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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#53] Entries and Discussion

Well, I briefly toyed with idea of making a kind of virtual pet simulator where you had to make cat costumes to humiliate your cats with and make them pout, spazz, or go “protest limp”. That idea kind of morphed into a wierd insane cat lady acid trip, which didn’t seem to really fit the virtual pet theme much anymore… Anyway, either one would take more artwork than I feel I could accomplish in time, so I’m going to pass on this one.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#53] Theme Selection

Noun: Fool (or Jester/Prankster/Joker)
Mechanic: Trick

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Topic: Game Programming / I want to play your game!!

Duo Spheres:
Green ball can travel through walls, if it starts a space away. Some notification that you can’t travel out of the grid (the edges don’t act as walls) would be good. Other than that, not too bad, but feels a bit “clunky” — could use movement animation or something. Also, don’t let the player move until after the messages have been cleared — pressing “any key” to clear the messages should never result in loss of the level.

Acorn Joey’s Nutty Quest:
A bit short, but a decent platformer. Don’t know how to get the gold acorns (I only recall seeing the one at the beginning, but the end screen says there are 4). Don’t like the invisible pit in the one room, but at least that seems to be the only place there is one… that I came across.

In general, unless there is a really good reason, if you’re using the cursor keys for left/right movement, then up should be jump. I know that up is used to climb ladders, but since jumping off/past ladders isn’t really a thing here, there’s no reason it can’t do double-duty. There aren’t that many ladders in the game, anyway, but lots of jumping, and using the up key to jump is just more intuitive. Also, down (when not on a ladder) should let you jump down from the thinner platforms that you can jump up through.

The Last Mission of Captain Jordan:
Looks nice, but was far too sluggish for me to play. I couldn’t get past the canyon run at the beginning because it wouldn’t start turning until long after I pressed the key to move…

Super Gul:
Runs really slow for me (but not so slow that it is unplayable). There should be an indicator for which attack is available (knife or gun) — also, you should make the spacebar an alternate attack key. Other than that, Sythnet summed up the other issues I saw on the game’s comments section.

Dot Cards:
Nice idea, plays well… Sometimes seems a bit trial-and-error, though.

IE says “this content cannot be displayed in a frame”; FF doesn’t load for me (just black screen).

Winter Forge:
I did play it, but I’m not an idler, so it doesn’t really do much for me. So I can’t really offer much in the way of advice. Sorry.

Magic Vault:
Looks nice, and for the most part plays well.

Please implement cursor key control for moving visible doors (what the mouse drag does). Also, dragging should not cast spell — I turned a friendly into a frog by trying to move the screen.

When a “level” ends, do something with incoming orcs (block them with a shield, or some other visual indicator that they are being dealt with automatically).

Stop Fire Now:
First level was waaaaay easy, second was waaaaay difficult (at least for me: the fires managed to take over most of the screen before I had a chance to do much about it)… But mostly, just didn’t hold my interest.

Some indicator for when (and what) the next item will be (water pack or water bomb) would be good.

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Topic: Game Programming / I want to play your game!!

Feed Me:
It’s a good start, but there is no sense of accomplishment. Why?
1) Because it doesn’t matter whether the player pays attention or not: Failure only means they have to hit “play”/enter again. There is no loss of any kind on failure, nor (as far as I can tell), any extra gain from doing well. In fact, 10 quick attention-less runs that net me ~10 thingies a piece gets me more “bang for the buck” (oh deer) than one slow 100-thingy run that I have to plan and pay attention to.
2) I unlocked and played each animal a bit, but there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the characters (other than image) or the levels that they play in. I mostly just kept playing in order to see if anything new happens, but I think most people won’t stay with it that long if you don’t introduce something new to keep their interest.
3) There is also no overall goal or ending. Once the snake is unlocked, is there any reason to continue?

The easiest thing to do to reward someone that is playing well (and give incentive to play well) is to upgrade thingies every n moves, so that they are worth more (orange thingy = $1 → green thingy = $2 → blue thingy = $3, etc).

Keeping interest up is much more difficult. You could give each animal a special ability that they can use, which replenishes after a certain number of moves: 1-space step, jump a thingy, scramble all on-screen thingies, etc (just don’t get too complicated with them — they shouldn’t be too difficult to implement (from a programming perspective — I haven’t used Stencyl, so I don’t know what is easy or difficult using that), and player input should be kept to a minimum: ability activation, plus direction for some abilities). This would give each animal some uniqueness besides image, and give more interest to discovering and playing them. Abilities could (and probably should) be locked until the player reaches a set number of thingy collections in one game with that animal.

Also consider adding some extra level elements, such as pits, movement blockers, directional change spaces, and the like. New elements should only be introduced as the player progresses. Again, don’t get too complicated with them: they should be [relatively] easy to implement and to explain/understand.

You can (and should) allow the player to endlessly continue playing, but there should be a set, overall goal and “ending”, even if it is just a “you won” message.

Other suggestions:
When the target is far away, it can sometimes be a little difficult to tell if you’re lined up properly, so darkening the squares in the four path directions would let the player easily see where they would go — you don’t even necessarily have to stop the shading at the first obstacle.

Instruction screen(s). Don’t rely on the instruction section of Kongregate’s, and don’t assume the player already knows anything. For example: The darkened spiral-thingy. Explain that it is where a new thingy will appear next turn, will not stop the player, and cannot be taken. Also include any goals or goal milestones.

Keep track of the number of attempts, overall and per animal, as well as best game attempts. Implement a “reset”/“new game” button, so player can try to finish the game in less attempts.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#52] Entries and Discussion

Originally posted by Halysia:

Okay I found some time to fix my bug which was smaller than I thought.

I am not entering the competition but I do want to show my progress regardless, and look for feedback on where to go from here…I think it could end up being a pretty fun idea.


Buildables by hotkey -
1. Wall ($5 per block)
2. Watch Tower – short range, fast firing ($80)
3. (does nothing atm)
4. Stun team – long range, slow firing, stuns the enemy ($180)

R to rotate walls.

Build walls around structures to create areas to build towers and to increase your cash flow. (You have to leave a 2 tile gap around buildings, and you have to build adjacent to an existing wall. Move the mouse around to get an idea of where you can and can’t build).

The final idea is to save as many structures / people as possible…though you’ll have trouble killing the enemy (lol red circle) in this version since I have no win/loss condition yet :P.

It’s a tad difficult to critique, since you can’t really play it very well yet. The monster comes out immediately, before you’ve a chance to set anything up. I started to build the wall out, but I guess that drew its attention, so it came over and started destroying the walls I’d just placed. Eventually I made a constricted area around the centre thingy and placed a few watch towers — which were useless, of course, and didn’t last very long.

As far as feedback on where to go from here (apart from the obvious):
Possible Buildable #3. Signal pyre: used to increase defence and offence of outlying cities/towns (within area) by a small amount and as a potential lure for monsters.
Upgrades for towers (wait… I said “apart from the obvious”… oh well, I’ll put it here anyway)?
(such as poison, fire, armour-piercing arrows for watch towers; oil cauldron for pyre (strictly a melee-range weapon, possibly also causing extra damage to monster when pyre is destroyed); spiked walls?)
Possible Buildable #5. Roads. Connecting a road from one town to another (or to castle) would allow a portion of the people to escape death (depending on how long it takes the monster to destroy it) and be added to the population of the other. If connected to the castle, it could also bolster the towns defence and/or offence a bit.
Possible Buildable #6. (unique) Temple of Souls: takes 10% of all income, but increases firing rate and/or damage based on the amount of killed people. IDK.
Different enemy types — there are many colours of circle available. ;)
A way to re-establish/re-earn a settlement.

Just some half-thought-out ideas of dubious usefulness. If I think of anything else, I’ll post or PM.

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Topic: Game Programming / The good old days of this forum

Originally posted by Amibtious:

“syurba, unknownguardian and gamerfefan… byrono’s”

Other than UG, I don’t recall those names…joined May 2011.

Same here, and I’m 1 month older than you (Kongregate-wise).

…then again, I have the memory of an elephant — a dead one.

and again:

Was really planning to be a pro-dev by now :D

Yeah, me too, but my motivation rolled under the proverbial sofa and is now molding with the proverbial dust bunnies… um… which I guess would be my tendency to procrastinate?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#52] Voting

1st place: City Invaders – Kewry

The most playable of the entries, though there was a point where some character came in from the top of the screen offering 3 items (I couldn’t really tell what they were supposed to do, but I thought one was a shot upgrade (the first one; the second looked like a glove, and the third a rifle scope or spyglass or some such)), all with zeroes under them. I picked up all of them and left, but as far as I could tell, there was no difference…

Edit: I didn’t have any control issues. I believe I played this in IE…? Or it may have been FF.

2nd place: Invasion Evasion – AwesometacularVG

Hmmm… Make money by destroying buildings. Sure I’m not employed by the aliens?

Looks good, simple controls, plays well enough — when the lag isn’t too bad.

Even after getting all the upgrades, being able to escape was more down to how many times a flying UFO got on me, as I’d have to detour through some buildings to get rid of it, which slows me down and uses up precious fuel (full armour isn’t enough to just ignore the UFOs). I did eventually make it and got my cookie, though.

Outbreak City – nutter666
Edit: Changed 3rd place vote. I wasn’t even considering theme compatibility before (reminded by dingo540’s post). Since Skater Cop was close enough and has better theme compatibility, I’ve decided to change it. Sorry, nutter666.

Needs a wave counter. I don’t know how many I played before I left (as I had no idea how many waves before I would be overrun), but without new survivors to place or upgrades (it takes a while to get enough money to change guns, and then to wait for someone to level up so you don’t waste their XP), there isn’t much to do. I know, I know: It’s a tower defence game — but if it’s going to be like most TD games, where it is more about waiting than interaction, there should be an “automatic wave launch” toggle option.

I only tried the sniper rifle, so I don’t know how the others are. For a sniper rifle, the range isn’t that much better than the pistol (but then, the rate of fire isn’t that much worse, either). Missing the ubiquitous zombie-killing staple, the shotgun.

Unofficial 3rd place/runner-up: Skater Cop – Adrenalite Studio
Edit: Changed 3rd place vote.

Speed up doesn’t seem to noticeably do much. I assume that there’s a top speed, which (AFAICT) isn’t a lot higher than normal speed; in any event, there should be a speed indicator somewhere.

Most of the time spent crouching and constantly shooting, occasionally jumping in order to ride the bars (uh… whatever they’re called). It wasn’t until the car drove up with the shooters and molotov cocktails that things started getting interesting (but I couldn’t tell if I was doing anything to the car). Didn’t make it past that.

Edit: [moved bit about auto-fire down due to seeing AdrenaliteStudio’s response to nutter666, above]

Pixel Alien Hunter – xskeiwal25

I like retro-style games, so this looked good to me…. but:
Only 1 type of enemy, as far as I could see, with 1 behavioural pattern. Being in the path of the swarm is suicide; it is not nearly responsive enough, nor firing quick enough, to last any time there. So then the player moves down to the bottom part of the screen, just barely under the swarm, and is completely safe (as long as they fire) while being able to pick off the occasional alien. Sure, it would take a while to build up a respectable score (and it’s boring), but since the alternative is a quick death, it seems the only viable option.

Or maybe I’m just really bad at it (or it is faster for me than other people?)… Did anyone manage to stay in the path of the swarm for any length of time?

For every single game out there where there is shooting involved but no downside to it (or no upside to NOT shooting): auto-fire. If there were clips that the player has to reload, possible civilian casualties or other undesirable targets, limited ammo, overheating weaponry, or some other reason to cease fire, making the player input their desire to shoot makes sense; in all other cases it is a detriment to your game. Rule of thumb: require the minimum input possible for your game to function as intended.

My suggestions for simple improvements:
1) Auto-fire. Or introduce a reason not to fire, either way (obviously the latter would be more complicated).
2) Widen the swarm’s swath, but thin them out, particularly in the beginning. You can increase the number of aliens spawned over time, just make sure it is never impossible.
3) At the very least introduce one more alien behaviour (you don’t even necessarily need to make a different graphic for it): invert the current path. Instead of hopping up and returning, hop down and return. This will ensure that the bottom of the screen is no safer than the top.

Anyway, good job and congratulations to all entrants.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#52] Entries and Discussion

If you have a simple 2 colour version (not necessarily what is shown to the player), you can have a small border area around the play area, and use BitmapData’s floodfill at some point along there. You can then test at grid intervals for which colour it is, telling you whether it is enclosed or not. Not sure how sub-optimal that is, though…

How are you path checking? Don’t you mark the spaces as viable/unviable paths?

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Topic: Game Programming / 7DRL entries

Originally posted by Shay9999:

@dragon_of_celts: Holy crap, that looks epic! :O I can’t wait to see it in action! By see, I mean play, and by ‘in action’ I meant the game and not just a picture of the game. Let’s make a deal here that if we don’t finish in time for 7DRL, we’ll still finish our games and post them as soon as we can.

Thanks. Several iterations of me have fallen to the mindflayer bugs, but I keep battling them. Where’s a cleric programmer when you need one? Unless I have an uncharacteristic dearth of glitch hellspawn, I probably won’t finish it by tomorrow — and that’s not even considering getting stats to something reasonable. I’ll post again once it is ready to accept other victims players.

Originally posted by Shay9999:

dragon_of_celts, do you want to group up for this month’s GitD, if Jay is too consumed by her comic book?

Oh ho! A sado-masochist, eh? Thanks for the offer, but I must regretfully flail you another time, as I think I may be preoccupied by my current programmatic self-flagellation for a while.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

Originally posted by JohannasGarden:

Sorry that I suck at games :( I got further than I’d gotten before, though, and enjoyed it more than on previous playthroughs. This was the first time I’d gotten the Pacman one. I hope someone else will figure that one :)

Yeah, I tried to scale the difficulty better, but it is still fairly random — there will still be times when you’re waiting for something to happen, and then =bam= out come a slew of enemies. Well, thanks for trying it again and commenting.

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Topic: Game Programming / 7DRL entries

OK, I guess I’d better post an update. Not sure I’ll make it in time, but here’s a screenshot:

7DRL One-Armed Rogue-like screenshot

It’s a bit cluttered, and originally there was going to be slot machine-driven combat, but I eventually whittled it down to this.

Edit (Grrr… I thought I put this in): Wheel and token faces are open source art by David E Gervais

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

Sorry to bump this old thread — no new changes to GiTDtron, as I’ve stopped working on it. I just wanted to clarify that the link on the first page of this thread is the old version (the unaltered contest version); the link two posts above is for the updated version.

Has anyone tried the updated one? Were you able to get to the GiTDIS (you have to collect most of the cards first, so it takes a bit)? If so, when you left the GITDIS, were there any issues?

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Topic: Game Programming / 7DRL entries

Well, I’m two days late starting as well… But I am starting:

One-Armed Rogue-like

The player will use slot machines for location choices, enemy encounters, etc.

No screen shots as of yet.
I will probably use open-source art for the player’s character, enemies, and locations, at least for now.

One of last year’s(?*) 7DRL entries was a card game, and the cards you played advanced your position around a wheel, with certain positions having negative effects (I don’t really remember it that well, so that’s about as good of a description as I can come up with). The wheel mechanism got me thinking about a Wheel of Fortune type of thing, which evolved into slot machines.

?* I played it long after the 7DRL was over, IIRC, so I can’t be certain that I wasn’t delving into entries for the previous year(s)…

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Topic: Game Programming / 7DRL entries

This is for the 7 Day Rogue-like Challenge that has just started today.

I’m creating this thread primarily so my entry has a place to link to for progress updates during development and for the completed project. If anyone else here is entering, please feel free to use this thread as well.

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Topic: Game Programming / as3 how to draw a movieclip into a bitmap correctly

Oh, right. If the bitmap is placed in another DisplayObject (or subclass), then that can be moved to change the apparent registration point of the DisplayObject (in this case, MovieClip) that it is added to as a child.

Ordinarily, I just blit everything with copyPixels.

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Topic: Game Programming / as3 how to draw a movieclip into a bitmap correctly

As far as the registration point, I believe his/her problem is that they went the wrong direction:

bitmap1.x = -20;
bitmap1.y = -40; 

would move the bitmap left and up with respect to the Movieclip’s coordinates, thus putting the effective registration point in the centre.

The way (s)he is doing it, the bitmap is moving right and down, offsetting the bitmap so that it shouldn’t even be touching the Movieclip’s registration point.

As far as being drawn but incomplete, I’m going to venture a guess and say that it is because the image assets aren’t embedded or pre-loaded, so it starts loading the moment it is being referenced.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#52] Theme Selection

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Good luck in that, dragon_of_celts!

Originally posted by Shay9999:

Good luck, dragon_of_celts!

Thank ye, thank ye. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I just noticed I got the dates wrong, as I was looking at last year’s (which started on the 7th); this year’s starts on the 5th and ends on the 13th, so I should have time to work on something for the GiTD.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#52] Theme Selection

Not sure I’ll enter this, as I’m planning on doing the 7 Day Rogue-like Challenge this year, which coincides with this GiTD. If I’m really inspired (and the procrastination beast is sleeping), I may do something… or if the theme happens to match what I’m going to be doing for 7DRL.


Noun: spinner
Game mechanic: rogue-like

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Originally posted by Dave_McDave:

I did intend to have a set list of items to find, but then forgot to add that list to the save file :S allowing limitless grinding of the good stuff and led to spells costing 0 etc.
Hopefully that’s the main source of the negative difficulty curve, if not then i’m not sure how to fix it.


I like that ‘exam’ type idea, initially a field will be complete in finding the one or two prize items, but then have a ‘gold star’ completeness in finding every item in the field within a moves limit, and maybe limit to a subset of spells on some levels.
I think that’s what you meant, or is entering a field one ‘move’.

[Re: limitless grinding] Yes, I believe that is definitely the main (if not only) source of the negative difficulty curve.

[Re: exam] I suppose you could also make entering a level take a move; but I was referring to using an action.

[Re: the rest] Sounds great. I look forward to playing it. Please keep us updated.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Apologies for the long post.

Originally posted by Dave_McDave:

Congratulations on 2nd place (and to ploo98 and all the other entrants).

So I went through and played the rest of the levels.

The sun crystal erroneously says that it will allow you to cast wind (I think it was).

Fog sometimes carried over from one level to another — though it could be diminished or cleared by quitting the level and selecting it again. And like AMD_Paulius_J said, the fog was a bit much (even before multiple layers of it stacked).

I’m not sure what the main purpose of the fog is. Is it to obscure the position, value, or type of tile (or a combination)? Depending on which, a light overlay on top of the fog so that the player doesn’t get completely blinded could be useful (‘?’ if obscuring the value is desired, monochrome if obscuring the type is important). Also, I would think the fog should “eminate” from the crystal generating it. As it stands now, fog is always in the centre, regardless of where the generating crystal is (it would also help for multiple fog overlays).

It seems to me that there is a negative “difficulty” curve: When you start, you don’t have much energy, and all actions are as expensive as they will ever be (not to mention that most actions are hidden/locked until you find certain elements). I put “difficulty” in quotes because if you can’t finish a level, you can just leave and start again without penalty, while still retaining all gains from whatever was found. So the beginning ends up being kind of frustrating and grindy, until you get enough max energy and shovels/pickaxes… Then it starts getting really easy. I did start enjoying it much more once the low-max-energy and high action costs were mitigated a bit, but by the end, digging cost 0 energy (there was one more shovel that I got after it was at zero, but it didn’t go to – 1 energy — just in case you were worried about that possibility), I had “loads” of potions, and I had somewhere around 400 max energy. The deepest, most rock-filled levels weren’t a challenge without really even paying much attention or using potions. I don’t think I ever used any of the extra spells (ie, not dig or pickaxe), other than to see what they did. Their cost didn’t really seem worth it.

I would start the player with some potions (or better, let the player select from a few choices at the start, such as a few potions, decreased starting dig cost, one unlocked extra spell, random start choice, etc — you could even have difficulty settings by changing or forgoing starting items/abilities), have a set list of items to find (no more farming; if player finds an item in a level and quits before it is finished, there will be less items to find when they try again. As a consequence, quitting a level and re-trying actually becomes detrimental, rather than beneficial (as it is now), which seems more fitting and provides more of an incentive to work at getting it right. It would also make it so that you can ensure that found items are always useful, but never too much: No action cost should ever be reduced to 0, and you would have control over that), and reduce intial [extra] spell costs (alternatively, you could start the spells with a much lower cost and increase the cost by a set amount every time it is used within that level (fatigue). Finding additional crystals of that type could lower the fatigue rate (that should be okay to allow to become 0, I would think). The biggest problem with this is that if dig and pickaxe are spells, doing this would be unintuitive, as you wouldn’t want those two to behave that way, so you’d end up with two different energy use behaviours for spells).

Last of all, goal motivation possibilities: None, exam, and duel/tournament. None would be as it is now (only with a “you found all your items” ending). Exam and duel would have a move counter, which end the game when it reaches 0 (or if player finds all the items first, in which case they should get some kind of bonus). Exam would be the more relaxed of the two (as one would expect) by offering more turns to complete; but it would be cool if you could do an exam level that would require you to use the things you obtained (likewise with duel: the board could be split in two, each half representing that contestant’s shield or magical essence or something, which the opponent would try to wear down before theirs gets destroyed).

Anyway, just my thoughts, in case you might find any of them useful.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Originally posted by ploo98:

Believe it or not, the key radius was even smaller when I was making the game, I recently made it 50% bigger just before posting the game. I didn’t want people complaining about the key&door, but it looks like it was still too small.

Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about the key radius, I’m complaining about how it sometimes, but not always, moves around. Bumping against a door while the key is behind you might be okay if it was constantly rotating so that you just had to wait a moment for it to connect to the door, but having to move around to try to “jiggle” it into the correct orientation is annoying, particularly when you’re also trying to avoid water or snow and have a limited amount of time in which to accomplish it.

You could have it constantly rotate around the player or (even better) always be in front of the player, whichever direction they are moving. Barring that, putting the key directly under the player would also work (no rotating at all — I mean “under” in the z/depth direction, not the y direction), I think, as the key should be large enough that the player could open the door regardless of their travel direction.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Originally posted by Shay9999:

We made 5 different shapes and only the ‘raindrop/sundrop’ shape is the correct one.

Huh… The first thing I clicked on looked like it was a teardrop-shaped raindrop, and nothing seemed to happen… but I suppose it could’ve been a partially-obscured other shape that just looked like it was a teardrop shape…?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Originally posted by Dave_McDave:

[…] lacks strong goal motivation or whatever you’d call it.

That’s probably it — or I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I did give it another try, and cleared about a third of the maps before stopping. Maybe I’ll give it another go later…

Originally posted by Marvin_MKII:

Don’t listen to people who didn’t take the time to understand the simple rules of the game.

Not an issue of “taking the time to understand the simple rules”, rather of interpretation of the rules (for me, anyway). To wit:

“Dig removes the topmost layer of the selection if it contains no rocks, then once more removes the topmost layer of the selection if it contains no rocks.”

I assumed that “removes the topmost layer” meant that it decrements all numbers in that selection (layer as in one “thickness”, rather than one set of similar numbers representing a horizontal stratum).

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#51] Voting

Originally posted by Dave_McDave:

The shovel removes the topmost layer if it contains no rocks, twice. Like, so, if the selection is 5s and 6s, and there’s no rocks in there, they’d all be reduced to 4.

Hmm, OK. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to notice that it was leveling the numbers…
Theoretically, though, if all the numbers are 1s and 2s (and no rocks), it should eliminate all of them, correct?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

GiTDtron 2016 version 0.35
Probably the final version, unless some major issue becomes apparent.

Fixed disappearing issue after leaving the GiTDIS (I think… I’m tired of testing it, so I don’t really know). Added health and elemental resistances for some enemies (now Death and CatGod are no longer ridiculously weak! Beware!).

Known issues:
Game play is still generally crappy.
Occasional moonwalking by bystanders and enemies. No idea why they do this; I should just add a Michael Jackson soundtrack…
Bystanders sometimes resurrect. Just pretend they took a beating but managed to survive. I did fix it so that the civilians killed counter shouldn’t rise until they are well and truly dead.
Enemy spawning could still use a better system… Come to that, most of it could.
Still has the issue where losing all lives when Retro Arcade effect is active will disable controls. Toggling mouse enable off and on seems to fix it.
I’m sure there are some other things, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Originally posted by dragon_of_celts:

GiTDtron version 0.3 (link removed)

Added Time card implementation (one of the last of the card drops, so you won’t see it until you’ve collected most of the cards); ordered card drops into a more coherent sequence (where needed); enemy spawn rates are slightly improved; minor updates/improvements/etc.

Still want to add elemental resistances and health for some enemies (all the non-basic ones) before I drop this, but I don’t think I’ll continue with it beyond that.

Originally posted by dragon_of_celts:

GiTDtron version 0.221 (link removed)

Just some minor, probably unnoticeable fixes… Still has an issue with game over when Retro Arcade effect is active.

(I’m trying not to spam the forum with small changes, as well as removing links to old versions, so I’m going to be adding old posts (when relevant) to new ones and deleting the old. Previously…:)
GiTDtron 2016 version 0.22 “experimenal” release
(old link removed)

OK, well, I was hoping to have a better release for Groundhog Day, but I guess this will have to do.

Retro Arcade card effect added. However, there may be some issues (the listed one is the only one that I’m aware of that should negatively affect your game, the rest are just kind of WTF? things): If your game ends while Retro Arcade effect is active, starting a new game may render controls unresponsive. Disabling and re-enabling mouse control (if you had it enabled) may solve this.

If you play it and pick up the Retro Arcade card, please leave a message about how it functioned for you (as a post here or PM). Thanks.

I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to fix this so I could go on to the next addition, but it is mysterious and persistent. There’s at least one more set of additions that I’d like to add, at a minimum (there are a lot more in my ToDo list); but if I can’t get this one to behave, I may just decide to abandon it.

Happy Groundhog Day