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Topic: General Gaming / what if runescape and world of warcraft had a fight???

Actually, Runescape has begun its healing process, and I think it might be getting back to where it was. The only reason it became super-crappy was because of the real-world traders, and we all know that’s pretty terrible ;)

At least, it is to the poor little people (like myself) who stink at keeping money. I’ve never played WoW before due to the previously mentioned hindrance of making people go broke :P therefore, RuneScape is better for the casual gamer, and WoW is better for the computer geek that lives in front of his/her computer.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2: Better 100-day Strategy

This is the BEST strategy I’ve ever tried! (Just to show off my luck and all, i landed first on Cuba) Then with none of the others, the pasted ones, have I ever, EVER gotten onto Madagascar (excepting when that was the start point), and on my VERY FIRST game, I wiped out the whole of humanity in a mere 144 days, and only because I messed up a few intructions, including the half-life one. I would vote for this one 10 million times.

And for those who didn’t get Madagascar, if you followed the directions about the No Airborne, Waterborne, Rodents, and Bugs, wait till Maddy is last, and then when you almost lose hope, just buy all 4, and Maddy should get infected. It did for meh :)