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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] June 1 – Crows Hill Cemetery Nightmare Mode

Children of the night,

we know, the wait has been long, but finally there is the promised Nightmare Mode of CHC and the level cap raised to 140.

You have to visit the Flesh Shaper to get the Nightmare gateway. Be warned, it sin’t called nightmare for nothing.

We want to thank the community members Sultana and lamois (and the others) who helped IMMENSELY with doing this region.

Next will the „Lost Island“.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] June 1st – PvP season 7 starts today

Children of the night,

the seventh PvP season starts today. As usual your ELO is reset and you can earn new cards. Also cards from season 5 are now available for blood badges. Three new abilities are introduced: Humility, Chaos, and Confuse. There are new evoltution cards based on cards from the portals raid.

We have now connected the Russian servers (OK1, VK1) to the older server, so say hi to your new opponents.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Suggestions

1) We are planing something liek this with epic tokens for the end of season 7.

2) A fight you will never win.

3) In season 7 the Russian servers will be connected to the old servers which will increase the playerbase drastically.

4-8) We are planning a kind of guild battle system

9) You can do this via guild chat. We want players to organize themselves and won’t interfere with guild affairs.

10) Guild PvP tournements

11) See 4-8

13) Hard to do since newer players won’t get any victories if it should be challenging for older players.

14) Funny, normally players complain about cards being OP. Actually we see a big variety of cards being used.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] May 18th – Epic tokens

Children of the night,

you all probably know the feeling when you open booster after booster for just that one epic card, but it will never come.

Not anymore!

Whenever you get a booster either for blood rubies or blood diamonds you will get one epic token.
Go to Shop – Archive – Epic cards. There you will find all epic cards from sets up to the seconds newest set. Epics costs 30 tokens, 60 for a unique, and 100 for a really powerful one such as Orbital Strike.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] 4th of May – Sunken City, the 10th region in Nightbanes

Children of the night,

deep below lies the Sunken City which is considered to be just a myth by humans. But the vampies know better. Your ally T’Chun has called for help since the Usurper of the Seven Seas is laying siege on the Sunken City.
Dive into the sea, fight the monstrosities of the darkest depths, recover long-forgotten artifacts, and liberate the Sunken City.

Sunken City – the 10th region in Nightbanes. New quests, a new epic quest, new abilities, a new booster pack, and many new loot and reward cards."

PvP changes:

You now lose less ELO. Winning an active fight earns your 3 blood badges.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] April 14th – Scary Week has started on all browser versions

Children of the night,

you can return to the Field of the Dead where you can find a new loot card, the raven totem. This can be used to evolve new cards.

Fürthermore you will get:

Increased chance to receive epic cards in quests and boosters
+50% XP and blood pearls from quests

+1 Blood Badges from active and passive PvP fights

New premium cards

+10% Blood Diamonds on all deals

40 Blood Rubies for all players

Reduced Blood Badge costs for some older PvP cards

Changes to some cards from Toxicity

Next some cards will receive a new ability called „reinforcments“, and then there will be the Sunken City.

See you then.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] February 16th – Mount Messmer, the ninth region in Nightbanes

Children of the night,

the ninth Region in Nightbanes is now available. Climb Mount Messmer and fight against the arctic wildlife, icy demons, the fabled yeti himself, until you reach the peak where Scintilla the icy queen reigns with a cold fist. Her sword icegloom hungers for your soul!

Are you brave (crazy) enough to face Scintilla in battle?"

There are new quests, a truely epic quest, new reward cards, a new booster pack, and new premium cards.

Cards from the sets „Portals“ and „Hell on Earth“ are now avaiable at the Single Card Merchant.

And of course all players will receive 30 Blood Rubies.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] February 11th – PvP season 6 has begun

Children of the night,

the sixth season has begun. As usual your ELO will be set to 1200 and there are new ELO cards to earn.

Cards from season 4 are now available for Blood Badges except the Snow Phoenix which we want to hold back for one more season.

Unfortunately the structure points of all hydra Heads had to be reduced.

Techno Warhorse is now unique. If you receive an error message you have to adjust your deck accordingly.

Styles is now really dropping the Brainwave Pistol.

We are planning to relese Region 9 next week.

See you then.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] January 14th – McCloud Manor

Children of the night,

the McCliud Manor raid is now live. Its difficulty is moderate, not everything has to be superhard. You can find the new awesome axes on the evolution page. It is intended that they are quite expansive. We want players to own one or two, but not all, unless you play like a manica. :)

Soon PvP season 6 will start and then in Februray the 9th region Mount Messmer.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] December 18 - Blood red Christmas has begun!

Children of the night,

we want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy 2015 in advance!

Until the 9th of January you can return to Lkae Silverlight.

There is a new epic monster, the Crystal Giant, who will drop new loot.

We also added a few new upgrade accessories that you already know from AHW.

During the event you will get double victory points and +20% blood diamonds on all donations, as well as an exclusive Doctor Squirrel.

Your Diviad team

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] December 18th - event has begun

Children of the night,

we want to wish you a merry Christmas in advance!

The Christmas event has begun today and will last until January the 9th of 2015. During this time you can travel to Silverlight Lake, where new players can find new challenges, but also veteran players will surely like the new loot, evolution and leveling cards there.

During the event some boosts are active: +50% blood pearls and XP for all quests, 3 blood badges for active and 2 blood  badges for passive PvP wins, and an increased chance to find loot and get an epic card in a booster pack.

All our deals will give you +10% blood diamonds, and you really should check out the new premium cards.

Of course there will be presents for everybody, 60 blood rubies!

We hope you will spend a little bit time during the festive days with the Nightbanes community.

Your Diviad team

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Nov 17th - R8 open

Children of the night,

we are releasing new regions on every server:

Kongreate will get R8 today, the Cyberlabs HQ

As usual every region has new quests, loot, rewards, and booster packs associated with it.

You will also receive 30 blood rubies to get you started.

Now we are preparing for the Xmas event.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] November 12 - Epic bosses in Darkcrawler caverns

Children of the night,

look for an item called „Darkcrawler cocoon“ in the cavern which lets you summon an epic boss there. You will find new servants to dominate. Few craftable items have been added which are an upgrade to some classic items. Now we are slowly approaching Xmas.

Have fun.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Nov 10th - New PvP season

Children of the night,

a new PvP saason has started: Season 5 for US and Kong servers, Season 3 for AG and FB servers, and Season 2 for Russians ervers.

As usual your ELO will be reset and new rewards have been added. Also cards from two seasons ago are now available for blood badges.

We have tweaked the ingame card overview a bit, so you can now see rewards and loots.

Arcane Squirrel’s AoE ability can now be reflected. The „o health“ bug has now also been eliminated.

Please see all other changes in the database.

Next week should she the opening of a new region.

Until then

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Nov 5th - Passive PvP

Children of the night,

remember remember the fifth of November!

We bring you a new way to play PvP, passive PvP. What does that mean?

You can now play against the decks of the players of your server even when they are offline.

One passive PvP fight costs a new energy resource called „vengeance“. which can see on the top of the screen next to „energy“.

You start with 300 vengeance. One fight costs 30 vengeance, and 3 vengeance regenerate every 3 minutes. In the item store you can get vengeance increases and refills just as with energy.

You will get one random opponent assigned to you and then the AI takes over his passive deck. If you win, you will earn one Blood Badge. If you are attacked you can also earn badges as the defender up to a cap of 20 per day. You now earn 2 badges if you win a regular active PvP fight.

In the deck editor you can set one of your decks to „Defender deck“ which you should do.

From now on you can get ELO cards two seasons later for badges. E.g. in season 4 you can buy season 2 cards for badges.

You can see all card changes as usual in the database.

Next will be the new PvP season and shortly after that the release of the next region, and then we are approaching Christmas.

See you then and have fun!

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] PvP season 5 announced

Children of the night,

the new PvP season will start on November 10th.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] October 22nd – No additional copies of cards needed for several decks

Children of the night,

you now don’t need additional copies of your cards for several decks. If you e.g. own 4 copies of a Skeleton you can play up to 4 Skeletons in as many decks as you want, so no more card moving around. As sual you can see all card changes and new leveling cards in the database.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Oct 15th - Halloween Event has started

Children of the night,

the time has come to return to the Field of the Dead. There you will find new loot so that you will become even stronger!

Furthermore there are new evolution and level cards. As usual you can see all that in the Database.

You will get +10% more Blood Diamonds on all deals, and there are 4 new premium cards available. The old ones (Cataclysm mage etc.) can be found in the archive.

Then we are slowly approaching Xmas, but before that there will be a new region and a new PvP season. Moreover, a new ability will come soon: „Dots“.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] October 15 - AHW5 has started

Children of the night,

the time has come to return to the Dield of the Dead.

But not only have the Field and double Victory Points returned, there also is a new flexible portal region for all players: The Darkcrawler Caves.

Buy a Magic Rope at Coraline’s and venture into the depths of the cave.

There are 3 epic bosses hiding down there which will be released later. You can also upgrade some classic items in the cave.

You will get +20% Blood Diamonds on all deals. There are three new premium servants, the Illuminated Phoenix, Elementalist and Paladin

After that we are slowly approachin Xmas and then we will do something nightmarish for level 140 players.

See you there

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] October 8th - Cards leveling and selling

Children of the night,

you can now sell and level some of your cards. If you want to sell them please go to the Deck Editor and click on the Recycle Mode (upper left corner). Now you see all your cards, but they are locked in order to prevent you from accidently selling something. If you want to sell you have to unlock the card first and then sell it.

Please be warned that all sales are final and we won’t revert anything! So please think twice before selling something.

In the store under Evolution you will find a new entry called Leveling. There you can level some chosen cards by paying their blood pearl cost and a card from the previous level. Level cards have the same rules as their predecessor cards for deck cosntruction, meaning that you can e.g have 4 Dreadmanes in your deck, no matter what level they are.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] Halloween Event 2014 announced

Children of the night, this year’s Halloween Event will take place from October 15th to November 5th.

The Field of the Dead will be open (again) and there will be new loot for veteran and new players. Some Halloween cards have been buffed, and there will be 4 new premium cards along with the classic ones.

Furthermore there are new evolution cards available, one of them the mighty Deathlord.

We are trying to release the card levelling feature before Halloween.

After that we are approaching Xmas and the opening of a new region as well as a new PvP seasons.

We are try to get passive PvP done in 2014, but more abut that later.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] AHW 5 officially announced

Children of the night,

All hallow’s Week 5 will take from October 15th to November 5th.

Of course you can expect a return to the Field of the Dead and double Victory Points, but we are also trying to release a new portal region for all players during AHW 5, the Darkcrawler Caves. This region will be a permanent addition to the game.

After that we are alreday approaching Xmas, and then we have something „nightmarish“ for level 130 players!

See you then

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] September 23rd – Changes to Remy

Children of the night,

we know it is very unpleasant to nerf premium cards, but Remy is, now that players have cleave, in such a position that he dominates every other lord in the game. That is why we have no choice but to adjust him a little bit:

He now only has 11 health and Curse 1. We will refund 60 Blood Diamonds to each player who has Remy in his inventory.

I want to assure you that we won’t touch premium cards unless it is absolutely necessary.

We also adjusted the level 45+ lords. All other changes can be seen as usually in the database.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] September 22nd – Locations and connected abilities

Children of the night,

there is a new card type called locations. You play locations as any other card. However, only one location can be in play. If you want to get rid of your opponent’s location you have to play one yourself. If you want to play a second location then the first one will be discarded.

Locations drop from epic and raid bosses.

Some cards have received new abilities that only work if a specific card is in play under your control. For example, skeletons get stronger if you have a graveyard in play, and zombie rockers gain shatter if your lord is Damien Reese.

The Blood Dimaond costs for energy upgrade III – V have been significantly reduced. Blackout now affects flying, and creatures have to be active in order to proc their on-leaving-play abilities (e.g. Armageddon angel). You can see all other changes in the database.

Halloween is slowly approaching which will see the return of the Field of the Dead and a lot of new rewards for new ana veteran players.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] September 8th - Darkcrawler raid

Children of the night,

the new darkcrawler raid id now available. Defeat the new 3 epic bosses and get new darkcrawler loot cards.

Now players can defeat a raid boss 13 times instead of just 10 times!

You can see all other card changes in the databse as usual.

If your server has Dust Devil Desert unlocked then you can buy the Firestorm Phoenix for 2000 Blood Badges.

The next big thing is the location and then again some wild ideas.