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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Runescape] Rune scape sucks!!!

I played 1 year RS.I don`t playing now this game,i tired for this shit.Because we got one of noobiest update!:

1.Wilderness to dangerous!if u got attacked by other players u cant run away(u need teleport).
2.New scammers!Scammers have about mils.It scaming other poor players.
3.Game to getting abandon…Players are leaving from this game!
4.This game is not most popular.
5.about 10k-20k playing this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Pylons

Very hard beat 1337 waves in crafting pylon.Because 26 or higher grade gem can accidentaly shot pylon and get charged.Max monsters hp (not summoned is 3.333.333.333).Max monster hp starts about 240 wave.