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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

42. Are the items in the Button Machine shop worth buying? Or would you rather hoard Purple Buttons or feed them to your pet?

It’s worth noting that the Button Machine is the only mode in which there’s no effective way to increase your gains. In the garden, you unlock more plots. BA is obvious. The money printer gives you money that you can use to upgrade its level. Arcade, Stadium, and FCG give you rewards you can use to make them easier. Adventuring lets you increase your energy cap with rep. Fishing level increases your fatigue, I think. But the only way to increase Button Machine gains is to trade a lot of hard-to-get buttons for a tiny boost, and I don’t think that that boost increases your purple button gains.

In other words, every other mode has a exponential curve – the more rewards you get, the faster/easier you can get rewards. Button Machine is effectively flat.