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Topic: War of Omens / Keyword Compendium and Card FAQ

Originally posted by florrat:

Odashir’s Echo mixes Endazu cards with the other cards. This of course leads to new questions about card interactions.

Could you add: the cards summoned by Song of Spring (and presumably also with Grave Contract, Underworld Barge and Hedge Guardian) are not played, and do not activate when you have an Overseer in play.

I took the chance of removing part of the reminder from Rat Ointment and Fertility Offering and rewording them into the Overseer section, and added tidbits regarding Odashir. Also added: Unkillable allies can be sacrificed :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Allies - Inconsistent wording?

To be fair, Supplicant is a resource doubler on Marsh already if you have any interceptor (Mercenary, Soldier). Those can be fed regardless of their health.

I remember Cat saying this shouldn`t be an exception, but I`m guessing an exception was made because that would make Marsh a little too durable and strong with just food and supplicants. To be fair, Marsh is a Hero, and has that ability, he isn`t exactly an ally of himself, so his ability is well written. The same goes for Marshall, which says “Activate all Allies”, he counts your hero because your hero is his ally, but obviously, he isn`t his own ally (Which would cause an explosion due to the infinite loop already).

I think it`s not an exception, it`s just an unique ability that`s on a hero that makes it look like one

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Topic: War of Omens / Valdorian is Broken

Mercurato, one of the devs, confirmed those suspicions

As of right now, Valdorian’s ability isn’t triggering. Devs are working on it

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Topic: War of Omens / Metris Trascends?

This is pretty off topic, this is not to discuss the game or anything

I went to watch Godzilla 2014 tonight. Not going to discuss the quality of the movie either, but there was a detail that struck me, specially because it showed up so early, therefore, this is not a spoiler. At the beginning, we are introduced to this peculiar enterprise:

-That is called *M*onarch
-Is a coalition that holds influence across the globe
-Is unknown and secretive
-Traffics in information kept from the public eye
-And has this symbol

So you might imagine why I was distracted for the rest of the movie

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Topic: War of Omens / Chapter 6 and Listrata

I have confirmed that even Neophyte starts of with Warship, which is silly. To be fair, this battle is relatively easier on Grandmaster than it is on Neophyte because you have more upgraded things by then and can stop the Warship with relative ease with a couple Court and a Militia.

I don’t think it’s Listrata’s fault, I personally believe th emission isn’t very balanced for new players, much how Aline is stronger for unupgraded players that it is for advanced players

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Topic: Confrontation Web Card Game / Account Reset?

Good evening

I remember enjoying Confrontation back during its Facebook time, and it`s a good timesink i`d like to enjoy again. However, it seems I already had an inactive account here that I honestly do not remember. Is it possible for me to have my account reset? I want to enjoy this from the very begginning once again. Thanks for your attention

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Topic: War of Omens / Question about Misinformation

Misinformation has indeed become a controversial card, but I assure you it is nowhere near perfect.

Sure, it preys on very narrowminded decks, if you want an analogy, think of Surgical Extraction from Magic the Gathering, which can render certain decks beyond useless for the whopping cost of…..2 life. If you are hinging on Bounty, Arsenic or just a few rites to your victory, an early misinformation can just destroy your chances of winning, however, there are several things to take in mind here when facing it.

>Misinformation is somewhat costly. Even when costing 4 at max level, it takes your whole turn to use it while your opponent develops its strategy; all Metris cards can only be used once, while every other faction is developing their deck, so that’s something to be considered.
>Before committing to Misinformation, you have to get a good idea of what the enemy deck is, because every time you use Misinformation on the wrong card, you give the enemy a higher chance of getting the card he wants. I’ve had games where several of my key cards like Ritual Slaughter and Rite of Battle were misinformed away, until i finally landed on top of a Rite of War and he wasn’t able to contain it. There’s a certain skill cap on Misinfo when it comes to non-combo decks
>Some decks cannot be Misinformed away, be it because they have too many potential damagers, or that they just can’t be dealt with at all. Maybe it is because your hero is Sofocatro or Ysadora, because it is filled with redundancy, you are Esra and are carefully saccing your one ally so it doesn’t gets Ransacked, or because you simply already laid down an Arsenic
>Unless your opponent has somehow STILL not picked up their key card 8-10 turns in, Misinformation is useless in the endgame
>In your case, you were playing Metris, and in Metris mirror matches, bank control cards like Stolen Plans and Misinformation are extremely painful because the bank is Metris’ only resource. Something to have in mind.

So there are some things you might want to consider when facing another Misinfo, or if you ever decide to pick it up. Good luck

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Topic: War of Omens / Card behavior on higher difficulties

In this game, you can kind of queue up all your actions instead of waiting for them to finish. In the case of the AI, who plays extremely fast, some of these actions seem to have been taken in the wrong order. Perhaps the War herds that were sacced were followed by a Repopulate or there was a Rat Catcher in play. Stratagem seems to restock bank while a bunch of actions take place because Pietra already ended her turn and all her troops are still attacking, and Misdirects might have seen to miss because there are too many attacks taking place simultaneously.

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Topic: War of Omens / Shrine of Rebirth Bug

Cards that you’ve Drawn, not stolen. Stolen cards are kept, while drawn cards or cards controlled via Impersonate or Seduce are sent back to the enemy deck.

But yes, any card you own and is discarded has a chance to resurrect, even if you don’t currently control it. Pretty sure devs are aware of it, and i think it’s intended. The Shrine is poorly phrased to reflect this, I agree

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Topic: War of Omens / Banker Bug

Banker is SUPPOSED to trigger off rare coins. Although a lot of people seem to get coin and gld mixed up for some reason

Also, Tauri aren’t called ducat because the Daramek live secluded in Sitrak, therefore, their currency is different

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Topic: War of Omens / A few obscure questions.

Reaching level 28 takes a lot of experience. I don’t remember the exact number, but something that is said to be true that the amount of experience it takes from 24 to 28 is almost the same, if not larger, than the amount it takes from 1 to 24

Scarces give 2000 XP, I can confirm this. I don’t have maxed rares but I’ve heard it’s 10000 XP a piece

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Topic: War of Omens / Most satisfying feelings of the game

Playing 3 Arsons simultaneously in 1 turn.

Also, as Pocchi, plaiyng Tribute 5 times in a row (With the help of some Sybils)

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Topic: War of Omens / Fix this bullshit matchmaking

I could see that implemented with perhaps a slider, and that sounds interesting. That does probably take at least some development time, so I’d say that’s a matter of the devs, in the sense that they are the ones that can gauge how dire this matter truly is. After all, I’ve seen a lot of new players thanks to Kong front-paging the game, which can either make matters worse or ease them

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Topic: War of Omens / Fix this bullshit matchmaking

Yes, I think this is a fair solution that has been suggested before (And I think it is at least partially implemented), but that means that some people (new fledglings that really want to try out MP) would have a really difficult chance to be matched in the first place, which isn’t a good first impression. So I guess it’s a matter of whether or not you prefer to be beaten in an unfair fight or not be matched at all in the first place.

Again, this also requires a larger playerbase, I feel, since there will be more people across all skill levels. Some people really powerleveled with the really OP decks of yore (Brood for 3, Strat for 3 and recently instant Coord), which did cause a rather large divide in the initial launch. We’ll see what the future holds

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Topic: War of Omens / Fix this bullshit matchmaking

I took a chance to answer to the arguments made by you both, and it was not my intention to blend your arguments, but its good that we all can be civic now as the start of the thread was a little too swear-filled for me to take it seriously.

Let me first state that I, personally, don’t “Farm” multiplayer. I don’t play Multiplayer to make money, as some of my decks are very slow and go for drawn out locks, I can’t ‘farm’ like that, I play Multiplayer to break the monotony of playing AI. This is my case, and I will admit that there are probably people out there that go to Multiplayer with the intention to farm. I won’t touch on that, but you present a conundrum that, because we can farm Multiplayer, we can get stronger.

Well, if you get more upgrades and start to farm Journeyman instead of apprentice, you can get even strongerl, then more so when we you get to Master, then GM, then your proposed Multiplayer farming. Power begets power, we did our deeds being noobs to get where we stand now, the fact that Multiplayer is on the horizon is not meant to hurt competition: People who have invested more can win more, that’s the current order of the game.

I well know a single upgrade can be a make-or-break factor for a large amount of matches, but it is this game’s version of gaining random cards, and has little to nothing to do with this being a Deck Building game. In other CCGs, the player who has bought more cards is more likely to have the rare and powerful staples and thus, have a more consistent deck and win more games. In this game, the player who has bought more cards is certain to have more upgrades if buying cards correctly because of the progression-based system used here. If you stamped the same mechanic on, say, Magic the Gathering (Where cards costed down), then the problem would be the same, since i can cast Stone Rain 1 turn before you. This makes the discrepancy is more noticeable. In order to make it visibly disappear, the whole progression system would probably require a revamp, which is very probably not affordable.

So this makes the required, lets call it “entry” required for Multiplayer compared to other games higher (Because you at least want most maxed commons to commit), but it does make the ceiling lower (because once you get those and some good level 2s or maxed IIs, you should be fairly OK to play multiplayer since rarity isn’t equal to power in War of Omens). The breaking factor, could be argued, are Rare Coins, which are another matter entirely which is quite problematic.

I’ll take a wild guess and say that you are being matched with maxed out people is because not a lot of people brave Multiplayer so early, and it’s great you are winning, but as of right now, there isn’t admittedly enough content to distract people from attempting Multiplayer. A larger community and development of campaign are what can fix that gap, and it is why I firmly believe this issue will solve itself.

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Topic: War of Omens / Robbery and Sabotage rebalancing

Let my opening statement be that Metris cannot afford chance-based effects, just trust me on this one :) Loquori is frustrating enough

Your ideas are well-thought out, but i feel they’d just make the problem worse. For instance, Arson throwing money into the red would be dreadful, the same way having 3 Undermines on the board is just destructive as it literally disallows your opponent from playing, having Arson do that means your opponent will just never have any income because of the chain debt caused by it.

Right now, my suggestions are the following

Robbery only needs a cost down; it used to cost 2 to steal 3, and thus, right now it should probably cost 1 to steal 2. That way, it retains its double-purpose of both an economy and resource denial card, making it like a more risk-reward version of Impersonate

Sabotage could use a rework, perhaps something like: “Return target enemy card to their hand” for 0. It doesn’t actually inflicts damage (In fact, it makes Vespitole draw a card), but it can get Frames and Ramparts out of the way for the burn to come through.

“Discard a random enemy card” for 0 or 1 could also be a possibility, allowing for Shrines to be stolen and again, delay those tanks, although I don’t think it’s an effect fit for a common card.

My last suggestion would be “Discard target card from foe’s hand, if coin, attack hero”, again, for 0-1. That way, it can cripple strategies like Rites while again competing with Impersonate in the risk-reward ratio

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Topic: War of Omens / Fix this bullshit matchmaking

The fact that you two have Joker avatars makes it really easy to track with who I am disagreeing with. For all intents and purposes, i’m going to cover Inuyaki’s and Postexodus’ points, and call them both ‘you’

Open any card game you want, and play Multiplayer the MOMENT it is unlocked and chances are you are going to get horribly mismatched battles at least 2 our of 3 times. Maybe it will not be a “Guy with all premium foil deck”, but maybe it’s another relative sapling that has played for a week and already has a more optimized deck. Hearthstone is safe from this malady but it’s hype-driven behemoth of a community means there is always fresh meat to match with others.

Also, saying you lose to the same maxed cards is a fallacy, because some cards are just constants. Taxes, Gold Panners, Deceit, and many other cards are just so efficient that almost any deck will want them. Similarly, Bounty, Rite of Combat or Mayhem are easy to get damage cards that are efficient, what matters is in the middle. If you are quitting the moment you see the opening bank, then how can you tell it’s the same player? How can you tell the other 6 cards are also the same? And how is it relevant that the cards are “Upgraded”? Would you NOT be mad about this if you faced the same deck over and over, as long as it were less upgraded than you?

Let me pretend I’m the sinner here. I have all maxed I and IIs but the newest ones, I have maxed IIIs, and all my IVs are level 2. I have 9 coins and play Multiplayer with a few rather frustrating decks when I’m bored. You know what I’ve found? People without upgrades, more often than not do, NOT surrender, at all. I’ve stunlocked a Listrata out of her entire resources with Arson for 8 turns straight, and she just plays her coins and passes. I kill all the orphan of Liet’s field every turn with a single, maxed Soldier and she moves forward. They march on against their inevitable defeat.

I’ve also gotten outplayed by players with less upgrades. My current Pocchi deck involves walling Supplicants to produce large amounts of magic and eventually win from the ensuing damage, or resolve Tribute and go from there. It employs a slew of maxed IIIs like Devotion and Sybilline, and i’ve gotten REKT by people just using Fief and Trade Comp into Bounties, or weenie Daramek decks. I’ve learned from people ‘below’ me in the power curve, and that is difficult. Why is it difficult to learn from people above you?

Also, you are making the mistake of saying that people that have that many cards have spent money. Currently i’m sitting at near 5000 wins. Lets round that up and say they were all on Journeyman, and there were no level ups: That’s 500000 Silver. That’s about 425 dollars. So yeah, someone could go in, pretend he likes this game and burn 425 dollars and get on my level, but he wouldn’t play as well as me. And according to you, that’s a problem. So a person who wants to play a lot isn’t entitled to get rewards, and a person who has expendable income, and helps the developers of the game, isn’t entitled to have an advantage, JUST because they might get matched to a newer player?

Even the game’s non-often used Help button (right bottom) says that the more you play, the better you should get matched. So not playing probably put you in this oubliette of self-imposed torture you call poor matchmaking.

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion about pvp

Good evening, my name is Nobody

You have to consider that the game is NOT balanced around lvl 1 decks, notably, Metris is beyond awful at level 1, and Daramek can set up its combos timely. It would be tons of slow show matches between 2 Sofos, trust me.

I personally believe that, if organized play, such as tournaments or ranked matches come, formats and special rules should be enforced for them; I personally think rare coins are too high variance to make consistent deckbuilding decisions. However, multiplayer is still very functional and the matchmaking is fine enough as it is, making formats would perhaps make matches ‘fairer’, but it would also segment the playerbase even further, since some people would exclusively make those formats, and then the main format; unlimited, would be trivial; no one would really invest in the game if only a select few even try their hand there because they are still missing 1 special coin.

So I personally do not believe it is viable for normal, immediate multiplayer, and if used, it should not impair progression as it kills the game in long term

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Topic: War of Omens / Vepistole Combinations

Knights overcome deflect damage when fed

Still, i just want to point out that, in order to play those cards, with max upgrades (Including the Knight), and in optimal order (Supplicants first), you’d need at the very least 5 turns of not buying anything but those things, and for your opponent to be a goldfish.

Not very viable, i’m afraid ):

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Topic: War of Omens / Release Notes - April 16th, 2014 (New Card, Balance Updates)

It was fairly discussed with the devs when they were pondering on a daily reward, since they didn’t want it to be too sleazy-looking, as a lot of games use the daily rewards maliciously. I do admit it would be nice for it to be clearer on the matter, since it isn’t at the moment

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Topic: War of Omens / Vestipole Daramek Metris=Rock Paper Scissors

Originally posted by testuser19827:

How does stealing from Daramek benefit Metris?

You’ve never had a rite stolen, have you?

Not to mention, Daramek allies are usually tougher, which means that they are tougher to get rid off when seduced, and they don’t have Mercs to fight off frames. Mayhem is a complete trainwreck to a Daramek in the mid game, and if you are hinging on drawing a specific cards like a peculiar rite or even a Repopulate, if they ever get a whiff of it with Deceit, they’ll pocket it forever. A single stolen Daramek card has more impact than a single stolen Vespitole one, because the power of Vespitole lies in their cycling, but a single Daramek card, from Gold Panners to Rites, are pretty good assets to Metris.

I want to agree with the rock paper scissors here, but as in any card game, it is never that binary. My Sofo deck preys on Daramek but fails hard against Metris since I’m a slow starter and skulls are mostly useless. My Theodox Arson spam loves facing Loans and resource cards, denying expensive cards or anything that costs more than 6 (I don’t have savvy Daramek Examples >_<). But yes, i’d see there being a Rock-Paper-Scissors embed in the game’s design, but card games, being so variable, cannot be withheld by this kind of structure

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Topic: War of Omens / Misinformation extortion

By the time those 50 turns expire, chances are your opponent has restocked another Misinformation, this won’t solve anything. Similarly, holding those cards for that duration of time will not help anything as by the time they return to you, there are higher chances that they simply return to his hand.

Misinformation preys on decks that require on few win conditions, and is in fact, the most deadly in Metris mirrors where not only there are usually less winning cards, but they also cannot be stored in your deck. However, Misinformation is a huge loss on tempo against decks that have more able wincons or can at least sneak them fast enough to make them count really quickly (Lead the Charge, Courtesans, etc). In fact, making the whole Subterfuge play is risky because you could’ve simply gone infinite if he took a few coins, and even with a single Courtly Intrigue will win you the game.

Now, I don’t defend the practice of running you out of wincons and then just waiting till you bore out, that’s malicious, but you have to realize that, if having 10 coins in hand is a Vesp wincondition, then removing the enemy bank is a Metris’ wincon, as they no longer have to do too much effort and wait until something in particular happens.

Whether or not Misinformation requires a nerf because of its power level is something different entirely, but for the reasons stated above alone, I don’t think it’s required

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Topic: War of Omens / Rampart damage splitting

If I am correct, from what i’ve observed, the rightmost Rampart will tank any damage. So if you have a rampart with 1 charge, and play a second one, then the second one will receive 4 hits before the first

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Topic: War of Omens / Packs Idea

That seems like a bizarre solution you have there, specially if you are only missing the newest addition, since there aren’t enough cards to add to the pool. Not to mention that any amount of assurance that you will gain a new card is not very useful since the game’s packs become “solvable”, not to mention paying 300 for an Oak pack feels jarring altogether.

I think there are two possible, more practical solutions to be had here:

1. Make a pack that only includes X amount of the newer cards (Porcelain Pack?), the contents of that pack rotate after a certain amount of cards of that faction arrive (And they are all even). Pricing the thing might be tricky but avid players will be willing to spend to fill their collection

2. Make it so that, instead of getting Faction XP for a card you have already maxed, you get another form of stock experience that you can use on cards to level them up based on their rarity. They could still be faction independent, and you’d still have to own the card in order to level it up in this way.

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Topic: War of Omens / Win 3 Multiplayer Games in a Row against people with maxed cards

I want to believe that the fault here is for the Quest system, not for the Multiplayer matchmaking. While quests already are scaled on player experience (New players aren’t asked to beat GM, nor experienced ones to beat Neophyte), there should be an option to reshuffle some quests, specially Multiplayer related quests, because some people don’t have fleshed out decks as of yet, or are required to play with a faction that they haven’t heavily invested in

Matching on deck strength wouldn’t be a good idea: Some people actually use unupgraded copies of cards for a strategic value (Ex: Herds), and it will segregate the player-base. Not to mention some players don’t really try Multiplayer until they feel their collection is completely fleshed out, which means that newer players that feel enthusiastic will never find a match in MP and probably believe the competition is dead. Thing is, now that there’s an incentive for not-completely developed players to MP (I.E. Daily Quests), the problem just shows like it never had before.

I stand to believe that the fix here is to allow reshuffles on the Daily Quests, not to tinker with the MP system even further which is already a difficult task considering the (relatively) small playerbase