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Topic: General Gaming / Official - Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge

I reply rank for 4 guide senders. 4th: 0 KREDS. | 3rd: 1 KREDS. | 2nd: 3 KREDS. | 1st: 5 KREDS!!!
Guide Nº1: Rank 3 Achievement Discrambler (BONUS 2X KREDS and MASTER ON DISCRAMBLING[I /I/I/III](Depends on rank, I, II, and III. Bonus on 4th, is some 0,5 kreds, who is 50% 1 Kred. Achievement 50%. More MASTER achievements let you more kreds!
Guide Nº 2: EXP BOUNTY (Not here, on Viricide…Or… Looks some on SHOOTING CATEGORY: PAGE 1 that can is per…) BONUS 1,5 KREDS and LOT OF GAME CHEATS!!! ON WINDOWS 7, WHONOTHING! WHAT IS ON FULL SCREEN, NEEDING INSTALL AND DOWNLOAD! ONLY THATS HAVE CHEAT! I SHOULD BE Sargent…Participate! ♥I♥*♥L♥O♥V♥E♥*♥G♥A♥M♥E♥S♥***! ♥*♥ is an Space Bar Effect… * is why that is real!
Should be is an game and have level tutorials on This is a link and…THE GAME! I create and I’M GUSTAVO! Love and remember games! To remember, send me a E-Mail on GMAIL, ORKUT, YOUTUBE ENTERING BOX, or post that on my FACEBOOK wall! But I’m a brazilian, and know FEW english! The latim (portuguese) english…Is? Or is native english? Or commom english? Or…
I FOREVER FORGET ENTERING! And I create the page of LOVE GAMES a few! Just work and…