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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Bug Reports

Chrome is crashing with a “Plug-In Not Responding” error when I open the game sometimes, also happened when I left it open for a while. Windows 7/Chrome 18.0.1025.168

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate! I love you <3

Originally posted by MrSpontaneous:

zomg, Emily’s autograph!

My hand starts to hurt from signing checks at the beginning of each month! I save up a big stack to sign while sitting in meetings.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sugar glider or pygmy hedgehog?

The Sugar Glider looks like something that came out of the womb too early. Hedgehog without question. Greg, put your avatar back to the G.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Unfair beta testing?

Marh, there are several possible ways for a low-level user to be in the beta legitimately, without it being unfair at all.

  1. Staff alt, as mentioned. For example, if you see Terminal Deity or MrKredsAndrew those are both staff alts that are frequently in Kongai (for Alison and Andrew respectively). It can be very helpful to play yourself on your main account and alt if you want to test something specific. I’ve probably played 200 matches between EmilyG and emily_greer myself.
  2. A consultant working on the game who is not staff. Sirlin and the guy working on the sound are both level 1.
  3. Sirlin requested access for a few friends of his who are competitive collectible card game players (he runs a tournament called Evolution) as they can give a different type of feedback from the main group of beta testers
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Topic: Kongregate / Ad Revenue

If a game is deleted the ad revenue gets reallocated to the other games that had ad revenue that day based on the # of impressions it has.

We’re planning to enhance the system so that we can make a distinction between stolen/inappropriate games being deleted, and legitimate games being removed based on a developer’s desire to remove it. In that case we can preserve the ad revenue in the latter situation. But that latter situation has not occurred to my knowledge.

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Topic: Technical Support / Slow Loading Times

It’s okay, blame the site. We’ve been having a lot of problems with our database, and it’s slowing loading times a lot, and pages are sometimes hanging altogether. This is also affecting chat, hence the problems connecting and the lag.

Wan2Play, unfortunately we are not on the new servers yet. We are still working on getting them set up — everything that could possibly break or go wrong has broken or gone wrong. I’m extremely frustrated myself, and apologize to all of you guys.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kongregate Beta = HEADACHE + NOPLAYING^2

Actually I’m having similar problems to what Overlord is describing, and so are other Kong staff members. It’s driving me a little nuts, personally.

The problem is that our database is having serious problems, and pages are getting stuck in the loading process waiting on it. We’re working really hard to get onto new hardware, but everything seems to be going wrong. We’re also working on some interim solutions to improve things, keep your fingers crossed that they will work.

I want Kongregate to be very fast-loading site, and we’re working toward that goal. So please have patience with us for just a little bit longer. All the stuff we add on (accounts, avatars, chat, ratings, comments, achievements) makes the site infinitely more complicated than just serving games up off a static page, and requires much more processing capacity. But we’ll figure it out! I promise.

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Topic: Technical Support / Games not showing up

We’re having serious trouble with our database right now, and pages sometimes seem to be hanging rather than fully loading. I’ve been having problems today in IE6 where only the header and the game title are loading.

We’re working hard to get on new and better hardware. I think this will fix the problem. If not I’m going to pull my hair out because the site is broken for me, too.

Apologies guys…

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Topic: Kongregate / Some issues with the new badges code...

I’m getting it, too. We’ll figure it out. Sorry about this!

And the pagination was just thrown up to improve the performance. A properly organized page is on the way.

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Topic: Game Programming / Test Area

We are planning to do a real beta test option on Kong. We’re building it right now for the card game, and once we work out the kinks we’ll make it available to everybody. You’ll be able to invite people to be a part of your beta by their email or kong username, your Kong friends, fans, users above a certain level, or some combo. You’ll also be able to show that your game is in beta testing and let people request access, plus some other goodies. And unlike our current preview state ratings/comments from before official publication can be blown away.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Premium Games

The developer sees $ from the first transaction on. Until the dev grant is paid out Kongregate keeps the majority, the dev gets a minority. Once the game reaches earnout the % split changes, with the dev getting the majority. Definitely send your pitch along to Chris:

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Topic: Kongregate / CARD GAME!!1one!!

Wow, really hard to read threads consisiting only of people who have Greg’s avatar. Can love/adulation/celebration of Greg take another form?

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Part of the reasone we lowered the total was the we felt we were encouraging people to go through and rate all the games without actually playing them and just give them all 3s or 2s or whatever. Now since we’re incentivizing that less we hope that ratings will be more considered, and therefore more valuable as a predictor of quality.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Language in kongregate!!! ESPAÑOL

Hi guys,

So we want to internationalize the site, and we will do it at some point. But it’s a hard problem to solve, because you end up having duplicates of the site in lots of languages, which is work both to develop, and to keep updated as we change the site. We’re still so new, and there are so many features that we need to add to the site (more challenges and achievements, the card game, private messages, external chat, multiple authorship for games, multiplayer API etc.) that we’re going to ask you to be patient on this one. Maybe in 6-9 months?

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Topic: Kongregate / First!

So competitive…