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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] July 16th - World cup celebration

in order to celebrate the German world cup victory we have reactivated Summer Sale 2014 until the beginning of August. Also we have added a new wave of premium cards. .)

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev] JUly 16th - World Cup celebration

Children of the night,

to celebrate the German victory at the world cup 2014 we have re-activated Summer Sale until August 4th including double victory points!

Next will be a balancing patch where we address many quest requirements and rewards.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] July 14th - PvP Season 4

Children of the night,

PvP season 4 begins today. As usual your ELO will be reset and season 3 cards are gone.

We left in 4 staple cards so that new players have a chance to get them. Two of them, „Kelpie“ and „Death chill“ also get evolutions. You can track all other card changes in the databse.

Next will be region 7, the „Dust devil desert“.

See you until then

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev June 16th – Summer sale 2014

Children of the night,

we bring you summer sale where you can get new premium items but also a lot of older, discounted items. Check out the donation page please.

Furthermore you will receive the usual +20% Blood Diamonds on all donations as well as a new squirrel, the Arcane Mgaic Soul“.

See you then.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 16th – Return to the field of the dead

Children of the night, the field of the dead has opened its gates once again. You can work on the scourges there if you have missed the first event. There are new loot cards to be found, so veterans also have something to do.

The 4 premium cards such as Cataclysm Mage are back and they have been buffed. Also there are 4 brand-new premium cards.

Many cards have been buffed and added. You can see an overview in the database:

During the event cards from Harvest Moon will be available in the single card shop.

All players receive 30 blood rubies

And another great thing: During the event you will get +10% blood diamonds on all deals

After that we are approaching PvP season 4.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 4th - New legendary rule

Children of the night,

Starting today we have a new rule for legendary cards: You can now only include one legendary card per deck. Since there will me more phoenixes in the future we don’t want every deck to contain 6+ phoenixes.

This is another way to balance the power of the phoenixes, to encourgae more theme decks (e.g. Venom Phoenix fits nicely into a toxic-based deck), and to make it easier for new players to catch up.

The following cards are now legendary:
All phoenixes, Staff of the warlock Queen, and the Necronomicon

See you

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 2nd - Region 6 and a LOT of changes are live now

Children of the night,

we bring you the infernal planes. Enter the realm of the three sisters and fight demons and fiery creatures as well as other monstrosities there.

But the now sixth region is not everything we have added:

Our deals are more attractive now, you get more blood diamonds for a much more favourable price. The cap for blood rubies has been increased to 40, and old boosters now only cost 10 blood rubies. Speaking of blood rubies: You will get 60 ones for free. This allows you to get one of the two new booster packs „Hell of Earth“ and „Portals“ immediately.

There are 4 new premium cards, and some older ones have been buffed: Childe, Gargoyle, Mystic maelstorm, Spellbinder bow, Netherwrath robe and Estake.

For the first time we are offering preconstructed theme decks, a vampire and werewolf deck which include a few classic cards.

Insane Clown and Psyco Clown can now wear armor. Signet of the archon now only has a chance to incite. Swamp Lord, Vermin Lord, and Nightshades are now stronger. Harbinger Drake and Blood Demon’s Blackout is now only a chance.

There are new evolution cards (Lady Iceheart, Masterful assassin’s blade, and Doctor Blood) as well as new PvP rewards: Starstorm, Shockwave, Lizzy Licious, and Black Dragonspear. Furthermore we are giving you 7 new evolutions of vampire lord cards!

Three points of energy now regenerate every 80 seconds (previously 90 seconds).

We have a new facebook page for Nightbanes, so please disregard the old one:

We have a surprise planned for you in the middle of June and then we are approaching PvP season 4 and region 7, the dust devil desert.

See you then!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 1st - Changes to the payment system

My mistake, the payment changes will be live tomorrow.

Three energy now regenerate now every 80 seconds.

The Blood Ruby cap has been increased to 40.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 1st - Changes to the payment system

Children of the night,

we have implemented the new payment system which is very much in your favour. Credit cards will be available once again yb the end of the week.

Tomorrow is the big content update, see you then! :)

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev] May 8th – Epic and coven bosses for R13.2

Children of the night,

creatures at the blood altar have now started to drop item for summoning epic and coven bosses.

Also some other creatures now drop glyphs.

Coven bosses have been tweaked a little bit to make them more challenging.

Donators want to check out the new Treasure Hunter servant.

See you then!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev May 6th - Phoenix changes

We also have buffed Lord of the Undead a little bit.

Blood Mage and Sister of Pain were supposed to counter phoenixes which isn’t working anymore. So we changed them to annoy dragons and xenos a little bit. :)

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev May 6th - Phoenix changes

HI all,

I admit that the phoenixes have been the most difficult cards to design. We wanted a strong card as a reward for high-ELO players that has a huge effect on gameplay and is also a bragging right.

Unfortunately over the time several phoenixes have become too dominant and there were problems that we didn’t foresee, e.g. Oblivion Queen’s reflect

So, once again phoenix are changed: Their leave-play effect and stats are stronger, but now they have a new proc called „Reshuffle“, which puts a creature back into the deck after it has died instead of into the graveyard. So phoenixes still have a way to come back.

On the other hand we have nerfed the Hive Overlord and Primordial Dragon a little bit.

In June you will get new weapons and most of them will be free! So if you cannot defeat the raid bosses right now be patient please!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] May 5th - Raids are live

Children of the night,

now that you have organized yourself in guilds the time has come to face epic challenges:

You can travel to the first raid location called „Portals“ via the guild screen. This is a region that has portals in it which lead to other dimensions and locations: The red pastures, the crashed alien spaceship, the dark oblivion, and the realm of he dragons.

To take part in a raid you have to be at least level 10 and be in a guild.

A raid boss has 100 health. If you win a battle against him he will lose one point. A single player can cause a maximum damage of 10 points, meaning you need e.g. 10 players who deal 10 damage, 20 players who deal 5 damage or any other combination. As usual this is an internal guild affair.
If you have the defeated the first boss you can go to the next one and so on until you arrive at the final boss.

There are two kinds of loot: Individual loot, which a player can receive if lucky after winning a battle. Raid loot is for the whole guild after a boss has been defeated. Guild loot is determined randomly and individually. Only players who have caused at least 3 points of damage can collect guild loot.

There is a new faction called „The dimensional drifters“ where you can earn faction cards.. Furthermore you will receive Blood Rubies for defeating a raid boss.

Raids will be reset every Monday at 12pm GMT +1.

At the guild menu is a ranking system for guilds. Each defeated boss awards 1 points and the final boss awards 2 points.

We think that the bosses are tough, but they are epic bosses after all. We want you to build special decks for them and design strategies with your guildmates.W

At the beginning of June the sixth region will be released and then we have a few surprises for you.

Until then!

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev] April 17th – Region 13

Children of the night,

we proudly present region 13, the secret laboratory, where Cyberlabs inc. is performing experiment that combine technology and forbidden blood magic.

Region 13 is split into two location, the secret laboratory itself and the blood altar.

You will find the new challenges and loot there.

We also added some quests for body mods in older region.

The epic and coven bosses will come later since we think you will have a lot to do in r13.

Donators may want to check out the new premium items.

Have fun!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] April 14th – Guilds and Card Collections

Children of the night,

guilds are finally here. We define a guild as a group of players that will master some challenges together. The first one will be a raid location called „portals“, which will come later. We want to give you time to organize yourselves in guilds first, so that everybody has the some starting point.

On the main menu is a new icon, a skull. Click on it and you will enter the guild screen.

There you have two tabs, „raids“ to manage raids, and „guild list“. On the „raid“ screen you can either go to your guild page, or create your own guild, and later go raiding. „Guild list“ shows all guilds. You can apply to them on that screen. One sorting option is to sort them by „raid points“, which will be the guilding ranking system.

Guild sizes: The maximum number of members can be 20. We want many guilds and not a few big ones. Later raids will require 10 players. In reality you don’t have that many people who always have time. However, if you have too many members you must make adjustments. How many members you accept is up to you. And of course, we won’t interfere with anything that happens in a guild.

Deck collection:
The second new icon on the menu are the „squares“. There you can sort your cards by sets. All cards in a set are displayed, and the ones you own are in colour whereas the ones you don’t own are faded out. This is for collectors who wanted an overview. Only card sets from boosters are available since sets like „premium“ and so on are never really completed.

Next will be the actual raids and then then region 6, „the infernal planes“.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] March 24th – PvP Season 3 has started

Children of the night,

PvP season 3 has started, meaning that all your ELO rating has been reset.

All ELO reward cards have been changed, meaning that the old ELO cards are gone for the time being. The blood badge reward cards have been unchanged.

A new proc has been introduced called „Blackout“: It can block your opponent abilities for one turn, with „flying“ being the exception.

A new evolution card has been introduced, the „Lycan darkmaster“.
Next will be the implementation of the guild system and the release of the 6th region, the „infernal planes“!

See you until then!

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev] Blood Moon Arising 5 has begun

Children of the night,

It is the time of year when you can return to the Fields of the Dead and to the House of the Seven Sins.

At the Western and Eastern field you can find Spider Egss which summon a new epic boss in the Eastern field. This boss has of course new drops, one that can be used for body modifications.

Yes, body modifactions! Here an explanation of what they do:

Body modifications come in 3 main types external, head and internal. Players should note that tokens are required, and these are obtained by doing legacy quests which can be found in various game regions (with the exception of the frozen breath token and pvp + some are pvb loot). Legacy quests can be done even with an active PvE quest. Once the token is aquired the body shaper at Club Noir will then craft the modification. Pvpers should check the battle master for starting with pvp body modifications. Donors should take note that „Seal of the archon“ is required to unlock internal body modifications. Also there are „Joker tokens“ which can be used as any token required for crafting a body mod.
Once modifications are required it should be noted that there is a 2hour cool down in terms of switching between different modifications of the same area, and a cost of 75 sapphires
More modifications to come in the future

During the event players will receive double Victory Points, and donators get +20% Blood Diamonds on all donations. Also check out the new Shadow Phoenix and Black Widow servant.

Next will be the opening of R13, the „Secret laboratory“ in which the minions of Cyberlabs are conducting weird experiments and perform dark blood magic rituals.

Thank you and have fun!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] PvP Season 3 announced

Children of the night,

PvP Season 3 will begin on March 24th.

This time you will be able to get 11 new ELO-cards!

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev] March 3rd - BMA5 officially announced

Children of the night,

BMA5 has officially been announced. Return to the field of dead, fight a new wpic boss there, and most importantly, improve your vampire by using body modifications!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Feb 21st - Nightbanes database

At the bottom of the screen you can see a link to the Database (Thanks to Waly and Sisquinanamook from the German server). It is a wiki that also lets you create decks, save them and send them to your friends.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Feb 21st - Two changes

HI all,

Tenacity can now only happen up to 3 times.

A new evo along Gargantuan Anaconda has been released, the mighty Spider Queen!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] February 17th - Cross-server PvP

Children of the night,

we were able to connect out servers so that players from the Germans erver, International server, and Kongregate can now play PvP against each other.

The players from the Germans are more advanced in PvP, but we think it is for the greater good of the game if we extend the PvP player base.

German and international players can use the PvP chat, too.

Next will be the guild feature, but without raiding at release. We want to give you time to found guilds first.

PvP season 3 is not that far away, this time we may substitute all ELO cards.

Until then.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [to DEVs] Level and Quests reward cards

Never going to happen.

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / [Dev January 28th - New servants

Children of the night,

in late 2013 we have added a few servants that you have named „Genociders“. We now added a few more, please check out all the trainers.

We have tweaked some material requirements for crafting in lower regions.

Right now we are working on body modifcations … yes, seriously, not kidding! :)

Also R13 is on the horizon.

See you soon

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] January 20th – Region 5 – Abandoned industrial complex

Frogdog now only costs 2 BL.