Bugs keep appearing, so i wouldn’t say they do a good job there either.
Developers don’t care shit what people think, they just want your money.

i feel like reporting this entire piece of shit for breaking copyrights of LoL. Then they can spend the money gained from this game on defending their case. But hey, maybe LoL wont even care, afterall, this is an unsuccesful game because of the worst ever community management. :D :D :D

so where are you developers? hiding behind a rock?