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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #43 - *Congrats Halysia*


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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #43 - *Congrats Halysia*


I won’t provide any thoughts about Halysia’s Slime Horror Dash as requested and for Shalmezad’s Earl The Horror I’ll stick to positive feedback only.

For everyone else I’ll give pros, cons, and my Kong rating for the appropriate games and the rating if it were uploaded to Kong as is for the ones not currently here.

As usual the theme incorporation will play a definitive part in my voting process.

Good luck to all and congratulations on your submissions. Being able to create a game under these conditions already makes you a winner to me.

Flappy Horror

Pros: A unique game. I’d be interested in seeing how you would further expand the game. Plus “The Horror” (I named your creature that. I hope you don’t mind.) was kind of cute c:

Cons: The controls. I couldn’t really tell much difference between the attacks. Even though I understand why I was clicking so much it still quickly became monotonous.

Rating: 2/5

Earl The Horror

Pros: A solid foundation for an engaging game. Additions of power-ups, a store, and other general improvements would result in a game I’d be eager to play.

Rating: 2/5

Fly Horror

Pros: Yet another refreshing game. I enjoyed the confusing nature the game presented.

Cons: The graphics took me out of the game a little bit. Maybe adding a tad more details and faces would’ve helped :-P

Rating: 3/5


1st place: SumGato – Fly Horror
2nd place: Halysia – Slime Horror Dash

SumGato’s Fly Horror had a captivating concept that just barely beat out the addictiveness of Halysia’s Slime Horror Dash.

Thank you for allowing me to cast my weird opinions. I hope to be able to vote again next time! :-)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #42 - *Pirates*

Sorry for the bump.

Also, would any of you be opposed to a opt-in mass-PM’ing as the dates draw near?

I highly doubt anybody remembers me, but I rather not get into the specifics. I would just like to say that if anyone starts up a notification system, like the one UG had for example, I’d be interested in beginning to cast my votes once more if I meet the proper criteria.


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Topic: Off-topic / The typial OT disscussion

You’re welcome to leave if you don’t like it here. It’s threads like these that aren’t doing OT any good.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is better MSGW or Rolby?

Don’t create spam/harassment threads.

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Topic: Off-topic / Another message towards the trolls.

I consider these threads spam. Keep making them and action will be taken on your account.

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Topic: Kongregate / Note to all developers who use Pay 2 Win.

Wow, 6 pages of feeding a troll. I am disappoint.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Birthday Thread *Gabidou99*

Added and fixed them!

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Topic: Off-topic / How to make a popular indie game

Please make one for us. Preferably with CROWS :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Topic: Off-topic / What gift you want for Christmas?

Originally posted by EndlessSporadic:

I’d like a girlfriend. First someone needs to gift me some faith in humanity.

I found some hawties for you right here

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Topic: Off-topic / cesarcurado is coolest guy on planet of Earth!

maowee comes number 3 <3 :)

I agree <3

Edit @ above: Would you two please stop arguing and derailing this thread in the process?

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Topic: Kongregate / Message drop-down.

They say “blocking” the game works, and it seems to for most people, so try that out. Click “Block” next to the game(s) in the Game Messages tab. If “Block” isn’t there, you can do it from the respective gamepage for the game. Just load the game up and “Block” should be underneath the game screen, close to being under the chatbox.

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Topic: Technical Support / Achievements broken?

In your screenshot you have a red plug in the top right corner, which means you’re not connected to Kong’s servers. That’s why it wasn’t showing your progress. I’m assuming you now have either a yellow plug (which means you’re connected, but poorly) or a green plug (the best connection possible).

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Topic: Off-topic / Will OT ever get more people to it?

Originally posted by GearsChicken:
Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Hawt womens.

We already have Stots.

I said ‘hawt’ womens.

Originally posted by Maowee:
Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Hawt womens.

im alreddy here

’Ey bby ;-)

Originally posted by Miss_Mechanical:
Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Hawt womens.


Phone number, pls x0xo <3

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Topic: Off-topic / cesarcurado is coolest guy on planet of Earth!

Cesar’s definitely #2

(Rolby is #1)

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Santa Clause real?


That one’s not. The other one is.

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Topic: Off-topic / This is getting stupid.

Proof the forums could use a mute button.

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Topic: Off-topic / What gift you want for Christmas?

I don’t really want anything. I guess I need some new socks *shrugs*

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Topic: Off-topic / Is it healthy to shit green poop?

You’re a baby.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who do you want to win VGX GOTY?

I only played GTA: V, so clearly they should have won.

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Topic: Off-topic / My life just lost one quarter of it's meaning

I can’t stop laughing xD

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Topic: Kongregate / Is anyone else fed with with how pathetic Kong has become?

I just noticed the title of this thread.

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Topic: Kongregate / 18 game

Originally posted by G0T0Guy:

Yeah, like this weekend’s badges for HOTR has enough cleavage to run your motorboat out of gas.


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Topic: Kongregate / Attention All Mods

Originally posted by Attack2100:

I nominate JessMH8, Beckyweck, DarkRainyKnight, Stots and 123aaa789


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Topic: Kongregate / Split test: New navigation!

Thank you.

Current challenges:[…]Some people had thought no one really uses it, but I actually use that link myself, and lobbied for its return.

How else are you supposed to see the current Challenges? Seems the people thinking no one uses it don’t actually use Kong themselves.

[…]there just haven’t been a lot of great Flash games lately. There have been some, and we’ve done our best to badge them, but we don’t want to just start making more badges for whatever we see just for the sake of having more badges.

Iunno who convinced the Admins of this, but it’s fairly inaccurate. If yous aren’t going to hire Prec, then at least please take note of his suggestions and use them. Or at least see that there are plenty of badge-worthy games that came out this year.