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Topic: Serious Discussion / Donald Trump thinks it is strange Obama does not produce his birth certificate

The 10 minute video above is truly amazing. Donald Trump is a very articulate man, and the way he presents the ‘birther’ discussion in a professional and articulate way makes me wonder why Mr. Obama has not produced his Birth Certificate.

All that Obama has produced is a Certificate of Live Birth, which is inferior identification when compared to a Birth Certificate. Many states do not allow you to get married if you only have a Certificate of live birth!

Personally, I think Obama is a citizen and should be president, and Mr. Trump makes a good point – Obama says he has a full Birth Certificate, but he is spending tons of money on lawyers to stop people from seeing it.

I ask this: Why?

Why not just show the superior document and put this issue to rest?

Let us discuss reasons why Mr. Obama will not show the document, and what should happen if it is found he is not a legal citizen. Should he be removed from office? Should a special vote be held to poll the country about his removal, or not?

Also let us discuss the fascination people have, including Mr. Trump, about this issue.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Global military spending way, WAY up!

The link above is about military spending i thought we could discuss that. Here is a synopsis from the above link to start the discussion:

“The Unites States, with costly military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, increased spending by 2.8 percent to $698 billion — about six times as much as China, the second-biggest spender ahead of Britain, France and Russia. In 2009, U.S. spending grew 7.7 percent.

“The United States has increased its military spending by 81 percent since 2001,” SIPRI said. “At 4.8 percent of gross domestic product, U.S. military spending in 2010 represents the largest economic burden outside the Middle East,” said SIPRI Military Expenditure Project chief Sam Perlo-Freeman. "

So that is what the experts say and the numbers are in. do you think such spending is good, bad, or are you neutral to it? why are countires spending so much on the military? are they all preparing for a war, or will the spending provoke a war? what makes them feel the need to spend so much, where are the threats?

lets have fun with this one!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ask Physics Questions Here

Do Atoms have a black hole at the center of them?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Drug laws

u cant ban fast food it is a legal thing

you should punish people for making the bad choice to go to a fast food joint

like on insurance when they ask if you are a smoker and you get a higher rate, they should ask if you eat fast food and give you a higher rate

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can homosexuals be changed? ( Genetics is the topic )

can someone explain to me how a homosexual couple can be devout religious chrisitans? is that not impossible

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Scary unemployment rate for african americans. Why?

i personally think that white people still are discriminate against many blacks but in secret, as opposed to years ago when it was ok to be racist openly

all racism has done is go underground and passive agressive

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Arizona proposes 'Medicaid fat fee'.

Originally posted by Main_Zinc:

We need to start fining people for being fat. This is a good start.

how would you enforce such a thing?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives. New scientific study!

i would love to see a much larger study about this issue

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pastor Terry Jones.

“Pastor” Jones in my opinion is a terrible human he knew that buring the holy book of muslims he would incite some kind of reaction which is what he wanted

it is like someone releasing 20 rabid pitbulls on a busy city street, sure the guy did not bit the people in the end, but he released the dogs in the first place

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Topic: Serious Discussion / So Keynesian economics didn't work out, huh guys?


Reading this post, what you say does make lots of sense. And seeing that graph is very damaging to Obama.

Obama does not seem interested at all in truly fixing the budget deficit. In fact he is adding to it at a alarming rate. No one can deny that!

As for how to fix it, cut the military heavily.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / [Open Discussion] Future SD Forum Guidelines and community

Feedback I would like:

What type of SD forum do you want? Would you like stricter moderation or lax moderation? What type of threads do you want or not want in SD? What are your tolerances for religious and politically-centric threads? What are your tolerances for threads that do not have much discussion value? How serious should the threads be? What, or how, do you think you could improve the SD forums community wise?

1: A lax forum, with users doing the modding. ( being able to flag a post like in game comments, and if enough people flag it is is ‘downmodded’ by the community )
2: All threads should be welcome, as long as they provide a means of discussion. Current events are the best to discuss I think. I do feel that bad grammar should be discouraged at all cost. It devalues the forum across the board when its members cannot form or choose to form even basic sentences.
3: My tolerance for religion and political threads should not matter – they are valid discussion threads.
4: Very few threads have zero discussion value. I personally think everything can be discussed if you think hard enough.
5: Threads should be about discussion, NOT debating. There is a huge difference between debating and discussion. Discussion is casual forum chatting about serious topics, debating is for the most hardcore and should have its own forum. As for how serious, you can have an issue that does not serious but it can still have some good serious discussion about it. For example, clowns. At first clowns do not see serious, but ask any professional clown – they are dead serious about their job.
6: Less moderator interaction with users ( promotes favoritism or precieved injustice, ‘invisible mods’ that cannot interact with users and are not listed as a user, giving us a better forum with more ways the community as a whole can vote down what they community thinks are bad posts or threads, etc. just like in the game comments section for a game )

Thank you for your time


Topic: Serious Discussion / Searching Existing Topics

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