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Topic: Off-topic / A message to the Kongregate admins

The admins generally respond if you wish to request a ban on your own account. Feel free to ask Trickyrodent.

If you don’t want yourself to spam or troll, then that’s up to you. If you feel like you don’t have a choice in it, then you’re lying to yourself. Ultimately, there’s little that the admins or mods can do to keep you from making as many alternate accounts as you like. We’ll just keep cleaning up the messes until you get bored or realize the futility of being annoying.

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Topic: Off-topic / I saw Pixar's "Inside-Out" today. [Obligatory Spoiler Warning]

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I confronted it as a puzzle, a challenge which Pixar claimed to have tackled. That challenge was how to represent emotions as characters without making them flat and one-dimensional. It was also unclear how conflict could be resolved for such characters (Could Anger ever stop being angry or Sadness ever stop being sad?).

Pixar took on those challenges and did a pretty damn good job of it. Their answer was to give each emotion something which they valued, which brought contentment if those values were met, and emotional reactions if not. Anger was concerned with fairness, Fear with personal safety and well-being, Disgust with good taste, and Joy with the simple innate positivity of the experience of joy. Sadness was the only emotion of the five which was not given a very clear meaning and purpose from the start, and so the conflict of the movie was concerned with finding the value of sadness, and it did so amazingly well.

The value the movie finds with sadness is that it is a catalyst for deep emotional bonds. Our deepest connections to our families and friends are tempered through times of sorrow. This is why tragedies are such a powerful genre; through sharing with us the sorrow of the protagonist, we feel a deep connection and a feeling of belonging.

So anyways, it was a pretty touching film that showed that sadness has value and can bring people together. Of course, this was lost on the five-year-olds who had been brought to the theater to see it. I think it might be a more appropriate film for someone around the age of the protagonist (11) where the innocence of childhood is starting to wear thin, and the world’s beautiful and terrible complexity is beginning to reveal itself, forcing them to take on a more wholesome appreciation for the entirety of human experience beyond simple joy.

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Topic: Off-topic / Discuss: 4D films

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 4D films?!

Do they make you travel through time or something? Or is it full of tesseract-type obects which are inconceivable in 3D space?

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Topic: Off-topic / Create a map that requires a minimum of 5 colors

I see what you’re up to.

Apparently it can be done by laying the map on some weird 3D objects, like toruses and Möbius strips.

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Topic: Off-topic / I am driving across the US, AMAzn

East to West or West to East?

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Topic: Off-topic / Go on this website, click on the button, link the first site you find.

I like this one.

Makes me feel like I’m falling into Hell or being drained of all my energy.

There’s gotta be a word for this; it’s like imagery but with sounds.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you a loser?

Just 3 am? How casual. It’s 7:30 am here and I still haven’t gone to sleep.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

9/10 Love it.

Nero – My Eyes

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Topic: Off-topic / I have more freedom then you

Economic freedom? What a nice euphemism for exploitation-enabling.

Hong Kong has the highest ranking on their chart, when it’s the eleventh most unequal country in the world. (By the CIA GINI estimate)

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Topic: Off-topic / My political views. (serious)

I disagree with your point about ideology being inherently bad, and I think it might stem from a different understanding of what an ideology is.

I see ideologies as analogous to theories, and theories are simply ways of understanding, interpreting, and explaining the world. To continue this explanation, I should explain the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is when a person looks at the raw data of the world and attempts to explain it based on the patterns they see. Inductive reasoning is responsible for the formation of theories, because it results in broad explanations of how phenomena work. Once a theory is formed, it can then be applied to the world and used to explain new data and information through the process of deductive reasoning. As an example, when Charles Darwin looked at all the wildlife in the Galapagos and elsewhere, he saw patterns in the data and used it to form the theory of evolution. Now, because the theory of evolution has become widespread and accepted, when new data is found in the form of fossils or newly-discovered wildlife, scientists often try to figure out where it fits on the evolutionary tree.

When we take this concept of theories and apply it to politics, a similar process happens. As an example, many of our contemporary political ideologies are rooted in how people understand the capitalist system. Some people look at the capitalist system and see that it rewards ingenuity and hard work while punishing laziness, thus producing a productive meritocracy; the people who see capitalism this way would be conservatives. Others observe that while there are some meritocratic elements, people often find themselves in poverty through no fault of their own and in need of aid; these people are known as liberals (or social democrats outside of the U.S.). Others look at it and see almost no redeeming features, and they see it as an oppressive, exploitative, and alienating system where the best option is to replace it with something better; these people are generally known as socialists. Ask yourself how you feel about capitalism; your answer might just reveal that you already hold an ideology.

Ideologies are not inherently bad. They help us to understand and make sense of the world just as theories do. Without theories, the world makes no sense; it is just a jumbled and chaotic mess of information. If you have no theories, you have no understanding of the world. Similarly, without an ideology, you do not have an understanding of politics.

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Topic: Off-topic / If God doesn't exist, how does the sun go up and down every day?

This sort of thing is just becoming a bandwagon at this point.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

9/10 Pretty cool, I liked it.

Just for the future, make sure your link contains “http://” or else it won’t work.

Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: post your first avatar

It was just a bust of Alexander the Great.

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Topic: Off-topic / How You Can Pack Family Home Belongings Fittingly for Home Relocation

Would you mind responding to someone in this thread to assure us that you’re human?

Your account was created today, and this post vaguely resembles those of the spambots we get around here which are usually instantly caught by the spam filter.

The broken English is fine; I understand that many people learn it as a second language, but when combined with the odd, disconnected tone, it feels like this is just copied from a poorly translated travel site.

Usually the spambots include a link at the end of their nonsense gibberish, but there isn’t one here, so I wonder if you’re not one of them, but instead an actual person.

Edit: It’s been a while now without a response. I’m just going to lock this.

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Topic: Off-topic / GORE BLOOD GORE

There’s nothing really to discuss here.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

To Bankzy: I couldn’t understand a word of it, but it had a catchy beat. 6/10

To Ninjitsu_Pirate: The lyrics are interesting and well-written, but the melody isn’t quite as captivating. 7/10

Claude Debussy – The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite Jordans

I generally prefer shoes that don’t draw attention to my feet. That generally means brown or black in color without much flair.

I’m boring like that.

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Topic: Off-topic / For admin

Admin registration?

The administrators are actual employees of Kongregate. If you want to become an administrator, I assume it would be similar to applying for a job.

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Topic: Off-topic / if every mod ever...

Obviously the Thomas the Tank Engine Mod for Skyrim.

Or did you mean moderator?

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Topic: Off-topic / Have any of you heard of Liberland?

Originally posted by nikolas10161:

How do you think America got started?

The original British colonies had the backing of an entire nation-state (including a formidable military force). By the time the United States had declared its independence, it had a population of nearly 4 million, a huge territory, and a functioning economy.

Liberland is not backed by any state, and no state recognizes its legitimacy. Like the guy on Reddit said, they have “a swamp, some hippies…and a swamp.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Have any of you heard of Liberland?

What a farce it is.

It is a self-declared Micronation located along the Danube River in a disputed territory between Serbia and Croatia. It supposedly upholds libertarian principles of minimal government and laissez-faire economics. Here’s a news article about it. In essence, it’s a little 3-square-mile plot of swampland where some libertarians have gotten together to set up their own libertarian utopia.

Recently on Reddit, the President of the Liberland Settlement Association, Niklas Nikolajsen, did an AMA, and he apparently made a fool of himself. Here’s one conversation that he got into where I put his statements in bold.

I think that Liberland is a fantastic idea whose time has come. I have a concern though about security – if Liberland has no army, how could it defend itself against foreign intrusions? In a perfect world weapons would not even exist. Yet, it’s completely realistic that some armed group, whether pirates or agents of another government, decide to invade and steal, damage, etc. Do you have any future plans for a security force of some sort?

We will (at least initially) not be able to defend ourselves against aggression from foreign (neighboring) nations. At least not militarily.
We do however have provisions in place for a internal security force to deal with violent criminals – hostile private takeovers and similar (or “pirates” as you call it). It is a capable private security force, more than capable of dealing with such threats.
Our defense against aggression from sovereign states will however initially rely on alliances, international support – and economic means.
You can ask: how does Monaco, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg manage to defend themselves against their much bigger neighbors? The answer is: by the means I just listed.

Without putting a dampener on things, I think you’ll be hard pressed to ever have as much economic leverage as Monaco…
Though if you do secure the F1, let us know.

We see no reason why we should not surpass Monaco in due time.

I do. Money, links with the european aristocracy, confidence in Monaco as a stable wealthy “tax mitigation” destination.
Also, they have beach and a sort movie star royal family thing going on.
You have a swamp, some hippies…and a swamp.

What was Singapore 100 years ago, if not a swampy fishing village?

A major British trading post?

So here you have a guy who is practically representing a country—if you’re generous enough to call it that—demonstrating that he has little knowledge of the histories of the countries he’s comparing it to. Plus, he seems to have unrealistically high hopes for the place.

Here, he gives a brief description of the current situation in Liberland:

I am right now in Prague, at the Liberland embassy – following a press conference at the Hilton earlier today. Tomorrow I travel to Liberland/The Base Camp.
Liberland, both the mainland and the Island (Liberty Island) is almost completely undeveloped. There are no permanent structures at all (aside from a ruined house from the 80’ties), and no economic or human activities at all, aside from a bit of foresting & hunting.
Most of Liberland mainland is covered by thick forest – and there is a huge polulation of animals, esp. deers and wild pigs. Liberty Island, there the LSA originally settled, is untouched by human hands (outside of our activities).
The Croatians are currently preventing Liberlanders to access Liberland, and even forcefully remove those who are found in Liberland, in direct violation of Int. law. Thus, we have also been forced out of our original settlement.
The present LSA base camp is thus located opposite Liberland on the Serbian side of the Danube. The base camp is complete with community tents, generators, WIFI, field sanitation, homebuilt showers, deep dug fridges etc. Very comparable to a small festival camp.
With direct access to the water front and with a pontoon boat bridge (as well as boats) we use the Base Camp to callenge the Croatians and to send activists into Liberland itself to maintain our claim, and enlist int. support for our cause, while our lawyers work on the legal side of things.
So – Liberland itself is uninhabited, but right next to it, Liberlanders (the LSA) maintain a base camp, much like what you would expect at a remote small festival site.

Essentially, they’ve barely got anything there, and the Croatian government is already acting to remove them from the site. I know this might seem rude, but I just can’t help but find it hilarious that they have such faith in their project and ideology when this whole thing is clearly not going anywhere.

What do you think of Liberland? Do you think they have a sliver of hope?

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Topic: Off-topic / Prediction: This topic will get closed before someone even makes a reply.

Oh, sorry guys. I was watching some Youtube videos.

Edit: Actually, I just looked at the time this thread was originally posted. Yes, I’ve been watching Youtube videos non-stop for three days.

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Topic: Off-topic / How autistic is OT?

I find it odd that some of the points include things like “I would rather go to the theater than to a museum,” and “I would rather go to a library than to a party.” How is agreeing or disagreeing with either of those points indicative of a disorder?

I remember a post I made back in December that dealt with the issue of autism and the stigma placed on it. I still stand by the point I made in that post that we should not view autism as a disorder or a flaw. This test seems to reinforce that point, considering that so many of the things which they consider to be indicative of autism are genuinely benign, like having a fascination with numbers, for example.

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Topic: Off-topic / I FOOLED AKINATOR

Originally posted by 15man:

alex. . .
you didn’t mean to and all. . . and i get it. . .

I’ll save you another step and link you to it directly.

Just click download.

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Topic: Off-topic / I FOOLED AKINATOR

Akinator is way too good guys.