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Topic: General Gaming / Ether War for Beginners

Originally posted by 2much3time:

I beat the game last night.. so here’s a bare bones guide:

1. upgrade cannon 2x
2. upgrade smart missiles
3. upgrade tri shot.
4. upgrade ally ships 1×.
5. max out cannons – engines – ally ships – shields. in that order.
6. profit.

General strategies:
- always be on the move, your shields regen extremely fast when you’re not getting shot at.
- try to stay in the area between your base and the enemy red blob base so you intercept and tank most of the enemies.
- once you get the auto aim missiles start the farming while killing the bigger yellow balls with the HP bars.
- at full upgrades kill the rest of the yellow balls and destroy the red big orb

Kid, you’re a genius. Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!! =D

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Topic: The Arts / Welcome Musicians! (Please Read)

Well… hi, everyone! I’m new to Kongregate’s forums/profile/etc. I’ve been playing these games before, but Game Stop encouraged me to make an account, so here I am!

I’m a musician. I play all over, but I’m usually in Chicago (my hometown). And I’d really appreciate it if you looked me up and let me know what you think! Here are some links where you can find my stuffs:

Thanks a lot! Feel free to send me music of yours, I love hearing new stuff! =D

Peace and love,
Blackjack Sass=)