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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Play Rise of Mythos on Kongregate & Win a PS4!

Will prizes be obtainable only in EEUU? Or European people can win too?

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Topic: Kongregate / Ask a mod

Not true, being myself I would get a reputation of repulsive and depressive mod, and as I can see, I’m preety cool (?)

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Topic: Kongregate / Ask a mod

I don’t really think so, sometimes days are calm, and sometimes not, silences depend on that

(But they are watchin us, they always do, we aren’t safe anywhere, help us)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Soda Machine of MAgic idleing

Then you get my mother-in-law

I insert a potato

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

Don’t know if this has been reported, but this has happened to me at least 3 times, so, here it goes a image
Didn’t play any card, but still losed in the first turn

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Topic: Cloudstone / Whey bugged

It’s a normal, bug, it can happen with your friends, too, but they will still have their stats, so it isn’t a very bad bug.

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Load Bug

Same problem here, it happens when you see “???” Behind the enemy, refreshing only lets you go back to the main menu, but “???” keeps appearing, hope BerzerkStudio solve it fast.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DEV] 6/15/2012 Create your own Tyrant Card Contest

Name: Blood Mass
Card Type: Assault
Faction: Bloodthirsthy
Cooldown: 3
Attack: 1
Health : 6
Skill 1: Leech 1
Skill 2: Heal all 1 On Death
Skill 3: Rally Bloodthirsthy 2
Backstory/Description: The Bloodthirsty have managed to make the blood of his opponents will turn against them achieving a total chaos and bloodbath around the battlefield
Image Description: Dead bodies in the background and foreground a mass of blood on the ground with a dark aura around him.

Edit Because Leech and Regen is not a good combination.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Be able to get WB without having at least 50 kreds

Well, in this game, you need WB for much things, but what if we could buy WB whithout 30 kreds at least? I mean, if you have 15 kreds, you could spent them for 20 WB, or 15 WB, or 10 WB…
Does not it look reasonable?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Classic thread] Post your own card ideas here.....

Speaker Carrier
Rare Imperial Assault
Berserk All on play 1
Rally All 1

Glue Turret Uncommon Imperial Structure 0/6/1 Immobilize Carla Legendary Rigtheous Commander 0/13/0 Rally 2 Scientist Uncommon Xeno Assault 0/6/1 Poison 1 Weaken all 1 Master Surgeon Legendary Rigtheous Assault 0/10/4 Heal 3 Regen 3 Protect 2 Forest Nymph Uncommon Rigtheous Assault 3/4/2 Heal 1 Witch Rare Bloodthirsty Commander 0/7/0 Rally Bloodthirsty 2 Payback Weaken Rigtheous 2 Cerberus Legendary Bloodthirsty Assault 6/9/6 (2 ATK. per head, 3 HP per head and 2 Delay Time per head) Armored 3 Swipe AntiAir 3 Cerberus Option 2 Legendary Bloodthirsty Assault 2/3/2 Armored1 AntiAir1 (Every 2 turns, it adds 2 ATK more, 3 HP more and +1 to all abilities: Armored 1 becomes Armored 2, when it has 3 heads, it can use swipe, but it can not generate more heads) Blinding Ligth Rare No-Faction Action Gives “Evade” To all your cards Spike Field Uncommon No-Faction Trap Every time a enemy attack you commander, it recieves 1 point of damage (Do not work in structures) Stranger on the Battlefield Rare No-Faction Trap Gives an enemy “Intercept” Combat Modifier Bubble Wrap Common No-Faction Action Gives an ally “Armored” Combat Modifier, but you need to wait 1 turn more to use this card Church Uncommon Rigtheous Structure Rally all 1 Infinite Loop Legendary Xeno Structure 0/10/2 Wall Infinite Loop (10% prob. of getting an enemy into an infinite loop, if this happens, this card and the enemy card will dissapear) Cell Necrosis Rare Bloodthirsty Action Poison All 1 Divine Blessing Rare Rigtheous Action Heal 10 The Godess came Rare Rigtheous Action Heal All On Play 2
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Classic thread] Post your own card ideas here.....

Infinite Wall
Uncommon Imperial Structure
8 HP
No Special Effects

Rare Xeno Commander
11 HP
Jam all on play 2

Aether Tank
Rare Rigtheous Assault
Immobilize 2

Underground Worms
Common Bloodthirsty Assault
Leech 1

Celestial Voice
Rare Rigtheous Action
Rally all 3

Death Angel
Legendary Bloodthirsty or Xeno Assault
Jam 3

Uncommon Xeno Assault
Anti-Air 2

White Angel
Legendary Rigtheous Assault
Rally all
Heal All 2 on play
Valor 3

Remote Bonb Controller
Rare Xeno Assault
Suicidal instinct 1 (Loses 1 HP every time he attacks)

Radio Tower
Uncommon Imperial Structure
Rally Imperial 2

Legendary Xeno Assault
Rally Xeno 2
Weaken Imperial
Heal all Bloodthirsty

Legendary Xeno Assault
Pierce 3
Counter 3
(Can only be used if you have Albino on the battlefield)

Death Clock
Legendary Bloodthirsty/Xeno Trap
Jam 3
Heal 2
Rally all Xeno and Bloodthirsty
Kills 1 ally for every dead enemy (Does not affect commander or structures, will kill first the older cards)

Natural Disaster
No-Faction Unique Legendary Action
If you have more than one card left in your deck, this card will kill every assault card on the battlefield (Allies and enemies)

Starfall day
No-Faction Legendary Trap
Every turn, a randon card (Ally or Enemy) will suffer 5 damage.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Haloboy, that ideas have a bad thing, for example:
2) If you do that you don´t need to buy a massive or grat world, onli fuse a lot of little saved vorlds and thats all.
4) The people don´t have all the smileys, for example: Ninja block, i don´t have ninja, i can´t play?
5 & 6) Certainly, Blue coins are inservible, but there is a coin door, if it´s the same thing we dont need this
7) You can put a normal block, dont need to stun anyone
9) How do you do a battle mode in EE, that´s a bad, bad idea
12) You can put Arrows to do the same thing without frustrating the players
13) you can do this with norrmal bricks, dont need all of those things

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Topic: Elements / The Elemental Corruption (By DrOctaganapus2)

Hum…. You can use B and E, But if you can use C too…. Very good story I can´t wait to read more, continue the story please.