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Topic: Collaborations / Artist looking for Music Composer

I hope the actual programmer is getting any money this game makes – otherwise you are getting scammed.

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Topic: Technical Support / Save Data Bug

Yeah, it seems so, I haven’t heard anything back from them despite emailing and posting here.

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Topic: Technical Support / A duck has an adventure-achievement

I have a better idea.

I’m just going to rate games 1 star if I’m conned into playing them for a badge or challenge when they don’t include a save feature and/or have a broken API.

No way in hell am I going to play that clickfest game AGAIN so I can take a screenshot to get what I already earned.

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Topic: Technical Support / Save Data Bug

I’ve having the bug too.

I’m using Windows XP, firefox (w/ NoScript), but my internet connection is a bit intermittent at times (the router is buggy I think).

The Kongregate API bug (not connecting) needs to be fixed at the same time. Whoever updated the Kong code seems to have screwed it up in multiple ways.

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Topic: Technical Support / Lost game progress

No, it isn’t just you. It happened to me as well and I fixed part of it like you did.

I’m also not able to get badges anyone which I believe is related somehow – I no longer can connect to the Kongregate API (no badges, no high scores, no custom levels, etc).

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Topic: Technical Support / Game hosted on instead of

Yes, I’ve confirmed that is the case for …:D.

I copied the file from the assets directory to my chat directory and got my original save file back.

Kongregate – fire the noob that did this shit.

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Topic: Technical Support / Game hosted on instead of

Yeah, I think this is what has been causing my bug with …:). It has been switching between one old save file and my newer one. It also won’t connect to the Kongregate API to submit my info for badges or let me upload my custom level that I spent a bunch of time on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Musketeer?

It might be my build too. I’m not focused on AoE damage. I’m level 20 now. My maxed skills are fireball and rod attack.

IMO there shouldn’t be clearly inferior builds. I focused on single shot attacks for boss fights, but they aren’t that great currently. I tend to spend far more time getting good items in order to keep up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Musketeer?

I’m only level 16 but the Musketeers do way more damage than my fire mage.


Topic: Astroflux / I quit - I won't play a multiplayer game where flagrant cheating is allowed

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Weapon Suggestion: Chaff Dispenser – Kinetic weapons need a trail-type weapon so kinetic people don’t have to upgrade flame trail to defeat late game enemies/bosses.

Description: Release dark grey/black clouds of chaff at intervals similar to mine laying – but they are much wider than flame trail (about 3 ship length diameter). These clouds do damage based on the speed/size (size obviously to make this work on large/slow moving bosses) of the target entering the chaff – the faster you hit the chaff the more damage you take – this should be fairly unforgiving. These clouds also destroy missiles and while they are active they create false radar images of players – which causes missiles and auto-targeting/homing weapons to aim at them if they are nearer.

This is very much like real chaff.

Upgrades increase the base damage, damage multiplier for speed, decrease energy cost (it is fairly high normally) and duration of chaff.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Bug Report: Damage boost from Power Tree doesn’t appear to work for sticky bombs – either having it active when you fire, when it detonates or both.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Yes, it seems like the problem is that the shield appears to be there, but it really isn’t and since there is no shield you can’t regenerate health. You’ll notice your shield going down after one hit from the weakest of things if you had previously let it get taken down.

Bug Report:
1. Shield hardening still doesn’t appear to be working
2. If a player lands on a planet (probably applies to logging out too) it leaves a yellow spot on the radar for a long time – probably until you either land or leave the system.

Bug Report: Mandrom has bugged out a couple times and become invincible. Every time I’ve seen it is during his second (bladed) stage. He moves oddly, the blades do no damage, but he still shoots lightning if you get close enough. This seems to be a problem with the transition to the bladed stage in which the bladed aren’t fully implemented and since they aren’t there they can’t be destroyed and he can’t die.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Bug Report: Repair skill not working at all. I use it at it pops up with a green “0.”

This is in Arrenius – not sure if that matters.

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Topic: Astroflux / i like the game, at first

Actually the levels aren’t that big of a difference. It is more about weapon selection and skill. I’ve beaten players 10 levels higher than me in PVP.

That isn’t so much me being good as them being bad.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Abuse/more PK stuff:

1. It looks like some people appear to be using socks in order to get pvp kills. Checking their IP addresses would work. Another thing would be to have the game record whether or not most of these kills are from a select group of people and then a moderator can be informed to watch them.

2. Logging out to avoid being PKed.

I suggest that people can be immune to PvE damage while logging out, but their ship remains on for a good 30-40 seconds so they can be killed by PKers.

3. I suggest shield generators around safe zones that can eventually be destroyed to take down safe zone shielding to prevent people from simply staying in the zone and hiding out. This wouldn’t be abusive with my previous suggestion of PVP protection after being killed 4 times in a row.

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Topic: Astroflux / Server Lag?

Perhaps they are caching more of the images/sounds now and there are some bugs to work out. I’ve noticed that too.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Artifact types:

Turning rate
Top Speed
Exp boost – flat and % types
Mineral boost – flat and % types, this could even be divided into specific mineral types as well as “all” minerals
Repair – auto armor repair (small amount)
Hardened shields – flat amount, similar to skill and stacks with it
Rep boost – flat and % boosts
Range boost – for all applicable weapons
Efficiency – % reduction in power cost of using weapons
Power – boosts to regen and max power
Solar Armor – very rare, immune to damage from stars, stars regenerate power and/or shields very quickly. Perhaps this type of artifact would only be dropped from a sun-based boss – a boss that stays near a binary/trinary star system so players must navigate the hazards to kill him.
Cloaking – your name doesn’t appear on the map (just the ship shows) or above your ship . No warning message when you go hostile.
Boost – boosting engines while you are in a landing area (not safe zone) makes the boost last for 10 seconds at twice the regular boost speed.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Gaining experience:

1. Game seems geared towards players who specialize in area effect/multi-enemy damaging weapons

2. To fix there need to be systems or areas where it is worth it to kill very powerful enemies. The Dread Algae would work, but their exp yield is far too low for my level to make it worthwhile considering the time and risk involved. Exp seems to scale down as you level up, but I don’t think it scales UP as you kill high level and elite enemies.

3. Currently the best way to grind is with weapons like electrogun, flametrail and i suspect missiles. This allows people to go to spawners in various systems and area effect them for large amounts of experience in a short amount of time.

4. Elite enemies in lower level system should be considered much higher levels for the purpose of exp gain. They should not be worth 1 exp unless you vastly outlevel them.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Thanks for noticing. I like to think of ways to improve games.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Overpowered Weapons:

1. Plasma – definitely OP with the stacking continuing damage

2. Broadside – seems to be OP but need more testing

3. Gatling – A bit OP – low energy use, high damage, high range and large width. This combines to make it impossible to avoid and necessitates high armor builds early on.

4. Acid Blaster – possibly OP – my guess is that this is with flat bonus artifacts

5. Flame trail – this weapon makes energy builds an almost necessity since you need it to kill certain bosses or gain large amounts of exp. Everyone at high levels will focus on energy weapons unless the other weapon groups make it worth it.

Underpowered Weapons:

1. Nuke – needs to do at least 3 times as much damage (probably more like 5-8 times) to make it worth it – probably more. This includes blast explosion and continuing damage

2. Mines – easy to detonate without taking damage, high energy cost, long setup time, low damage for the effort. I recommend making mines less obvious – a color that blends in with the background to make them better for PVP.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Super-rare bosses:

Have some bosses spawn only once a week or so and crap out a bunch of epic artifacts or flux (need to have resource that gives you flux).

Perhaps you can use that nyan cat skin if you aren’t worried about copyright infringement.

Oh, and quit making bosses that explode and kill people on death – it isn’t cool.

The easiest way to do super-rare bosses would be to take existing bosses and alter their colors and weaponry. For example, you could change Mandrom to black and give him all missile launchers in his first phase. In his final stage he could spawn fighters.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Skill system:

Skills are bought with flux. Flux can be bought with minerals at a “Trading Outpost” which also lets you convert between other minerals.

Skills increase in cost each time you buy a skill based on the binary system – look at following table

Number of skills Cost for this skill in flux
1 1
2 2
3 4
4 8
5 16
6 32
7 64
8 128
9 256
10 512
11 1028
n 2^(n-1)

This allows skills to be gained quickly but they become much harder at later levels which encourages specialization. Reset of skills and refund is allowed with cost of flux. This also makes you more money without making paid players too OP.

Skills have prerequisites of other skills, specific pirate/police rep levels, actual levels and equipment/weapon levels. This might encourage some people to upgrade certain weapons so that they can get certain skills.

Skill ideas (skills with * have multiple levels)

Acceleration* – gives acceleration bonus
Maneuverability* – increases turning speed
Top Speed* – increases top speed
Automated Repair – armor regenerates at N per second (like shields) where “N” is equal to your level
Hardened Shields – shields have a sort of armor – equal to character level
Teleportation – short range random teleport
Invulnerability – +1 second of hardened shields
Enduring – damage reduction vs DOT effects like flame, acid or plasma gun (which is OP btw)
Focused (requires maxed beamer) – increase range of all energy weapons by 20%
Long-range (requires maxed out heavy cannon ) – increases range for all kinetic weapons by 20%
Potent (need maxed out acid spray) – increase acid duration by 100%
Heavy Armor* – 20% bonus to armor per level, 5 levels
Shield Batteries* – +20% shield regen per level
Rage – 5 seconds of invulnerability and 50% damage boost when under 10% health – 5 minute cooldown (large hits can instant kill before it activates though)
Point Defense Laser* (requires maxed out beamer) – auto targeting laser that only works on very small objects like locusts, missiles and mines. It insta-kills them, but has a delay between bursts – increased levels increase range and decrease delay
Explosive Mastery* (requires 4 levels in nuke)- +20% damage per level for all explosive weapons – moth spit gland, nuclear bomb, mines, missiles
Electro-damage shield (requires level 4 electro gun)- constantly electrocute anything that touches you
Biohazard (level 4 moth spit glad)- when killed you release a massive and powerful cloud of acid – you get exp for things killed in this way after death

Let me know if you want more.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports


1. Spawn NPC police equal to the level of hostile pirates that will hunt them down. They should be non-hostile to police, but not OP. They should be exactly like players and have base upgrades (engine, shield, armor ,etc) equal to the pirate that caused them to spawn and random weapons at levels equal to the pirate that caused them to spawn.

Pirates will get rep for killing them as with normal players, and they add to killstreaks.

This will help prevent higher level players from killing lower level players. These NPCs are more likely to spawn as a person’s kill streak increases.

2. Pirate Bosses spawning in all system past Arneius – they have stats similar to the police NPC’s above, but they are based on the highest level police player in the system and they will tend to hunt that player down. These bosses are automatically teamed up with hostile pirates in the area so they can’t get rep for killing them.

3. Systems should keep track of pirate/police deaths, resetting when there haven’t been kills in a while, to determien the liklihood of whether police or pirate NPC characters will spawn.

4. Need an alert sound when someone is on a kill streak or killing players to make people take notice.

5. Different color icon for hostile players on the minimap (Orange?) as well as directional information.

6. Computer recommends killed players team up with other killed players – characters teamed up by this process are given a continuing mission to kill the player that has been killing them.

7. PVP protection – if a player has been killed 4 times in a row they are given the option to have PVP turned off for a period of time (like half an hour). If they keep PVP on they are given a mission to kill the person who has killed them.

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Topic: Astroflux / Compiled suggestions and bug reports

Station suggestions:

Tinker’s Guild:

Allows combining artifacts to get a random combination of the artifacts combined. For example, if you combine an artifact with +10 armor +12% kinetic and an artifact with +10% all damage +5% corrosive resist then you might get an artifact that gives you +12% kinetic and +10% all damage.

Black Market:

They sell an artifact that changes every half hour or so. If it is bought then they are out of stock until restock.

Pirate Bay:

1. Sell random artifacts for pirate rep. The more rep you spend the better the class of artifact. This is a gamble.

2. Acquire system specific pirate missions to gain rep

Subspace Relay:

Quick teleport to any other station in the system

Police Headquarters;

Same as pirate bay but for police


Choose classes and/or train skills here