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Topic: Game Programming / Getting Kongpanions (the ones that coudnt be obtained in time, like Suds)

This thread would most likely be a better place to post your suggestion

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection

Sorry, I probably could’ve made that more clear. It will be starting on the 10th (hopefully every month from now on). The 20th will start the voting portion. So, about 32 hours to wait. Put your programming hats in the upright position and prepare to get wet!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection

Due to the generosity of Kongregate, there will be sweet Kred prizes – 100 Kreds for the GiTD winner and 50 Kreds for the runner-up! :D

Please accompany me in thanking Kongregate and everyone involved.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week! (Week of 10/5: Haunt the House)


Will edit in Haunt the House later in the week.

Hard badge get.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection


Theme selection ends & game jam begins: Saturday October 10th ~3am EDT
Game jam ends & voting begins: Tuesday October 20th ~3am EDT
Voting ends: Friday October 30th ~3am EDT

(Time Zone Converter)

100 Kreds for 1st place
50 Kreds for 2nd place

Based on feedback received in this thread, please suggest a game mechanic and noun. From there, I’ll randomize from a frisky cat, a dictionary, and a Magic 8-Ball in some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption.

For those who do not understand the rules of GiTD, you have 10 days to create a game based on the chosen theme. Once the deadline has passed a new voting thread will be created where users will vote for the person’s game who they think should win. Using an engine is acceptable as long as the person submitting it creates the majority of the game. You may work in a team of up to 2 people. (Let me know if you have a larger team and I’ll see what I can do.)

The usual rules apply for using existing code/graphical assets/libraries.

Even more rules are clarified here.

Whoever is signed up to the mailing list (sign up via the shout on my profile) will receive a PM from JohannasGarden when a new GiTD begins.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Thanks, CuriousGaming. Added to OP. I opted not to pull the information in there and simply link the thread instead. I knew that existed, but I just couldn’t find it. After spending hours searching, I began doubting myself and thought it might’ve been a Pastebin.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

It’s the final countdown~

I’ll create a thread on the 5th as an early reminder where I’ll be accepting theme suggestions. Depending on the turnout, I’ll probably randomize from a frisky cat, a dictionary, and a Magic 8-Ball in some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption.

Just in case Joaquin comes over, I’ll probably deputize someone that can fill in as needed.


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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Maybe now is finally a good time for Caravaneer 2?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

As in another PM from JG or a separate thread posted here by me?

Edit: I’d rather not suddenly flood this forum with everything GiTD, but having a General Thread akin to the ones Forum Games has could be an option.

On a related note, stain88 has been generously scouting for something (whether it be a site, app, etc.) to better unite, organize, and attract more attention for GiTD. So, many thanks to stain88 for doing that. [Note: That’s just a side dish as this will continue to be the main hub.]

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Nice to see some older faces avatars again.

Alright, so…

I like dragon_of_celts’ idea about having GiTD in the middle of every month. Right now I’m most likely going with 10th-20th for the game jam portion and 20th-30th for the voting portion. (February can just roll into the first few days of March.) This would also put the 50th GiTD in January, which feels nice.

I’ll choose the game mechanic and noun theme by some random means. (For now until changes are deemed.)

As for notifications and the like, I’ve restarted UG’s mailing list. Whoever is signed up to the mailing list (sign up via the shout on my profile, but most of you are already there) will receive a PM from JohannasGarden when a new GiTD begins. Right now that’s the only notification I’m planning on sending out, but I can do another for the voting phase if there’s enough demand. Please thank JG for doing this and making my life easier.

Should anyone have any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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Topic: Kongregate / Found Potential Bug in the Forum

You have too many hyphens ( – ). More than ~20 will break the formatting.

Edit: You can shorten the links manually. e.g.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Thanks for the welcomes and congrats.

I mainly just wanted to post that I’m here reading everything everyone is saying. It seems unanimous that a change is wanted so let’s make it happen. What is currently being discussed is quite similar to what I was going to propose. This is the Game Programming forum so it makes sense to steer away from the heavily artistic themes. I was already planning to suggest reverting back to the more game mechanical themes. Some type of descriptive noun to add along to that sounds good. With the obvious hope of increasing activity, a broader theme seems like a smart move. We can certainly test different theme experiments. Unfortunately, some may prove unsuccessful, but I’m willing to try. Anyway, I agree with most everything said here and am excited for the potential changes.

Now to address some points more specifically:

One of the other things I was considering was having GiTDs around notable events and holidays so it’d be easier to remember. Though, I was struggling with if that was more helpful or overwhelming. We could certainly have it more consistently around a particular date in the month if that’d be preferred. You guys can decide on this.

@dragon_of_celts – Sorry that your experiment didn’t work out as hoped :(

@Halysia – Sorry to hear about your first game :(

So, we’re pretty much changing the theme process, right? Is everyone in agreement with Aesica’s game mechanic + noun idea? If so, let me know and we’ll skip to B). If not, we have plenty of time to discuss further and decide. No pressure/rush.

B) How would everybody prefer we settle on a theme? Shall I decide on one, some kind of community vote, a mix of the two, RNG-style, or something different? Discuss.

I think that’s about everything for now. Good discussion so far, let’s keep it going :D

P.S. I did think of one more question, does anyone have any objections if I continue casting my votes in the voting round? If so, it’s cool. PM me if you’d rather voice your opinion that way. Privacy is assured and you won’t hurt my feelings.

Thanks guys :3

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

I ended up finding some spare time to make a post about the “sticky issues” as I’ll call them. We’ll get these solved so then we can concentrate on the theme discussion.

  • Libraries

GiTD #10 discussion
GiTD #28 discussion

For this I’ll defer to the almighty UG since he’s basically the rulebook:

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

No, don’t use material that you’ve made before this GiTD, unless its part of a ‘game engine’ and what not. Try to have a majority of the game code be built during the competition time. Other than that use your judgement. Don’t be just extending some prototype you made 2 months ago that is already half working. It would be more appropriate to start a new game.

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Yes. If its a partially complete game you are building off, no. Library code is fine.

  • Open source artwork

These next two are sure to be the trickier ones.

SumGato’s question

Unfortunately, I could not find an “official” statement where it was confirmed it was indeed allowed in GiTD #31 from either of the coordinators at the time. (If anyone does see it, please let me know.)

I don’t want it to seem like I’m just going to defer to previous coordinators all the time, but if one of them has made a statement or provided an opinion on the matter I’d prefer to keep the rulings as consistent as possible. So I’m going to bring up Shalmezad’s recent opinion and agree, because it’s logical and fair.

  • Preexisting art assets

When Aesica brought this art topic up previously…

Originally posted by Aesica:

I also plan on stealing a ton of graphics from previous projects, because that crap will take far too much time to do from scratch.

…UG never commented further, as far as I could see, from his original approval [shown below], so…

Stop doing that, Aesica >:P

…it’s not completely against the rules:

Originally posted by Aesica:

I’ve probably asked this before, but just to be safe: Can I cannibalize old projects for graphical assets and reusable classes?


Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Yes. If its a partially complete game you are building off, no. Library code is fine.

So, please only use a small amount of preexisting personal art, if possible. Please don’t work from a finished fantastical game you made years ago. Cannibalizing old projects would be acceptable, not favored, but acceptable. I’d prefer, as it is Game in Ten Days, to have the game created during the competition. Try as hard as possible to lessen (aside from necessary libraries, including art) the usage of material that you made before the GiTD. Use your best judgment and do be fair.

All in all, harmonizing with previous coordinators on this makes the most sense to me.

Originally posted by Shalmezad:

Of course, this has been, and will continue to be a community driven event. If people want a rule in place or a rule changed, it should be an open discussion. Just like in the past.

  • Collaboration

I’m almost certain this rule has been one of the more clearly defined:

You may work in a team of up to 2 people.

Re: GiTD #35 – Darkscanner & DannyDaNinja ~ Hungry Dream

“Let me know if you have a larger team and I’ll see what I can do.”

Of course this is just my view, discussion, as always, is welcome. As is probably seen, I’m a fairly lenient person and I’d rather not have to step in on rulings, but if rules are consistently being stretched and tested then, unfortunately, I will tighten things up.


  • Libraries: Are fine.
  • Open source artwork: Is fair.
  • Preexisting art assets: Should be fine.
  • Collaboration: Up to two without permission needed.
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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Hey everyone.

I’m not real good at introductions and the like, but I’ll try my best here. I’m both honoured and flattered, but this is still the community’s competition. I’ll definitely try my best to propel GiTD to new heights. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, funny jokes, unfunny jokes, or just want to say hi, you’re welcome to leave a shout, send a whisper, post here, or drop by GDR where I’m usually hanging out.

I’ll share my thoughts on the stickier issues Shalmezad mentioned above in the next couple of days. I also am pondering some new and different ideas regarding the theme process and stuff like that, so I’ll be sure to post about that soon, but of course, I’ll leave it up to whatever the community wants.

Thanks again to Shalmezad.

P.S. I remembered I typed up a little summary about me for a job I really wanted recently, so I’ll copypasta that here:

First, I will tell a little bit about myself. [redacted personal information.] I have always enjoyed a special relationship with video games. They have been the one true constant in my life that I have always had the pleasure of relying on. They have embraced me through the difficult times and rejoiced with me through the many gaming achievements I have experienced throughout my gaming career. I also enjoy basketball, heavy metal music, and the television show Family Guy.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Good job to the both of you. I was pretty impressed by both of these games.

Halysia – Blaze Blitz

Pros: Nice full-fledged competitive game; I appreciated the retro style and feel; sufficient game variety

Cons: I would’ve preferred random health pick-ups; hardcore difficulty (I probably just suck)

Overall: Another quality game from you, it’s always a joy seeing what you come up with; 3/5

stain88 – The Water Temple

Pros: Decent dungeon crawler; albeit short, it felt like a full game; (I know it was scrapped due to time) the lack of a mini-map forced me to become more immersed in the game; signpost humor was a pleasant touch

Cons: Poor control layout; the text window got stuck for me which made it a guessing game as to which room had a door up top

Overall: Great first entry into a GiTD (I believe), I have high expectations for future appearances; 4/5

Voting for: stain88 – The Water Temple

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Topic: Kongregate / Calculating points for level

Very nice.

Edit: I’d say this is good enough for its own thread, to be honest. It’d be a shame for it to get buried in here.


>1337 69

ty Resterman :D

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Topic: Kongregate / Broken badges

I’m assuming “Removed games” more so refers to the badges. If so, add Heroes of the Realm, Inferno Legend, and Kids Vs. Ice Cream. Also, you have Dragon Age: Journeys and Kids Vs. Ice Cream listed in the “Non-functioning/Slow API badges” section.

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Topic: Kongregate / Retired Badges Compendium

Originally posted by JimmyCarlos:

If anyone (including OP) needs the Badge Images for these retired games, I’ve put them all in a folder you can download below. I am only missing the Prince of Persia badges.

Due credit where credit is due. Thank you, Jimmy!

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Topic: Kongregate / Has there really not been any mod around for the last 8 hours?

Originally posted by 5884833:

I could probably get 500+ posts if I spammed at the right time, Kong needs to hire a night owl.

Hoot hoot~

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Topic: Kongregate / Retired Badges Compendium

Updated, I think.

Send me a private message if I missed anything.

If someone would like to provide pictures, I’ll be sure to add them and give appropriate credit.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Beats Beasts Ablaze*

Originally posted by Halysia:

DarkRainyKnight compiled a GiTD archive. Maybe it’s worth sending pm’s out to past participants? Looking forward to this!

Halysia spoiled my secret so I might as well post my intentions:

Darkscanner saybox Rameares Supersausagedog luthimir Draco18s jonathanasdf Narinik HectorFV DPbrad skaren VBCPP ST3ALTH15 nutter666 BraydenBlack Nuderval simplegoogly MossyStump Attila0413 truefire nukermage lobstershow KardainiaGames ChaosJon Altiarshadow turoni qwerber irevol LazerBomb rayne_hellawack Taiboss Gama11 sddsdd orandze wilk123 jobsta360 unicorns Mavyrk MimoCPandCB shadowgrail 13islucky nadjatee1996 Benjie007 acidDICA Feffers DrYoshiyahu Aaants kidongo Vegard20 uzzbuzz Ace_Blue dedit8 CuriousGaming acedragon64 HeroicHero solleader Kewry willthechill Thepenguinking2 gfda Tacopian kinng330 wtracy Elyzius jasonjie88 Teddyatya oatlol T6salt DyMyTRhy I_love_you_lots ZaceGames wethebearsmeow monsterjamp SumGato Russpuppy jojoblomo MrHasuu LegionStudio aprotasenya Unept Aceeri Moshdef Zoib Aesica Shake_N_Baker Shalmezad DannyDaNinja wolfheat dragon_of_celts Halysia revenant__

Edit: Got up to monsterjamp before spam measures. Done! inb4ban

Everyone that had been previously signed up to UnknownGuardian’s latest GiTD mailing list or participated in one of the five most recent GiTDs, and they’ve entered Kong chat since March of this year.

I was planning on sending some sort of message to those folks once the exact start date was absolutely confirmed.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Originally posted by Halysia:

Nice job, interesting to see. Hopefully this might encourage more participants!

Thank you :D

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Please contact me if you find any errors.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives