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Topic: Tyrant / Do you want/need a merge?

lol jordan, tell your faction mates to surrender when losing …
you would have won this.

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Topic: Tyrant / Snake Order VS Legion Of Doom

life is short, but snake is long?

alt support – you do it wrong!

be a sport, dont fake along -

all cheaters should be banned from kong!

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Topic: Tyrant / Should we prepare for another 14 years of nothing happening?

i will auto mission 300 for as long as it takes.

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Topic: Tyrant / What's that on the battlefield?

cant you hear the slapping and moaning, getting louder every time someone opens this thread?

- its a facepalm.

… and quite a big one. grats.

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Topic: Tyrant / Best and Worst Moments !!!

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:

Best: 5th base with hottie
Worst: she ended up in hospital next day

rest assured:

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Topic: Tyrant - Deutsch / Forum Tyrant-Deutsch??

what kind of crap is this?


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / WMT players that lurk here need to quit being crybabies

we made your game.
not synap.
they failed everything they started and barely managed to balance it after weeks and months of complaints.
if you have reached the stage of them releasing new and not copied content – you will know.

just like when you will be dumped by them like they did with their last three games.

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Topic: Tyrant / Create a Card, community competition. The winner will get nothing because I'm not a dev.

… aint no longshot …

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 2/11/14 -- “Enchanting Edition”

the update is complete crap.

now i can ignore even more of your game while i play it, aint that nice?

try my view:
the screen is littered with stuff i cant open, pick up, and do not need in any way.
just running around i accidentially keep opening unwanted glittering chests i d have to buy, activate chat or “invite friend” windows i never wanted open, now its tons of gems i dont need or want.
i even have to close the “generous” sale offers with two clicks and the “new event” window i really dont care about – again and again and again.

instead of adding some much needed depth to your game you are just spamming crap.

its like fighting your way through an endless narrow corridor crammed with advertisements.

“this is NOT facebook !”

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

in german one of the hints reads “the keyboard is your girlfriend” …
thx for lulz but you might want to change this.

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Topic: Tyrant / Share the Neocyte!

share the neocyte?

first dance is always free …

sneaky ol daedalus is actually talking about “the rocks”:

Alright Silus, you win. The lives aren’t worth a bunch of rocks. Take it and leave.

now looking at lord silus:

maybe next event will be called “crystal supply”?

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Topic: Tyrant / The thoughts of a player returning after 6 months

lol, thought this was a HH thread.
anyway, welcome back.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] Promos [Updated]

yippie yah yay !

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Topic: Tyrant / Unkit's leveling guide for new players

bump for usefulness, still needs sticky …

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant's 3 year birthday is coming up!

of course!
players celebrated by asking for free wb.
devs celebrated by not giving any.

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] CHANGE THE META PLEASE

“Its the mammoth+rofficer+hammerthorne+usial that annoy me.”

just use mimic commander?

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Topic: Tyrant / Is Tyrant dying?

Devs always failed balancing whole Packs so they dont do Packs anymore.
I think its a wise decision.

Never spent a cent on this game and i am able to build most of current Meta decks and could do more if i used my 95 free WB for Thules or more Marmodas, maybe even Balefire…
But i dont like them decks. So i dont spend.

“Only whales can buy the meta with lots WB to buy the op card.”
No. Only the whales leave because of lack of powercreep.

I discovered long ago i can fight in top ten but i dont need to. screw drama. screw tourneys.
i just want a decidedly autistic web game without too much pay to win or fake player interaction.

“delusional players that think this meta is complex”
i have got two entirely different decks i ´ve never seen in arena or wars or forums, and i do arena a lot just for testing decks. sry i dont care about them standards.

two carefully balanced packs a year, plus regular crap events? sounds fine.
there have been worse metas since nexus came out.

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Topic: Tyrant / Faction Recruitment Thread

Freerider (lvl 11) is looking for active Players with a working Defense.

We offer incessant warfare, a relaxed and friendly chat, help with raids and deck building, two Tokens a day.


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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Neocyte War Released!


playing tyrant is just the interface – we are actually doing paperwork and sorting files for the american government.

big #&%$ surprise.

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Topic: Tyrant / Favorite meta

Originally posted by JRJetu:
Originally posted by lol46:

every meta but this one

I said that every time but this time.

so true. deck variety is good right now. every faction has at least one working mono deck in play!
now if devs balance the next pack carefully and make o.p. new cards unique for a change …

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Topic: Tyrant / Balance Discussion

i would add marmoda decks to the above list, also variations of the old fear decks like CG or even TI still beat half of them decks reliably.
that would make eight entirely different archetypes plus the fact that cards (like cannon wall, usial, terraformer, marmoda…) and a lot of the currently used legends (mending sanctum, sustained nimbus, odin*, …) can be used in rainbows.
so meta is more diverse than ever.
on the other hand the devs “desinged” a lot of those decks for us: event + promo combination like grimclaws + nest or upgrade/reward + event like kleave, marrow + terraformers or gaunts + templar, mane leave the bad taste of prefabricated decks who are also all spams…
so there is a lot to hate about current crap event tyrant, but remember strike era, or wallstalls?
(yep, was sarcasm.)

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Topic: Tyrant / Balance Discussion

Devs are absent plus no new pack for a long time.
Meta is more diverse than ever.


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Topic: Tyrant / Unkit's leveling guide for new players

This thread needs a sticky!

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Topic: Tyrant / Yes, the Christmas Magic


and Elmo got the lead with 8 of ´em…

Merry Christmas to you!

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Topic: Tyrant / Unkit's leveling guide for new players

bump for usefulness