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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add me thread V2

Consider me free for adding.

I shall try to heed all requests at least in near future.

I cannot confirm whether or not my cake is a lie, but I will never threaten to stab you.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / add me

Consider me available for adding.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

Originally posted by WHATEVER675:

XCalibre, thank you so much for Trials 1 and 4, but I can’t defeat the lone swordsman, any other tips and ideas?

I beat her every time, the thing is you need 3-4 spam units for the sole purpose of tanking (it can be 3 if they are trained and your DPS is high enough). The idea is she won’t be able to kill as many as you are respawning and with rage spell (conveniently on goblins) you easily outdamage her heal.

It has worked for me with Hobbits, Goblins, Dwarf Engineers, Vampires and Elf Hunters (and you still have slots free, try to pick things with low HP to Damage ratio – but mainly low HP – and high pop), all of them were maxed (though you can leave out health upgrades if you’re going for the sole purpose of killing her).

To get maximum efficiency, gather all your units together save for Viegraff or Skull Knight who just give her free HP and risks you losing (Lu Bu is just much better as hero herpderp). Use any damage spell on her to make her come when you hit 100 mana and full spawn, when she approaches (by being near your side, respawns can quickly rejoin the battle), buff rage and send all troops at her at once and watch her HP go down within under 5 minutes as she dies of a thousand papercuts. She’s even comparatively easy. On the other bosses like Iron Fortress I went shopping for groceries when it was at 75% and left the battle there with Dragon, Death, White Tiger, Golems and a stream of other units. When I came back it still had around 25% left and moved roughly half the map (my units weren’t very upgraded).

Oh and for those who want to use their hero more, beating The End of Hope gives you a Super Robo Suit which increases HP by 75% at the cost of dropping 25% in offense. Giving That to Viegraff or Skull Knight actually makes them last viably long against all but the bigger bosses (and even against those they can live for a while if it’s the offense they are resisting thanks to the 20 MP heal). They can take well 2 full combo hits from End of Hope and still live (not that you’d want it to happen).

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

Trial 1 (Colossus):

Weak to magic, slow, short range but obliterates anything that stands close.

Damage: It’s weak to magic, get some spellcasters and keep retreating them out of range. Apes also work since it’s large size makes every rock they throw hit several times
Tanking: Use high spawn units like hobbit/goblins so that each time it overkills one, another one takes it’s place immediately stalling the boss.

Trial 2 (Power Goblins + Iron Fortress):

Red Goblin Ranger is no longer a boss unit and can be tossed. The Iron Fortress is nigh invulnerable to Pierce, but weak to everything else. The bad news is it has tons of HP and hits a large area very hard. Bombs also spawn from the right edge to bombard the area in front of the Fortress.

Damage: Use Succubi since they will toss the Goblin Rangers and prevent them from closing in. Dragon is also a good idea for the DPS.
Tanking: Be sure to lure the fortress (yes, it moves, but slow as hell) far enough away from the edge so tanks won’t get hit by the bombard. Then just start sending large units with Pierce Rings at it and use Vampire’s regen spell to heal.

Trial 3 (Lords of Hell): Lord’s of Hell’s weakness is, believe it or not, everything. It just has a lot of HP. The bad news is the large one has uber high offense and also huge range.

Damage: I used Death, Tiger and Dragon and some ranged mage units to lure the other Lords of Hell 1 by 1. Make sure you bring spellcasters since the level essentially spawns golems at you by the dozen. Spells are a viable option.
Tanking: The key here is the Lord’s slow attack intervall and the fact that it won’t hit everything if there are large enough hordes going at it, the vampire’s regen can buy you more time than you might think. Just make sure to have a high pop unit for stalling during respawns and giving White Tiger Slash Ring if you use it (it is weak to slash, which the Lords attack with.). Having Elf Hunters or Centaurs with your spellcasters will also ensure a constant stream of damage as they respawn well enough.

Trial 4 (Undead King of Beasts): It’s the King of Beasts, but much, much stronger. It will chew most things you have at this point to pieces. the good news is that the Goblin Rangers and an Angel are helping you.

Damage: It’s weak to slash, Make sure you bring Amazons (they are for stalling but might hit before dying) and Death (main Damage Dealer) at it. Also, since it leaps far ahead to attack, Elf Rangers can both stall with high pop and damage it when something else causes it to attack.
Tanking: Nothing tanks it for very long yet, Golems will reach it just in time for one attack on higher upgrades and respawn well once it nears your edge but make sure you always make Death wear Strike Ring (or it will die) and buff it with something whenever it fights. Death is your main Damage dealer here. On an interesting note, I managed to stalemate the Beast so that his leap brings him just into range of the Power Goblins without them getting damaged, the Power Goblins are pathetic compared to when they fought you, but DPS is DPS.

Trial 5 (The End of Hope):

End of Hope is a lone Amazon Warrior who deals massive damage and heals herself with every attack proportionally to the health of what she’s hitting.

Damage: Dwarf Engineers and Elf Hunters work best, Vampires are also okay. Casters have too low pop and Centaurs tend to shoot over her head if you don’t place them right. If you’re using huge units, make sure they stay outside of her attack range (Dragon/Iron Fortress/Angel). If you let her hit any large unit, she’ll just heal faster than you can damage.
Tanking: Hobbits and Goblins (and Vampires maybe), You’ll want a lot of them and you’ll want a constant stream of them constantly keeping the End of Hope in place.

Question: I’ve finished everything, including all achievements save for unlock all units. But I still don’t have all units for some reason. Does anyone know how to get all units by any chance?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] defying common sense

Originally posted by zys123:

Why are the tiles in World Map Hexagonal?

Hexagons are efficient, ask bees!

How can the Dreadnaugths have a laser in a housing?

They are high-tech and one day, during an accident while conducting an experiment on teleportation, they warped the tower into a housing and also messed up the USS Eldridge.

Their Town Hall looks like a spaceship so why is thisgame not called Backyard Aliens?

Just because it looks like a spaceship to you doesn’t mean it was constructed as one. Since the game is not called Backyard Aliens, you are wrong.

What is the point of installing a ferris wheel on the level 10 putty squisher, isn’t that a waste of my resources?

It is not a waste of resources, putty needs entertainment.

D.A.V.E. is a robot, how can goo be used to make a robot?


How come I can move my yard planner when I am IN it?

You are never physically in your yard.

Why are all player’s buildings the same, unorignal much?

Unfortunately, the Backyard Protoss and Backyard Zerg haven’t made it into the final cut.

Why are all workers blue? Why not red, green or yellow?

Workers are actually transparent, but slow the wavelength of light in the atmosphere, blue is slowed by them most so your eyes percieve them as blue. They also reflect the ocean somehow.

Why do I need to wait for my champ to slowly destroy the building? from the size of my gorgo it could destroy the silo with one leap

Ever tried to destroy a doghouse by leaping into it with your whole body? All these edges, splinters etc.

Why does my Gorgo hump the ground when attacking?

Mother Earth is sexy.

Why is my Gorgo so picky about when to be fed? I can’t even feed him if its 1 sec away from feeding time

It’s like the Gremlins movie; the time rule is arbitrary but you do NOT want to break it.

Why can’t we fling goo? putty and goo are somewhat the same substance so why can’t I fling goo?

You already fling goo. Ever thought about what monsters are made of?

If its like they say in the Monster Academy, why do I have to wait for my monsters to level up? can’t I just give them steroids directly?

Academies use steroids as last resort, they prefer the PhD in Advanced Destruction. But even with Steroids, they need to invent the right type first and it takes time to work. Steroids don’t circulate well through goo ya know?

Also who the hell owns the General store anyways? I should be able to bring a few Daves over there and demand free yard expansion and stuff.

The General Store is owned by you, trying to enter it magically opens the shiny spending interface, the store itself has no function.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] defying common sense

Originally posted by YouJustGotCut:

There are lots of unusual facts is BYM that defy common sense, post them all here! ^^

-How does a worker build a diamond block out of sticks and stones?


-Wow, a worker must be strong to move a solid gold block

Like an ant, a worker can lift things several times it’s size

-why do mushrooms move when they are outisde your yard?

They don’t.

-how come cannons point at the sky, yet fire in a horizontal direction?

Gravity pulls the shot down in an arch

-how do putty squishers produce putty? they just crush it

They manufacture putty. Raw putty is abundant but unusable, squished putty is what we need.

-why is fomor shooting green bullets from his left shoulder?

Because he has a plasma cannon embedded in his left shoulder

-How do monsters collect resources when half of them have no arms to carry them? and…WORKERS HAVE NO ARMS :O

They don’t collect said resources, if you’ve paid any attention, the resources thrown or catapulted into place

-If a champion eats a monster then what does a monster eat?

Monsters do not eat, they are semi-sentient beings formed out of goo

-where does a tesla tower get it’s electricity from?

It’s a Tesla Coil. So naturally via command and conquer infrastructure, somewhere a power plant is built and a green energy bar raises and the Tesla Coil recieves power. Alternatively, a Tesla Trooper powers it when you’re offline.

-how do the hatcherys make monsters out of goo and why call it a hatchery if there are no eggs?

The goo is compressed into eggs which hatch monsters.

-Where do monsters that survived a battle go afterwards?

Under your bed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Nations] Ultimate Life-Changing Protip

Originally posted by Theunamed:

I understand and agree with what you’re saying, but almost every successful alliance was started with 1-4 people. They grew and prospered, and then get noticed. I love how the average number of people by that time is 10. Ties into everything you typed.

This may be true but these were the exceptions in the face of an oceanic proportion of Crap. Every 1-4 people alliance less represents a higher chance of one of them actually succeeding into something. It’s the logic by which all of that cancer runs on “Well somewhere they must have started” x 1000, none getting anywhere, none merging into anything. This train of thought is justified for people with actual leadership and intelligence, which is like 5% of the people who think they have actual leadership and intelligence, and out of these 5% only the active really get anywhere.

And it’s not “at that time everything was 10”, your description matches “that time” better. Today there are almost always already successful liberal acceptance alliances that have made it somewhere. There’s even stuff like 1/506 which has rank 5 but accepts everyone, as long as such alliances have space there is literally no excuse for narcisstic antics like founding an alliance before you even have all most types.

Also do not forget that not everyone plays from Kong, the servers are also accessible via facebook or the mainpage and whatnot and people on Kong don’t necessarily read this. If they do my words don’t necessarily reach that shriveled, malnourished lobe partition that is related to logical thinking. Overall it changes jack but someone who has read it already has an exponentially better understanding of alliances and their success ratios or at least how not to be a moron about it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Trojan Horse Deliveries

They spawn after a player is above level 20 and has made a certain number of attacks, so if you wonder “Y i nvr see trjan wat is it?” that’s pretty much either the carebear, newbie or blind person stamp right there.

Accepting or sending back give the same results, being a monster attack from the trojan that’s essentially a continuous stream with increasing difficulty, but you won’t meet any DAVEs (just almost everything else trololololo)

How to deal with it:

1.) Firstly, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. Leave the trojan alone and it stays there. No attacks, nothing. You can grow as much as you feel like before activating it. Newbies have the tendency to just click it out of curiosity or panic and run for the forum or wiki, which is a good thing. Noobs (aka dumb, incorrigible newbies) will distinguish themselves by making a fresh “TROJAN!!!!” thread, with the exception of people who didn’t know this game’s had quite a run by now, has a wiki, forum, outside of kong, etc… some people just happen to be casual. Also some will, upon seeing that the monsters are passing their defenses, often instinctively do #2:

2.) Close browser/refresh page. Unlike ALL OTHER ATTACKS, the trojan attack will reset on refresh if the battle is not over. This causes noobs and other players who have done it out of pure cowardice resort to repeatedly activating the trojan or running into the nearest forum going “HALP TROJAN WUT I DO????” not realizing they could have probably checked a wiki in less time and gotten a clear answer on all this. You might ask why it doesn’t occur to them, some are hillbillies who don’t know what “google” is, others are just incorrigible thus deserving the handle “noob” in flying colors. But for refreshers: This really ONLY works on the trojan.

3.) Reorganize your base. “But you’ve put everything so prettily distributed/started building like in the guides” you say? So what? All monsters come from the trojan, you don’t need to spread your towers all over the place or some shit like that to counter a player catapulting in.

I’ll even go out of the way to say if you’d just wait long enough your towers will be so upgraded they cannot pass. But maybe you’re level 20 and have some guts and want to fight it anyways? Well then you’re in luck because I like your decision, so here’s some tips:

-Put 1-2 of your worse cannons close to the Trojan. If you have walls, put them in front of these cannons but leave a gap in the middle if you cannot surround them so that the enemies all clog into one place taking maximum AoE damage off cannons.
-Do not put traps in front, or they’ll get wasted by some lone pokey making it through.
-Put all your traps BEHIND these towers because the monster clog that has chewed through them will consequently step on these traps as clog. Follow traps with another set of towers and mines behind them. This is very important to do because one wave may consist of Project-X, which does 1200 damage and most likely WILL punch through some towers.
-Place all Resource gatherers away, TH and silos a short range near the towers, make sure they are in sniper range. This is because bolt waves will ignore the towers and go for them, chances are your snipers were looking elsewhere with that large horde rolling up and they get past. If the buildings are in sniper range, they can turn at some point and finish them off. There’s no point in placing them far away because without towers, how are you going to save these buildings?

With just these rules, I have beaten the trojan without teslas, lasers or bunkers even (though my towers were up to date, if yours are still lv 1 due to economy focus it’s best you wait a bit). If you already have those, I don’t really see you losing with halfway smart placement. You literally need to fuck up on logic ten times over to lose with lasers, teslas and bunker w/eye-ra. But just so you don’t screw over and become the laughingstock of the general backyard neighborhood, have the sense to place your laser so it fires on the monster clogs as they attempt to chew through the cannons/wall in front of the cannons. a Monster Bunker with Eye-Ras behind the defenses will then detonate themselves against the final few waves of advanced monsters.

What not to do: Clogging all towers in one huge clusterfuck, you get more tower breaks that way actually. That does make sense if they’re really highly upgraded and you wager a zero loss fight.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Nations] lolwut axis rockets?

AVs and SPGs can hardly pull even against bombers, but they beat fighters, AVs alone beat fighters already (and AVs are good against air because a wizard did it, and f*cking magnets.).

That, and there are already fighters to counter bombers.

If there were an AA unit that was superior to bombers, you wouldn’t absolutely need an airforce anymore other than for speed because you’d have all counters on hand already.

It would make things slightly more complex to have such a unit and that’s about it, if it comes, cool. But if not, it’s not like we need a double reacharound for ground/air relation.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Nations] lolwut axis rockets?

AVs + Artillery are ground to air.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] monster/harvesting problem

Brains loot 20% more than other monsters

Bolts loot 6x as fast

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] This will be our first and last warning

Originally posted by psyco2000:

Am I the only one who found this funny?

Allow me to be the second person in here who is not on a rampant crusade to prove my superiority to every entity who says something silly.

Yes, I find it funny someone apparently decided to Roleplay as wild monster tribe.

But lets have a fridge logic moment here and say somebody follows these orders and discard their defenses. Firstly any “looting attack” by these “Drednaughts” would wipe the player by default because nothing stops the monsters. Second, any actual wild monster attack from any other tribe would wipe said player as well.

Therefore, logic dictates we are not choosing between safety and possible annihilation by “Drednaughts” but possible annihilation by “Drednaughts” and CERTAIN annihilation by everything else (including “Drednaughts” actually).

I hereby deduct that the grasp of causality on the “Drednaughts” are faulty causing irrational behavior including incapability of most fundamental spelling, much unlike the logical and rational Dreadnaughts.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] The Backyard Alliance

I got this PM asking me to join “the alliance”. I’m assuming that’s you guys? Or is that one of these other “alliances”?

I’m fairly sure this is going to be 99% full of newbie carebears who think “oh no I don’t want to be attacked!”.

I’ll just say this: That’s not how the game is played. It’s about defending your backyard while growing it and strategically gaining resources from others or challenging their defenses in a playful fashion. Not about making wars into some serious business thing (your yard repairs) and going on vendettas against people who have attacked you because that somehow makes them evil.

It’s also not about using your D.A.V.E. army to gang up on a guy who’s still on pokeys because you just decided to cause destruction on something to prove your e-peen is larger.

I’ll accept the offer if you guys are capable of getting that in your heads and make a fun community. We could also try some matches against people to test out defenses.

But I sure as hell am not going to be some personal vendetta machine for a mob of cowards.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Base Creation Help - Check First Page For Screenshot Instructions And Please Zoom Out When Taking Screenies!

Originally posted by Maxamilius2912:

@ XCalibre, looking at the picture it has no anti-air things though. Couple of them on the outside might go well :) Plus some mines and maybe some snipers on the outside and I should be ok, right?

Anti Air and snipers on the outside.

So your snipers have no support other than from each other, the anti air only fires vs air. First a number-based ground army (they instantly die against putty raged project-X or fangs for instance) wipes those. That base really only works on pure ground forces, and even then it only works against one wave, which could consist only of eye-ras from the north. Right after that sacrifice a fairly regular group of monsters can take out the Town Hall and maybe even live to plunder the resources it they are crabatrons or the like.

Another possibility would be a brain army, the AI does not take too big turns just to get an opening in the wall, so they might decide to nibble in from the north instead and brains aim for town hall and storage first.

The guy above me has the right idea about surviving, until someone catapults half his towers to death. But in a monster invasion point of view it works, just don’t expect not to be looted.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Base Creation Help - Check First Page For Screenshot Instructions And Please Zoom Out When Taking Screenies!

Originally posted by Maxamilius2912:

Oh, and this is kind of what I’m going for here:

Just ignore that red line :P

Wormzer and Teratorn ignore walls. North side only protected by wall. Based doomed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Tacticals: Your enemy’s defenses are impenetrable! He has combined everything into an array which works in perfect unison to fend off practically anything short of a massive grind that just isn’t worth it! Really? What if certain key elements of this “perfect” defense simply couldn’t be applied?

Wormzer: Wormzer are distinguished by two things, being the fastest monster of the game and unstoppable by blocks. Enemy walled up their defenses? send some tanks to distract, then have wormzers zip past them and deal the damage without having to fuss about the walls.
Teratorn: Teratorn are unaffected by walls, traps, cannons, lasers and bunkers not filled with D.A.V.E. – that’s pretty much half of the defenses! Teratorn is the way to go when your enemy has disregarded areal defenses notably in an area and pose a swift and deadly punishment on that error.
Zafreeti: So your enemy really DOES have a defense with no specific glaring weaknesses. Well, then they don’t have a clear strength anywhere either! It is time to stand and fight a long and bloody battle facing off with all they have frontally in a concentrated force of deadliness. Zafreeti are hardy and tough to kill, but they also support your other monsters by healing them, whether at the towers or elsewhere, the Zafreetis do their best to keep your warriors alive as long as possible, allowing your force to last in battle. Note that Zafreeti also fly and thus are affected and unaffected by the same things compared to Teratorns.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Looters: Low on resources? Can’t be bothered with waging extensive campaigns and just want the booty? Found a guy who has an undefended bubble of resource buildings? wish your monsters would have the sense to run past distracted defenses instead of risking a fight? Need to check for booby traps in the base? That’s what the looters are for. Well, technically not the traps part, but they are really convenient at it – and players who tend to cause some destruction rather than try to sneak some resources out with minimal effort with witty plans have little other use for them anyways.

Bolt: somewhere during the distraction siege in your quest for resources, there may be a moment when the defenses can be bypassed somewhere. Would don’t know where? One of the many many bolts you send will find out. Many fall to towers that catch a chance to shoot at them, many fall to booby-traps placed by the cunning defender, but there still will be many more tactically ignoring anything but the most important part of your looting raid: the loot. whenever a player has his defenses cleanly lined frontally without covering the resources, bolts can run in and start their “search” for traps as well as start collecting some resources for you… at 6x speed! That’s right, when looting resources of other people, Bolt’s do it 6 times faster than any other monster.
Brain: Lets be honest, Bolts may know their priorities, but they don’t exactly wreck havoc with that damage. Brains are the answer to this, after your has determined where th defenses can be bypassed and ran into all the traps, the brain hits the stage as the head of the looting operation, without distraction from any lesser targets it will get to the resources and sack them for 20% more value total for you while your tanks are keeping the towers looking elsewhere – you’ve got what you wanted, and you didn’t have to spend a whole army to grind on their defenses.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Wreckers: They are there to destroy. Unlike breakers, wreckers don’t care what’s in front of them, they’ll just wreck whatever happens to be in the way. Whether hey assist in breaking down towers, walls or anything. If you want to chew up a base clean from one end to another, wreckers are what you need.

Fink: The basic wrecker. Finks have numbers on their side and are convenient if you need to send as many wreckers as possible from as many directions as possible.
Fang: After the Finks have tested the defenses, Fangs are what you want. They are more space-efficient than Finks and they move faster. When you aren’t in need of a large headcount among wreckers, Fangs are the way to go.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Breakers: Some players have their bases very well-defended and without overcoming several obstacles you cannot seriously gain anything. Rather than bypassing them, these monsters are meant to selectively punch through and sabotage such defenses.

Eye-Ra: Eye-Ras blow themselves up near walls, but get countered a lot with single wall-segments on wide fields. Nonetheless, Eye-Ras’ existence forces the necessity of spacing in all directions, something people with larger bases will have more and more trouble affording. It is then that a well-covered Eye-Ra can punch a hole into a wall in minimum time. But wait! Eye-ras have defensive use as well: They become suicide bombers when sortieing the monster bunker capable of blowing up an entire enemy monster-squad at once, they’ll force your enemy to waste housing by sending a wave of pokeys or the like first…
Project-X: Unlike most tower-focussed monsters, Project-X isn’t out to distract the towers, it’s out to OBLITERATE them. By itself, Project-X stupidly seek out the defenses and die against them. But if said defenses are distracted enough, Project-X can punch through in a short amount of time. In unison with Tanks, they are best used to take out deeper defenses which overlook several other buildings. On Monster-on-monster combat, a small gang of Project X can quickly dispatch most other monsters.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Tanks: These monsters are meant to distract base defenses and soak up damage for their comrades. Typically excelling in survivability way beyond their comparatively minimal offensive capacity, running into any base defenses to quickly gain their attention as other monsters wreck havoc. As defenders, they can occupy enemies the longest, but aren’t the best killers.

Octo-Ooze: They have the best HP/Goo Ratio and after training, the best HP/Housing Ratio, but are abysmal on the offense. When higher teir monsters are available, Octo-Ooze retains it’s usefulness for being quick and cheap to train and still among the most valid distractions against a sniper tower or traps.
Ichi: Solid as mainstay frontline troops when you’re intent on engaging someone’s defenses. While not as cost-efficient in the role of pure tanks compared to Octo-Ooze, Ichis can soak up damage long enough to not dwindle in numbers all too fast, can afford to walk over multiple boobie traps and do enough damage to make defenses succumb to numbers (unlike Octo-Oozes).
Crabatron: The tanks of choice when your target has well upgraded AoE towers that need to be taken out. Crabatrons squads are capable of putting up a fight against defended areas.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Monster Usage

Compendium of tactical monsters pre-abilities and with explanations how to use low-teirs even late-game.
Pardon the chain of posts, but making it all in one post causes the board to glitch out and ignore fonts and spacings.

Grunts: These monsters are the all-rounders. They won’t die too fast, they can dish out some, etc. Without the complication of specializing in anything, they fair moderately well in any aspect but are not too stunning in any, they mainly differ by scaling in power and costs. Whether you need something to put into your base defenses, something that can get transit from one job to another or simply don’t want to fuss about in depth type-management and just want to send a group of a single monster type, Basics tend to be the type you should choose – you can hardly ever go wrong with them.

Pokey: The swarmer among basics, low housing space, low cost, trained in the blink of an eye. Pokeys are a cost-efficient way to do anything; their high numbers make up for their individual weakness and their plausible offense/housing space ratio means they can nibble through things as long as they retain numbers. Single Pokeys are also the cheapest way to get rid of a mine or just find out how far those towers can shoot.
Bandito: A teir up from Pokey, Banditos are the mainstay brawlers on your team and part of the the backbone of many an invasion, they may not be specialists, but they won’t stall in efficiency anytime soon either.
D.A.V.E.: The Juggernaut. D.A.V.E. excels in everything but speed, he can dish out plenty and lives longer than most other monsters, meaning that the DPS from numbers snaps much later in comparison. D.A.V.E. comes in handy when under fire against AoE towers or when you just need an elite-squad of the biggest, baddest bamfs somewhere. Their cost/stat efficiency is horrid, but when you can afford them, you are a force to be reckoned with.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] YOUR OWN MONSTERS

wow slinger destroys anything in pretty much one shot(aka TOO OVERPOWERED)
And a real suggestion?:

For something at final tech that takes up more than a DAVE’s housing space but only has 1/4 of it’s health that 25% more damage is barely overpowered, not to mention it fires once every 7 seconds (Go count 7 seconds just to see how slow that is). Not to mention it can only beeline for the Town Hall and will get killed if you didn’t clear the way first. All it really does in practice is not run into booby traps placed around them or get fired at by short ranged turrets on the opposite side.

what is it the overseer or the overlord im confused?

Does it really matter? For all I care call it Darla Sanchez.

Health: 16000
Speed: 0.5 kph
Damage: 1
Housing: 160
Cost: same as DAVE
Time: 1h 30m
Unlock: same as DAVE
Priority: Towers

B.O.B. is the big, fat and stupid brother D.A.V.E., but really hard to kill.

Health: 1
Speed: 5 kph
Damage: 500
Housing: 100
Cost: 1/2 DAVE’s
Time: 45m
Unlock: same as DAVE
Priority: Resource buildings

Description: A 1 hitpoint wonder, but JANE is hella fast and the bane of anyone who have left their resources unguarded

Darla Sanchez (yes, I just did)
HP: 3861
Damage: 432
Speed: 1.7 kph
cost: 25342
Housing: 67
Time: 23m

Description: Exists for the sake of having a monster named Darla Sanchez. Whoop-dee-f*cking-doo.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Level 25 so soon, how come?

Just so you know, enemies can walk through diagonal blocks. In the screens for instance, the top and low housings are actually unprotected and the left corner of the main base is open in that sense as well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] YOUR OWN MONSTERS

They are:

Hypnosis: Lets you attack relentlessly
Wall Dave: Retarded and generally not needed. But I guess it’s a joke based on the story
“Telsa” Teratorn: It’s Tesla. And while a ranged monster would be interesting, you’re making it out of scale by having it be the 2nd-fastest monster.
???: I don’t even need to start.
Zafreeti + Teratorn: So you decided to make 2 monsters obsolete by combining them. Not to mention it’s probably also a joke
Clown: Madness much?

So overall, just on this page, everything you made is either unneeded or overpowered. I only made Bruce Lee as obvious joke because someone felt obligued to go for Chuck Norris.

Health: 3000
Damage: 60
Speed: 0.8 kph
Goo Cost: 60’000 Goo
Housing: 100 Spaces
Time: 45m

Description: The Overlord has an aura that causes monsters near him to deal 5% more damage (upgrading raises this up to 25%)

Health: 500
Damage: 500
Speed: 1 kph
Goo Cost: 50’000 Goo
Housing: 70 Spaces
Time: 30m

Description: The hunter attacks from a distance rather than melee and at high levels, it outranges some low range defenses completely.

Health: 2000
Damage: 2000
Attack Rate: 7s
Speed: 0.5 kph
Goo Cost: 100’000 Goo
Housing: 200 Spaces
Time: 1H
Priority: Town Hall

Description: The slinger can deal devastating damage over a distance, it will target only the town hall and can even do so over walls due to it’s range, but it moves and attacks very slowly and just crawls past defenses exposing itself.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] YOUR OWN MONSTERS

Bruce Lee
Health: Final Boss of the Universe.
Damage: Beyond comprehension of mortals and not displayable by known means.
Attack Rate: Unknown as he doesn’t need to attack a second time. Or even a first time for that matter.
Goo Cost: Appears when the f#ck he feels like and ain’t takin’ goo from anyone.
Housing: Let me get this straight, YOU are in HIS yard. If he’s around, YOU get housed.
Time: He’s there whenever the f#ck he feels like.

Unlock Cost:
There’s no real means of unlocking him, but rumor has it that if you have previously unlocked Jesus and Chuck Norris, he has a chance to appear, kill both and win the game. You thought this game has no final victory or ending? That’s only true for you and all the other players because you’re not Bruce Lee.

Description: Bruce Lee is the Final Boss of the Universe, nobody has ever beaten the universe but there’s a save point right next to him so you’re welcome to try as often as you want. It’s pointless, but some pretty cool guy known as Jesus tries over and over again in your stead. Bruce Lee once punched a faggot who instantly sprouted a beard and is known today as Chuck Norris.

And Deenay’s right, most of the things here are ridiculous and most of them just stomp everything or are “better than monsters now, period”.

Hive Queen:
Health: 8000
Damage: 60
Speed: 0.8 kph
Goo Cost: 100’000 Goo
Housing: 200 Spaces
Time: 1h

Description: The Hive Queen produces 1 Pokey (at higher levels Finks and at max level a 5% chance to produce an Eye-Ra) every 2 seconds it exists during an attack instance, but it must have continuous nourishment to sustain itself: If it does not attack anything for 10 Seconds, it dies. The countdown replenishes itself when it attacks (this prevents people from putting them miles away from the base and have them spawn an unstoppable army). If you have a Hive Queen in a Housing, she will produce a free Pokey every 10 minutes (at higher levels 1 fink every 10 minutes, max level it has a 5% chance to produce an eye-ra instead) provided there is housing space.