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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Shiny Week Event!!

Shiny week also ended 5 days ago, that could be your problem.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Arena crafting level displaying incorrectly

I assume this is due to the reset of scores but in BA crafting the special arena crafting level is displaying as full however in the crafting menu itself it's showing I don't yet have level 5 unlocked.

Screenshot of problem:

Alisterh | 103,280 / 235,278,679,816 | [d2]–13 | F0 | v1,681 | WIN 16,0,0,235 | Mon Dec 22 10:38:11 GMT-0500 2014

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / 1/5 stars

This topic is pointless, as XJoschYZ has already said, using the export feature is your own fault. The developer is not responsible for your save file, just as microsoft wouldn’t be responsible if Word crashed and you lost your document because you forgot to save or backup.

The developer clearly stated he can’t help you, because to do so would be a waste of time spent on developing. Just start again or move on and shut up. Whining isn’t going to help you.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Speed Hack Detected

I am also having issues when I’ve never had any before so I’m not sure if chrome updated recently or what. I have a fairly old computer.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Rainbow Skin!

So, since you’re fixing the rainbow skin bug in 1665 I want to make a suggestion of adding in a rainbow skin equip. I love the effect, I think it’s really fun and kinda cool and I would love to have it all the time. The stats don’t need to be anything special, heck I would accept if it was just an outfit only skin.

Bobbilly303 also had an amazing idea, making it have a set bonus with Rain Bow.

To those of you who may not be aware of what the rainbow skin bug is, the results are this:

I also managed to get Rain Bow to work with the rainbow skin bug, so here’s what that looks like (Hint: It’s awesome)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs


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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by NinjaBlad3z:

Is it possible for robacon to level weapons he cannot use? Does this make sense? Or is it by implication that he can only level it if he is able to use it. i.e rank 425 robacon uses rank 500 weapon

Robo can’t use a weapon higher than her rank. Just like you can’t.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Technical lights not displaying SD in daily check

I have my Daily Check set to check SD, amoung other things, however since the update to 10 entries it isn't displaying in the daily check correctly. I haven't done SD yet today, though it's not showing that I haven't. Yesterday, after the update, at 5 entries it was showing that I hadn't done it for that day.

Screenshot of problem:

Alisterh | 95,191 / 1,865,147,461,516 | [d3]–310 | F0 | v1,664 | WIN 14,0,0,125 | Sun Jun 22 11:49:04 GMT-0400 2014

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by crazye97:

Since multiple people are posting it: Have you used all of the extra ones since changing – for all four places? I’m just curious if that may be the issue.

I hadn’t used up all my entries for the day I changed the perk, however, after several days the entry limit was still 2 higher than it should be.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The A:TG Community

Since I lost my file, I couldn’t tell you when my first playtime was, however it’s more than likely over 4 years ago now. I haven’t been playing for all that time though, but yeah.

Hi. I’m AlisterH, I hang out in room 1.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / just did dark pyramid with my 3minutes 20second nightmare buff

Were you in WM mode?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1664 - Open Testing

Wow, I can’t read apparently! I did actually check the known issues before I posted too lol wow I’m dumb.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1664 - Open Testing

I dunno if it’s a bug, or just something you haven’t really dealt with yet but past printer level 100, the button’s greyed out as if you can’t buy any levels on it, but you can click the button to upgrade it if you have the required level and coins.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Raid entries not resetting after perm perk changes

I recently reset my perm perks, getting rid of the +2 raid entry perk in favor for the career blessing perk. I hadn't paid much attention to it, so it took me a few days to notice I still had 2 extra raid entries. I reset again to make sure it wasn't going to give me another two, and thankfully it hasn't but this is something  you should possibly look in to. Thanks.

Alisterh | 37,256 / 1,273,501,047,394 | [d1]–152 | F0 | v1,662 | WIN 12,0,0,70 | Sat Mar 8 13:14:31 GMT-0500 2014

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Mega Events!

Originally posted by accordingleaf:

Can anyone confirm or deny that career activation time is affected by offline progress?

I fear that if careers run out while I’m snoozing,
offline progress will result in coin losing.

(for me, at least)

Pretty sure they aren’t effected by offline progress, since I didn’t lose any time on mine when I was sleeping with AI closed.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How to get over the loss of your file...

Someone (I forget who) offered that last night. I think they were joking but I declined anyway. I’ve decided to take the refund code, I have the backup too if I do want some of the older, crappy stuff I never used anyway. But for now, I’ve just gotta pick myself back up from it and work towards getting everything back.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How to get over the loss of your file...

I DID make a backup. I just happened to be unlucky enough to have 2 versions of the saves, and it was backing up the wrong version. >.<

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How to get over the loss of your file...

Before we begin I’d like to say that this is a joke guide, not to be taken seriously. I’m writing this to try to deal with the loss of my save file.

How to get over the loss of your save file in 11 easy steps.

Step 1: Gasp in shock as you load up Anti-Idle to find that your file is missing.

Step 2: Shake head in disbelief as you think over what you did to cause your file to vanish.

(For Chrome users) Attempt to locate other copies of Anti-Idle files in case your browser has decided to poop its pants again.

Step 3: Locate your backup files.

Step 4: Cry as you come to realize that you were backing up from the wrong location.

Step 5: Try to recover your save file using a recovery tool.

Step 6: Weep when that doesn’t work.

Step 7: Throw things.

Repeat step 7 as necessary.

Step 8: Slowly accept that you’ll just have to deal with things as they are.

Step 9: Use refund code while crying softly.

Step 10 Cry when you start to miss something.

Repeat step 10 as necessary.

Step 11: Move on from your loss and become a better Anti-Idle player.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Best Accomplishment of the day-Ninth "Winner" Announced: gordond. (Now on page 76, because the true fail is how little code a post can take before breaking.)

I lost my file today.

I had been backing up my file diligently every week, so I thought I was safe. I ran Ccleaner today to try to clean things up, I had an exclusion on the file location and everything. Ccleaner updated and removed that exclusion… I freaked out, went to go put in my backup from monday only to find… It had been backing up from the wrong file location. Went to go restore, but apparently the file was already damaged and overwritten… So… Eff my life. /wrists

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! Pt. 1 – Open Testing

I personally like the daily reward system as it is. I doubt there will be any changes to it anyway, but a wheel instead of the current number of picks we have sounds really lame.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Sneak Peek

I’m really on the fence about it. I would prefer the house be released with everything else, but I’m (along with probably everyone else) really itching for the updates.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Personally I’d like a rebirth timer. If you’re worried about people doing rebirths really fast it’s already starting to happen. With or without a timer someone’s bound to figure out how to do a super quick rebirth and show it off.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Sneak Peek

Oh my gods everything looks so fantastic! I am super excited for this update and I wish it would come faster but I know you need to take your time to give us the best content you can.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Aesthetics of Anti-Idle

I’m sorry to say this but you really come across as shallow and someone who only plays a game because it’s pretty.

This game is unique and should be embraced as such, the graphics aren’t consistent and I think that’s fine, it adds a flavor you don’t always see in other games. I like the fact that it’s different and every feature has something different to offer in terms of visuals. AI is also very unique in its playstyle and various features.

Your argument about other games being prettier than Anti-Idle even though they’re pixel games is way off base, those games are all also unique and the visuals don’t always appeal to everyone. But by your same argument if everyone played Minecraft and didn’t like it specifically because it looked funny or bad it would have no players. People play Minecraft and games like that not for the graphics but because they’re unique and different. Not everything needs a shiny package, you can cover a crappy game in lens-flare and pretty graphics but in the end it’ll still be a pretty crappy game. You’ve only taken it and covered the poop in gold foil.

All I really suggest is you take Anti-Idle and enjoy it for what it is, a fun, stupid game that can be easily enjoyed if the gameplay is your style. If it’s not then nobody’s forcing you to play.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

I’ve went ahead and removed questions I wont/can’t answer.
Early game (first 5~10 minutes)

4. Many players say that the tutorial for Garden is boring, due to the 1 minute wait and stuff. What should I do?

4a. During the 1 minute wait, introduce the player to some aspects of the game such as the Options screen, Achievements and Quests.
4b. Reduce time needed to harvest Free Tree to 30 or 45 seconds or something (and adjust Harvest Value accordingly).
4c. Allow the player to skip the 1 minute wait during the tutorial.
Progress Bar

4a and 4c would probably be best, I don’t think the tree time should be reduced but there should be more of an explaination in to other features or the various menus, either that or allow them to skip that tutorial.

5. According to the Stats screen (EXP by Source and Coin by Source pages), what’s the % of EXP and Coins do you usually gain from the Progress Bar? Do you usually have Idle Mode ON or OFF, or do you use Idlebot?
Before I rebirthed I’m pretty sure I had about 60% exp from progress bar. Currently I have about 90% from progress bar because I am currently fairly low in a rebirth. I have about 50% to 60% from coins, that seems fairly consistant,
6. Do you think Progress Bar should give more (or less) EXP / Coins?
I think the exp/coin gain from progress bar is fine currently.
7. What do you think about the limits of 300% Progress Bar Speed for Idle Mode OFF, and 150% for Idle Mode OFF? Are the limits reasonable? What about the upgrade cost?
The Blue Coin cost for upgrading may be unreasonable to a newer player, however the green coin cost is fine. The speeds are currently fine.

8. What do you think about the limits of 1300% Max Boost and 650% Min Boost from the Feature Shop?
They’re fine.
9. What do you think about the Temp. Max Boost system? Is it too complicated? How is the speed of Temp. Max Boost depletion? How much does it affect the balancing of the game? Should it be removed or rebalanced? If so, how?
I dislike how quickly temp max boosts deplete, they can go fairly quickly when you get them higher and if you’re not quick the temp boost purchasable from the mystery shop will be gone within a few minutes.

10. What do you think about the Elite Temp. Max Boost system? Is it too complicated? Should it be removed and maybe replaced with another form of Max Boost?
They’re fine.

11. How is the rate of Boost Depletion? Do you find yourself buying Boosts at all? If yes, do you tend to buy Boosts using the Boost Generator or refill your Boosts using other items?
Boost depletion rate is fine in my opinion, once you get the epic skills and enough beastiary it’s usually not a problem. I usually set autoboost on, and occasionally I’ll use doom sprayer, but that’s only when I feel like it.

12. Do you think the Ant Sprayers are necessary at all (other than for the purpose of Achievements)?
They are when you’re anti-idling, but when idling they’re useless (duh).

13. Assuming you can stay at maximum Boosts all the time, should it be made so Boosts deplete faster and you actually have to buy Boosts? If so, how should it be done? Or would you rather stay at maximum Boosts all the time?
I would rather try to stay at maximum boosts as much as I can.


14. According to the Stats screen (EXP by Source and Coin by Source pages), what’s the % of EXP and Coins do you usually gain from the Garden?
0.6% exp and 17% coins
15. Do you think the Garden should give more (or less) EXP / Coins?
I think the coin rate is fine, but more exp would be nice.

16. What type of tree do you use the most?
I use Green Trees the most, as their long duration is useful and I dislike having to return to the garden screen often.

18. What do you think about Fertilizer and Mega Fertilizer? Are they too easy / hard to obtain? Are they well–balanced? How is the cooldown? Is the Harvest Value cap (2,147,483,647) reasonable?
I don’t use them very often, the cooldown is too long for me to really remember to when it’s time to reuse them and the harvest time on the trees I use is too short. I usually only use them when I plant trees.

19. What do you think about the Harvest Value of trees in Another Garden? Is Another Garden worth using for Coins?
I think it’s decent, it’s worth using for coins.

20. What’s your favorite seed type in Another Garden?
My favorite type is 64, for its long duration and similar harvest times to Green Trees.

21. Is the amount of Progress required for breeding reasonable?
It’s more than reasonable, and quick when you get to higher garden exp’s/

22. Is the seed gain rate in Another Garden high enough? Should it be easier / harder for seeds to replenish themselves?
I think the seed gain is alright, though for some of the shorter duration seeds it could be raised a little bit.

23. For the Another Garden seeds that take a longer time to harvest, should their lifespan be increased to make it easier for them to replenish themselves and make up for the lower rate of Coins per minute?
That would be nice

24. What do you think about Randomfruit? Are the things you get from them well–balanced (relative to the difficulty to obtain them)?
I think the rate you obtain them is fine, and the fact you can buy them with garden points is nice.

25. Do you think the Green Coin and Blue Coin gain rates in the Garden are reasonable? Actually, do you even notice that the Garden gives Green Coins and Blue Coins?
I haven’t noticed that garden gives green coins, but I know it gives blue coins, that’s why I use it.

Battle Arena

26. Do you feel like some areas in the Battle Arena are simply not worth fighting in, due to the low rate of rewards compared to difficulty? Name these areas.
There are a lot of areas that I ended up skipping unless it had an achievement and even then I’ve only stayed there until the achievement was complete. Triangle land is far too difficult, Polluted Sky is fairly easy, but the timer is short and I idle for long periods of time so it isn’t worth it, even in the beginning of a rebirth. Frosty Zone and Volcano Peak are decent, but I could idle Secret Beach before I could idle either of those areas so I ended up skipping them. In the Fairytale Fightoff area I ended up more or less skipping Billygoat Bridge, Fabled Forest and Fortress Foothills, I mostly idled elsewhere until I was able to idle Castle Grimm.

29. What bonuses do you usually put on your equipment? Do you feel that those bonuses are much more useful than others? And do you feel that some bonuses are completely worthless? What are they?
I usually put autosteal, critical damage, epic/rare rate and epic/rare exp. I don’t know if some things are useless, but that’s usually what I use.

31. What Invisible Allies do you usually use? Do you think some Invisible Allies are too overpowered / underpowered (relative to the difficulty to obtain them)?
I usually use CHAOS, !!!!!, Fairy Godmother or Elite Pharaoh. The 2011 Triangle AI’s are difficult to obtain.

32. Do you think the loot drops are reasonable? Do they give players who actively play a reasonable advantage?
It’s reasonable.

33. Do you think the drop rate of things such as Superior Crafting Material and Unobtainium should depend more on the level of the monsters?

34. Do you think the loot drops from Collector’s Pendant are well–balanced?
I think it’s a little too easy to obtain equips, you can get a lot of gear without paying for it because it’s all now quite expensive to craft.

35. What do you think about mining? Is it overpowered / underpowered (and why)? Should the level of the Crystals depend on your level (to prevent farming high level Crystals for good drops), or should the level of the Crystals simply be reduced for everyone?
Compared to Foodland it’s slow.

36. Some people say that mining is boring. I plan to resolve the problem by reducing the HP of Crystals, increasing Spawn Rate and implementing a daily limit for mining (maybe 2,500 Crystals per day, or some kind of diminishing returns, such as every Crystal takes 0.1% longer to spawn). This way, mining will be less boring and things will be more balanced too. Do you think that is a good idea? Or will that make things more stressful, by making you feel like you must mine every day to play efficiently?
I don’t think that would make it any less boring. If it takes longer to spawn it’ll be more boring and stressful by forcing us to mine every day.

38. Do you think the amount of damage dealt by Robacon / Robroccoli is too high / low? Do you use Robacon / Robroccoli mostly for the equipment bonuses on his weapon, or for the damage he deals and his skills?
It makes things easier, but it’s definately not too high.

39. Do you think there are any other balancing problems in the Battle Arena that should be addressed?
Buff Fairy Godmother and Fairy Godfather armors! <3

Money Printer

44. What do you think about the new level limit of 100 for the Money Printer? Is the effect of Money Printer more significant now? Should the Money Printer be further balanced?
I love it, and I think it’s fine as it currently is.

45. How is the rate of gaining Green Coins with Money Printer?
I haven’t really noticed an overall change, I didn’t really care much before and I don’t really care much now.


62. Do you think the LolMarket is a good source of Green Coins?
It’s decent, but I find other sources to be better.

63. How is the rate of EXP gain in LolMarket?
It’s not super impressive, but it’s decent.

64. How are the options to manually change gem demand? Should their impact be increased / decreased? Should their cooldown be shortened / lengthened?
I think their impact should be increased and the time maybe shortened.

Awesome Adventures

65. How is the rate of EXP gain in LolMarket?
Did you mean adventures? It’s decent, but I don’t usually pay attention.

66. Which zone do you usually adventure in? Why?
I usually adventure in the Untitled Zone since I can use hold down the number 2 usually and do things quickly.

68. Do you often give Boosts or Energy Refill to the Tired Adventurer?
I usually give Boosts, because that’s what’s in spot 2.

71. Is it worth buying an Energy Refill with 150 Reputation?
Not really.


73. How is the rate of EXP gain in LolMarket?
Again, did you mean fishing?
74. Is the Coin gain from selling junk and fish too low / high?
I think it’s still fairly low compared to other sources.

75. How are the contents of Treasure Boxes?

76. Should idle Fishing be more efficient?
Oh goodness yes.
77. How are the rods (unlock requirement and effect)?
I only have 3 of the rods but I haven’t tried to get them specifically.

78. How is the 3,000 Fatigue limit?
I think it’s okay, but it would be nicer if the fatigue was unlimited but you fished slower and slower as it increases.

79. How are the Mastery requirement and Coin cost to raise your Fishing skill?
The coin cost is quite high compared to the returns you do get from fishing, but the mastery requirements are fine.

80. How are the milestones in Fishing? Do you find the rewards appealing?
I don’t really care either way.


82. How is the Career EXP gain rate of each Career? Which Career do you think is the easiest / hardest to level up?
The easiest careers to level up are gardener, item maker and pet trainer. The hardest are arcade player, card player and racer.

85. What do you think about the EXP trading rewards for each Career?
They could be increased, or maybe give more random career potions.

86. Do you usually activate your Careers using Coins, or bless them using Career Potions?
I usually activate using coins and when I’m doing a career that needs to be anti-idled I use career potions.

87. Do you prefer Random Career Potions or Mega Career Potions?
I prefer mega career potions.


88. Which Business do you usually activate?
I usually keep gardener buisness active since it’s easiest.


92. Do you think it is easy / difficult to keep your pet alive?
It’s difficult at first, but once you have a steady supply of bacon or pet food it’s easy.

94. How is the extra EXP / Coin bonus to Progress Bar (up to +100%) that you get from your Pet? Is it too low / high?
I think it’s nice, a good reward for leveling a pet.

95. How is the extra EXP you get from each feature that you get from your Pet? Is it too low / high?
I think it’s decent, though it could possibly be increased.

Mystery Boxes

96. Which type of Mystery Boxes do you usually buy?
I usually buy gamblers boxes and progress boxes.

98. Do you think some types of Mystery Boxes are too cheap / expensive?
I think supply crates are now too expensive for what they’re worth, and with the fact they don’t give BA exp in rebirths makes them more or less useless.

99. What do you think about the Cards? Are they well–balanced?
I think they’re fine.

100. Do you ever run out of Cards?
Not anymore.