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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging

İ dont understand people that complaining about new donating options. F2p players always were bots and targets for paying players. That is a business baby.

The reason that you don’t understand the compaints is that no one has complained about any “new donating options” and it’s not the role of f2p that’s at issue, because everyone is f2p before they decide that it’s worth paying for or not, it’s simply that new players are getting bored quicker and leaving sooner than they were in previous months and yes, this latest update is in part an effort to make it more profitable for those on the bottom end by raising demand on those bps. Obviously IGG does pay some attention to it’s useage statistics. However, it’s never rate of completion that holds peoples interest over the long term, it’s availability of activity and community.

That is a business baby.

And you must never complain or criticize anyones business models, products or practices and just accept what’s given because that’s just the way it is, right? Remind me never to eat at any restuarants that you frequent.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging

That’s entirely counterproductive. That would serve to slow down newer players, and this would only be a bad thing.

The ability for new players to use bought ships etc to jumpstart their progress is what allows the prospect of catching up.

You don’t need to complete “challenges” to move on in the game now but doing so can provide small resource boosts, thus speeding up anyone that wishes to take advantage of them.

The scale of resource boosts at low levels means that they’re likely be ignored by more advanced players. Except perhaps for the odd completionist who would obviously have an advantage due completed research.

No one has even suggested removing the ability to buy ships or use them, only that doing so provides little sense of accomplishment, little challenge and leaves you with researches to complete and nothing to do.

It’s that “nothing to do” that’s problematic for holding new players attentions.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging

Originally posted by rbv_shard:

Right now there’s a method that prevents a player who has played 10x as long from having 10x as many upgrades as a newer player — exponential upgrade times.

That works, but it also makes the endgame really really slow.

I’d propose that an alternative approach would be to have a galaxy-wide technology level that reflects that production capabilities are much improved from when the front-runners researched helena and tiamat. The mechanics could be as follows:

The first N hours of any construction or research project is reduced 80%, where N starts small and grows over time. That way, the bonus is progressively less the farther you get (new players still can’t actually catch up, but they get to the interesting areas quicker), and nothing ever takes less than 1/5 of its original time. That also means that older players can quickly catch up on some neglected aspect of the game, for example if they didn’t upgrade their defense buildings, now they can get the first few levels extremely quickly.

It would keep the “new stuff takes umpteen times as long to research as old stuff”, without the new stuff research times having to explode quite as badly as they have been. So I think it would be marginally better in terms of giving new players a chance than the system we have. But not enough to worry about.

Another question is whether anything that favors/encourages new accounts is a good idea… because it appears that the majority of “new” accounts are just more alts anyway, and helping alts build up is very counter-productive.

Interesting points…

I was thinking maybe…instance ‘based challenges’ that were locked to the researches that the player had completed so that they couldn’t use bought or gifted ships.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging


It doesn’t matter whether or not players are making multiple designs of every ship they research. The point is that they’re a player. So what if the hulls are not being built?

It’s not that the hulls aren’t being built but why not and the results of them not being built that matters.

Unlike you, I or anyone that has played since server open, a new player coming into the game just doesn’t have to build anything or solve any thing and as a result the game is less engaging for them. Literally, the one and only challenge for new players is patience, whereas we all had puzzles to solve just to get past i30.

The entire 1990+ generation of kids get bored extremely easily!

It’s always a mistake to blame the customer rather than the product for them not ‘buying’ it.

Making another layer of higher ships doesn’t necessarily tell them that it’s unobtainable. To them, it’s just another challenge.

If they’re not willing to spend the time as it is then adding even more time is an enticing challenge for them how exactly?

The idea is add more things to do to keep new players busy, new reasons to actually build those sub i30 hulls, new instances, new “challenges” perhaps? Things that wouldn’t have any effect on existing players.

All games come to a point where there are so few people left it becomes a dead game.

And yet there are games that go on longer than others because when they add content there’s something in it for every one, big and small.

I suggest you get out there and do some recruitment instead of crying about the updates not getting new players.

Neither you or IGG is paying me enough to advertise for them and what would I tell someone to get them to play? “If you work really hard you will still never catch the top players”,“If you spend an insane amount of time and money…”, “It’s got a friendly, growing and constructive community”…Ok, that last part made me laugh considering the circumstances.

Wouldn’t it just be better to be able to say “there’s tons of stuff to do no matter what level you are”…wouldn’t it?

Also, ever taken a psychology course? The personality of the gamer is a massive factor

It’s always a mistake to blame the customer rather than the product…The product can be shaped to suit the customer.

A kid that comes into a game looking for instant gratification isn’t going to find it here

So what’s wrong with that? I’m not saying that anyone has to climb the ladder more rapidly but that there be more things to do while you’re waiting for things to get done building. Keep them busy long enough and more will get hooked on it.

BP demand could be short term, or it could be long term, we can’t really tell at this point

Unless drop rates are changed, which is unlikely because it’d put more negative pressure on the low end of the game, it’s easy enough to add up total bps needed per person and estimate how long before that demand is met and subtracted from the total demand on the server.

Buying those endgame ships is only a temporary placeholder – until I can build them myself, and I can assure you with a high degree of certainty that most long term players do the same.

This was never in doubt but I do appreciate how you go to such lengths to tell me this when I’ve been playing just as long as you have.

Adding content for bottom end players becomes unfair

How so? it wouldn’t necessarily effect game play in any way and new players can already “start” with post i30 ships, an advantage none of us had.

If you want to change a game, make one yourself.

If only you knew how funny that was.

All IGG cares about is money, so stop whining.

If IGG really cared about the money they’d be trying harder to expand the paying user base, trying to get more people hooked on the game, rather than depend on the few high rollers.

Oh and throwing around ad hominem accusations of “whining” towards anyone that offers constructive criticism isn’t just a poor strategy for debate but a poor strategy for life.

If you’re going to emphasize something, use bold/italicize/underline/caps; so much easier for the rest of us to understand the tone.

This coming from the guy too lazy to format?

They’re playing, and contributing to the economy.

And you don’t see the inherent contradiction in this when you’ve previously agreed that the player base is diminishing?

Yes, I admit the player base is diminishing, as it does in almost all games.

Oh wait, there it is on the very next line…

No, it has nothing to do with how the game is updated.

So you’re saying that the features of the product have nothing to do with whether or not it’s a desirable product?

It has to do more with the players of this generation.

Blaming the customer…again?

This generation isn’t different from the last 100 generations, Evolution just doesn’t work that fast. I don’t remember off hand who wrote it but there is a passage I read once from one of the greek philosophers, that was basically a diatribe about how kids “now days” with their hairstyles and clothes, no respect for their elders, can’t keep their minds on anything and were afraid of hard work…sound familar?

I read “None of that ever happens” with the image of you rolling your eyes – sarcastic tone.

The word you’re actually looking for is this…

I thought you meant you were a level ahead in the game, as in you thought you were better than me.

No, I was just answering the statement you made concerning research and the insinuation that my position was based upon not having done any research myself with the best “evidence” that the game provides that couldn’t be “bought” or “gifted”

Lowering prices just means that the WWs spend on something else – probably less in total, since they want the best of the best and not the worst of the best.

Lowering mp cost wouldn’t change what the maximum is and that’s what the WWs are buying…The extra mp, buy one get one free type events disprove your theory on it’s face.

Please, take your problem and hide it away before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

You really think that after 50 years I’d still be worried about looking foolish?

I am starting to wonder why your panties are getting into such a bunch thought. What are you worried about?

Please note that no matter what the players actually suggest, IGG will likely never implement.

Perhaps not but there is no harm done in the discussion is there or do you just habitually fight about every little thing someone says on the internet?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging


1) I’ve built at least 2 to 3 designs of every hull I’ve ever researched – whether for myself or for corpies. (Btw, if that line was actually a question, you need to work on your compositions because it sounded very much like a rhetorical question (Reason i skipped it))

Do you think that new players are making multiple designs of every ship they research really?

2) I fail to see how this creates a diminishing player base – that “diminishing base” was already happening, and this, if anything, only screams “start using the fact that S01 is more built up and has more access to low level bps and new ones as well, so join S01 instead of 3 or 4” – FYI, just yesterday we convinced a S03 (or 4, I don’t remember) to transfer to S01. Please, diminishing? That was already happening, now it finally has a chance to turn around.

OK, since you admit that it IS happening, why do you think that it’s happening if it’s not because of new players getting bored too quickly? And how can you fail to see how another layer of even higher ships than those that they already obviously think are unobtainable or will take too long would change that?

3) Getting existing players to stick around is just as important as getting new ones. And yes, that IS where the money comes from! Good job! You discovered how games like this make money! If you don’t like the methods.. well, SUCK IT UP. (The next sentence in that paragraph is answered by 2) )

Sure it is but there comes a point where there are so few people left on the server that all those that have invested time and money just don’t have anyone to talk to and they too wander off. Anyone that’s ever played this type of game knows that pattern all too well. I don’t really want to see that happen with this game.

4) Not exactly a paradox, but I can see why an uneducated person would see it that way. First of all, if you DON’T cater to the end game players, you wouldn’t earn money. This update does the exact opposite of what you’re saying – this DOES change the relative strengths of end game players amongst themselves, because now they can specialize into 9 different hulls! It allows new strategies! Oh, and look, the new players can now buy these brand new spanking awesome ships instead of shitty Hammies or Timmys! Economically? The price of BPs just jumped a shit ton. I managed to sell off 16 low level instance bps for a grand total of 25m the other day. 7 of them came from I1. Now all them lower level players can buy MORE ships and make money easier! I fail to see how this isolates new players economically at all. Socially depends on the players themselves to make friends, not much to say about that. I can’t even count how many people I’ve raided and then accepted into corps. Oh, and by the way, playing this game is really pointless as well, just saying – and so far, you’re the only one howling about it. The rest of us seem quite enthusiastic.

The demand for bps will be too short term. The only thing that will slow people down from having all the hulls and therefore not specializing at all is the badge requirements and they’ll have the stacks of th eother bps long before they need them and demand will dry up.

And what are these new players going to be buying these new ships with when they’re likely to be even more resource intensive and take longer to build than the existing ones? Oh ya that’s right they’re going to build weikes all day, every day just like I said in my first post. Or they can always get help from corpies. Read: “beg handouts of end game ships”

Just because someone wants to see more content added for bottom end players etc. doesn’t mean that they’re “howling” however if such content would be added. the existing players would likely say “I didn’t get anything from it so I hate it”

5) (Same as first answer; same question, clearly, someone needs to learn not to repeat things. Ever go to an essay writing class? Might help #SHOTSFIRED)

The question is repeated to emphasize the point that a lot of hulls are simply going to waste because new players are skipping them in favor of farming wiekes and buying end game ships. Are you seriously going to contend that it doesn’t happen, that it isn’t happening in the vast majority of cases?

6) I’ve been playing for over a year, kid, and yes, I HAVE had a hard time finding league matches – as a matter of fact, I only do league and purposely stay in 7 or 8 instead of 9 because of that. I HAVE had to wait for more than one, hell, two space raids cycles to do my 3 per day. I HAVE seen the auction house dry up on multiple occasions, and I HAVE watched wc stay silent for hours at a time. I DO see the hundreds of dead planets and few live planets (especially after the merge, that only got worse), and I do see players join, …. yada yada yada.. and then fade away (I’ve helped some of those players. I’ve provided some of their fleets, and a personal friend of mine did just what was listed. He joined, got high, got bored. It was just not her kind of game) Get your facts right, kid, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Firstly, I’m 50 years old and don’t consider “kid” an epithet but for sake of accuracy…

You do admit that the player base is diminishing but it has nothing to do with any of that right? Again, why do you think that it is? My writing style driving people off perhaps? LOL

7) Sarcastic line, right? Although the last time I thought something was rhetorical/sarcastic, it wasn’t… a better way to phrase it if it really is sarcastic would be like so: “None of that ever happens, right?” That way, the tone comes across better. (ENJOY THE WRITING LESSON, IT’S FREE)

Sarcasm 1.) “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”

Rhetorical Question 1.) “a rhetorical device, is posed not to elicit a specific answer”

Note the proper use of numbered paragraphs.

8) I’d like to put that to the test. Bitch please, a level ahead my ass.

Aify ID:23366 level 82
Neminsis ID:2022 level 83

And since that’s based upon economic development and research completed that sort of deflates your contention…

“Just because you’re building scrap to buy end game ships doesn’t mean the rest of us F2P are. Some of them, like me, are actually researching all this shit so I can build it myself.”

And I repeat one more time…I don’t have a problem with paying players getting special perks, although I do dislike the pricing of those special perks being that so few can actually afford them. Lower prices and the WWs would still spend just as much and more people would find it easier to spend as well and increase overall demand for everything.
There’s only so much that the few dozen WWs can consume and that keeps demand low.

My problem with this update has nothing to do with who can and can not get these bps.
My problem is that it does nothing to attract and hold the new players.

And please before you go off on the ad hominems again, note that a few other players are responding with actual suggestions on what they would like to see in the game to make it more attractive for new players. After all, that’s the whole point. I’m sorry if you missed that.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging

Did you somehow completely miss this line… “How many hulls are already skipped over and never put into use?”

This has nothing to do with existing f2ps that have spent a year building up. This has to do with creating the conditions of a diminishing player base and the conditions that arise from that.

This is nothing more than raising the bar on the top end in an effort to get EXISTING players to stick around. Ooooh Shiny…Kaching!…$$$. This does nothing for the games bottom end where increases to the player base would come from.

And here’s the paradox…

IGG will cater to the end game players by providing end game content because that’s where the cash is on the short term, which doesn’t change the relative strengths of end game player amongst themselves but further isolates new players economically, technologically and socially OR IGG can broaden the begining of the game with a bunch of stuff that’s completely pointless for end game players and have them howl about it.

I don’t care what you’ve reasearched…How many of those hulls have you NOT built and will never build because it would be pointless?

You’ve never had a hard time finding a league match or deliberately lost so that you could move to a lower rank to get matches? You haven’t had to wait for more than one space raids cycles to complete your 3 per day? You haven’t seen the auction house dry up? You haven’t watched wc stay silent for hours at a time? You don’t see the hundreds of dead planets and 5 live ones in every sector? You haven’t seen new players join, bum fleets of ships, hit i30 in a day and then fade away because they’re bored?

None of that ever happens…

And Aify…I’m a level ahead of you so maybe you should “TRY HARDER”…

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 15 Content Update: Tesla Merging

How many hulls are already skipped over and never put into use?

How many f2p players do anything but build wiekes all day every day in hopes of buying some end game ships so they don’t get one shotted?

Let’s face it folks f2p in this game means that you’re a target and a bot for paying players and nothing more.

Oh look 4 of the 9 tesla are obtainable for f2p…So? They’re still going to be doing nothing but building wiekes and frankly even that market is drying up because it’s simpler just to run alts. This game is broken and this update does nothing to fix it and just breaks it more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Faction Battle Rewards Preview

except that the game is already dead…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Sever Maintenance Today

No one cares because the game is broken.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] loyalty regen

you lose -5 loyalty on each loss but you gain +5 loyalty on each win so you can erase any loyalty damage just by attacking a low level node…however the loyalty displayed does not update until you log in again.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Bug with XP

should’ve just made a different game instead of ruining this one…devs should also stop smoking crack.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Sever Maintenance Today

Who are you talking to? There’s no one here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Ship armor competition

Speaking as the most advanced Seeker in the game…I didn’t even bother because I know that an equally advanced UEO will top my best.

Nice try though.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Maintenance at 03:30 am April 13th server time

I’m quite pleased with this update…

A single run through of capella made me lvls 71 and 72 on a fresh lvl 70…not bad returns considering that leveling in forts was first come/ first serve previously…and was totally without risk of loss.

I’m not sure what people are talking about when they say that stamina recharges slowly…I ran through all the Pirate Lair instance earlier and then came back later to run through Capella on easy…Btw for those of you that gave up too soon…legendary level of Pirates Lair pays off in pink gear…I wonder what legendary lvl of Capella pays off in…hrm…

Also, I got one mil exp pack from a corsair today but I only farmed 5 of them…and sure it was only a blue but yes they still drop occasionally and yes mil exp in arena is too low considering the losses that one takes in the arena.

Seriously, this is a very good update…and I haven’t liked many of them up till now either.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Damage and initiative bugs collecting

Actually, you’re wrong darkbownar.

What is often described as the “damage” or “initiative” bug is real and it is also the same bug as “weapons didn’t fire” and “aircraft just sat there”…

I personally think the cause is desynchronization between players, packet bursts and the client/server trying to play catch up in a finite timewindow…or for the monosyllabic… “lag”.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Space Fortresses

meh…I sell those bps a lot cheaper than that…the 200+ credit ones are just the ones that don’t sell the moment they hit the auction house…

on the other hand if you scroll to the end in the auction houses you can find all kinds of fragment stacks for 2 bcreds…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Get ready for the War Coming soon!

Further more…after I’d lost the 30 cruisers and Star Blessing did not work (the last time), a stack of a different cruiser design appeared in a colony that had not been fighting…I didn’t make any connection to the incident because they were of a different design and I thought I had just forgotten about them since I don’t use many of that type…However, when that same stack of ships disappears without being assigned to any commander it makes me think that the two events are connected.

Could all of these bugs be connected by the single thread of a data base error?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Trade income bug

Different level nodes pay out at a different rate…

At one colony, lvl 4 node route is paying 1462 while a lvl 5 is paying 1862 whereas a colony to colony connection is worth 3278.

At another colony with a governing leader with 0 stats, a lvl 4 node pays 401 and a colony connection pays 1003. This is probably as close as you can get to the base value for connection type.

I did not find any variance in payout with hub lvl, spaceport lvl or planet lvl.

I also could not recreate some of the high bonus’ that I’ve seen previously.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the trade routes and check for variance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Get ready for the War Coming soon!

Originally posted by barbily:

are you sure that your commander has full power?

Full in each and every cited case…

In the cases of losses the best theory I have is that the opposing commander was successfully dodging across multiple rounds and weapons firings while at the same time the 15 second round timer was being skipped…If so then dodge is impossibly over powered and the rest of the skills are worthless because in at least 2 of those cases the opposing leader would’ve had to dodge 20+ consecutive firings without taking damage.

In the case where the transports retained ownership of node while the destroyer stack was sent home, this suggests that it’s an artifact of lag and/or a problem with combat resolution. The fact that the transporter stack only lost two confuses me greatly though…

Addendum: add another 30 cruisers lost because “Star Blessing” did not work yet again…Seriously…I’m seeing very little reason to continue at this point Barbily.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Get ready for the War Coming soon!

“it means it will be of no use or disappear if you don’t use them within 48hours”

They are also of no use if you encounter the combat bug where the players ships cease to fire for multiple rounds…

This is especially bad since this bug results in a greater than normal loss of ships.

I’ve personally lost close to 300 destroyers and approximately 90 cruisers since this bug started…60 of those cruisers being while I had two star blessings available but unable to use because of the bug.

I like this game, I really do but I’m not a masochist and this is just too much.

Addendum: I’ve just experienced another iteration of the same bug. I sent 150 destroyers to a node that was occupied by 10 transporters. The battle results were 2 transports destroyed, no destroyers damaged but all the destroyers were sent home and the transport “won”.