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Topic: Serious Discussion / What if Jesus was just a philosopher?

I watched this documentary this morning, I found it pretty interesting.
The whole thing explored the Pagan roots of Christ, basically in the sense that Jesus never existed, but was taken from Pagan beliefs and thrown into the whole concoction. The whole thing was centered around and artifact that they don’t really know IF it isn’t fake or not, called the Orpheus Amulet.
They don’t actually have it but they have a lot of pictures in good detail of it, it depicts a crucified man with the inscription of Orpheus and Bacchus or “Orpheus of Bacchus”.
Now Orpheus was the Greek hero that went to Hades to save his wife. they say the story goes he went in a musician and came out a prophet.
After he returned he joined a temple of Dionysus/Bacchus and became a sort of priest there, unfortunately the whole idea of ritualistic orgies and drinking yourself silly didn’t seem to suite him so he went and made his own cult.
They believed humans had souls, the could go and have an eternal afterlife after death, they also had some ceremony of drinking wine just like Christians do. He then went a step further and claimed Apollo as the one and only true god, and according to the myth he was then given a horrific death by the female members of the worshipers of Dionysus.
Now I don’t really have alot of credit here so here’s a link of Orpheus’ death and this which I didn’t really read through but it tells a bit about the amulet, this was all myth and nobody knows if the amulet is even real, but it does connect with the story of Orpheus perfectly, I guess the fact that a crucified man is depicted and the Orphic cult shared so many similarities with Christian beliefs is very tantalizing for some.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What if Jesus was just a philosopher?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

hmm. he was probably bipolar or something. some of them go further than to claim being the son of God and everyone’s saviour and blah, without lying.

Jesus just implied that God will punish you for not believing in him, while the Old Testament merely says God may torture you for even much more fickle reasons.

Yea, it is pretty interesting though how less violent God gets as time passes.
I mean the first time he got really upset he flooded the world, the second I think is when he toasted Sodom (In other words just the city instead of the world.)
As it goes on “Gods’ Fury” gets more focused on specific targets. And that’s more just before or during Jesus’ lifetime. (and after)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / First Contact

Originally posted by Sikesalicous:

What do you think will happen when/if we make first contact with aliens? This is if our government has told us that they have had communications with them through radio.

I think that some religions would lose credibility very quickly. Many people would be very paranoid, some might even hide in bomb shelters. Everyone will be confused on whether to trust them or not.

There may be more talk of having a one world order so the earth can fight as one if we happen to be invaded. NASA would instantly shoot through the roof with funding. Overall I can see it as being a really tense situation.

First of yes, I think the chances of any goverment actually telling it’s people about the chance of extra terrestrial contact would most likely keep it secret, unless they have no other choice, or maybe at that stage it may be considered alright to tell us.
The religions thing in that I’m not actually sure, it could go in a lot of directions. I mean they could lose their credibility, or they might “change the rules a bit” and the next thing you know you have a great excuse for them to just move on as always. After all lots of groups of religions are already preparing for something like that with the things they say and do. like this for an example.
The paranoid people thing, yea, but also crazies that will run up at ships and think welcoming them with firecrackers and cases of beer too, as well as the indifferent.
“There may be more talk of having a one world order” In the state we are in now! that almost made me laugh so hard I fell of my chair.
And then there’s the last thing I’d like to say, who says the damn aliens would choose America as the place they want to land anyway. they could position themselves across the earth, or take on an entirely different country. If that’s the case before NASA can do anything they need permission, otherwise what they might do wrong could influence the entire planet.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If mortality is a given, what is the ideal lifespan?

I also posted on one of the other threads about immortality, in that one I tried to come up for it to an extent.
Yet I would also just choose to have prolonged life.
For me it would be 400 years, mainly because I think everything I would have liked to see happen would happen by then…hopefully…
Though I don’t really think adapting would be such an issue…
My parents were both born in years where they firstly had no television, no telephones as we know it today
In fact both of them lived a large part of their lives in country towns, and both of them are still adapting very well to knew technologies introduced into their lives. Maybe they just need to play around with it for a while, but within a few hours they have a hold of it.
Plus you have to keep in mind that not all countries are as technologically advanced as others, my country for example get our new phones, computers, cars, programs, days or even weeks after being released in America, Europe or others countries more ahead of us.
It won’t be like 300 years of tech is going to dropped on your head like a 10 ton anvil in 3 seconds. There will be time to adapt, maybe not for a 1000 years of ever increasing technology development, but I think 400 is still a fair number.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Immortality: A blessing or a curse?

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

The way I see it there are four downsides to immortality.

1: Mortals would try to capture you for experiments.

2: Everybody you know will die.

3: The older you get the more problems will occur. Unable to walk, sickenss etc
( suppose you could pick an age to stay at.)

4: You could take as much damage as possible but no end to pain if continuous.

I would consider immortality a blessing. I would choose around age 25-30

What is your opinion on immortality?

Well I’m just gonna go ahead and give my opinion
I’ve actually had this discussion awhile back with some friends, and they were all, “Oh!! it would be so horrible, seeing everyone around you die, and you just having to go on forever!”
And I strongly disagreed.
FIRSTLY!! Depending on what type of immortality we’re talking about here, I’d like it!
The whole hating myself because I live forever and am a freak is something old people would worry about, because of their old fashioned views on life.
The whole being sad about loved ones is a pathetic atempt from bad vampire movies to make the whole love between a bothered teenage mortal and a scary undead monster so much more appealing, because suddenly he/she can’t go on without him/her anymore. (booohooo)
I guess if people want to experiment on you is something I overlooked, and I definitely wouldn’t be a fan of some form of permanent pain, like the feeling of being on fire. The golden age for me would be around 30-33.

But along with all this I must say, if I had the choice between immortality or prolonged life, I would choose prolonged life…just for a few hundred years or so. Just for the fact that I think immortality with our mindsets would become painstakingly, unbearably, insanely BORING!!!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / was earth visited by aliens?????

First of all, I love the thread! It keeps going down, then comes right back up after awhile, and there’s always a bit of fun…anyway back on topic.

I really doubt the whole idea of aliens visiting us in the past and basically building us as we know ourselves today, in fact I find it way more believable that our ancestors were just way more advanced or creative than we give them credit for…
However! I strongly believe that there are alien life OUT there that are just as advanced as us if not a bit more. I think it’s sensible that that the rest of OUR solar system has only bacterial life, but even that is not entirely supported.
Neptune as far as we know has all the ingredients for life, some people are saying that maybe one day we’ll reach Neptune and there’ll be fish and whales swimming around, but, WE’LL NEVER KNOW TILL WE GET THERE!
But still I hold that the Universe is just too massive to hold only us, bacterial- and Primitive life.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Flag Burning

I don’t see what the big deal is it’s just a flag…I mean it’s probably a bit insulting the the party/group/nation/organisation that it represents but still, c’mon!
I bet it just the depends on how you were raised, your view on current things and what your country is like at this stage…
I mean to me, it’s just a piece of material, it’s not like there some FIRST FLAG hanging somewhere with some type of almost holy symbolic meaning, with gold trimming where the flag itself is silk…
But then again it almost always comes down to the meaning the protesters were trying to express, that leads to the feelings people get from it. But still it’s freedom of expression.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / (AX) God is real

Originally posted by FlabbyWoofWoof:

From what I can understand, it is apparent that religious people such as MyTie do not and can not have personal morals…for their morals are decided by their God. They are unable to have their own morals, they must always be willing to accept what their God asks of them, even if it goes against their personal morals…so in that, they can’t keep personal morals. The morals that they do keep must come from a subjective understanding of the bible…..Where and when are Gods words relevant…that is all subjective…because even MyTie doesnt adher to all the ‘moral’ teachings of the bible…even MyTie will subjectively select what is relevant and what is not.

But, FWW if the bible is subjective as you say (which it basically true) then when a person reads it as an individual then doesn’t that mean that they can form their own subjective set of morals from it.
Try to understand my point, it’s just if you have one person they can form their own morals from it because they can decide what the meaning, significance or relevance is towards them personally.
Though when you start to add religious leaders into that mix (people to push and shove ideas around) then you just get, well….I’m not actually entirely sure what you get.
It’s been discussed somewhere before I think…
In the right hands, bible can be used for personal uplifting and good things.
In bad hands…well…you get genocides of other religions and innocent women getting burned at stakes…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / New Racism

Is this “new racism” like basically being racist to a certain race but when put in close quarters with an individual of that race to be kind and friendly with him, saying he’s a good person and you respect him (And mean it all to that specific individual), yet when you get outside you’re racist to every other person of his race, or even gossiping racist remarks about them with friends when they’re not around…if so then it’s not “NEW racism” because it’s been like that awhile now across the globe, I’m pretty sure it’s not like that on large scale anymore though.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The nature of Embodied Acceptance and Peerage

Ok let me see…well first off, vika you stated that Fred has an artificial general intelligence of above-human standard intelligence, and above-human standard creative skills, now from later post (those that I looked at ‘cause there were ALOT) I got that fred is basically metally superior to the human race, now I would have no problem with giving them rights, but like so many said before I guess there would have to be a limit.
One thing I can’t shake out of my mind is, Fred (from what I’m getting) and others like him will be taught and socially integrated with their brains like children in the factories, though wouldn’t that be in idealist circumstances, and once they get out of the factory and are faced with the true horrors of humanity, what’s stopping them from being appalled and disgusted with us (If their minds are so superior) and this brings something else up in my view, with all that won’t they soon see us as obsolete, won’t they see that they can be the ones to take our place and be greater than us…I think they would be cool in all respects, but those fears are things I think a lot of people will have an issue with.
Give them rights? Sure why not, but you have to look at the long term of how they would react to humanity if they are more mentally evolved…or that’s my opinion anyway.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do Americans put up with bad politicians?

I’m not American so I can’t really say, but atleast I feel better knowing that it’s not only my country dealing with crappy politicians and political dissatisfaction.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How would we terraform mars?

Alright I’m just gonna go out here and say from what I know…Firstly…Is Mars’s atmosphere really THAT rich in carbon dioxide, I mean Mars is basically a frozen waste, mostly because of its’ great lack of that greenhouse gas…it can’t trap any heat because of it…though I’m not sure myself maybe I’m just an idiot…ANYWAY! firstly going on if I’m right we’ll need to probably set something up like super factories to pump out greenhouse gasses to the max…basically the opposite of what we’re trying to do here on Earth. Of course they will have to be controlled and once there’s enough greenhouse gasses in it’s atmosphere we can shut/slow them down, considering Mars is somewhat like Earth or Venus where ALOT of carbon dioxide is trapped in it’s rocks, once it’s hot enough for that to bake out, but be careful that you don’t cause another Venus, then the planet will get it’s own little spin going and we can just keep the factories on low. we can’t just DUMP a bunch of plants and animals on Mars, it needs to be done systematically, starting with (assuming the ice caps have melted down by now and there’s some form of water) algae and other primitive forms of water plants, then we can move up to moss, fungi, ferns, grass and eventually down the long run trees. Then we can start placing animals, they’re not needed to keep carbon dioxide levels in check till then seeing that we’ll have the factories. Still this process could take decades if not centuries depending on the technology, and if we’re planning to use it as some fall back as an excuse for not caring anymore and let global warming go full speed ahead, then we better get started! plus the whole thing will not just need a SH*T load of equipment but the careful planning and control of about….two dozen super geniuses….now I have enjoyed greatly acting smart for the past five minutes so there…..

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How will the world end?

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:
Originally posted by hangman95:
Originally posted by Immortal7777:

links outside kong annoy me. at the very least, give me a summary of what it says and then provide the link for evidence/detail purposes. I dont know where that link leads.

ok, here’s the summary:

Milky-Way collision.

Isn’t that suppose to be like in a few billion years, I am curious about that though, If our solar system is flung out of our galaxy, or if earth is somewhat thrown away from our sun, what would happen??…would earth become a dark desolate wasteland, or will all of our systems planets plummet into the sun as it nears us…or will life somehow survive…

Originally posted by kastor246:

Scientist say there is a mega volcano in yellow stone park that is ready to explode any time. And they say if it goes off every thing in like a 500 mile radius would be nothing. Also if it goes off it will cause earthqaukes. And there will be alot of smoke in the air for about 3-5 years then will clear up but they say it would take another 10-15 years to get power back. And that there is a good chance we will have a nucular snow. Which we have never had to deal with and we all will probably die. Good enough?

^^as for this…I see no real extinction problem there, except for America, the ash will cause wide spread weather changes and will take years to clear out, so we’re basically talking about another ice age…but here’s the catch…most humans would probably survive it as we did so many times before, and scientists in my opinion blow these types of things out of proportion….sure I think a lot of the northern countries will freeze their asses off, but the weather changes would not be as horribly dramatic in some places as in others, so as for the whole world freezing over, I hardly think that would happen…..

Oh but back on topic…I really think an asteroid collision is more of a threat to the human race, I mean it makes more sense than some type of super virus or THE WHOLE WORLD being affected by some type of nuclear war, plus it’s totally random, for all we know a giant object might have been deflected off another asteroid as I write this and is plummeting towards earth as I post.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Curiosity Rover

Originally posted by thijser:

Well there are a lot of resources on the other planets that we might need one day (earths resources are running kinda low). And for other intelligent species, I think our main advantage will be once we get communication going with them. We can trade in scientific discoveries so only one of us has to discover every thing once and then the other will have aces to it.

I agree with the resource part…but, who says if we do meet aliens one day, that they will give ANYTHING to us…most likely I think if they are actually more advanced than us so that we can learn something new, they would anyway just ignore us…or blow us up for wasting their time…or maybe…just maybe, if you ignore the 100% concrete facts given to us by Hollywood, then they might be friendly…

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Topic: Off-topic / If the elder scrolls series makes a new game what region will it take place in.

I hate Bretons, because they’re pointless, Kajiits, because…well, I just don’t like ‘em and Redgaurds, because they’re just too plain for me…I prefer Argonians, and even beter if I make him a mage.

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Topic: Off-topic / If the elder scrolls series makes a new game what region will it take place in.

Originally posted by Ayumi_Stocking:
Originally posted by Wolf654:

Won’t the next one most likely be in Summerset Isles, with all the trouble with the Altmer on Tamriel.

That’s what they said about the fifth one aside with argonian trouble in Black Marsh.
Summerset Isles isn’t big enough for a standalone game, only an expansion.

I would like an expansion like that, maybe so that you can invade Summerset Isles.

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Topic: Off-topic / If the elder scrolls series makes a new game what region will it take place in.

Won’t the next one most likely be in Summerset Isles, with all the trouble with the Altmer on Tamriel…and I’d like to see all the “ancient secrets” they’re always ranting about.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: World Counsel?

AX: We all know not all countries get along but this is what I was wondering about and I wanted to know what others thoughts are about this.

Would a “World Counsel” be a good thing for…well…the world. If all of the worlds nations were part of a single government, all under the same laws and rights would things be better or worse, is this even in any way a practical idea. But let me add some more detail…there would be representing leaders in the counsel from every nation in the world, this governments resources are the worlds resources, and are shared and belong to all the nations who make up part of it (though they would have to work out a way to decide who needs more or who needs less). there wouldn’t really be the problem of being stretched thin, because all the military might will be pooled into one (and I’m guessing that would be alot). Plus one thing I’d like to note is, wouldn’t something more or less like this be necessary in the future anyway. Lets say someday when colonizing planets is possible, how would we decide how that planet is ruled if one nation is there before the rest, would they be the sole keepers of the planet, and even if that wasn’t a problem when more nations arrive wouldn’t there be disputes over who gets what.

And to finish of I’d like to add, in this situation ^, the wheels have already started turning, don’t focus on all the problems before counsel is formed between nations, look at when it is already present. I’d really like to hear what people think about something like this, and I know it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but try and think about it…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Howcome we don't resort to cannibalism?

Does anybody realize there’s an actual difference between, eating people because it’s a cultural norm, or because it’s something the society just does…which we then call Cannibalism. And what people do in extreme situations where they have to survive, such as eat the already dead…there’s a whole other term for that but I can’t remember it. Now…why would we even turn to eating one another or even dead bodies, if there are SOOOOOOOO many other options of food, and we can eat people, you just need to eat they right parts, just like with certain animals, some pieces make you sick, others make your belly full. And as for the taste factor, once I was involved in the old thing of, “look if you can lick your elbow.” and when I licked my arm I tasted rather salty too, and I have tasted my own blood before and….I TASTE LIKE CHICKEN!!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How do you think the world would be if:

That’s actually a very good point.

-If religion never existed wouldn’t all the atheists have anyway found a way to divide themselves and bicker, fight or even kill for what they think is logically sound, wouldn’t some find ways to “prove” there hypothesis right and then they would just eventually fight over who’s wrong or who’s right.
-And if the whole world was religious…need I even say more, the possibilities of people dividing making their own religions and fighting over it, even killing whole other groups of people off to get their religion supreme are endless.

I guess the end result here is we just can’t and will never know…we could be an entire different race if things turned out like that, or we wouldn’t, we just won’t ever be able to tell.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Creation vs. Evolution

Well I guess I get it now…I now actually find I had a bit of a better idea about it then I thought but thanks, and I must be getting good at judging discussions because the moment I went to take a break after my last post I KNEW someone would say we are off topic…YAY for good judgement!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Creation vs. Evolution

sorry, I probably got out wat I was trying to say wrong, but how does a species then get what it needs to survive in a specific enviroment, if it is all just random how does it ever get the right mutation, or is it just chance that it evetually does, I’m not trying to say evolution has a mind, I’m trying to learn in the process

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Creation vs. Evolution

I really don’t know alot of scientific terms but I thought evolution revolved around species evolving to adapt to their specific enviroment with it’s challenges it presents to them. So they get what they need to survive the new problems they face (predators, heat, less water, more water, lots of food…I gues they just get use to alot of food then…) but then nature jumps in and even evolution can’t save all species, and some just die off, because they don’t evolve fast enough or are just to quickly killed of by the events to do anything. then we’re left with what…well, you have left…and it’s just a continuing proses…does this get through to anybody, it seems like alot of people have the same idea…but it just doesn’t come down to that when they say it…plus I think nature has the right idea when it gives some animals four, six, eight or a hundred legs…just look at what they have to do in their natural enviroment and need to survive, they usually get what’s optimal for that, and what they still have but it doesn’t effect them they just keep.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Creation vs. Evolution

Originally posted by mah3mah3mah3:

I know a lot of people equate creationism to what I call the “poof” method – I.E. God just pointed his finger, and there it was. I’ve always held the belief that God actually guided the universe, and us, into what he wanted, from single-celled organisms to humans. Which is more amazing: that God just poofed us into existence, in a week, or that he paid attention to us for millions of years, guiding our existence, watching over us. I realize this is just a theory, but for me it’s always made the whole “creationism vs. evolution” kind of moot. Why not both?

See now this is what most people in my old community use to believe, But it’s more like people believed for such a long time in the whole “poof” creation, and when they were finally met with scientific answers to how the universe came to be, they quickly scrambled (as always) to find a way around it, AND THEY FOUND IT! all they needed to do is claim God guided it all to happen, as easy as that!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / just a thought about humans

and things only evolve when they need to right…. (question)