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Topic: Everybody Edits / New Update.

Originally posted by Moxpress:

Oh and also, how do I play another campaign map after I have already played the first one in the category?

Do you have beta? If not, Campaign is not available to you. Campaign is only available for Beta’s right now, And People without (Such as myself) Cannot play it, We can finish some levels, but we don’t gain rewards.
Getting tired of telling people this

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE 2.0

Originally posted by awesomesause175:
Originally posted by DAS_VIRTUOSO:

So I have this dilemma with the new menu, though it may be due to the fact that I use Google Chrome as my usual web browser, given that I am using a Windows laptop and that I have heard some… things about Internet Explorer. Anyways, it seems that the right side of the screen has been cut off, making me unable to use the scroll bar on these new “Campaign” and Shop screens. Is this happening to those who use the same or a different browser?

yep there a scolling issue on chrome

It’s on Firefox as well. The fix is to right click and show all, but it messes up the chat resolution in ee, and you need to refresh to fix it. The scrollbar will be visible after show all is done.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / The New Update

Right click on the game, click “Show all” You’ll then be able to see the scroll bar. WARNING: It’ll mess up EE’s Resolution though, Making the chat nearly unreadable. You’ll have to refresh to fix it. Thank me later.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Originally posted by BabylukeQuinol:

How bout’……… team flags?
how bout’……….. team blocks?

For the Flags, The Medieval pack’s decorations tab flags can change colour. (When you click on them)

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by Xfrogman43:

Poor Mara, didn’t get a win at all…


Do you care at all?

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

Originally posted by Archanan:

How bout’ explosion bot or something.
where you put down a block, set timer , and blocks around the block that explodes dissapear. (also modificable “explosion” radius.

The Deadline was Earlier today. 1 AM to be exact. I think. Or it’s at midnight and I’m completely wrong.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / ARE BOTS CHEATING? THE CREATOR did not put bots in this game

Originally posted by Battleship203:

Thats like saying “If the creator didn’t add swords then we are not allowed to draw swords”.

Plenty of bots take longer to make than some of the good art I made.

If bots never existed then a lot of fun minigames wouldn’t exist in this game.

For once, Battleship, I fully agree with you~

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Originally posted by hunter5543:
age asking block:to make EE have more mature behaving players.when stepped on it will ask your age.if you are younger than 13 you will die

Uh… EE is universal age, I’m pretty sure… the KONG age minimum is 13.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

Hey! Guess what! Another entry: An Attribute setter Bot, allowing the owner of the world to set attributes to blocks, possibly given a list, to interact with other blocks next to it if compatible, With settable power blocks, which will run through the others Ultimately powering… Something. Probably eventually causing an animation, possibly, in the future, if chosen, will be paired with something else, like having a gun shoot, or water move, or something explode, or something. For example: (Completely Wat) Have fun trying to figure this… absolute mess out.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

What about a Storyline Bot? Allowing you to program things, such as events to happen, which will move blocks, or delete, or such? Could be used for some bloody amazing EE adventures. Possibly the ability to turn specific blocks to NPC’s?

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

Originally posted by wizard2002:

Instead of turning this into a flame war, lets just say that spooky has his opinions and we have our own. If either of you don’t like this, then at least argue about it on chat.

I respect you~

You’re part of the… 20? 25% of people who don’t message back with swearing and calling the others idiots.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bot Idea Tournament

Originally posted by spookyskeleton:

Bots use no skill, this game was better before boring bots existed

That made me laugh. So hard. “Bots use no skill” Do you realize what kind of knowledge it takes to create a bot? Even some of the simpler ones take a long time to make. That’s like saying “I can create a full RPG in 3 days!” to say bots use no skill.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE Art: 3-D Waves

Originally posted by theunknownman1:

oh and hey quick question since i dont involve in these forums much:how do i put images in my post

You put: ! (link here) ! Yeah it’s That simple. BUT always remember to add the image type it is to the end! (.png or .jpeg or .bitmap etc) for example:

Didn’t work. Without the image type nothing appears.

With .png added, worked.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

We should have Miiiisiiiiiles!!

EE: Nuclear War

Minirocket, – Very small explosion, Fire effect and curse effect to all in area (4X4)
Rocket, – Same as minirocket, but 10X10 area
Self-exploding propelled “Gas tank”, – Causes fire to all in area 15X15 and insta-kill to all in area 2X2
MiniNuke, – Causes Curse to all in area (8X8), Zombie to 6X6 and kills immediately if standing on landing block(1×1)
Nuke, – Causes Zombie to all in area 10×10, and kills immediately to 3X3
MegaNuke, – Causes Zombie to all in area 30X30(Circle) infinite Zombie to all in 10X10, and instadeath 5X5

Peace Rocket – Kills every player 50X50(circle) and Destroys 45% of blocks in 20X20 blocks.

BTW this is a joke comment. I made that picture earlier in the year and needed to use it somewhere.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Kick command: Law or Outlaw?

Battle, Stop with all these goddamn “Law or Outlaw” threads, their pointless, and annoying.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Chat bar commands

Fun fact: /bgcolor isn’t actually shown in the help list. It’s Either a glitch, or another secret that the EE community shared to nonexistence.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Originally posted by Battleship203:

This game is about creation and all but… What is so fun and playable about fnaf?
You’ll get jumpscared either way and the only way you are gonna lose is if you don’t change cameras fast enough and its NOT even easy AT ALL!!!
What is so fun about fnaf and why do people keep making worlds about them?
I respect everybody when they make worlds about games that I don’t like EXCEPT fnaf!!!


Battle, I don’t normally like you(Less than that) but this is very true; Minus one thing… I wouldn’t mind the FnaF maps if they actually put in some Story and time, and not just a random building that looks kindof like the place with coins in random places. If people were to actually make Custom Maps that put in time to be GOOD, then I would have no problem. And I don’t really care about what people make, but there’s a lot out there…

Originally posted by KAKTOSUS:

If you don’t like something,
don’t do it.

Holy fucking shit.

And for you, What even? I don’t even know who exactly you are, but you’re really, just annoying and Condescending. Like, I see you on almost EVERY forum thread on EE with some Condescending or flat out Jack-ass-ish comment.
Srslor, it’s just as bad as all the FnaF maps.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Musician Rejoice--Octave Expansion!

Uh… “AOITENSHI: There’s no such thing as being bad at music; It’s like being bad at being human” Then I guess I’m bad at both.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Based on a true story.

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by hyproblast:
Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by mara465:

I honestly feel that Non-chatters should only be able to be kicked when they get edit. To prevent shi* like this Points at battleship’s comment because it’s really unfair. If I didn’t have chat, I’d personally hate whoever kicked me JUST for not having chat. And as a person w/ chat, I’d also hate a chatter/non chatter kicking chatters. I feel that the chat system has some flaws.


i don’t get it.

He said that Non-chatters should be kicked when they get edit.

No, I said that non-chatters should only BE ABLE TO BE Kicked when they have edit. It’s unfair to go in a world and instantly get this: “You were kicked by ____ for: no cht, f of” I, having been in that position know what it feels like, and think it should be resolved.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Based on a true story.

I honestly feel that Non-chatters should only be able to be kicked when they get edit. To prevent shi* like this Points at battleship’s comment because it’s really unfair. If I didn’t have chat, I’d personally hate whoever kicked me JUST for not having chat. And as a person w/ chat, I’d also hate a chatter/non chatter kicking chatters. I feel that the chat system has some flaws.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Hypothetical: Can EE be reborn?

Originally posted by IceBomb45:

This game has potential, but it isn’t being used to it’s full extent.

Hypothetically, if it was given a lot more attention, do you think it could pass as an indie game maybe among the tier of Shovel Knight?

Maybe if the graphics were updated to something more advanced than the Super Nintendo, maybe if they went in the direction of a certain art style? Like claymation or hand drawn, or even 3D models for once?

How do you think that would do?

tl;dr: Do you think EE, if vastly improved upon, could survive as an indie MMO released on consoles and PC?

Yes, You sir, have an amazing mind. This is exactly what EE needs to get back on it’s feet(Along with some more packs, But I already know the EE creators are working hard on those, so I wont push it), And I think there would be a lot of support if they were to go though with this.

3D models would make it look good, And even an upgrade to 32Bit would be great! (From my understanding, This is 16Bit.

This is an amazing idea in general, and I(And hopefully a lot more) support it.

tl;dr: You sir, are now my friend.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Y U DO DIS

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by Laderw:



That’s it. No. Here is a STEP BY STEP PROCESS TO GET CHAT (On FireFox) 1: Next to the “get gems” button on the top of the screen IN GAME is the “News” Button. Click it. Register your email in the two slots, The username is your In game name. After that’s done, You’ll (100% chance.) Have an email, unless you input it incorrectly. Click the email. Click the link it wants you to confirm. Done. Congrats. Now would you people SHUT UP?

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Topic: Everybody Edits / They lied about this newsletter gives free chat thing

Originally posted by Darkbowser99:
Originally posted by tonyjones24:

[On the EE forums, MrShoe states that he removed the chat due to bullying]

MrVoid: Hey, people are bullying eachother in chat
MrShoe: Hey, let’s remove chat for months and sell it for $3
MrVoid: That’s insa-
MrShoe: Yeah, let’s lower the price and give 20 gems with it.
MrVoid: No, removing chat and making you pay for it is insane.
MrShoe: Not at all! It’s not like we’re violating the first amendment or anything.
[The First Amendment to the United States Constitution restricts impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, ect …]
MrVoid: This is going way too far.
MrShoe: Yeah, let’s add a stupid newsletter system that doesn’t work.
MrVoid: No.
MrShoe: Yea lol

Firstly, it worked, I know only for a few people, but it worked.

Secondly, it is not a stupid idea. In fact it is a good idea to prevent spammers.

Really? I didn’t notice! Why? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK If you have an “Ever-so-perfect” solution, then why not Step-by-step tell us HOW TO GODDAMN DO IT Step by step/Firefox. I goddamn quit, I’ve been trying for Two hours. Nothing.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Originally posted by Battleship203:

There should be a snow command where you type the command so it could snow in your world.

Get out.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

An amazing add-in would be: A new dungeon called Eternal Hell Alive,First of all, the hp is equal of 2 for every player after number 1(so if 3 players were in it, a demon would have 4500 hp and deal 40 dmg This would be for only people with the UTMOST Gear, There are Six levels, each with a mini-boss, and on Level seven, the boss room, On level one there would be enemies with about god stats, A Demon (the ones dropped by Ghost king minions and abyssal demon guy(Y'know, the one in the overworld that hangs out by lava)) with 1500 HP deal 40 DMG per hit of the Five shot, they would be being spawned by a Beekeeper(the ones from Oryx castle) that is tinted in red colors, there would be pouring lava, and blocks that turned to Hyper-lava and back to blocks (Hyper lava deals 3X as much as normal lava) the Mini boss on the first level is a Token effort, as it is just a demon that does 60 DMG with 4K hp, Level two.... That has Red tinted Bees coming through little cracks in the walls, they have 500 HP, and deal 10 dmg, but come in swarms of seven (if three come out at once, you have a problem) Both types of enemies are on this level, Hyper Lava is in the rim of rooms, and sometimes you have to speed across a room, to avoid getting dumped in Hyper-lava, the boss, is a Giant bee (4X the size) it moves very little, and has Fireballs, each dealing 100 dmg and come out at intervals of 2.5 secs with 6 bullets at a time, it has 6K hp, Level three, This one, is harsh, It introduces Disguised Lava, Kind of like Hyper Lava, But only does 2X the dmg of normal lava, BUT disregards armor, (piercing) this one is ENTIRELY disguised lava blocks, but they have a rim on them, you can step on these blocks once before they turn into Disguised lava, The boss here is a fist, Well, two, coupled with the disguised lava blocks with the rim, you have to avoid being crushed for 20 seconds, then level four opens up, (if you survive) Level four has everything in the last three levels, but is really mean, like: a bunch of "Tinted bees" on disguised lava with Hyper lava in spots, But the doors are closed, and to get through, you must kill all the bees, (thus preventing Rushers) the boss here is a new enemy, A snake-like enemy that's tinted red with 10K Hp and does 300 DMG, Plus bleeding if it touches you, it rushes around the room, leaving temporary hyper-lava behind it, When it's dead, level Six opens up, Level six is Tedious and can feel eternal Hell,(thus bringing the name to the dungeon) The walls, You could say, Are alive, in rooms that are, Like i said Tedious, arms can come out from the walls, dealing 60 Dmg disregarding armor if you touch them, plus they grab you, if they get you on a disguised lava, your pretty much screwed, There is a new enemy! Mini snakes, Lava snakes, they deal 500 HP of dmg and jump out of lava, be careful to avoid them, they have 1K hp, harsh, The boss of level six, is Pretty much Hell itself, Soloing this would be a task, 15K HP and 350 DMG plus bleeding if you touch it, and 200 plus slowness if its bullets (in the shape of Triangles)hit you, Its (you could call it) like a Red-chain-chomp, It's tail is stuck to the wall, But Demons that are statues start coming alive after it's down to 10K hp, and it's head is immune to attacks, thus making you hit it's body and risk taking dmg, at 5K hp, This, This is where fun starts (EDIT: If there are more than 1 Person in it, the Hp, and attack times(How much hp it has at different times when it attacks) all raise by X2 for each player other than the first, There is also a special: at 20K if More than 20 people are inside, An Identical face will appear on the right and left wall, they are the EXACT same as the one at the front, but you can't damage them), The tail breaks out of the wall and chases the player, and also at times rushes randomly, In this stage, the DMG of hitting the body is only 300, with no bleeding, but if it's tail hits you, 500 Dmg, Bleeding, slowness, sick, After it's dead, Level seven, the final chamber opens up, This, is Hell itself, though, in the starter room, there is a chest on either side, and they are filled with a new item called Heaven's Brew, It heals 250 and gives haste,When you enter the room, and the door closes behind you (it doesn't until everybody's in if it's multiple people) And when it does, two snake creatures pop out of the wall, still chained to it, Statues are on either side, but two giant ones are in either corner, On the top left, a Demon, on the top right, a Bee. After the snake creatures come out, a face (much doom style) comes into the wall, It's impossible to miss where your aiming for, the face, Though you have to dodge the two Giant snake/chain-chomps. The chain-chomp/snakes will deal 500 Dmg bleeding, slowness, if you are hit, and to top it off, you can't long range because you have to be within 4 blocks, (the chain-chomp snakes are 7 blocks long, and you can't kill them)(okay, you CAN, but if you do, Two come back, yeah.... though if there are more than eight on screen, when you kill them, none come back, the chain chomps have 20K hp each) The face has 50K, and, so, it begins, it will shoot lava, (or globs of fire spit, whatever you want to call it) and they deal: only 200, but they give paralyze, When it gets down to 45K half the statues on either side you will come to life, and attack, they are in a checkered pattern: seven bees, seven bees, demon, demon, so you face 35K bees 5 demons per side( 70 bees 10 demons total, this happens twice, so in total in the room 20 demons 140 bees) at 40K, the other 70 bees and ten demons come to life, and you fight them, once this is over, the face will put out lava globs at 2.5 secs per volley, (5 globs in different directions) instead of the 4.0secs per volley, 4 globs in different directions, at 30K, fun, 6 globs, now dealing 250, paralyze, bleeding, at 25K, (Dear god) the Giant statues come alive, they have Four (and eight for bee) times the stats of the regular, the bee has 4K with 80Dmg shots, while the demon has 6K hp with 160Dmg shots. at 20K, Goodie! Hyper lava goes around the rim of the room, and a path of blocks is made in the center of the room, while the rest are disguised lava with a rim. at 10K, Hell alive is unleashed, The amount of serpent/chain-chomps is broken off the wall, (if you have eight, HOLY HELL) and once they're dead, it's just the face, though he's putting out globs of lava at 1.5secs per volley, with nine globs, Welcome to hell~ at 1 K, total annihilation is faced, the rest of the blocks (except for a 2X2 platform and a line to the center,) is turned to disguised lava with a rim, once you kill it, there is a 100% drop chance of a Yellow bag, only possible to get in this, it has a best item, depending on the user who kills it's class, they will get this item: (but only armors and weapons, (NO abilities)) Knight/warrior/paladin: Sword: Light bringer (stats: 390-700 dmg, Rate of fire: 140% range 3.6 7% fame bonus, 1K feed power) Armor: Armor of the Light-Wielder (stats: 40 Def, +3 (all stats) 7% fame bonus,1k feed power,) Rogue/trickster/Assassin: Dagger: Dagger of the Chieftain (stats: 245 - 300 dmg Rate of fire 110% Range 6.5, feed power 1K) Rogue/trickster/Assassin/Archer/Huntress/Ninja: armor: Lighter of fate (stats: def +20, All stats +6, 7% fame bonus 1k feed power) Archer/huntress: Bow: Bow of the Hero, (stats: 450-500 dmg, 7% fame bonus, proj speed 20.0, 1K feed power, range 8) Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic Staff: LightHearted Staff, (stats: 100-250 dmg, Range 10, shots 2, fame bonus 7%, feed power 1k) Wizard/Priest/Necromancer/Mystic/Sorcerer: Robe of Good Will (stats: 15 Def, all stats +3, MP + 70, 7% fame bonus, 1k Feed power)
Priest/Sorcerer: Wand of Light, (stats: 450-550 dmg, Range 9, 7% fame bonus, 1k feed power)
Ninja: Katana Of slashing light (stats: 170-300 dmg, range 6, Fame bonus 7% 1k feed power)
You find this dungeon by killing a god called "Devil's Sprite' It's the exact same as a Sprite God, except Red and Four times all stats, (except for Spawn rate, that's 1/4 as large as Sprite, the drop rate for Eternal Hell Alive is 10%)
EDIT: I forgot to mention, the demons and bees have 50 Defense, and you only do 50% dmg to bosses, so if you had a weapon that regularly does 100 dmg, it would regularly do 50 dmg now. same goes for abilities, and I forgot to mention, the final boss is immune to (that stone turn into thing that mystics do as an ability) he's immune to that.


Okay, It's been _Way_ to long since I've made one of these Super long Dungeon posts, So I think it's about time for another!

Dungeons of Olympus, This is _Not_ Recommended for those below 6/8. Drops from New enemy in New area of the G-Lands a "Blue" Area that's generally 15 Tiles wide, There is a Staircase surrounded by five blocks of what looks like clouds. You start in a White/Grey BloodStained room; Oh! Before we start, There would be *NO* Speedrunning. The door to the next room closes, and you have to defeat the enemies in the one before the next one opens. Now then, The Enemies. In the first room, a Wall (without a closed door) will open and three Swarm of Dungeon Bees;
(60 Dmg, Shoots multiple small white bullets, 4 tiles, Cause confusion, 800 HP, Drops:
Mithril Dagger(10%) Golden Dagger(50%) Greywood Bow )
So far, Doesn't seem so terrible, Right? Haha. At a random room on the First Level (The First Two are set) There is a new Enemy:
Called a Olympian Dungeon Guard, It shoots a tri-shot of Short Sword bullets that deal 100 Dmg each, 3K HP, 5 tiles, Drops: (New! UT: Hidden Dagger(Dagger Wielders), 50 Dmg, Plus1 Speed Minus1 Atk, Rate of fire Plus30%, 2% Drop Chance.)Glass sword(30%)Saber(50%).
Hard enough?
The First boss is another "Special" Olympian Dungeon Guard, as it has 6K and shoots 5 Bullets that deal 200, Travel 1Tile/sec, 10K Hp, Drops:
(New! Ambrosia of the Gods, Very rare, Drops only in this dungeon, Heals 500, Drop chance:3%), Ravenheart(20%) (New! Blood-Coated Saber(Sword Wielders/Dagger Wielders. Has Equivalents at bottom for Others classes.), New Tier Type! "O" Meaning Olympus, Own Tier type. Very rare, T1"O" Dmg:150-350, Plus1 Attack Minus1 Speed ).
This opens a stairway Going upwards.
Now you are at Level 2 of Dungeon of Olympus. You start in a room that looks exactly the same; Minus the Blood stains. You have the same enemies as last floor, Plus something else:
Lost Swarm Bee, Deals 10 Dmg/hit (Not powerful), 3K Hp, No drops. When it gets to 1K, It becomes "Enraged Lost Swarm Bee", And deals 100 Dmg/Hit, But 1K HP, .55% to drop Dia.
In some rooms "Godly Lava" Will flow around the room, Minus at doors.
In the room before the boss (Set) there will be a new Enemy:
Minotaur, And not the desert type, Shoots 7 shots(Quite small, Dagger, Blue) for 70/Hit, Has 20K(Notch up from Floor one much?).
After getting down to 10K, Bellows"YOU SHALL TASTE MY HORNS" As well as the 7 Shots, that deal 50 now, Now Charges you at 3 tiles per second until it hits a wall(It's a 15 Tile room), If it hits, Causes 200DMG + Bleeding(30/Sec) Isn't that GREAT?!
At 3K The Minotaur says "I... Must defeat you..." New attacks: He shoots only 5 shots, Slightly bigger, 90 DMG, Armor Piercing(Lovely), Causes Bleeding.
At 1K the Minotaur says: "For Master..." His only attack is to charge, Deals 300 DMG, Travels 5 tiles/sec, Causes Bleeding, Stun. When Killed, He turns white and anything within 2 Tiles is hit for 100 DMG, If killed here, Death text says "Killed by Minotaurs' Death explosion.", Drops: (New! "O" Item. T2"O" Minotaurs' Shining Horn, 250-300Dmg, 5.5 Tile range(Sword wielders, Equivs at bottom.), Plus2 Spd, Plus2Atk, Minus3Wis, Desc: _One of the horns of the Creature the Minotaur, it has a strange glint._)
When you head into the boss room for the level, All there is is a staircase, in the middle of a 30X30 tile room.
When you are five tiles away, White brick blocks that are unbreakable fall around it, and out of the top of the room somewhere, Something says "So I hear you have defeated my Server... It does not matter, For I can destroy you Myself!"
5 Tiles above the Now sealed stairs turns into something that looks kindof like the Crystal Prisoner, But retextured, and A bit smaller. Color Palette consists mostly of shades of red
Attacks: Shoots 8 Large Orange balls that deal 100 Dmg Each, 1 goes each direction (Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonals), they go to the edge of the room.
Has 45K Hp (Loveeely!), Shoots Small purple Homing balls as well, Travel 10 Tiles. When one disappears he spawns another 5 secs after (Only one in the room at once) The Door is closed behind you FYI.
After you get him down to 30K, He says"Pah! Mortal, You cannot best me!" gets another attack, and the Orange balls stop being shot. He spawns a new enemy:
Mini Minotaurs'(Deal 50 Dmg, Only charges, Follows you).
At 20K, The door at the bottom opens, and the Minotaur charges in, then faceplants the ground, The Minotaur says: "_Master... I... have failed... you..._" Then the Guy who turns out to be Hades says: *Servant! This is not over!* He disappears, Leaving you with the Minotaur on the ground.
This, Then separates the dungeon into two.
If you got an Ambrosia of the Gods, than you can go up to the Minotaur, Still on the ground, And, Instead of shooting him, Drink the Ambrosia Within One and a half tiles, When done, The Minotaur will say: "_Thank you, Mortal..._ I must regain my strength, Leave me in peace..." And the blocks around the staircase will disappear.
If you decide to shoot him, He'll say: "_If you wish to die here this day... Let that wish be granted_"
He has the 20K Health Hades had left, But is still doing the charge attack, And will shoot 3 bullets that are Very slow and Large(Half a tile wide and a tile long, Blue, 2 tiles/Sec, 200 Dmg, Bleeding(20/sec 5secs) Shoots when the charge starts.
At 10 K he shoots Seven of the Blue shots, Still charging, Which now does 150+Bleeding, And Godly Lava Flows around the edge of the room.
At 5K All but a 9X9 Tile area is Godly lava, You have 5 Seconds before it starts flowing.
At this stage, The Minotaur stops charging and says"_No... This Cannot Be..._ *You Shall DIE!*" He stops attacking, and glows white, This deals a straight 400 Dmg+Piercing+Stun+Paralysis. UNAVOIDABLE. So This is where most people die. Yay.
If you survive, The Minotaur is gone, And the stairs are there, Unblocked.
There is a 50% Drop chance of a Ambrosia Of The Gods(For your first run, 20% After), and 7% Drop chance of (New! Goddesses Stave: 90-130Dmg (Stave Wielders, Equivalents at bottom), Plus3Wis, Plus3Dex, Minus2Def T2"O" Desc: _A weak Stave from the Goddess Hecate, Magic weaves it's way around this stave_), Def pot
When you head to Level 3:Lower Clouds of Olympus, Be prepared.

Right off the bat, You are on a cloud, And forward(Up) (Set pieces) Is another cloud, When you walk to it, You hear this in chat: "_???: So I hear you bested my puppet... We'll see how far you make it..._" And the gate blocking you opens.
In the next room, New enemy: War Prepared Dryad, 5K Hp (That wooden shield above it's head), Shoots white sword bolts Half a tile Long and a Quarter tile wide, Brown, Deal 50 HP of damage, Drops: Demon Edge(20%), Wooden Shield 60%, (New! Dryad's Broken (Input Weapon type here) 5-10 Dmg, Piercing, +5%Fame, .5% T0"O" Desc: _A Dryad's broken shield, crafted from a tree and regrown using Nature Magic").
At a random place in the Third level, There will be a Waterfall or Lake of Ambrosia, Most of the time connected, Impossible to avoid.
These are like the things at the Nexus, But wont heal you completely, After healing 1K, They start dealing Damage(First five seconds 20 Dmg/Sec, next 20 50/sec, Afterwards 80/sec), So... Don't stay in too long.
At random points in the Dungeon, You'll hear something in chat like "_???:Let's see how far you get..._" Or "_???:You are doing well..._" Or rarely "_???: It seems like I have a great foe... I like a challenge..._"
There is also a Treasure room on this floor;
"Lower Cloud level Treasury", There is Four "War Prepared Dryad"s and a new enemy:
"Ornamental Statue Automaton(Hephaestus Corp/Inc/Monsters Inc/Corp/Corp)". When you get within three blocks, it has an Eye-Opening animation, and then starts shooting Dark, Dark red bullets (Sword, 1 Tile long, .25 Tile wide, 1.5 Tile/sec, Deals 150 Dmg, Bleeding 10/sec, 5 secs), 10K Hp, Drops: Gold sword(50%) Dragonsoul(25%), Golden chainmail(60%)
(New! Hardened, Enchanted Gold Armor, 25Def, Minus5Dex, Minus3Spd, Plus3Wis, Plus2Vit, 1%)
After you kill all the enemies in the room, the center opens:
There is a "Enemy" Which is basically a Punching Bag:
Carved Celestial Bronze tomb, with 5K hp, 20 def, Deals 0 Dmg, No shots. Drops: (New! Celestial Bronze Sword(Equivalents at bottom) T5"O" Shoots Bronze-Brown shots, half a tile by a Quarter tile, Deal 300-400, 5.5 Tiles, Desc: _An Engraved Celestial Bronze sword, Mined from mount Olympus itself_)