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Topic: Coraabia / game dont work

Using firefox, stuck on instalizing genome..

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Topic: Kongregate / Where are Kongregate save files located?

when im in the kong flashplayer stuff only 2 folders are there!!! “0005” and “0008” no “0009”. But i went to play ebf4 as i saw that and my auto save and files are there but the folder is not on documents

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Topic: General Gaming / Kingdom Rush - Best TD Game EVER

well i have play, balloons tower def and cursed treasure. But Kingdom rush is outstanding! the towers are so unique and the levels are to. like the graveyards that spawn random skeletons to the sheep’s and things you can kill to get achievements! Its very fun unlocking new towers i was amazed when i saw the rangers hideout tower and more to come. The game is still updating to! Kingdom rush 2 is already being made. the only bad things are well nothing! I just want more of everything, more towers, more levels, more monsters, more skills, more spells,ect. Kingdom rush is now on kongregate!!! :D search it in the search bar and play it before the 2nd one is out!