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Topic: Off-topic / Watters World Syndrome

Originally posted by ZombieLuigi:

I think it’s bullshit. Liberalism is rising because ignorance is fading. It’s hard to be a closeminded little ass when you have access to a great wealth of information easily, so kids who grow up don’t just hear bullshit from their parents and believe them, but rather can look online to find facts.

I think that’s also not a good way to go about the topic. We can’t just assume that liberals are smarter than conservatives, or that followers of any political ideology are necessarily smart or stupid. Not everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot.

We also shouldn’t limit political views to being simply liberal or conservative, but I feel like that’s a topic for a different discussion.

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Topic: Off-topic / Watters World Syndrome

famous sociologist Bill O’Reilly

That’s some good satire there.

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Topic: Off-topic / Epiphanies

I think the reason I procrastinate on assignments is rooted in the anxiety I feel over being judged. Whenever I have a paper to type, I get so caught up with wording every sentence perfectly that I can’t proceed. Then, to relieve the stress, I just do something else, like open up my internet browser or find something to eat, because those activities do not involve the judgment of others. Then I find that I’ve wasted several hours doing non-productive activities, and I feel intense guilt over my actions. Of course, when I return to my work, the same thing happens. It’s this cycle of anxiety, guilt, and self-hatred that keeps me from getting anything done.

Now the challenge comes in the form of confronting my anxiety, though I’m not quite sure how to do it.

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Topic: Off-topic / How do we get news from North Korea?

Yes, there are probably spies, but journalists occasionally make it into the country. There’s a fairly detailed Vice documentary detailing how one team of journalists made it into the country. I know that there are quite a few refugees that have fled North Korea and have described their experiences. I assume the North Korean officials must make press releases somehow, though I’m not entirely certain on how the process works.

So our information is incomplete and undoubtedly subject to bias. I’d say that what we think we know is probably a mix of facts, lies, and speculation.

Also, they apparently have their own website.

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Topic: Off-topic / what are you planning on summer?

I’ve been on summer break for a month now. So far, I’ve done absolutely nothing productive.

Life is good.

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Topic: Off-topic / Help fund a bucket of antihydrogen for Mikkmar ($105,405.26/$64,256,175,000,003 raised) #1Bucket1Estonian

Originally posted by Holy2334:

I’ll donate $2334 for the cause. If you guys can get, most of the OT mods (Uzz, Gevock, and Bunneh) and tricky rodent, and Iamthecandyman, and greg to donate at least 1$ I’ll pay for the rest.

Yay! I’m exempt!

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

I’ve been playing Age of Mythology quite a bit with some of my friends. It’s just as fun now as it was when I had it years ago.
The Egyptians are still my favorite to play as, though I’ve come to favor Isis over Set now since I like her economic bonuses. Back then, I liked Set because you could use priests to turn animals over to your side, even though that’s not really all that helpful to winning, but I was like nine years old at the time; economic bonuses would have been really boring to me back then.

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Topic: Off-topic / Whats your favorite color?

Red is by far the most supreme color of them all.

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Topic: Off-topic / A strange man is destroying your resources

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A START

If that doesn’t work, I’d look up cheats or a walkthrough.

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Topic: Off-topic / You can get any mod demodded

Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:
Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:

What happens if I play against myself?

you would both win and lose

you would be demodded and burnt alive

Sounds fun; let’s do it.

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Topic: Off-topic / You can get any mod demodded

What happens if I play against myself?

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Topic: Off-topic / Rhett & Link confirm rumors of romantic relationship with engagement photoshoot at Webby Awards 2015

I don’t know who these people are.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gender studies

yeah broaden your perspectives by paying tens of thousands of dollars to get indoctrinated and a piece of paper

The whole “paying tens of thousands of dollars” bit is something that I take an issue with. It establishes college as an elite atmosphere that only the privileged would have access to. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to attend college, regardless of financial background. If we at least aspire to the ideal of a meritocracy, where everyone gets what they rightfully deserve, then no one should be restricted from college due to financial concerns.

Regarding the issue of “indoctrination,” I do acknowledge that certain disciplines have their biases. Within the social sciences, sociology is generally left-leaning, economics is generally right-leaning, and political science is generally centrist. It’s helpful to be aware of these biases, but that does not make these disciplines worthless. A major goal of college-level education is to get the student to think deeply and critically about a topic, which requires the student to have some level of independent thought.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gender studies

What kind of jobs can you get with this?

Some might disagree with me, but a job isn’t really the point. The purpose of pursuing an education should be to broaden one’s perspectives and enrich a person’s understanding of the world. If a person pursues it for the sake of getting a job with nice paycheck, then they are living a pretty shallow life.

What do some women even study this for? What are they expecting to get from this???

I should say first that it is not just women who pursue gender studies; I know several men who study it, and they all find it relatable and interesting. It’s not just women who are affected by gender; gender has a strong influence on everyone’s lives. Whether you’re a man, a woman, genderqueer, gay, straight, cisgender, or transgender, gender has an impact on your life. From the moment a person is born, the doctor looks at the genitals, assigns the designation of male or female, and from then on, society places huge expectations on the person simply based on this assigned gender. Men are expected to be powerful, strong, competitive, and dominant, but if they fail to live up to these expectations, they are considered to be worthless losers that society ought to discard. Women are expected to be submissive and obedient, and if they fail to live up to these expectations, they’re called bitches or whores. If a person comes to realize that they would be happier in the other category, or that they would rather break free from these restrictive gender norms, then society labels them as having a mental disorder, or as being perverts or deviants.

Of course, these traditional views of gender are changing all the time, and that is partly because of people studying gender and calling it into question. Generally, those who study gender likely want to have a better understanding of this phenomenon which affects everyone in society, and perhaps, if they study it thorough enough, they may become advocates for social change.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: discuss hair color

My hair is dark brown with little bits of red in it. It’s about the same color as my mom’s hair.

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Topic: Off-topic / What class of mollusks is the best?

The three big players in the mollusk world are bivalves, cephalopods, and gastropods. There are several other classes, but they’re all insignificant and crap-tier. Here we will settle which of the big three classes is the best: bivalves, cephalopods, or gastropods.


Bivalves include clams, oysters, scallops, mussels and that sort of thing. With their two-part, hinged shells, they are definitely the tankiest class of mollusks. At the cost of this added defense, they generally don’t move much, with an exception being scallops. Also, they can make pearls, which is nice.


Cephalopods include squid, octopi, cuttlefish, and nautiluses. They are definitely the smartest of the classes, with each member contributing something cool to the team. There are some pretty huge squid out there, Octopi are known to be quite intelligent, octopi and cuttlefish are masters of camouflage, and nautiluses make up for the squishiness of the others by having shells of their own.


Gastropods include snails, slugs, conchs, and nudibranchs. Snails and slugs are the only mollusks that have ventured onto land, a great feat for all mollusk-kind. While they might not have the brains of the cephalopods, and the shelled ones among them are not quite as impervious as the bivalves, they are all-around a solid class. They are by far the most numerous of the mollusks, comprising 80% of all mollusk species. As mentioned, they are the only mollusks that can survive on land, and some of their members, particularly the nudibranchs, look awesome.

So, OT, which class of mollusks is the most superior?

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Topic: Off-topic / Why does the average FPS protagonist get tired of "sprinting" so damn fast?

The irony of this is that this is mostly from the “realistic” kind of games

Maybe some concessions are made to have the game be fun or balanced instead of totally realistic.

If you’re going to have a game be totally realistic, why not make it so the in-game characters need to eat, sleep, and defecate? Why not give each player character a small chance of being born with some genetic disorder that negatively impacts stats? Why not make it so that whenever the character gets shot, some real-world device would make the player feel the pain too?

The simple answer to those questions is that it wouldn’t be fun. Generally in game design, making the experience enjoyable for the player is more important than making it completely, unfairly, and annoyingly realistic.

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Topic: Off-topic / About Modbot?

Then what was with the “Bow to lord Amane”?

Generally, it seemingly targets automated advertisements rather than normal humans being spammy.

I’m not exactly sure how it works.

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Topic: Off-topic / About Modbot?

Sometimes it can be very good at catching spam. There are plenty of spam threads that get posted to OT that people generally don’t see because of it. Here’s a screen shot of OT’s front page (showing hidden spam) right now:

As you can see, there are quite a few spam threads that it catches, and it seems to do a decent job of it.

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Topic: Off-topic / how it is to faint/pass out?

I’ve done an embarrassing number of all-nighters in college so far.

Generally, skipping sleep doesn’t cause you to faint, but you do risk falling asleep at inconvenient times and hindering your mental and physical performance while you’re awake.

I know that there are long-term health detriments to skipping sleep, and I’ll probably feel those later on in life, but so far, the biggest problem for me is that it messes up my sleep pattern for weeks at a time. There were times when I got settled into some very awkward sleep cycles, like sleeping from 4 to 8 pm and then 4 to 8 am, or sleeping from 4 pm to midnight. Generally, I think that as long as you get 8 hours of sleep a day, you should be fine, but having an abnormal sleeping pattern can make certain things difficult (like getting food or having substantial social interaction).

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite music from games?

When I’m playing Civ V and start up a massive war, and Ellipse starts playing, I feel awesome.

But then as the war drags on for a long time and Field of Poppies or Elegy starts playing, I feel like a terrible person.

The soundtrack does a great job of matching the gameplay experience and creating emotional involvement.

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Topic: Off-topic / Top 5 video father's with son and daughter. Make you cry (engsub)

We have a Youtube Video Masterthread for those who wish to share links to videos.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is philosophy useless?

You need only to look at history to see the great impact the philosophy has had on the world. John Locke and Karl Marx were philosophers and they inspired revolutions.

You say that science is how we learn about the world, yet philosophers like Aristotle and Francis Bacon were instrumental in the creation of science! You say that religion tells us right from wrong, but you disregard all the conundrums for which religion might be ambiguous or outright contemptible! You also forget that religion and philosophy have often been inseparably intertwined, as is the case with Confucius, Buddha, Laozi, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas.

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Topic: Off-topic / If everyone started typing in OT like they do in Serious Discussion...

I would first find the pseudo-intellectualism to be intolerable, but then I would have a moment of self-awareness which would lead me to speak like the average OTer.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would it be of benefit to the world if there was only ONE universal language, and ONE/No religions?

I feel like having one universal language would just empower Grammar Nazis to enforce their “correct” way of speaking/writing.

Languages change and adapt all the time, both formally and informally. Words adopt new connotative and denotative meanings; new words are invented; old words are forgotten. People in different regions develop different dialects, and if isolated for a long enough time, different languages. This change in language is also present in class differences, the wealthy and educated elite in a society likely speak differently from the poor and uneducated. Generally, when one group tries to get another group to speak either a different language, or to speak correctly, it is a manifestation of oppression.

Many of the others in this thread have indicated the importance of religious freedom, but linguistic freedom is important too. (Of course, I’m not suggesting that this a free pass to use hateful slurs, as those can often be another form of oppression).