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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46

Originally posted by Halysia:

DarkRainyKnight compiled a GiTD archive. Maybe it’s worth sending pm’s out to past participants? Looking forward to this!

Halysia spoiled my secret so I might as well post my intentions:

Darkscanner saybox Rameares Supersausagedog luthimir Draco18s jonathanasdf Narinik HectorFV DPbrad skaren VBCPP ST3ALTH15 nutter666 BraydenBlack Nuderval simplegoogly MossyStump Attila0413 truefire nukermage lobstershow KardainiaGames ChaosJon Altiarshadow turoni qwerber irevol LazerBomb rayne_hellawack Taiboss Gama11 sddsdd orandze wilk123 jobsta360 unicorns Mavyrk MimoCPandCB shadowgrail 13islucky nadjatee1996 Benjie007 acidDICA Feffers DrYoshiyahu Aaants kidongo Vegard20 uzzbuzz Ace_Blue dedit8 CuriousGaming acedragon64 HeroicHero solleader Kewry willthechill Thepenguinking2 gfda Tacopian kinng330 wtracy Elyzius jasonjie88 Teddyatya oatlol T6salt DyMyTRhy I_love_you_lots ZaceGames wethebearsmeow monsterjamp SumGato Russpuppy jojoblomo MrHasuu LegionStudio aprotasenya Unept Aceeri Moshdef Zoib Aesica Shake_N_Baker Shalmezad DannyDaNinja wolfheat dragon_of_celts Halysia revenant__

Everyone that had been previously signed up to UnknownGuardian’s latest GiTD mailing list or participated in one of the five most recent GiTDs, and they’ve entered Kong chat since March of this year.

I was planning on sending some sort of message to those folks once the exact start date was absolutely confirmed.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Originally posted by Halysia:

Nice job, interesting to see. Hopefully this might encourage more participants!

Thank you :D

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Please contact me if you find any errors.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives


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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives


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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives


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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives


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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

GiTD [#46]





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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

GiTD [#31]

Theme: Element(s)

3ndl3ss ~ Douse
feartehstickman ~ Wizard Element Defence
saybox ~ SayBox’s Super Duper GiTD Entry

Winner(s): feartehstickman ~ Wizard Element Defence


GiTD [#32]

Theme: Collection

imp2 ~ Theifer O’Greedy
Elyzius ~ The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Demons
VBCPP ~ Mr. Collecter
gobologna ~ Cat Burglar
I_love_you_lots ~ Collectron
Sushin ~ TheCollector
nutter666 ~ BodyBagger
Kewry ~ Hunting Sim
BadEgg ~ Klecter
Russpuppy ~ Photo Collection
FadiLoutf ~ Forest Of Death
MrHasuu ~ Surviving in the Wild

Winner(s): imp2 ~ Theifer O’Greedy


GiTD [#33]

Theme: Exploration

Zoib ~ Exploration: Signs of Life
LazerBomb ~ No given name
evan999333 ~ Delver
deviever ~ Morty’s Lost Catacombs
Feffers ~ Dungeon Seekers
Plasmatic429 ~ Don’t Ask
Shalmezad ~ .explore

Winner(s): Zoib ~ Exploration: Signs of Life


GiTD [#34]

Theme: Creation/Destruction

Truefire ~ GiTD34
Elzius ~ Build and Destroy
3ndl3ss ~ The Decision
qwerber ~ Drop Defense
Shake_N_Baker ~ Space Shooter
Moocowsgomoo ~ Encode
Shalmezad ~ Reactor
Darkscanner ~ CreateDestroy

Winner(s): Moocowsgomoo ~ Encode


GiTD [#35]

Theme: Ten Seconds

elementz123 ~ Frictionless Fury
Reaper_guy ~ Ultimate Survival Lab
Moocowsgomoo ~ Bullet Time
SumGato ~ In Ten Seconds Can You…
Darkscanner & DannyDaNinja ~ Hungry Dream
BadEgg ~ No name
kantieno ~ Guild of Brothers
Shalmezad ~ Ten Second Dash
Aaants ~ Jetpack Nemesis
Jugglerrob ~ Just Another Game with a Ten Second Mechanical

Winner(s): Reaper_guy ~ Ultimate Survival Lab


GiTD [#36]

Theme: Backwards

SumGato ~ GiTD #36
Moocowsgomoo ~ BackwardsDefense
Halysia ~ Backwards Memory Bash
I_love_you_lots ~ Backwards

Winner(s): Moocowsgomoo ~ BackwardsDefense


GiTD [#37]

Theme: Pressure

Halysia ~ Pressure Ships / Sub Destroyer
Moocowsgomoo ~ Don’t Explode!
Shalmezad ~ Pressure Crunch
wolfheat ~ Escape The Box Puzzle
Zoib ~ Pressure

Winner(s): Moocowsgomoo ~ Don’t Explode!


GiTD [#38]

Theme: Minimalism

Aesica ~ Deep Dark Spooky Icky Dungeon
alecz127 ~ 3D game
archipel1 ~ CharaFind
overactor ~ Masks
Shalmezad ~ Bullet Rain
Zoib ~ Minimize Meteors!

Winner(s): Aesica ~ Deep Dark Spooky Icky Dungeon


GiTD [#39]

Theme: Lost

Darkscanner ~ Find the lost trolls
Zoib ~ Mapworlds

Winner(s): Zoib ~ Mapworlds


GiTD [#40]

Theme: Turtle(s)

Kewry ~ Tutle the Turtle
Zoib ~ Blood and Sand

Winner(s): Zoib ~ Blood and Sand


GiTD [#41]

Theme: Random Generation

Aesica ~ Marisu’s Adventures in Randomonia
Shake_N_Baker ~ Lunar Hex
Shalmezad ~ Pixel Wars

Winner(s): Aesica ~ Marisu’s Adventures in Randomonia


GiTD [#42]

Theme: Pirates

DannyDaNinja ~ Pirate Rage
Shalmezad ~ Anti-idle digging thing
wolfheat ~ PirateGame

Winner(s): DannyDaNinja ~ Pirate Rage


GiTD [#43]

Theme: Flying Rotating Horrors

dragon_of_celts ~ Flappy Horror
Halysia ~ Slime Horror Dash
Shalmezad ~ Earl The Horror
SumGato ~ Fly Horror

Winner(s): Halysia ~ Slime Horror Dash


GiTD [#44]

Theme: Helping Sacred Territory

dragon_of_celts ~ Cat Jihad
I_love_you_lots ~ Earth vrs Satan’s Robot

Winner(s): [tie]


GiTD [#45]

Theme: Creating Skeletal Wasps

Aesica ~ I don’t even
Halysia ~ WASPS GAME
I_love_you_lots ~ Kill Skeletons with Wasps and Whatnot
revenant__ ~ Untitled
Shalmezad ~ SkullWasps

Winner(s): Halysia ~ WASPS GAME

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

GiTD [#16]

Theme: Dinosaurs

darkscanner ~ Cretaceous Reserve
Senekis93 ~ Defend the Mafia headquarters from the evil dinosaurs
byrono ~ Day of the Undead Dino
GamerFefan ~ Dino Quest

Winner(s): GamerFefan ~ Dino Quest


GiTD [#17]

Theme: Outside the Box

darkscanner ~ What’s out the box?
BobJanova ~ …Outside the Box

Winner(s): BobJanova ~ …Outside the Box


GiTD [#18]

Theme: Fire or Music

darkscanner ~ [unnamed]

Winner(s): darkscanner ~ [unnamed]


GiTD [#19]

Theme: Growth or Music

VBCPP ~ The Consumer

Winner(s): VBCPP ~ The Consumer


GiTD [#20]

Theme: They Fall From the Sky

orandze ~ Space Crashers
ST3ALTH15 ~ Mel’s Intergalactic Space Adventure!
mikebolt ~ Ascendication
iBringHam ~ Annoying Airborne Apparatuses
benny3t3 ~ The Final Forcast
luthimir ~ Tubby Lumpy
DPbrad ~ Meteorfield
darkscanner ~ Horrible Game
Rivaledsouls ~ They Fell From The Sky
Pr3tat0r ~ GiTD 20 entry
byrono ~ Slime-Invaders
CuriousGaming ~ Wish Upon a Star
qwerber ~ Neon Bounce

Winner(s): CuriousGaming ~ Wish Upon a Star


GiTD [#21]

Theme: When all is lost

darkscanner ~ Collect
Eu_Plon_Ka ~ VELOCIROCKET: Test Flight
nadjatee1996 ~ Wail
orandze ~ SunGet
byrono ~ gi3d entry

Winner(s): orandze ~ SunGet


GiTD [#22]

Theme: 30 seconds to…

axiomation ~ 30 seconds of fuel
Eu_Plon_Ka ~ 30 sec to
orandze ~ Ostrich Away!
TheKaveman ~ Cosmic Commando
Senekis93 ~ 30 seconds to draw!

Winner(s): Senekis93 ~ 30 seconds to draw!


GiTD [#23]

Theme: Ocean

GamerFefan ~ Laser Fish
Moshdef ~ The Ocean Around Me
Senekis93 ~ Ocean’s way
Aesica ~ Redneck Fishing
qwerber ~ Unnamed
Bobikas ~ I Spy…

Winner(s): Senekis93 ~ Ocean’s way


GiTD [#24]

Theme: Only One Level

Bobikas ~ Organise a GiTD
truefire ~ Wizard’s Quest
LIDgames ~ Looper
TheKaveman ~ Level Quest
Rafael_MJ ~ Pinky’s Dungeon Escape
DrYoshiahu ~ Just Another Shadow
Abigayl ~ Invader Breaker
Krankdud ~ Millennium Pork in Castle Crisis
byrono ~ Clown Death
orandze ~ The Floor is Lava
Moshdef ~ Fight Scene
Ace_Blue ~ GITD24 Bob the Blob

Winner(s): orandze ~ The Floor is Lava


GiTD [#25]

Theme: Rain

VBCPP ~ Rainy Cloud
HeroicHero ~ Coin Kid
TheAwsomeOpossum ~ Water Striver
just4yoshi ~ Sky Breakout
Senekis93 ~ The Flood
CuriousGaming ~ Raindrop Melodies

Winner(s): Senekis93 ~ The Flood


GiTD [#26]

Theme: Evolution/Growth

RTL_Shadow ~ I had to Evolve
Solsund ~ Unnatural Selection
Darkscanner ~ Nightmare Evolution
truefire ~ Freedom
MossyStump ~ Essence
Abigayl ~ Snake Evolution
Halysia ~ Spore Coral
LennonLenford ~ Baby Quest
CuriousGaming ~ Farm and Grow

Winner(s): CuriousGaming ~ Farm and Grow


GiTD [#27]

Theme: Bounce

Bobikas ~ Investigation of Wild Animals
nolanlabs ~ Battlin’ Balls
Tacopian ~ Fruit Hell
Play_Hub ~ Ping!
dragon_of_celts ~ BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution
Kewry ~ Slima’rgeddon!!
Darkscanner ~ The bouncy adventures of Sir Jellyton-face Gordan: Alpha
Halysia ~ Glaive
Donaldguy ~ Codename: Bounce!
Ace_Blue ~ Pogo
Teddyatya ~ The Headless Pogostickman
nutter666 ~ Disco Balls
Elyzius ~ Fat Men Can’t Jump!
galdon2004 ~ Extreme Fly Stomper
ApinaInc ~ Climbing Moon
Thepenguinking2 ~ Super Bounce!

Winner(s): ApinaInc ~ Climbing Moon


GiTD [#28]

Theme: ______ or Die

MossyStump ~ Portal or Die
Aaants ~ GiTD or Die
EmergencyFlasher ~ Save or Die
Narinik ~ Paddle or Die
RTL_Shadow ~ Conserve or Die
Kewry ~ Avoid or Die
UnknownGuardian ~ Mine or Die
Gharrot ~ Flee or Die
Senekis93 ~ Die or Die
nadjatee1996 ~ Fly or Die [by nadjatee1996]
nutter666 ~ Escape or Die
Sanchex ~ Shoot or Die
Shake_N_Baker ~ Save Kitty or Die Trying
ErlendHL ~ Fly or Die [by ErlendHL]
alecz127 ~ Hunt or Die
Moshdef ~ Jump or Die
Gama11 ~ Explode or Die
SSDRWH0 ~ Gamble or Die
feartehstickman ~ Dodge or Die
AMD_Paulius_J ~ Lure or Die
adamkingdom ~ Slime or Die
Darkscanner ~ Fry or die

Winner(s): AMD_Paulius_J ~ Lure or Die


GiTD [#29]

Theme: Night and Day

BobJanova ~ Night and Day (GitD Edition)
Gengii ~ Today Is Forever
feartehstickman ~ [Feartehstickman][GiTD29]Day/Night v3
Aceeri ~ Coming Night

Winner(s): BobJanova ~ Night and Day (GitD Edition)


GiTD [#30]

Theme: Dungeon

MossyStump ~ Untitled Dungeon Puzzle
Senekis93 ~ Dungeon
CuriousGaming ~ Dungeon Blocks
feartehstickman ~ [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon
Elyzius ~ Dungeoneers
Kewry ~ Crawling Through Weird Places

Winner(s): MossyStump ~ Untitled Dungeon Puzzle

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

GiTD [#1]

Theme: Earth

ST3ALTH15 ~ [unnamed game]

Winner(s): ST3ALTH15 ~ [unnamed game]


GiTD [#2]

Theme: Mouse Only

nutter666 ~ Solar Storm X
ST3ALTH15 ~ Square Deal
skaren ~ Slaughter – The Game
Rameares ~ A Faint Wonder
DannyDaNinja ~ The Final Defence
Narinik ~ [unnamed game]

Winner(s): nutter666 ~ Solar Storm X


GiTD [#3]

Theme: Multiplayer

Flexcool354 ~ 10Pictures
ST3ALTH15 ~ Yellow World v2
DannyDaNinja ~ Epic Spartan Defense

Winner(s): ST3ALTH15 ~ Yellow World v2


GiTD [#4]

Theme: Coins

lobstershow ~ Coinscape
davidlougheed ~ Coins n Lazors
mikebolt ~ Greedy Bubble
GamerFefan ~ Weaponary Snake
saybox ~ Coin Collector
Aakash ~ Coin Tower Defence

Winner(s): saybox ~ Coin Collector


GiTD [#5]

Theme: Retro Arcade

bythemark ~ Pixel Jellyfish Massacre
player_03 ~ Retro Slash
luthimir ~ Space Invaders Twist
BraydenBlack ~ BALListic

Winner(s): BraydenBlack ~ BALListic


GiTD [#6]

Theme: Lights

panerarocks ~ Crossroads of Light
ratosh ~ prilampo

Winner(s): panerarocks ~ Crossroads of Light


GiTD [#7]

Theme: Time

lobstershow ~ Snakehole

Winner(s): lobstershow ~ Snakehole


GiTD [#8]

Theme: Ice/Snow

Narinik ~ Narinik’s One Button GiTD
skaren ~ The Impenetrateable Room with Rubber Walls and Ice Floor
lobstershow ~ The Snowstorm
M_Blox ~ Santa’s Christmas Expedition
nutter666 ~ Snowball’s Last Stand
RozorInc ~ Winter Lover
nukermage ~ Snowmans Day Out

Winner(s): lobstershow ~ The Snowstorm


GiTD [#9]

Theme: Scion Dev Toolbox

nutter666 ~ Spikee
CuriousGaming ~ Crash Space
NicheGamer ~ Legend Of Scion
Puppier ~ Space Academy

Winner(s): CuriousGaming ~ Crash Space


GiTD [#10]

Theme: Death

qwerber ~ I love you daddy
GameBuilder15 ~ Afterlife
Senekis93 ~ Eye of Hell
Siveran ~ Farm of Souls
Bobikas ~ Being A Death: A Beginners Guide
lobstershow ~ Flight of the Death
Pr3tat0r ~ Death Touch

Winner(s): Siveran ~ Farm of Souls


GiTD [#11]

Theme: Speed

simplegoogly ~ Click Slowest Thing
Eu_Plon_Ka ~ Run
kTwitch ~ Race to Evolve
qwerber ~ Find the Exit
Ivach ~ Wish Upon a Thunder
mage_ruler9 ~ Too Many Burgers

Winner(s): qwerber ~ Find the Exit


GiTD [#12]

Theme: Particles

truefire ~ Zombies Want My Pixels
BobTheCoolGuy ~ Treasure Particles Bombs
nutter666 ~ Blobbs

Winner(s): nutter666 ~ Blobbs


GiTD [#13]

Theme: 10kb game contest

BobTheCoolGuy ~ Nonogram Puzzlers
wolfheat ~ Castle Boom
YellowAfterlife ~ Pipe10
skaren ~ The Size of the Game Must Not Exceed 10 kbs
lobstershow ~ Unnamed Shooter
byrono ~ Midnight Street Brawl
ST3ALTH15 ~ TextVenture
Tukkun ~ CopyPuzzle

Winner(s): YellowAfterlife ~ Pipe10


GiTD [#14]

Theme: Life in 5 colors

davidlougheed ~ Unnamed Vertical Shooter
skyboy ~ Other Unnamed Vertical Shooter
FlashBeast ~ Kolor Bot
lobstershow ~ Life++

Winner(s): FlashBeast ~ Kolor Bot


GiTD [#15]

Theme: Cards

Entrant(s): [none]

Winner(s): [none]

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Topic: Game Programming / Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

Game in Ten Days [GiTD] Archives

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46

Noun: Lemurs
Verb: Beat
Adjective: Silver

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: News / Codes

Originally posted by SmexyGoosebear:

Are these codes also the ones on facebook or are these bonus codes?

These are the same, albeit old, codes. See Analog’s post above for the most recent codes.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Inferno Questions

Experience is still the driving force behind leveling up. As for a guide, unfortunately not.

Originally posted by Bob10110:

As a general checklist, you could focus on challenges (since they’re all open at 200), auto damage upgrade (since the cap on that rises with each level at that point), maybe get other stuff to help with your damage (cards maybe?)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Inferno Questions

Originally posted by Fuzzyfsh:

what happens when you reach lv 200? how do you gain inferno levels?

Magically awesome stuffs. Inferno levels are basically cooler ability points, and they’re awarded in the same manner (leveling up).

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Topic: Kongregate / Greg, where are the new quests every two months?



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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Inferno Questions


1) You’re not missing much, if anything. You’ll want to move through the worlds, eventually, to collect the most amount of cards you can and also increase your inferno tier as you grow stronger.

2) Inferno tier, ascension points, and inferno bonus are all different things. Increasing the inferno tier makes the mobs stronger, which awards you with more experience points, gold, and the higher possibility of more cards in a single drop. The inferno bonus increases only for level(s) 200+. Lastly, ascension points are awarded for 200+ instead of ability points.

3) That’s not as straightforward as it previously was. Ideally, you’ll farm every planet and zone, except for bosses. For farming cards you’ll want to aim for quick(er) kills (2-3, 3-5 second kills), but make sure the re-spawn time isn’t greater than your kill time. For farming experience, which is probably recommended for now, you’ll want to calculate which setup nets you the best xp returns.

Aside from a few specific points in the future, the game generally will take on a slower pace.

Edit: Ninjas.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Guild Donate Bug

That’s because it’s “upgrade-only” stone, which is stone mined whilst not in a guild. You probably mined some stone when you weren’t in a guild.

(If you received the stone in question from a Rando code and haven’t yet refreshed, that might be the issue, but more likely it’s the previous explanation.)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / About Farming cards in inferno

This is fairly opinionated, but I’d say that 2-3 second kills are probably the most ideal for farming cards. Just make sure the re-spawn time isn’t greater than the time to kill. I understand your logic on 10 second kills, but I believe, many, if not all, would agree that’s better if you’re farming experience. Once you grow stronger you can move your 2-3 second kills to higher tiers.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idle Universe

Originally posted by Chimpington:

Under Diamond currency upgrades, you say Account upgrades. Is anyone willing to tell me exactly what that means and how I access it?

Click Upgrade > Account (the light blue bottommost button). You can upgrade your Gold Boost and Exp Boost from there.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / AP Points

Generally, most people probably spend their AP on Auto/Click Speed, Woodcutting upgrades, and/or Pet Arena.

For a more in depth answer, you can refer to this post. Scroll down a tad to where it says “AP upgrades?”.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Challenge damage bonus missing

I don’t know if I have lost those bonuses totally or not

Completing the challenge(s) again will properly grant you your due damage bonus.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Farming Levels

You shouldn’t need to be counting. The levels I’m referencing are the enemy levels. (The levels directly under the enemy names.) I’m on AT3 and don’t exactly remember the specific enemy names, but whichever enemies have the aforementioned levels are the ones you should farm. I’ve never heard of any other (decent) farming systems, so I’m not sure what you’re hearing from chat, but this is the format I and many, if not all, of the top players use(d).

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Farming Levels

Originally posted by Gizzer:

25th level +1

So… 26, 51, 76, 101, 126, 151, 176, 201, etc.