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Topic: General Gaming / too many idle games

getting tired of seeing idle games that either horrible or not worth playing due to unpolished or just slapped together in less then a day. that and recently all the new games are idle games. get something else uploaded.

i hate to rant about this but kinda getting tired of seeing all that is on new bunch of horrible copy paste idle games.

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Topic: Redshift / problem with update

so 3g update i am still showing v3f and i have cleared cookies from browser (firefox) and i have restarted page bunch times. any ideas or help.

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not seeing it i have cleared cookies, and reset and reloaded thing couple time but no v3g showing.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Post here if you have won the Laptop :)

idk i would like the laptop but more want kreds. but it would be nice to have if i get but highly doubt with my luck.

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Topic: RobotPet / Suggestions for upcoming updates

i would like to suggest a part shop nothing big just something to waste hydrogen on mainly have lowbie parts that would be within your robots level range. maybe have a green or blue pop up as a sale item. so it give people more reason to use the mixer and for those who are having hard time finding part type they need get some of the same type and start mixing them.

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Topic: Technical Support / phishing url in a game

so my kaspersky is saying there is a phishing url in the infectinator:hot chase game. just thought you may want to know for some reason it is picking that up.