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Topic: Game Programming / Array vs. Vector: Inline Defining

FlashDevelop can’t export swc’s natively. There’s a plugin available for this, but I’ve never used it myself:

If you can’t get the plugin working you’ll just have to do some googling to find out how to do swc compiling through the command line.

After that’s done just do:

Project → New Project → AS3 Project

Write your classes.

Export as swc.

Include swc in Flash project.

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Topic: Game Programming / CodeDrive: New ActionScript 3 IDE with fast compiler

The resource management stuff looks good. Managing assets in FlashDevelop can be a bit of a hassle at times. I’ll be sure to check this out.

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Topic: Game Programming / sell your source code?

I agree with Drakim, I can’t see why anyone would pay for code of unknown quality when there will almost certainly be opensource examples of what you’re looking for already.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make Flash games

It’d be a better idea to explain the difference between classes and objects, IMO.

Again, not really necessary. I think it better that the FAQ just linked to tutorials than almost become a tutorial itself.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make Flash games

possibly explain the difference between .swf, .as, .fla, etc. files

I don’t think that’s necessary, it should be covered in the tutorials that are linked to. Adding too much information is just going to clutter the page up.

Personally, I would just call it Adobe Flash rather the Flash CS 5.5. Including the version number means that this is going to look outdated in 6 months time when the next CS is released.

Possibly controversial, I don’t see the point of mentioning AS1 or AS2.

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Topic: Game Programming / Designing a Game

I was going to post a topic like this. I’ve started a new game and I’m having a huge headache working out how to lay it all out. I found this site: which seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, but unfortunately it’s very incomplete. Does anyone know of any similar sites that has more articles in it?