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Topic: Technical Support / Achievements are not awarded under IE10

I’ve played some Kongregate games in Windows 8 under IE10 (both desktop and Modern; haven’t changed any settings) and I’m not getting achievements. I’ve also noticed that the “Best so far:” achievement requirement stats always stay empty even as I progress in the game.

Can you please look into this?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Level I10 Help

Strange. I beat after 0-2 tries when I was ~25.
0) Bottom half is more important than the top
1) Blocked the paths (left, right-right and right-up from the orb)
2) Put towers between the Amplifiers and the path
3) Put towers at the 3×3 fields so that monsters cling to the amplified towers.
4) Put towers at the “corners”
5) Slowly started to place towers at the free spaces around the amplifiers (bottom half first)