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Topic: Other Worlds / Bug Reports

After advancing an era, battle stays continuously in the top left corner of the world screen (Firefox, maybe others). Reloading page fixes it.

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Topic: Other Worlds / Feature Request thread

I rated the game 5/5 halfway through my first run through. I’m now on my fifth run through and it’s down to 4/5 for one reason and one reason only – continual, annoying, pointless clicking to get 3 quests the same before I fire up a boost. For an idle game that doesn’t involve any clicking for income, I’ve spent more time just trying to select a frickin’ quest than I have on most clickers.

My choice would be -

Change the Quest type (above ‘Start Quest’) to a drop down list of the 8 quest types. When the player selects a type the game can randomly pick one of the currently unused ones of that type. Even better would be to number the Quests 1, 2, 3 for each type so you could pick a specific one, but definitely not essential.

If that isn’t practicable, then the previously mentioned idea of random quests as now, but quests cycle through type in order when you press ‘shuffle’ and Auto-Quest is enabled.

“Quests refreshing in order when a quest slot is locked (i.e. population 1-2-3, commerce 1-2-3, instead of random)” – This is only useful for a specific method of play, i.e. selecting one each of three quests before firing a boost. It doesn’t help if you want to set all 3 quests the same, thereby maximising the boost on one particular type.

For me, this has become a game breaker. I’m not going to reduce my rating below 4/5, but the annoyance factor has got to the point where I dunno if I can be bothered to get the last ten Wonders, let alone play survival. In every other respect the game is excellent, so slogging through random choices to get the one you want (especially the damn third one of three, 1 in 22 chance each click) stands out like a sore thumb in an otherwise almost perfect game.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Fatal Content Error (fixed)

Ditto. Not working on 32-bit PC with latest Firefox. Screencap – Screencap

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Can the event stop please?

Dunno if it was just coincidence, but the Xmas event ended for me after I got 5000 canes. Next time I loaded the game it had gone. That was (educated guess) around the 12th Jan.

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Topic: Kongregate / Top Weekly/Monthly category gone

Ah! TY! The filters are actually better than the old categories, then. I must have messed up the search when I tried it.
Oops :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Top Weekly/Monthly category gone

Hopefully this is an oversight. I appreciate that some of the functionality is now available through searching, but only some of it.

Specifically, I regularly used the Top Weekly category to find stuff that other people liked that I would otherwise have missed. Usually these would be rated between 3 & 4 stars, and while searching now for Top Monthly by rating gives 4+ stars, there’s far fewer of them (and none at all in Top Weekly which I was literally just browsing (and played 4 games from) before it changed) that means I’m now going to miss out on a lot of good-but-not-necessarily-outstanding games.

Which means I’ll spend less time on Kong and play fewer games here. I’m only one user, and maybe I’m in a tiny minority and that’s OK in the grand scheme of Kongs Plan For The Future.

I do appreciate a better search, that’s definitely a good thing. I’ve gone through every single strategy game on here twice, from beginning to end, and it’ll be great to be able to search more effectively. What concerns me is that it’s apparently at the cost (for me, anyway) of discovering far fewer good new games.

I’m not trying to be petulant and pouty, but ultimately, if all I can find are 4+ star games that I’ve already played or have no interest in, I’m far more likely to start visiting other sites to see what they’ve got.

Of course, maybe it really is an oversight, or I’m missing something :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] Blue Faction (Aquatic)

May I suggest, as our anthem…

Toadies – I Come From the Water

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] Bugs

Aquatic – Using a teleport pad from depth to return to the ‘surface’ doesn’t reset the depth gauge.

Aerial – When Wood and Amber are adjacent, sometimes the Amber isn’t collected/stays on screen when mined. It’s collected and disappears when you mine an empty (of resources) square adjacent to it (maybe they display as adjacent but are actually overlapped when created?).

Still the best mining/puzzle game ever created. I’d forgotten how much fun I had with the first one :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Games running ridiculously slow

The scientific term for Flash games causing odd PC behaviour is ‘Weird-Ass Shit’. If you’re getting WAS (and we all do at some point), then

1) Restart your browser. If that doesn’t fix it, then

2) Restart your PC. If you updated your video card and still haven’t restarted, that could well be it.

If you still have a problem, then it gets techie.

FWIW, you know they’ve got those new-fangled modems that can actually transfer KBps these days?

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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Mine rant

When you’ve completely mined an ore/stone for the first time, the next one unlocks. So if you can mine amethyst, even very slowly, when it’s completed the next ore/stone should be available. If you’ve completed at least one amethyst, then I dunno what to tell you. Next one up should be aquamarine.

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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Mine rant

Simples. An autoclicker is designed to emulate mouse clicks. It’s basically a macro. ‘Cheating’ software (as defined as something which reads/modifies RAM as stated in your earlier post) is designed purely to decompile games for the purpose of gaining an advantage of some sort. Possibly we’re simply disagreeing about definitions. If I use something like an autoclicker on an idle game or a walkthrough on an adventure game, that’s up to me. I’m not trying to be pedantic, but what’s the Kong definition of ‘cheat’? I’d assume doing something to gain badges or inflate scores without playing the game, or reposting someone else’s game as yours. Pretty much anything else is irrelevant to Kong-the-website-and-community.

I’ve no intention of editing my earlier post. If Kong wants to ban me for using an autoclicker on a game with no Kong API, then I’d expect them to also ban the hundreds of other Kong members that have said in their comments on the game that they also use autoclickers.

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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Mine rant

Originally posted by randomboy839:

I still don’t understand why so many people justify and even admit to using autoclickers. It’s an external tool that gives you an advantage in the game; it’s cheating software.

I don’t care if the game is slow. You were never meant to “finish” an idle game, whatever that means. If you’re not manually clicking or pressing a button repeatedly, it’s cheating.

Well, seeing as there’s no high score list on Idle Mine, whether I ‘cheat’ or not has no effect on anyone else. It’s purely my choice. Before my savedata was reset, I spent 10 days clicking and idling to get to Hellstone 50-something, and given the choice between spending another 10 days recovering to that point ‘legally’ and doing it in 4 hours with an autoclicker, it was a no-brainer. FWIW, that’s the first time I’ve ever used an autoclicker for anything, and Idle Mine becomes extraordinarily slow to progress by around Hellstone 100 even with an autoclicker.

FYI, I used as it has no spyware, no weird download requirements and is extremely simple to use (if you’re a little careful when you set it up).

@Tulrog There’s a fundamental difference between a program that simulates keystrokes and cheating software. They’re two different beasties.

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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Mine rant

As a counterpoint to the OP, I played and enjoyed Idle Mine and rated it 5/5. I played up to Hellstone 50-something before my save got reset (before the way saves were handled was changed), then replayed it up to Hellstone 105 or so currently (using autoclick sometimes, but now mainly ‘playing’ completely offline). Why? Well…

It had a hook – Mining poo. Who wouldn’t want to mine poo? That’s actually the only reason I initially tried it. I quite like idle games, but every one I’ve seen had a major and annoying failing, which I’ll get to in a minute.

I kept playing to see what rocks were available. Once I got to Hellstone, I was aware from previous comments on the game that that’s all there was up to Hellstone Lv. 2237, but I was already hooked. As Crovie so eloquently said above, I’m another nerd that likes watching numbers go up, especially if I can pretend I’m making them go up more efficiently :)

What Idle Mine has that no other idle game I’ve ever seen had, is that it scales, and you can still be producing when your computer is turned off. Not only do the numbers have thousands separators so that they’re actually readable without counting digits (which should be a no-brainer, but…), the honking great numbers are accurately and consistently abbreviated. That alone puts it head and shoulders above any competition. And being able to log in even once a month to spend your offline production (in other words a completely free ‘feel good’ moment after a little initial investment) is a major plus, too.

Idle games aren’t for everyone. Seems like they’re usually either loved or hated. Idle Mine is about as simple as a game can be, yet the rating and number of plays says far more than anything else. It may be simple, but it was well thought out and perfectly produced. At the other end of the scale is Kingdom Idle which is actively being developed on Kong right now (go check it out!). That might well end up as a management game as it’s a lot more involved than your average idle.

For the record, it gets much harder to get anywhere as you progress through the Hellstones. I ended up using an autoclicker just for crafting, as I was using up 30-50K gems a time to get a 2000+% pick.

Would I reset and play it again? You know, I probably would. Probably will. To me it’s the epitome of mindless fun whilst keeping your brain ticking over just a little. Sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Others may prefer TV :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Change rating system from 1-5 to P/N/N.

Basic failure. The OP asks for changing the existing 1-5 rating for game to P/N/N.

What’s P/N/N? If I have to google it then you’ve lost the petition right there, regardless of its merits. 1-5 everyone understands. P/N/N could easily be some shit you made up to get your game rated higher. I’m sure it isn’t, but for landsakes explicitly define your terms in your original post when you’re asking people to support you in a change to the status quo.

I’d appreciate a 1-10 rating, but, honestly, it wouldn’t make that much difference.

Geez. If there’s one thing worse than smart people, it’s smart people that can’t interface with the rest of us.

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Topic: Kongregate / Level capacity

I suspect there’s a level cap as you can gain points by referrals, so removing the level cap may invite spam refers.

Personally, I’ve been, like, “HOW many points?!” for the next level since I passed level 30. Each time it seems a crazy amount, and a month later I look and it’s half a crazy amount, and then it gets close and I go seek out badges… :) Rinse and repeat. Funny thing is, I probably spend more time on here playing unbadged games than badged.

The badges and points motivate me to play games I normally wouldn’t touch with your bargepole, and in that sense they’re priceless. I’ve met a few games that I wuvs thanks to points, and even genres of games that I wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.

FWIW I like the cap as it is. It’s a goal that’s out of sight unless you’re dedicated, and (more importantly) it’s not a goal that’s ever receding. Best of all, it’s a goal that, if you reach it, becomes meaningless. It’s the journey, not the destination. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / Ask a mod

It certainly counts as a form of reading ;)

I’m not active on the the forums or in chat, but I am somewhat familiar with game forum moderation. And if you have bunches of people wanting to become mods, they haven’t got the first idea of how much unpaid work is involved, or how painful it can get. Think unpaid police. Ugh. You do it for love, and love only, and for that I’d like to generically thank all Kong mods, both forum and chat.

If you had a Kred donation bin, I’d give you my 15 free Kreds :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Too many ideas, too little time.

I’d also suggest you look at crowdfunding sites. It helps if you already have a crowd, and there’s a lot of scammers out there, but reputable and damn good writers are doing it.

I have no clue what LP is, so I’ll pass. Get yerself a freaking goddang writers group to critique. I read your post as a possible GM for something, but you scared me off with your own text.

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Topic: General Gaming / Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer Gold was released by EA in 2007 as a free and legal download. It’s available here -

but bear in mind it’s a 1.1Gb file :)

My faves were RA2 and Generals.

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Topic: Technical Support / Playlist option missing

Oops. Messed up the link so it isn’t clickable :(

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Topic: Technical Support / Playlist option missing

Same here on XP and Firefox. This game didn’t show me “+ playlist” until after 2 page refreshes -

Although “+ playlist” showed up immediately on Chrome.

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Topic: Kongregate / A question about chat

Sir, if all you have is a feeling of dumb, then it’s far less damning than actually being dumb :P

TY again, BT, but having looked through a large part of the list, I’m in no better place to chat now than I was when I first posted.

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Topic: Kongregate / A question about chat

@AllStar I thought the “never chatted with anyone” was a giveaway :P

@BT Thank you! I may suck in my tummy and give one a try ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / A question about chat

I’ve been on Kong for well over a year, played games a-bungo, got a cool ranking, but I have never chatted with anyone. Why? Every time I get logged into chat there’s a bunch of adolescents waffling about adolescent stuff. Mo’ power to them, surely, but I’m decades past my adolescence and I’m wondering if there’s a room that adults can frequent?

Your answer may not help me. I’m good with 1-1 chat, but chatrooms have always seemed to me to be like having a conversation in a bar, shouting over the background noise.

Heh. Guess I’m an old-skool conversationalist :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate and its users have become the crew of the intergalactic spaceship.

Originally posted by WloJTqpCTolW:

If such a thing were to happen, what would be the purpose of the ship? Would we be a…

Ship of Exploration?
Ship of Diplomacy?
Ship of Trade?
Ship of Conquering?


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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Game hover design changes and ratings on game hovers

I’ll third Electronic and agree with all three of Irasfels points. Without a full description the hover box is a useless annoyance to me.