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Topic: Off-topic / rate my battlestation

How do you read what’s on the screen when you’re across the room on your bed?

Do you have the eyes of an eagle?

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you like raisins in your cookies?

Raisins are pretty terrible in cookies, though I suppose they are preferable to chunks of metal or cyanide tablets.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's this forum about?

Originally posted by ItsabirditsaZHS0:

Ok DementedPizza is a fake stereotypical noob alt.
Nobody talks about the thing you just mentioned or anything related to that.

I understand that the OP is probably someone’s alternate account, but just in case it is a legitimately new user, I might as well answer the question.

Also, I was giving examples of the kinds of threads OT was intended for. I wasn’t suggesting that OT is only about raisins and movies, but only that those topics are fair game for discussion here (as opposed to Serious Discussion or General Gaming, for example).

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Topic: Off-topic / What's this forum about?

OT is really a place to shove all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit into the other forums. You wanna talk about how you don’t like raisins in your cookies? OT’s the best place for that. Do you want to talk about your favorite movie? OT is good for that too.

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Topic: Off-topic / How to get Points??

You people care about points?

I’ve been here since 2008 and I’m still level 16. The points and levels are mostly meaningless, sort of like post count.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2


I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me the more I listened. I generally don’t like the sound of most chiptune music, but that wasn’t too bad. Kinda catchy.

Ewan Dobson – Time 2

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Topic: Off-topic / >mfw come back to OT after a few days

It’s kind of why I don’t tell many people about this place.

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Topic: Off-topic / Heel or Face?

Sorry to be a party pooper, but this thread is set up so we can collectively decide whether we like or hate certain people in the community. In this sort of thread, harassment and bullying is inevitable, so I’m going to ahead and lock the thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / ≡|OT Forum simulator OFFICIAL thread|≡

Originally posted by TwistedCakez:

implying this hasn’t already been done before

There’s some things I don’t really like about that video though.

The Rickroll thing is done and over with, making the video feel dated and unoriginal. I recommend something timeless, like Yakety Sax, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker Suite, Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5 or the Sabre Dance.

Also, a common thing to do in videos of this sort is to get one of those text-to-speech things to read the comments for you. Having one of those read absolutely ridiculous statements in a calm, unflinching tone adds a bit of humor, but also gives the video something much harder to acquire—pacing. I noticed that the video held certain frames on the screen for several seconds, even when it was just a simple “:(,” which could be read instantaneously. Watching it felt like ages to my Millennial mind which can’t stand to not be stimulated for a couple of seconds. However, when you add a voice reading the words, a strange thing happens in the audience’s mind, because then they don’t mind that it’s taking a few seconds to switch to the next frame, because the voice is acting as stimulation. Plus, in regards to that word pacing I used, the voice also makes sure that you don’t leave the text on the screen for too long or too short a period of time.

Also, I recommend that you use longer excerpts. It tells more of a story that way. I understand that giving more away might give hints as to the identity of the poster, which you’d understandably want to avoid, but it provides a clearer picture of what’s going on in the post. Additionally, longer excerpts would do well with a voice reading the comment. A long comment on a silent video might elicit the “tl;dr” response to some of the more casual viewers, but if the excerpt is being vocalized to them, well then it would take less effort to listen than to read.

tl;dr version:

• Better music
• Narration
• Longer excerpts

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Topic: Off-topic / If Obama was white would he have been elected?

I don’t think so.

In the 2008 election, the United States was on the verge of economic catastrophe. There was a widespread belief that the policies of the Republican party led to the situation. I remember that there were numerous ads attacking McCain as being “more of the same.” In this situation, being the Democratic candidate gave him an edge.

Also during the 2008 election, it could be said that Obama was a much more impassioned speaker than McCain, with his deep but loud voice, compared to McCain’s higher, more nasal voice.

In the 2012 election, the results were closer, but Romney’s image as spoiled, rich, and out of touch ultimately cost him the election. That remark he made about the 40% certainly didn’t help his image either. Obama likely won in 2012 simply because of his opponent’s bad image.

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Topic: Off-topic / ''Let it go'' is about farting

It’s not that the thread itself is that bad, but since almost every response to it has been garbage, I’ll go ahead and lock the thread before this trend continues.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ian Thorpe came out of the closet...

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:

Who is Ian Thrope?

From Wikipedia:

Ian James Thorpe, OAM (born 13 October 1982) is an Australian swimmer who specialises in freestyle, but also competes in backstroke and the individual medley. He has won five Olympic gold medals, the most won by any Australian, and with three gold and two silver medals, was the most successful athlete at the 2000 Summer Olympics. At the 2001 World Aquatics Championships, he became the first person to win six gold medals in one World Championship.

Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with Australian swimmers either.

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Topic: Off-topic / Tell us your favorite font, and show pictures of it.

Originally posted by ThatsANiceGuy:

Oh, I see we have a connoisseur of internet memes in our midst.

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Topic: Off-topic / Tell us your favorite font, and show pictures of it.

I like Times New Roman. Sure, it’s common and everyday, but it’s fancier than Ariel, and I can use it on essays.

If you don’t know what Times New Roman looks like, then I’m sorry, but you’re a loser.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is MrRepzion cancer to youtube?

I’ve never heard of him. But you say he’s somehow related to the Amazing Atheist? I used to watch the Amazing Atheist, but he eventually turned vehemently anti-feminist, and I realized he was just an asshole, so I stopped watching him.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which color are you?

1-9 are too bright; 10-18 are too dull.

I’d normally say red, but a darker red than 1, sort of like the color of Kongregate’s banner.

I’ll go with 10.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you seen any good movies lately?

I just watched The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Netflix. I had seen bits and pieces of it before, but this is the first time I watched the whole thing all at once.

Oh my god! That ending scene! [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] I mean, I have lost some faith in the Unstoppable Badass trope, since it lends some predictability to the plot and the protagonist will almost always have a flat character because of it, but that ending sequence, when they’re all standing in the circle getting ready to shoot each other, really drives up the tension. On the one hand, I knew Clint Eastwood’s character would certainly come away from it alive, but given that there were two opponents instead of just one, I had no idea how it would play out, giving it some complexity and unpredictability that I was hoping for. And then in an instant, shots were fired, and I was surprised at the result, giving it the most awesome ending possible. All in all a damn fine movie.

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Topic: Off-topic / We should engage in some wholesome community building activities!

Originally posted by abraaz:


Originally posted by TheCasualRacist:

Another option is Cards Against Humanity

Originally posted by cesarcurado:

atwar pls.

With those, I’m tempted to just do it right now. I absolutely love Cards Against Humanity, and a Risk clone would also be quite awesome.

Originally posted by Fronebular:
I think MTG 2014 is still on sale for $5 or so.

I loved playing Magic with my friends at college, though we were playing the game with actual physical cards. The good thing about actual cards is that there is some flexibility in how you set up the game (such as a 2v2 or a 5-man-free-for-all). Does the video game allow more than two players at once, or is it limited to 1v1 games?

Originally posted by Meistheman:

Or we could play a turn based conquer game.

I’ve got Civilization V and Endless Space, both with all the DLC. What do you have?

Originally posted by braves055:

epicmafia could be fun, we could all shoot and lynch each other.

Shooting and lynching, eh? Hmmm…

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Topic: Off-topic / We should engage in some wholesome community building activities!

We could all play a game together. What games do you people like? A free-to-play game would probably attract more people, though the Steam summer sales are going on now, so paying for a game might not necessarily disqualify it.

Does anyone remember the whole Drawball thing? That was fun. We could do something like that again.

There might even be some games here on Kongregate we could try. I haven’t played many games here for quite a while, so I don’t have anything to recommend. The gleeful memories I have of the Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy multiplayer still echo in my head; too bad it has long since been removed.

I remember the OT game we tried to make a while ago, though something like creating a video game might require expertise beyond the capabilities of a horde of rabid forum users. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do something like that again.

We have a place to go if we want to play Forum Games, though frankly, I don’t have much experience with those.

Any suggestions for something we could all do together?

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Topic: Off-topic / Privilege checking bingo

Just so y’all know, cisgender means that you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth. In other words, if you’re not transgender, you’re cisgender.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Off Topic Karina Thread (gardevoir thread)

Let’s not.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is batman the worst hero

Originally posted by VoodooCoffeeGuy:

I believe him and Iron Man to be the only superheroes, because they willingly became these crime-fighting maniacs.

By that logic, most of the characters from Watchmen also qualify.

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Topic: Off-topic / cHeCk uR cRoW WEiGht sHiTlOrDs!

I checked the Wikipedia article regarding the species of crow common to my region.

They measure 40–53 cm (16–21 in) in length, of which the tail makes up about 40%.

The body mass can vary from 316 to 620 g (11.1 to 21.9 oz).

Using these numbers, I can find the median weight and length of a standard American crow: 19 in. and 16.5 oz.

Running these numbers through a BMI calculator reveals that your standard American crow has a BMI of 2.0.

This means that by human standards, American crows are severely underweight and should seek medical attention.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2


Awesome. A fine example of what can be done with chiptune.

Civilization V OST | Alexander Peace Theme | Epitaph of Seikilos

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you dreamer?

I’d like to get into the habit of lucid dreaming. Whenever I dream, it’s almost always mundane and realistic, except nerve-racking in some way. Whenever I’m in school, I often have dreams where there’s some huge and impossibly difficult assignment I have to do. Other times I dream of friends and loved ones dying, though not in gruesome or horrific ways, usually through natural causes, and then the bulk of the dream deals with the aftermath of that death (funerals, depression, etc).

My dreams suck.