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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [TDP5 Arena] Level restricted rooms

The game is still very new, so not that many persons plays it. It’s a good idea, though, but you’d have more chances on the official site.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / new medical rule

Originally posted by slipknot100:

the game has gone rubbish it is to hard to heal players and you have to waste fuel for some of the medical equipment like graze 4 and graze 5 and most of the people don’t even play the game anymore so please make it really easy to heal or give us all a really rare and random weapon.

Either you’re stupid, or you’re willingly making this.
You don’t realize that in any scravenge, the rule is not to get downed?
It’s your own fault if you die, you we’re overconfident. Beside, the minor injuries you get can be crafted for free.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / HERC boxes

Originally posted by sierothe:

Too many boxes but no fuel to buy keys. Could we please recycle them rather than discard? Or perhaps some other use for them boxes.
I guess ConArtists would like us to spend money on fuel?

Why don’t you go suggest them?

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Topic: Wartune / Reset Account

Is there any way to reset an account?

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name : Sold Eagle
Type : Handgun
Damage : 1-10
Ammo : 7
Reload : 0.15 sec
Fire rate : 0.2 sec
requirement : None
Cost : 100 coins.
Note : It’s a conterfeit of the Gold eagle, except it’s blue.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / OICW XM8 or Assassin?

Don’t you people realize that when you have a choice to decide, it’s just up to you, and not to other people to answer it?
But I’ll be nice with you and give you one tip. JUST one tip.
They have the same rate of fire. So the damage you’ll do with them counts.
It’s rare to use all you ammo on one enemy. Even if 34>30, you’ll do larger DMG with the XM8.
About the reloading… Where do I start? 0.5 sec of difference doesn’t matter at all. Most of the other AR have 4 sec reload.

Now it’s to you to make the decision.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] I cant wait when uberstrike change to 5.4.1

Originally posted by UBERCANNON:

:D Uberstrike is my life (:D whos agrees with me

I can’t say a game can be my life, but it’s true that game is good.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / THERE IS CHAT GREEN TEXT

Originally posted by Meep42:

There should be a button for ‘OH SHI-’.

Sure should!

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / Guardian slots

Originally posted by pain2683:

i really like the game but i dont like the guardian slots their just the problem of capturing new guardians

Sometimes, in the chest that get refilled each day, you can find TTs. Hammer some, then buy Guardian slots.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Why can we get free credit

Originally posted by dylansabeastling:

So dumb. Kiddo, just get out of here, go ask your mommy to make you a sandwich. Make sure she cuts off the crust so you dont choke idiot ;)

He’s no kid, he’s just joking.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / TIPS: How to play multiplayer correctly.

Press “M” in-game to see your lag. Leave if the value is over 2000 ms.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Maps and Strategies

When you don’t have the time to reload, just swap your weapon for another one. It’s always faster.
Some weapons pierce through multiple zombies, (Desert Eagle, .600 Nitro, Spas-12, Winchester, SCAR-L, M4 Beowulf, and there’s more…), so, make a line of zombies and enjoy!
It’s better to place turrets in the beggining of the wave. Placing it in a hurry may leave time to zombies to hurt you badly, or even die.
If your allies are on the ground, running is a better idea than fighting zombies, but it’s even better to equip a SMG and shoot while running.
Weapons affects your speed. Pistol/SMG>Shotguns/Assault Rifles>Special>Machines Guns.
It’s quite useless to buy grenades, but use the ones you find in the crates in groups of zombies, to kill them quickly.
It never hurts to have ammo to spare, but just make sure you’ll have enough for one battle.
It’s your choice to buy the RPG in the Premium shop, but use it fairly, leave some zombies to your allies.
You recover 1/4 of your health at the beggining of each wave.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Russian Roulette Pro] Items in game
Yeah, items would remove the fun
1 bullet, 6 chambers, spin, press it against your head and pray to god to be lucky.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Free Credits For Day 5 On Daily Login

Originally posted by DiscoMonkey:
Originally posted by zeutrino:
Originally posted by dannylock:

Please Add Credits Bonus! We Need It!

Nope. This is stupid, like what? You get paid for playing game?

*Daily bonuses.

I would think one weapon matching your level for 1 day.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] [Requesting Help] Why is he not evolving? (Solved)

Flofox evolves when his level reaches 15 and if he have enough evolution points. When they are enough, it shows “Level not enough” instead of “Evolution Points requiered to evolve”. Try again tomorrow.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Coins - Cash system

Originally posted by biowave345:

Since people are getting in need of more and more cash and coins I think there should be a money – cash system so if you have too many coins but need cash you can get the cash easily.

I was thinking a 1000 coins – 1 cash
would be good enough for people.

Tell me what you think about my idea or leave suggestions on what the trade should be or any ways to prevent people form constantly switching their gold to cash and cash to gold again (like a limit to how many times each week)

~ biowave

So then, the mess will begin.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / This game need headshot bonus!

Originally posted by Meowmouse:

I wish this game have the headshot bonus and you get 10 coins and 10 exp for easy leveling up :)

Would be the easiest thing to do. So easy leveling.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Suggestions for new weapons, artifacts or items in-game

Type : Artifact
Name : Optical Camo
Effect : Press “C” to Activate Optical Camo. It makes you be invisible for 5 seconds. Takes 30 seconds to reactivate, even if you die meanwhile.

Type : Artifact
Name : Energy Shield
Effect : Press Space to activate the Energy Shield. It protect from Incoming damage for 8 damage, however, Not only Energy decrases faster when shot, but takes 1 minutes to reactivate, even if death by the meanwhile.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / >:(

Rail gun :
Sniper Rifle
Damage : 150 – 2500
Shot interval : 3 sec
Reload : 7 seconds
Ammo : 3

Hold left click to charge the Rail Gun, let it charge, then release it.
There are 5 power level
Level 1 : 150 450
Level 2 : 450-625
Level 3 : 625-850
Level 4 : 850
Level 5 : 1300-2500
The rail gun can pierce walls, but for each wall the round pass, power level go down.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / New clan update.

Originally posted by SolemnGod:

Un like those russians we americans never spam

Neither does the Frenches.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / M202A2 vs Thunderbringer

…Gross Shot NailDriver’s head

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / 10mm SOP or AUG?

Originally posted by The_Grenadier:

Dmg: 170
Shot interval: 1.5

10mm SOP
Dmg: 250
Shot interval: 3

By the time SOP fires, AUG fires two. The total damage would be 340 for AUG and 250 for 10mm SOP.

When it comes to costs, the AUG is cheaper in terms of cash but more expensive in coins. SOP is the inverse. When it comes to ammo, the AUG is obviously more generous with 35 compared to the SOP with only 10. Meaning the AUG has better Dpc.

All in all, the AUG is better if you’re saving up for something(Also nice and effective)

The SOP is crap unless you want to waste some coins and cash.

This is like comparing the MP5 to the 9a-91, a cash trap.

… Maybe the SOP has Greater accuracy?

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Baron Brixius

Make him lose his focus. He’ll restore by cost of Health. If you’re lucky, he’ll be crazy and casts himself Holy scars. Attack now!

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / This is wat i see in the Tournaments in Russia

Please JavelinOU, don’t put nuke on this games, he’s gonna blow us all

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / This is wat i see in the Tournaments in Russia

Originally posted by SolemnGod:

I’ve got one thing to say : HOW.THE.HELL.DO.THEY.THINK.THEY.ARE!?!!
Isn’t HE supposed to be dead, or is he an Al-Qaïda member having fun?