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Topic: Curio Quest / some questions on mechanics

In a new game with not enough data to determine ‘true’ ranking, this will happen (the tough fights and easy fights have the same rank)

Think if it this way, you get a bunch of chess players in a new league. Some may be grandmasters, some may be complete novices, the majority will be somewhere in the middle. Everyone starts out at the same place. The grandmasters will likely beat everyone, but if they do lose to another grandmaster they may (temporarily) have the same ranking as someone who is an utter novice and has won every game by sheer luck (by playing other novices who are less skilled).

Over time the rankings will iron out, at least if they are using any kind of ELO or GECKO or other standard ranking method.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Healing Spirit - wrong art

Good catch! I’m surprised I didn’t notice that myself.

Hotshot2k4 is correct – the Rod of Asclepius (one snake, no wings) is the correct one for healing, not the Caduces.

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Topic: War of Omens / Biased bank card draws?

Without having really done any analysis on the matter – my gut feeling is that the rarity of a card affects how often it comes up. Common cards will come up more often than Uncommon cards, for example.

Can’t be 100% certain on this, but it feels like my rarer cards come up less often while I have a glut of common cards.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / How do you set a game for Beta Testing?

I know that Kong+ users have access to a Beta Testing games area. How do you flag your game to appear there?

The project I’m currently working on will be ready to go into a beta mode in about a month or so and I’d like players to play it while I’m still working on it at that time. however I cannot for the life of me find where to set that mode or any documentation on it whatsoever.

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Topic: War of Omens / Chrome Performance Issues

The only problem I have with this game on Chrome is sometimes when I mouseover a card that can activate by feeding it a resource, it seems to lose focus. The cursor turns into that resource and then I can’t move it. I have to click the window to be able to move the mouse (and that usually activates the card, even if I didn’t want to)

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Topic: War of Omens / Banker Bug

If this is the intended functionality, change the wording to ‘ducat’ instead of ‘coin’. The only caveat here is that it would then need to trigger off of blue ducats – but otherwise all other coins will be known to not trigger it.

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Topic: Stencyl / Kongregate Logo

Originally posted by monsterjamp:

there is a Video Player behavior.

Yes, that’s sort of what I was referring to. I use the old StencylWorks since Stencyl 2 isn’t complete yet for full games, but that will work in Stencyl 2.0 That should allow you to play a .swf file that’s imported into your project (since that’s essentially a ‘video’ file – do remember that Stencyl 2.0 is non-language specific and terms are used generically so they apply to Flash, HTML5, Android, IOS etc)

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Topic: Stencyl / Kongregate Logo

You can download their .swf and import it, that way you get the animated ant.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for articles on the history and structure of flash games

Thanks, that was pretty interesting. As a reference, however, it is not useable, as I have no idea how many of these numbers are statistical outliers (Based on the Mochi Market survey for 2011, 25K is well above the average of 2.1K)

However, the article does link to this;

Which are broad statistics I can use for more accurate sponshorship data.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for articles on the history and structure of flash games

Familiar with Playtomic (I’ve had discussions with the owner on FGL and I plan on using their services over MochiBot), I would consider him to qualify as an ‘expert in the industry’ and thus citeable. Thanks for the tip.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for articles on the history and structure of flash games

First off, I apologize for this being a little off topic. I posted this in the serious discussion and was told by respondents there to try posting it here, since this area is more developer-focused and less player-focused.

I’m taking a Business Development course in order to get a better grasp on the business side of being a developer (I already have the coding and creative side down somewhat from doing it a little as a hobby)

The assignments in the course are basically breakdowns of the information that will eventually go into our business plans.

The first of these assignments is research on the industry and sector, and while I found some great statistical information (the 2011 survey Mochi put out with the support of FGL and other partners was a great help). I’m having trouble locating citeable sources on how the flash sector got to where it is now, and how it is structured. (I ‘know’ that sponsors pay developers, advertisers play both sponsors and developers, and end users play the developer’s games on sponsor’s sites… I just can’t find any citeable references for this, or any other, structural model)

Part of the course included how and where to research, however the resources that were presented were all government and ‘mainstream’ media sites that don’t really track this sector. For example, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for online games is 519130 “Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals” which is extremely broad and covers all kinds of businesses.

Now that I’ve explained where I’m coming from, my question is – does anyone know of any citeable resources that discuss the history and structure of the flash gaming sector?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Need information on the History of the Flash Games & Portals Sector

Thanks TAO. I’ll try posting it there (I already made a post on FGL too)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Need information on the History of the Flash Games & Portals Sector

Well, first of all, I’m going into business as a Game Developer, not as a Flash Portal Owner, so I’m not competing with Kongregate, but creating products that give them more content. Business plans are more than about getting funding, they are also about vision and direction and, well, the plan for the business.

I’m taking a government-funded Business Development course, and we did have a session dealing with how and where to search (and I’m pretty tech-savvy, I have to be to be a programmer). The problem is that most of the resources that the class was directed to are government sites and mainstream media.

Government sites don’t track Flash Games (or even online games) as an industry. It is lumped in under NAICS code 519130 “Internet Published and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals” Which you can imagine by the name is pretty broad. Basically any business that operates entirely online, even if it sells a physical product, falls into this category (, for example)

The newspaper searches that were suggested to us were similarly shy on information in this sector. There is a big story on how a Canadian college student’s Flash Game made #8 on Time’s top 10 games of the year, and there’s a story about a 5 year old girl who’s creative vision and art (and her father’s programming) earned 2000 dollars at a game jam in Toronto, but those are the only articles that come up (and this archive goes back to the 1980s – which is older than the sector itself.)

I did not post this in the Programming section, as it is off-topic there. I do have a Flash Game License, but I forgot my login and could not log in during the class break, and it slipped my mind before I got home.

I can appreciate where you are coming from, TheBSG, however don’t presume that you know my motivation or experience. I will admit that I’ve neglected to mention what I’ve already tried and what I’ve already found to show that I have done lots of research, but can find nothing on the history, which is why I figured people actually in the industry might know of some resources that my searches have not uncovered.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Need information on the History of the Flash Games & Portals Sector

I was just wondering if anyone knew of articles or where I could find articles on the subject, as I have been unable to find any such information.

Since this is one of the main flash gaming portal communities, I figured someone on here might have some information or ideas on where I can look. Using one’s networks is part of the research process.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Fragility of the Software Industry

First off, your iPad example is not software industry, it’s hardware.

Second (and more importantly) Apple doesn’t compete on price. Cheaper iPad copies will not sway Apple’s core market share which is based on brand loyalty, reliability, hype and customer retention. (That’s not to say some customers won’t switch – but price isn’t everything, especially when it comes to technology)

Have you ever seen an apple product on sale at a discount? Probably not. That’s because Apple knows their target customer, and doesn’t lower their price to get more customers (they don’t need to).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Need information on the History of the Flash Games & Portals Sector

I’m doing research for my business plan, and I’m trying to find some history and structure of the flash games sector, and to a lesser extent the facebook games sector.

I need links to citeable sources, so people responding and just telling me what they think they know doesn’t help. (I need secondary research – the kind you’d put in a bibliography in a research paper.)

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Topic: Game Programming / Will learning Flash help me learn C++???

To answer the original question – yes if you are using AS3. It will teach you concepts and structures that carry over between most programming languages (classes, functions, procedures and loops and conditionals). The actual words will differ from language to language, but the concepts are similar.

If you are using AS2 – it won’t help you since you don’t benefit from the class-based structure.

Originally posted by Senekis93:

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a hard language; there are bad programmers.

Not technically true, but true enough for top level languages. Once you start getting into low level languages like Assembly Languages or bytecode (or raw binary) where you are basically speaking the machine’s language, then you get into ‘hard languages’. (I don’t know if anyone uses those anymore, since proccessing power of most computers nowadays is such that any performance saving you get from them is more or less moot?)

But yeah, for top level languages that are designed to be human-readable, you are right.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / SOPA Bill: and now PIPA and ACTA

A lot of US soldiers have flat out said that if the US sic’s the military on the public, they’ll defect and join the rebellion. The people I know who have said this have been PROMOTED by their superiors for this attitude.

So if the army is used against the American people, I wouldn’t be surprised if half the army turns against the government.

That said, however, SOPA isn’t the bill that allows the military to detain terrorists, that’s the NDAA (and I can tell by other comments people are getting these mixed up – the NDAA has passed the Senate and the House and all that’s left is for the president to sign or veto it, SOPA is still in markup and will likely be voted on early 2012)

SOPA is hugely bad for online businesses, even if you don’t live in the United States. Do you have a US domain name (.com, .org?) they can seize the domain name. Do you rely on funding from a US based payment processor? (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal) they can blackmail them to cut funding to you. (And it basically is blackmail, SOPA basically says that copyright holders can say “This site is infringing my rights, willingly cut off services to them or I’ll hold you liable for their actions.” – they don’t even need a court order.)

Even if your site is entirely based in another country, and you don’t get funding through paypal or similar US based service, you’ll still lose a lot of US based traffic as SOPA orders blocks to IP addresses too (even though that’s practically impossible to implement without degrading the entire infrastructure, but we’ll see what happens).

Not only that, the worldwide most popular search engine is Google, and being in the States means that they have to remove your website from their database if asked to, which means a huge cut in traffic. That said, however, Google pulled out operations in China when they set up their nationwide firewall, I totally expect Google to close up in the States and move to another country.

What’s annoying is, from watching the markup, 2/3 of congress don’t know how the internet works. The other 1/3 have a rough idea, but want to call in expert council to discuss the bill, but the other 2/3 want it to pass as is, they don’t care how badly it breaks the internet (or maybe they WANT to break the internet, I don’t know)

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Kong Plus Thread

As a developer, I want to add my support behind the idea of optionally turning adds back on while being a plus subscriber with the presumption that games I play get a cut of both my membership and the ads on my pages that I visit. This would overall increase the income for flash game developers. (And since Kongregate takes a share of ad revenue and subscriptions, it benefits the site as a whole too :) )..

I’m curious how the revenue share for kong plus works for game developers. Is it a similar mechanic to Flattr where each game I visit gets a slice of my subscription, or is it a set amount per visit? If I visit a lot of games in a year, do those I play near the end of the year lose out because I’ve already spent my ‘share’?

EDIT: I want to point out that Canada will be getting Power Up Rewards in January, I presume we’ll be able to benefit from the double rewards too?

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Topic: Kongregate / New Homepage Discussion

I didn’t read all the comments but;
I LOVE the recently played module! Saves me having to dig up my favourites to play games I like to play daily.

I like the badge reccomendations. It seems to have badges that I’ve already completed but havn’t yet earned (because I played the game before badges were implemented). Most of the games I’ve seen in the badge list are the kinds of games I enjoy.

Great job!

@y0ttabyte – as a developer, I’m glad they moved the contest rankings off the main page and removed the existing rankings. The old system was such that if you were already on the top games, you stayed on the top games (because more users would see your game and rate it up) wheras if you were not on the top list (say, you were 6th, for example) you were less likely to climb because fewer people play your game.

This new system seems to show games based on genre favourites and ‘users who also liked’ mechanics, independant of weather they are on the top games list for the week/month, which seems a lot more balanced in terms of views and gives realative unknown devs (me! me!) who might have a decent game a chance to slip in.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Plague Demons

While there are not cards that remedy a stat decrease per say, there are cards that give you a bonus. There’s a craftable NPC that gives you +1 to a stat when depleated. Agility and Strength will ‘heal’ your attack, Strength and Wisdom will ‘heal’ your absorption, and Wisdom or Intelligence will ‘heal’ your magic.

Since you can heal these cards back to your deck, you can repair your stats when facing off against these decks Plague Demon decks, or drive them up when not facing these decks.

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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / mardek tvtropes page

OMG your right when you will say “You might be on this site for hours.” I got sucked into page after page. I’ve stumbled across this site occasionally in google searches (mostly to find out actor names) but never knew what it was FOR.

MARDEK got a trope named!
Actually Four Mooks
“You stand no chance against me, ‘cause I’m actually four blokes!”

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Topic: Kongregate / Games That Need API

I just recently played Towering Forever and loved it. I assumed it had no badges because it didn’t have the API. If it has the API, why doesn’t it have badges? It’s one of the better games on here.

Is there a way to tell if a game has implemented API?

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Shop Tutorial (no coins)

Few amendments – you have a max of 7 days (it deducts one when you start playing and shows ‘6’, since you also play when it’s showing ‘0’.)

Sorceress is actually really poor at generating income, I strongly reccomend Carpenter/Blacksmith for starting, as you can sell carpenter shields, staves and bows at good return as well as blacksmith shields when he learns them. Sorceress/Blacksmith will make it nearly impossible for you to get into a guild, as they are the two most common, you’ll want Carpentry or Tailoring to support a guild (guilds are neccessary if you want to play w/o coins).

Lastly – do not haggle when starting out. If you start having few customers show up, stop haggling. Every time a customer leaves your store with “!$%#!” or “V-V” over their head it lowers the likelyhood of customers coming. Successfull selling increases the likelyhood. If you are getting few customers, sell to EVERYONE, even if they offer below market value, this will increase your popularity (which is completely hidden, no way to view it that I’ve discovered)

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Topic: Kongregate / Official contest rules for Challenges.

And as usual as soon as I post I think of another place to find the info I’m looking for. Clicking on the ‘admit one’ ticket takes me to the main contest page with, lo and behold, a link to the ‘official rules an eligibility’.

sigh always the way with me. I try ‘everything’ before asking and then somehow right after asking I figure it out.