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Topic: War of Omens / Misinformation extortion

By the time those 50 turns expire, chances are your opponent has restocked another Misinformation, this won’t solve anything. Similarly, holding those cards for that duration of time will not help anything as by the time they return to you, there are higher chances that they simply return to his hand.

Misinformation preys on decks that require on few win conditions, and is in fact, the most deadly in Metris mirrors where not only there are usually less winning cards, but they also cannot be stored in your deck. However, Misinformation is a huge loss on tempo against decks that have more able wincons or can at least sneak them fast enough to make them count really quickly (Lead the Charge, Courtesans, etc). In fact, making the whole Subterfuge play is risky because you could’ve simply gone infinite if he took a few coins, and even with a single Courtly Intrigue will win you the game.

Now, I don’t defend the practice of running you out of wincons and then just waiting till you bore out, that’s malicious, but you have to realize that, if having 10 coins in hand is a Vesp wincondition, then removing the enemy bank is a Metris’ wincon, as they no longer have to do too much effort and wait until something in particular happens.

Whether or not Misinformation requires a nerf because of its power level is something different entirely, but for the reasons stated above alone, I don’t think it’s required

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Topic: War of Omens / Rampart damage splitting

If I am correct, from what i’ve observed, the rightmost Rampart will tank any damage. So if you have a rampart with 1 charge, and play a second one, then the second one will receive 4 hits before the first

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Topic: War of Omens / Packs Idea

That seems like a bizarre solution you have there, specially if you are only missing the newest addition, since there aren’t enough cards to add to the pool. Not to mention that any amount of assurance that you will gain a new card is not very useful since the game’s packs become “solvable”, not to mention paying 300 for an Oak pack feels jarring altogether.

I think there are two possible, more practical solutions to be had here:

1. Make a pack that only includes X amount of the newer cards (Porcelain Pack?), the contents of that pack rotate after a certain amount of cards of that faction arrive (And they are all even). Pricing the thing might be tricky but avid players will be willing to spend to fill their collection

2. Make it so that, instead of getting Faction XP for a card you have already maxed, you get another form of stock experience that you can use on cards to level them up based on their rarity. They could still be faction independent, and you’d still have to own the card in order to level it up in this way.

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Topic: War of Omens / Win 3 Multiplayer Games in a Row against people with maxed cards

I want to believe that the fault here is for the Quest system, not for the Multiplayer matchmaking. While quests already are scaled on player experience (New players aren’t asked to beat GM, nor experienced ones to beat Neophyte), there should be an option to reshuffle some quests, specially Multiplayer related quests, because some people don’t have fleshed out decks as of yet, or are required to play with a faction that they haven’t heavily invested in

Matching on deck strength wouldn’t be a good idea: Some people actually use unupgraded copies of cards for a strategic value (Ex: Herds), and it will segregate the player-base. Not to mention some players don’t really try Multiplayer until they feel their collection is completely fleshed out, which means that newer players that feel enthusiastic will never find a match in MP and probably believe the competition is dead. Thing is, now that there’s an incentive for not-completely developed players to MP (I.E. Daily Quests), the problem just shows like it never had before.

I stand to believe that the fix here is to allow reshuffles on the Daily Quests, not to tinker with the MP system even further which is already a difficult task considering the (relatively) small playerbase

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Topic: War of Omens / A little suggestion about card pack.

The Scarce or higher rarity pack already exists, but is invisible to players who have not unlocked master to not break that illusion of choice, yes. They are called Gold Packs and cost 1000. They also must be unlocked by getting at least 100 Kreds. The suggestion of unlocking Silver Packs has been up to debate but the devs haven`t agreed on anything. Perhaps as the campaign progresses and the 4th faction becomes a thing, it`ll happen. I really consider the Oak Pack to be sort of like the “Gateway Drug” of this game, which gets you excited enough for you to consider the game`s convenient prize of entry that you only have to consider once

Although your opinion is slightly misinformed, it looks like you are trying to be very fair and honest, so i`ll respect you for that. We`ll see what happens in the future.

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Topic: War of Omens / Release Notes - 4/2/14 (Epic Heroes, New Card, Balance Changes)

Yes, that gives her a different form of starting lead, the difference here lies in the fact that, if Aline went first, then that advantage was much more pronounced. Now the advantage is the same no matter how she starts, which is what I guess they were going for: Consistency

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Topic: War of Omens / Rampart

If your Rampart got destroyed by a Mayhem, it’s because you didn’t had any other units (Mayhem does 4 damage on whiff). And yes, it is “immune” to infighting because it doesn’t counts as an ally for it, which means it protects your allies better than a Knight would. As of right now, it is also immune to the new Tavern Wench

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Topic: War of Omens / Skirmish Green AI bug

When a card is played, it’s randomly shuffled into your deck, this can cause for very lucky (or unlucky) streaks of drawing the same card over and over. This is probably what happened. The thing where it stayed in her hand was probably an animation delay of the AI dumping all of its non-coin cards and redrawing it.

This is no bug, this is House Vespitole :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Release Notes - 3/31/14 (Gold Pack, Starter Bundles)

Originally posted by schwa:

How does one buy the Starter Bundle? Or, are people who already have enough of the basic cards ineligible for it?

You choose it from the Gem Purchase screen (I.E. where you spend money for gems). If you already have the cards it grants you, then it will either give them a point of XP towards their upgrade or will give you faction XP if they are maxed

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Topic: War of Omens / Hero Rarity/Effect

Captain Listrata – Each turn: +1 Food (Uncommon/Starter)
Sofocatro – Each turn: +1 Skull (Scarce
Cardinal Pocchi – Each turn: +1 Gold (Rare)

Liet – For each card you play, 15% chance: Gain a random resource (Uncommon/Starter)
Esra – At the beginning of each turn: Once card drawn is an ally (Scarce)
Mogesh – Feed Mogesh Magic: Sacrifice Weakest Ally: Attack for victim’s life +1 (Rare)

Valdorian – Each turn: 20% chance draw a card from foe’s deck (Uncommon)
Theodox – 10% chance to Prevent destruction of a card (Scarce)
Birondelle – On buy: 10% chance restock bank from foe’s bank (Rare)

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Topic: War of Omens / Keyword Compendium and Card FAQ

Originally posted by Omnobo:

I have a question about Birondelle’s ability.

When your opps card is stocked in your bank, can it still be stocked into your opponents bank?


Yes, there was a time when there were 2 Benedictions in my bank, and one of his

As much as it would feel great to do so, you cannot use Birondelle’s passive to deny the enemy resources

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Topic: War of Omens / Update History [Last update: 3/31/2014, Gold packs]

I don’t think “having limited lasting cards” is a handicap for Metris, their handicap is their reliance of timely bank restocks, and Coordinate just makes that problem even bigger if you choose to use it. Higher risk, higher reward, I see nothing wrong with this

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Topic: War of Omens / Dev: More Common Cards?

That still makes the game “solvable”. That’s the problem. If you consider that method, then you will max out all commons after 675 pulls, no matter your upgrade paths, which means you can just upgrade every card you need and leave others stranded, which is a bad strategy with the current system that encourages you to balance your choices; there would be no element of surprise, and it would greatly diminish the time you spend opening oaks, which from a player perspective sounds great, but it definitely doesn’t from a dev perspective. You have to understand this is the nature of a CCG; you won’t always get what you want

If more commons do come out, best guess is: They either come out in bundles, or they come out for a new faction, and in either way, returning to Oak to acquire them doesn’t feels like a chore. The current system is fine, not flawless, but functional for those who want to spend their time or money buying Oak packs, and i don’t believe any retroactive action should be taken when new cards hit the shelves

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Topic: War of Omens / Clever Planning bug?

The last time I used CP, It did not prevent destruction of enemy cards drawn from their deck or hand. It should prevent the destruction of cards that are stolen (Because they go into your inventory), but I haven’t heard otherwise. Can someone confirm this?

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Topic: War of Omens / Pay 2 Win

<Hasn’t bought Gems
<Has 7 coins
<Game is less than 2 month old

Somehow your math seems crooked

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Topic: War of Omens / Pay 2 Win

You are look forgetting three big factors in your statements

1.) The game is pretty small, being only little more than a month old, the playerbase is small, so the chances of finding someone of your skill level as a new player is incredibly low
2.) The game’s campaign is still in progress, which means that the single player focus of the game is rather obfuscated, it might seem a little counter-intuitive to Skirmish when Multiplayer is right there, but Skirmish is the way to go to manage a collection and get yourself to a stable enough position to even consider PvPing. This is a fault of the game, but something that everyone recommends; to focus on Skirmishing to get around with the rules of the game and wait for campaign content
3.) You are PvPing as a newbie in a CCG, this is an enormous sinkhole in ANY card game. Go make a new account on Kingdoms, Tyrant or Bloodrealm. Sure, PvP rating will save you the first few matches, but after that, you are own your own against players who have been there for years.

Which brings me to my next point, those players have been there for years and have those grandiose collections, while this game is a Month old and people ALREADY have grandiose collections, which speaks volumes of the velocity at which you can earn cards if you try instead of wildly tossing everything around to find everything in the room. And if your position still stands, then that’s OK, feel fine to not spend money in this game, you can succeed anyhow with no problems whatsoever

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Topic: War of Omens / Misinformation = Badly Designed

When I started the game, I thought Misinfo was like the best card ever, for that reason, it is my only upgraded rare thus far (not maxed, mind you), and i can tell you that you are blowing this case out of proportion

Misinfo has two components, first, it removes an immediate bank option from your opponent, which on itself is rather painful. However, depending on what you chose, you just relieved the opponent of wheeling his bank anyways, as any Non-Metris doesn’t wants to buy every turn. You might suggest that this would make them vulnerable to Robberies but if they couldn’t by anything pre misinformation, then this does very little

The second component is that such card won’t see the light of day ever again. This can be a huge swing or just a fluke. For instance, if you are fighting a War Oxen Esra deck or a deck that wants to resolve a Rite of War and pummel the opponent, this buys you so much time to win because your opponent can’t end the game reliably. However, if you are fighting decks chock full of redundancy like Metris Direct Damage or a ton of solid Vespitole builds, this component is barely useful. Also, if your opening is Misinformation and mine is an Overseer or Collect Taxes, who has a better next turn regardless of what you’ve swindled?

Misinformation fills a gap for Metris: It gets rid of expensive cards in the bank, whereas Burglary and Stolen Plans take the cheaper ones. It also gives Metris more durability to the late game, which they lack due to their guerrilla nature. However, expensive cards aren’t exactly the way to win most of the time, unless your opponent is hinging on a certain win condition like Bounty, and even then, your opponent can still win with the Merchant Guild and feeding his stockpiled food to soldiers. You COULD remove Merchant Guild turn 1, sure thing, but that won’t impair in the least the Spice monopoly that deck builds on its own, at which point the Soldier wincon stands.

Also, lets assume you are on a misinforming chain and just wreck the enemy’s bank, you’ve destroyed Synod, Devotion, Soldiers, everything powerful, and then, you stop restocking Misinfos and your opponent picks up Courtly Intrigue, turn after turn after turn until you get swamped in rumors. It’s not a viable strategy unless you are running some sort of dumb machine that feeds of the enemy bank, and even then, your opponent spends less resources getting his own cards that you getting yours, which means that the posibility of enabling such lock is iffy at best without some lucky restocks.

Blue’s MAIN advantage is its lack of counterplay to its CARDS, which is why you must prepare in advance for them. Purchase the cards you need when Misinfo is restocked, hide your resources from arson, end the game quicker or keep important cards in your hand against Infiltrate. You have to pay close attention to Metris, as well as to Misinfo, no less than any other card in their bank

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Topic: War of Omens / Bug: Ransack

Unless a new bug has sneaked in a new patch, Ransack does indeed steal, maybe you are unlucky to not draw the card again

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Topic: War of Omens / Keyword Compendium and Card FAQ

A Caveat was applied to state that overkill damage can be dealt to heroes. I didn’t think it was relevant enough to specify it but i guess people will point out me being wrong anyways :V

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Topic: War of Omens / Sibylline Scroll

You can’t do anything else while those 3 cards in your hand but to pass the turn because while you are making the choice, you cannot play or buy other cards. Sure you can win the game if those are the last 3 cards in the deck because you ransacked and you misinformed everything else and you are riding on Arsenics, but otherwise it’ll hurt you much more than it’ll do then

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Topic: War of Omens / Sibylline Scroll

Even though you cannot play or buy more cards while resolving certain cards, you can indeed end the turn in the midst of resolving a card, this can also happen with Cull the Meek, Ransack and possibly Seduce (Haven’t tried myself). Notably, this works with Impersonate, and it actually lets you delay an Impersonate, thus preventing a bank wheel and giving you a second shot at a good steal

Because Sybil actually instructs you to “Draw 3 Cards”, that means that your handsize has actually increased, and this counts for your starting hand causing you to miss a lot of draws next turn. So yeah, this is a side effect of the game engine, and even though I very much enjoy the versatility this gives to Impersonate, it is something that has to get fixed

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Topic: War of Omens / cant feed magic to gold panners?

Making the game less intuitive and more prone to misplays so that blue is slightly worse seems like a pointless exercise, Redeemed. If your opponent has that many Frames and Embezzles then you probably did something wrong, and you are also probably better off just eating the magic since, whether it’s magic or food, your opponent can not only steal your resources, but your Supplicants and get magic anyways.

Allowing you to turn magic to gold is like allowing Bureaucrats to be fed when there are no resources to hit. It’s a niche effect that will cause more players to make mistakes than to make big plays

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Topic: War of Omens / Clever Planning + Undermine

I’ve confirmed this, when Undermine expires and Clever Planning attempts to prevent its destruction, it fails to do so, not only that, but the Clever Planning is also consumed

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Topic: War of Omens / Pack stats

Originally posted by ballmot:

i just opened 6 oak packs and got 2 rares… somoething must be wrong.

Given an infinite amount of time, 1000 oak packs opened in a row can contain rare coins

You were just lucky, don’t count your blessings and be glad :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Keyword Compendium and Card FAQ

I know there are larger guides out there telling the do’s and donts of the game, but i just wanted to index a quick reference to clarify any issue regarding the wordings of the cards: So here there is a list of what every text in the game means:

On Turn : An ability that triggers at the beginning of each round

On Feed : An ability that triggers if you spend food or magic on an unit. An unit does not have to be injured in order to activate this ability

On Feed Magic : An ability that triggers only if you spend magic on an unit. It doesn’t has to be injured to trigger

On Play : An ability that triggers then the card is played, whether it be from the hand or from the bank

Attack: An attack is made to a random enemy ally, if there are no allies, it attacks the enemy hero. An attack will always deal 1 damage, but cards might attack several times simultaneously, thus, overkill damage is never dealt (Except on attacks that specifically target something)

Attack Weakest: An attack is made to an enemy with the lowest health, it will attack the hero if the hero has the lowest health amongst his allies

Attack Hero: Exclusively attacks the enemy hero, can still be intercepted

Attack Source: Will attack exclusively the targeted source. It can deal overkill damage and can still be intercepted

Intercept Attacks: If you or any of your allies are attacked, an ally with Intercept Attacks will instead take the hit. If multiple allies have Intercept Attack, then the ally with the highest health will take the hit, if their health is tied, then the ally with the lowest value will take the hit. For example, if you control a Knight (4 health and attacks), a Militia (1 health and attacks) and a Serf (1 Health, does nothing), your Knight will intercept the first 3 attacks as he has the highest health, after that they are tied in health. If you are attacked again, the ally with the lowest value is Serf, so he will take the attack instead of the Knight.

Activate: The “On turn” abilities of an ally (or hero) are activated. For instance, if a Wealthy Patron is activated, she’ll produce a gold.

Heal: Has the same effect as feeding an ally, but does not activate “On Feed” abilities

Restock Bank: An additional card is added to your bank, if there are 4 cards in your bank, then the bottom card is discarded

Draw an X: Draws a card of the specified type. If there is no card of that type remaining in your inventory, this effect does nothing

One Card Drawn is an X: When you draw your 3 cards every turn, at least one of them will always be an X (provided there is one in your inventory)

Sacrifice Weakest Ally: The ally with the lowest CURRENT health is discarded. No priority is given, allies are sacrificed at random amongst those with the lowest current health

Cancel X Attacks: Stops X attacks from happening, whether they are skull attacks or ability attacks

Discard: The card is removed from where it is and sent back to the inventory

Destroy: The card is discarded and removed from the game instead of going back to your Inventory

Draw from Foe: Cards are drawn from the opponent’s deck. They go back to their deck once they are used or discarded

Control: You take a targeted card and it’s added to your hand. The card goes back to the opponent’s Inventory once it’s used or discarded

Steal: You take a targeted card and it’s added to your hand. The card goes to your own Inventory once it’s used or discarded

Copy: A copy of the targeted card is added to your hand

Deflect X Attacks: If you were to be attacked, cancel that attack, then attack (follows attack rules, allies, then hero). If you have both cards that deflect and cancel attacks, deflect attacks will trigger first

Remove from Bank: The chosen card cannot restock

Prevent Destruction: If a card would be destroyed, it isn’t, and goes normally to your inventory

No Enemies : Does something if the enemy has no allies

Extend: If a card has a duration or a number associated with it, increase that number by 1

-Single Card FAQ

-Marshal: Triggers your Hero ability, does not trigger other Marshalls
-Benediction: Triggers your Hero ability and Marshalls, allows Militia to trade with Frame, Misdirect and Lepers while surviving
-Tithe/Spy Network/Liturgy: Counts your hero
-Malediction: Counts enemy hero
-Sybilline Scrolls: The two discarded cards are reshuffled, they are no more or less likely to instantly show up again. Sybilline Scrolls wont draw copies of itself
-Bounty: When purchased, first deduct the cost of Bounty, then the remaining gold is used to attack
-Loan: If you have no gold and your turn starts, you`ll lose the next gold you gain
-Regent Marsh: Does not attack when he feeds himself
-Sister Ysadora: Can be activated (she will attack)

-Rat Ointment/Goat Poultice/Pig Unguent/Ox Elixir: Draw and count both “Herd of X” and “War X”
-War X: Can sacrifice themselves if they are the weakest ally
-Festival: Extends the durations of Rites that are already in play, not those played after Festival.
-Cull the Herd/Feast/Repopulate: If there are not enough allies in the deck, then the rest are still drawn. The sacrificed ally will not be drawn.
-Fertility Offering: Copies “Herd of X”, not cards in the Herd category. Will fail if your strongest herd is sacrificed by the card (Because you didn’t had anything else or it had 1 health)
-Stampede: Your hero also attacks
-Shepherd: Restocks “Herd of X” cards, not cards in the Herd category
-Lepers: Metris cards can cause Lepers to attack ally sources, Lepers currently cannot redirect damage from bombs. If a War X sacrifices itself and hits a Leper, the Leper will attack it back (having no effect since it will perish anyways)
-Sacrifical Lamb: Does not trigger if it dies in any other way
-Shrine of Rebirth: Multiple copies of Shrine of Rebirth stack multiplicatively, not additively. To calculate the exact odds of stacking shrines` chance to save a card, use the following formula: 1 – (.85^n), where “n” is the number of shrines you have. Shrines can save your cards from being discarded even if the enemy currently controls it. Shrine of Rebirth won’t prevent the destruction of Metris cards (But can prevent the discarding of a card whose destruction was prevented)
-Mogesh: If you feed Mogesh magic, and you have no allies, his ability does nothing (Still gives +1 Health). Counts current health of that ally instead of maximum health.
-Tazin: Tazin will strike back the source of the damage, and whenever her or one of her allies is attacked

-Burglary: If there’s a tie, a card is chosen at random
-Forgery: If you have multiple Forgeries, they will all trigger simultaneously on a single buy
-Stolen Plans: If you have multiple Stolen Plans, only one will be used up when you purchase from the enemy bank
-Infighting: Counts enemy hero, notably, it makes the enemy hero hit itself if there are no enemies on top of restocking the bank
-Mayhem: Metris allies discarded by Mayhem are not destroyed (Because they are not killed by the card, but discarded by its effect)
-Coup de Grace: If Clever Planning is in play, it will count towards Coup de Grace’s damage before preventing its destruction. Stolen Plans will count if you purchase an opponent’s Coup de Grace
-Arsenic/Apothecary: The Poison cards are Belladona, Hemlock and Arsenic (Arsenic counts itself for its damage)
-Clever Planning: If a Clever Planning is used up and destroyed, other Clever Plannings will not attempt to prevent its destruction. Clever Planning will not attempt to save a card you’ve controlled with Impersonate or drawn from the enemy deck (But enemy Clever Plannings will). Clever Planning will not attempt to save a card saved by Theodox
-Embezzle: Charges will still be consumed if you fail to steal a resource (because your opponent did not have any)
-Misinformation: If enough cards are Misinformed, your opponent will not be able to restock. Won’t remove copies in deck
-Undermine: Undermine charges are consumed only at the end of each turn (when your opponent draws), it does not affect the opponent when he uses cards that draw multiple cards (Sybilline Scrolls, Cull the Herd) or when you take an extra turn with Stratagem (It will trigger if THEY take an extra turn with Stratagem, however). This card stacks
-Bodyguard: In case of a tie in health between Bodyguard and other interceptors, Bodyguard will take the hit before any interceptors that can attack
-Birondelle: Birondelle will restock from the foe’s cards that aren’t currently in its bank (needs confirmation). Birondelle can restock from a card bought with Stolen Plans, but not from a card gained with Forgery. Birondelle can restock cards from the enemy that you’ve already restocked prior, meaning there can be two identical cards in your bank
-Gretta: Unlike Tazin. Gretta will only return damage if she’s attacked herself (Includes whenever she intercepts an attack)

-Additional Information
>Cards that have a colon (:) prior to an ability means that a requirement must be fulfilled in order for the following effect to happen. Notably, this means that for a lot of Daramek action cards to work (Ritual Slaughter, Festival, etc.) a sacrifice must be made or the cards does nothing
>Magic can be used as any resource, but will not be used up if you have any of the resource you would normally use. This is notable when dealing with cards such as Merchant Guild, Corruption, Mogesh and when trying to avoid Metris resource steals. As of right now, there is no way to use Magic before any other resource
>Units cannot be fed if they aren’t injured and don’t have on-feed abilities, they also can’t be fed if their on feed abilities aren’t relevant (Starving Mob cannot be fed if the enemy does not have any resources)
>Magic cannot be fed to units that would generate a single resource such as Gold Panners or Courtesan, although it might sounds like it would have strategic value to deal with Metris steals, it is also not possible
>You will always include the most upgraded version of a card to your deck, you cannot choose to use an non-upgraded version of a card unless you are also using the upgraded copies