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Topic: War of Omens / Trolling Screenshots in game

when my opponent plays mayhem, my hand looks like this :

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Topic: War of Omens / Been Saving Up

Originally posted by Lloyd_Kitsune:

I don’t fully understand what we’re supposed to be seeing here.

Look at the silver. And the gems. It’s your answer.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Originally posted by Gameguy602:
Originally posted by Praporshik_Zadov:

After reading a few dialogues of this so-called “little community,” I just basically had my old theory reinvigorated. The theory is as follows: when God wants to punish a person, he deprives the person of sanity. In this case, the whole “community” was punished. Humanity is done for.

I thought when god wanted to punish someone he gave them a ritual slaughter card instead of something useful.

No, god gives you a lamb when he hates you.

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Topic: War of Omens / Goat Outrider broken

Well, no, it doesn’t work that way. Outrider is pure RNG, sometimes he dodges a Barrel Bomb and sometimes nothing at all. I think it’s pretty much ok as it is.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

That’s just epic :
ImpossibleDream: How do I feed Empowring Seal magic? I can’t do it.

DrZomboss: click on it?

ImpossibleDream: ah ok. Doesn’t work first turn it seems

ImpossibleDream: And you can’t use it twice it seems

SirDoom: lol

Blackshine: No. But you can’t use it if there are no more Anima to empower.

SirDoom: and they have to be in play not in your hand\

ImpossibleDream: ahhhhhhhhhhhh it only empowers Anima

ImpossibleDream: **** I don’t know what that is

SirDoom: /faceplam

Blackshine: Anima, as in creatures.

ImpossibleDream: +1

ImpossibleDream: ow ok. DAmn. I need to change this deck then :)

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Topic: War of Omens / miricale

Originally posted by desciclope666:

does this miracle draw a card on play?

Nope…. except if the summoned card is Vespitole, i.e. ~60% of the time

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Topic: War of Omens / A new idea

Originally posted by FFFFF99999:

sorry,but I think this would lower the revenue of the devs to much (and I think it is already pretty free-player friendly).


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Topic: War of Omens / Maxed heroes

Originally posted by Pregor:

ok and whats with the guys, who have already a lvl 35 hero?
btw: i like the idea
Maybe a gold pack for lvl 28+? :)

Not enough. Leveling takes ages.

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Topic: War of Omens / can dead ally be healed?

It’s only possible with the Yarakeen and Golem afaik.

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Topic: War of Omens / Can't Feed hero mana at 99hp, please fix!!!

Originally posted by Pyrovoicee:

wanted by the devs, I don’t think they will change it

Actually, they will. I’m a beta tester so I know next update you will be able to heal magic at 99 hp.

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion about early multiplayer quits

Nice idea, +1

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Topic: War of Omens / Today's update

Originally posted by dragondave17:
Originally posted by DrZomboss:

Ok, now I get it. I misunderstood the new system, thought it’s under lvl 8 and it’s actually beneath lvl 8 you still get tickets! So the system is not that bad. Sorry…

Wait, you’re saying the update is confusingly worded? you still get draft ticket rewards from levels 2-7? just not 8 onwards? I read it as getting draft tickets from 8 onwards and silver from 2-7.

Err, I mean I understood the system just now, didn’t understand it before lol

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Topic: War of Omens / Today's update

Ok, now I get it. I misunderstood the new system, thought it’s under lvl 8 and it’s actually beneath lvl 8 you still get tickets! So the system is not that bad. Sorry…

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Topic: War of Omens / Today's update

In short time you’ll run out of tickets, I think it was designed by devs to not make everyone just play drafts, but honestly, if you decrease the amount of tickets, you should at least buff the rewards, it’s unfair for those who started playing later.

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Topic: War of Omens / Tournament heroes

Why aren’t there 10 tourney heroes to be able to get 10 champion’s paizas? Also, I think lvl 28 is a little too much…
Ideas for heroes:
Each turn: restock a random common or uncommon card
Takes 3 turns before opponent
Starts with 2 random allies
Each turn : attack, ignore intercept

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Topic: War of Omens / when do i concede?

well, my picture in “The most satisfying feelings of the game” thread shows MUCH greater nonsense of the concede button than this image :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Got a question about overkill

ya didn’t see that :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerf or buff

Originally posted by glopuk:
Originally posted by Splatmaster89:

charlatan should be limited to possibly 2 max restocks per turn

How often do you win games??? I’ve never seen anyone leave a charlatan on the field for that long lol

Really? It’s actually a popular strategy with Vald

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Sephiroth877: “I am Chronos the titan.” – Mogesh

GregarFalzar: Nobody said Mogesh can’t said long words

Sephiroth877: “My maul is actually a giant dead fetus on the end.”

Sephiroth877: I could go on with this for hours.

janeika: Why would Mogesh be Chronos?

janeika: doesn’t he control time?

aramtruen: eating kids

GregarFalzar: wtf this Ys is drunk

GregarFalzar: she’s only buying Bankers

Sephiroth877: Because Chronos ate all of his children except Zeus because Gaia hid Zeus away from Chronos

s0rted81: “aaahhhh looooove me some fetus” Mogesh

Sephiroth877: He ate his children because a prophet told him one day his downfall would come from one of his children.

janeika: aaahh

janeika: Greek mythology is so cool, “No lets not just kill them, lets eat them as well!”

Darcouth: that

aramtruen: totally reasonable reaction

Darcouth: was a hell of a lucky save talmain

Darcouth: lol

Sephiroth877: The titans were kind of assholes.

s0rted81: he ate his children because a prophet told him that one day he’d find his fridge empty and be hungry

Skadi: gaia was an asshole because she hid the kid from her titan buddy

Sephiroth877: Actually… Prometheus had it bad.

phoenixark123: “What would Zeus do about this current foreign policy in the Middle East?” “I dunno, maybe like, turn into a duck then have sex with ducks.”

janeika: wait, aren’t Hades and Poseidon the brothers of Zeus?

DrZomboss: wasn’t it Rea not Gaia?

Sephiroth877: I thought it was Gaia

Sephiroth877: Could be wrong

orias72: janeika yes they are all brothers

janeika: So Gaia/Rea saved all three then?

skifly: lol theo

Simply_Gabriele: No, puked up post factum.

Skadi: it was gaia who hid zeus

DrZomboss: naw, Cronos vomited

janeika: lol

Wesleyao: Man… I never start with boars when I’m fighting someone of a decent rank

Jonathancarmel: rea hid zeus

Sephiroth877: Wait

Sephiroth877: wait

Sephiroth877: Aren’t Rea and Gaia the same?

Sephiroth877: Just different spellings?

Jonathancarmel: could be

skifly: lol skippie89

DrZomboss: Gaia is Zeus’ mother

Skadi: no, rea told gaia to hide zeus, so gaia hid him

Jonathancarmel: no rea is zeus’s mother

Talmain: heh

DrZomboss: ah no, his grandmother actually

Talmain: that was lucky

Sephiroth877: ANYWAYS lol

Wesleyao: Eh not really.

orias72: skadi is correct, poseidon and hades were eaten while zeus was hidden away by gaia, who was asked by Rea, chronos’s mother to do so

Wesleyao: Bank just decided to hate me.

Sephiroth877: Mythology and cryptozoology are two of my favorite things ever

Talmain: my bank was perfect

Talmain: with good procs too

BTwelve: Chronus ate them because he thought that was safer than locking them away in Hades like his father did

Skadi: yay i was right for once

Sephiroth877: Good job Skadi

Sephiroth877: Now tell me the epic poem about Fenrir and Yggdrasil

shocman: no

BTwelve: no

DrZomboss: sephi… enuff for today

shocman: chonas ate them because he didnt want his children to overthrow him

Sephiroth877: Enough what?

DrZomboss: mythology

janeika: NO

Sephiroth877: The room is loving it

janeika: moar

BTwelve: that’s because Cronos had already overthrow his father Uranus so he knew how easy it was to overthrow leaders

Skadi: dunno about that poem, just know that the gods were afraid of fenrir, seems like everyone is afraid of everything in mythology

Sephiroth877: Everyone was more afraid of the world serpent though… I forget his name though

janeika: they chained him up with the beard of women

orias72: fenrir and yggdrasil didn’t actually come into contact that often as fenrir was a giant flying wolf that constantly flew about amongst the stars, and never did come to earth until the eclipse and swallowed the sun

BTwelve: fenrir blah blah gods blah blah Ygg blah blah

janeika: and that’s why women don’t have beards

phoenixark123: something like Jormugandr

Sephiroth877: Yeah I know orias :p I was just saying two names

DrZomboss: anyways, who cares

Sephiroth877: and yes phonix! That you

Sephiroth877: Thank*

phoenixark123: *Jörmungandr

BTwelve: you’re mixing up the myths, sephiroth

Sephiroth877: What I’m talking about now is Norse I know

DeS_tructive: That’s what he gets for playign too much final fantasy.

Sephiroth877: Norse is just fascinating

janeika: This is religion BTwelve

BTwelve: Is that like the time that Fenrir came into contact with Zeus, sephiroth?

Skadi: fenrir wasnt the giant flying wolf, skalli and hati were, no?

janeika: Fenrir was the lovechild of Loki and Hel

Sephiroth877: Fenrir was definitely a wolf and I do believe he had the ability to fly. I think orias was 100% right.

janeika: Or was the Fenris

Sephiroth877: Fenrir and Fenris are the same, just different spellings.

janeika: It’s Fenris in Norwegian at least

Darcouth: I don’t think he flew…

orias72: skalli and hati were lesser children of loki and hel and had their own forms but shared in the ability to fly

Skadi: yea fenrir was a wolf, but he didnt chase the sun and moon

orias72: i believe at some point they turned on eachother and fenrir ate them

Sephiroth877: No one said Fenrir chased the moon and sun lol

BTwelve: I don’t think he flew either, but if Fenrir flew in the movies everyone will be believe he can

janeika: He didn’t fly

BTwelve: Are you calling Sephi wrong?

Darcouth: Fenrir couldn’t fly

phoenixark123: Sephiwrong lol

Darcouth: I don’t reall yknow why anyone would think he could

skifly: because he wasn’t real

janeika: me neither

BTwelve: Sephiroth disagrees with you

Sephiroth877: I agreed with orias :p

Sephiroth877: I’m not 100% sure though, that was also stated.

DeS_tructive: grumbles and goes to pop it in all decks

BTwelve: Because Fenrir was the one of the earliest incarnations of My Little Pony?

orias72: woopse, skalli and hati were his children not his siblings
and so on…

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerf or buff

Originally posted by desciclope666:

body guard is useless, he shoul block 1 attack a turn or something.

apothecary, he only function is restock poison, she should heal hero by 2 a turn or add 1 charge to poison.

vitner hes no “on feed” effect, reducing his cost would make it OP, so amybe add a 10% chance feed ally? after all, you read his description on the loading screen.

Originally posted by Splatmaster89:

OP list is pretty short I guess…

supplicant could go to 1 life just to incentivize even using the other resource allies/prevent “free heal” abuse and 1 man supplicant army killing as many reflectors as he wants

boar unguent is probably the most broken card in the game right now and the real mogesh/baba power card

stolen plans could prob go +1 cost… feel like its a little easy to justify running 2x and its generally just very powerful at its cost

goat outrider is a total shit card that needs to be changed if it isnt “OP” per say… having the potential to dodge 10, 15+ straight (seen it way to many times) is garbage

charlatan should be limited to possibly 2 max restocks per turn

needs buff:
embezzle – hard to everrrrr jusitify running this card and really easy to play around/insignificant card

informant – recent nerfs went a little far on it… should be changed to 100% destroy maybe? just cant even run these any more without the liability of redrawing a useless ally that does nothing on play

shepherds gift – terrible and if you play this you are probably terrible

carnage – worst card in the game/unusable

you are terrible, goatgirl asides the rest is ok.

no, he is right about boars, SP, charlatan, carnage and possibly supplicant, informant and shepherd’s gift. However, don’t think embezzle is bad.

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Topic: The Gate / Lower rarities useless?

Are the lower than 3 stars rarities useless? I have that impression, since I don’t see the point of having 1 or 2-star creatures in my deck with three 4-star ones…

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Topic: War of Omens / Most satisfying feelings of the game

Another sequel of the series :D

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Topic: War of Omens / Building an Army on Paper: The Ultimate (Impossible) OP Hero/Deck Combo

Originally posted by dotchan:
Originally posted by Endovior:

If you want to create a reasonable deck that you might actually get to use, I’d challenge you to pick two factions, and assume that your hero power is simply the ability to combine the two factions. That really should be all you need.

Nah, this thread isn’t about “reasonable”. It’s about potentially winning on Turn 1 with the right bank. (Speaking of which, I should try and make a deck that goes for a Turn 1 win…)

Actually, if you could have a 2-card deck, it would be maxed Deceit and Infighting. Game over.

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Topic: War of Omens / if you could do one person of each faction

Originally posted by busodeLcueo:

your mom

I laughed to tears at this one. Really.

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Topic: War of Omens / if you could do one person of each faction

What exactly is this thread about?