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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Due to the generosity of Kongregate, there will be sweet Kred prizes – 100 Kreds for the GiTD winner and 50 Kreds for the runner-up! :D

Please accompany me in thanking Kongregate and everyone involved.

Nice. Thanks, Kongregate and everyone involved.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post Your Made Up Class Here!

Here’s another class that would likely be very difficult at the early stages, but potentially very powerful later on — provided the player can survive that long. I chose the name of the class because I thought it sounded good, but perhaps “Botanic Mage” or “Sylvan Caster” might be better…

Name: Verdant Knight

Very high: [none]
High: Stealth
Medium: Faith, Intelligence
Low: Attack, Speed
Very low: HP, Defence

Starting Skills:

Generates low-HP vines on target space that reduce movement of any corporeal entity other than Verdant Knight to 0 (does not affect elementals, mirror images, etc). Vines must be destroyed before entity may move again; however, they can still attack while gripped by vines. Multiple casts on same location will bolster HP of vines. Recharge time scales with intelligence.

Starting Items:

Weapon: Living Staff (1 – 2 damage, + 0 int, + 0 faith, + 0 def, + 0 stealth (new weapon made for this class, see below))
Head: [none]
Body: Cloak of the Vine (+ 1 stealth, + 1 speed; when wearer uses a Potion of Thorns, Cloak of the Vine gets a permanent + 1 thorns, + 1 stealth, and – 1 speed; new)
Gloves: [none]
Footwear: [none]
Jewelry: [none]


Living Staff starting weapon cannot be unequipped. When Verdant Knight gains a level, two random stats of Living Staff will increase by 1, and one will decrease by 1.
Verdant Knight always takes critical damage from fire-based attacks.

Skill Tree: (all skill tiers are cumulative unless stated otherwise)

Vine Grip (skill x4) —> Hedge Your Bets (skill) —> Hedge Witch (passive)

(Specialization Training can also be accessed from Hedge Witch)

Wild Bloom (passive x3) —> Garden Templar (passive) —> Specialization Training (passive x3)

(Garden Templar can also be accessed from Growth)

Growth (passive x5) —> Green Thumb (Prune upgrade x-)

Prune (passive x-)

Vine Grip (4 tiers):
Each tier increases the HP of Entangle‘s vines.
Final tier will also add thorns to Entangle’s vines, causing 1 damage per layer of vines when an entity becomes entangled.

Hedge Your Bets:
Gives the skill Hedge Wall, which grows a barrier at the target location. Quick recharge, scales with intelligence.
Barrier can be destroyed by fire, but is otherwise impassable by all but Verdant Knight and incorporeal entities (e.g., elementals, mirror images, etc).
Growth of the barrier is not instantaneous — the barrier will only slow corporeal entities until it is fully grown. Fully grown barrier will block line of sight.

Hedge Witch (level 5 required, locked if Garden Templar is chosen):
Increase intelligence by 5. Growth speed of Hedge Wall is increased, and Entangle is upgraded to also produce lesser vines adjacent to target space.

Wild Bloom (3 tiers; tier 2 requires level 4, tier 3 requires level 6):
Whenever a plant-based spell is cast from any source, Living Staff gains one temporary, stackable, random + 1 stat increase per tier.

Garden Templar (level 5 required, locked if Hedge Witch is chosen):
Increase attack and defence by 3. When Living Staff hits an adjacent entity, it may automatically Entangle them (will not affect Verdant Knight’s Entangle skill cooldown, but will trigger Wild Bloom).

Specialization Training (3 tiers):
+ 1 attack per tier if Garden Templar is chosen,
+ 1 intelligence per tier if Hedge Witch is chosen.

Growth (5 tiers): Growth adds its tier level to Verdant Knight’s max HP when levelling up.

Green Thumb (infinite tiers): Increase base (x) of Prune. Costs x + 1 skill points.

Prune (reusable):
Any stats below x on Living Staff or Cloak of the Vine (if equipped) are set to x. x starts at 0, and is increased by the Green Thumb skill. Costs 1 skill point to use.


Twisted: Gain extra morale for killing entangled enemies.
See the Forest for the Trees: Increased vision. Each stage is mapped upon entering.
Green Weenie: Effects of Wild Bloom are doubled, but Hedge Witch and Garden Templar are locked.
Safe Arbour: Verdant Knight cannot be targeted by physical attacks when inside a hedge wall, but cannot attack from within one, either.
Red, Red Vine: Whenever an entity gripped by vines is killed, those vines heal some HP and gain more thorns (+ 1 damage). Cooldown of Entangle is increased.


Heretic: Start with Fireball (as well as Entangle), but lower base intelligence and faith.
Me So Thorny: Start with a Potion of Thorns.
Land Escaping: Start with Glide (as well as Entangle). Growth speed of Hedge Wall is decreased.
Face Plant: Start with Floral Mask (+ 1 int; + 1 stealth when in bushes or on grass, – 1 stealth otherwise; new headgear).

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Theme Selection

Hmmm… I’ll go for the obvious:

Noun: Cat (frisky or otherwise)
Game Mechanic: RNG-determined movement (includes dice and/or card emulation)

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post your weapon or/and armor ideas

God’s Shackles accessory
+ 3 magic resist
+ 3 faith
Wearer’s Magic skills do not cool down; instead, they remain disabled when used. When wearer uses a Holy skill, all of wearer’s Magic skills are partially refreshed.

“These golden bracers are inset with lapis, forming the archaic words for ‘obey’ and ‘allow’”

Moon Helm headgear
When cloaked or in darkness, wearer receives an extra 2 magic resist, int, and faith, and the cooldown time of wearer’s Magic and Holy skills are decreased.

“A strange amalgam of bone, feathers, and obsidian, that masks the upper part of the face and encompasses the head.”

Third Eye Spectacles headgear
+ 2 int
Increases the affect of tomes.

“This pair of spectacles has a decorative third lens for the middle of the forehead that seems to gently vibrate when it is worn.”

Cloak of the Vine body armour
+ 1 stealth
+ 1 speed
When wearer uses a Potion of Thorns, Cloak of the Vine gets a permanent + 1 thorns, + 1 stealth, and – 1 speed.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

[Regarding reminder notification prior to start of GiTD:]

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

As in another PM from JG or a separate thread posted here by me?

Both, preferably. Though the thread should be repurposed into the GiTD thread when the time comes (no need for a separate thread — unless the community will still be doing theme suggestions).

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Not an objection, but more of a suggestion, which others can weigh in on:

Previously, the theme selection phase announcement also served as a kind of early notification/reminder of an impending GiTD. Even though the GiTD will now be at a stable time of the month, it may be good to send out a separate reminder notification a few days prior to theme/start notification.

Thanks, JohannasGarden, for attending to the mailing list. May you bloom all year ’round.

I was also thinking that maybe a Kongrepresentative could be persuaded/coaxed/blackmailed to commit to mentioning the 50th GiTD on the front page if we get the number of entries up for the next few GiTDs. Maybe it will inspire prior entrants to return…?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

I was already planning to suggest reverting back to the more game mechanical themes. Some type of descriptive noun to add along to that sounds good. Is everyone in agreement with Aesica’s game mechanic + noun idea?

Fine with me.

Though, again, I’ll reiterate my doubt about the theme having much to do with lack of response. If we look at the theme suggestion and voting threads, not to mention the current discussion here regarding future GiTDs, you may note how few people are even partaking in those (which require minimal effort).

I’m not sure what can be done to draw more people in, though, really…

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

One of the other things I was considering was having GiTDs around notable events and holidays so it’d be easier to remember. Though, I was struggling with if that was more helpful or overwhelming. We could certainly have it more consistently around a particular date in the month if that’d be preferred.


How would everybody prefer we settle on a theme? Shall I decide on one, some kind of community vote, a mix of the two, RNG-style, or something different? Discuss.


I did think of one more question, does anyone have any objections if I continue casting my votes in the voting round?

It doesn’t make much difference to me personally, but in my opinion, having the GiTD around notable events probably wouldn’t work too well, as those notable events (and preparations for them), would likely be a hindrance factor for most people (especially with things like Christmas). I think the contest should be in the middle of every month (as that would be the least likely to interfere with holidays and other activities that require attention at the beginning/end of every month).

As for how the theme is determined, I think it would best be done by a frisky cat, a dictionary, and a Magic 8-ball in some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption.

…or, you know, whatever works.

I think, at this point anyway, we can do away with the theme selection by community suggestion. Choose 6 nouns and 6 game mechanics and roll some dice. Quick and easy. Though maybe for the upcoming 50th one, you should just go ahead and choose something that feels epic(-ish).

Lastly, I have no objections to you voting in the GiTD, as long as you vote for my entries for first place. ;)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Originally posted by Aesica:

Up until now, it’s been a pretty tight theme of verb-adjective-noun or whatever, with an optional game mechanic.

Originally posted by Shalmezad:

Keep in mind the origin of the verb/adjective/noun idea. With something as broad and open as “pirates”…

Originally posted by Halysia:

I think the noun/verb/adjective idea hasn’t really brought more people in at this point too. Not to mention – sometimes we get non-participants and people that have never seemed to comment on any of the programming board randomly coming in with ideas for theme selection that are often a little…hard to come up with for ideas.

Yeah, the noun/verb/adjective/game mechanic was an experiment that didn’t produce the results I had hoped for. That being said, it seems to me that changing the theme criteria might not be the proper focus for addressing the problem. We may be trying to find the best arm brace for a broken foot, as it were. Finding a better arm brace may feel good (it may even be warranted, in this case), but the problem at hand will still remain.

The best way to find out is for everyone that has an interest in the GiTD that did not produce anything for the Pirates theme to post why they didn’t do anything for such an open theme. My confessional: I’ve had ideas for every single GiTD since I started paying attention to them, usually shortly after the theme is announced… I’m just a chronic procrastinator (doesn’t really help, I know, but that’s just the point — the theme is not to blame).

Originally posted by Halysia:

In fact, maybe we should have a theme where we have to re-skin a game, such as a remake of tetris, or pong, and we can put our own spin on it.

That seems much more restrictive than an open-ended theme. I don’t care for the idea of just “re-skinning” (ie, a clone with different graphics and/or sfx/music), but coming up with different things to do with an established game concept could potentially be interesting — only that is generally harder to do (well) than coming up with a game idea from scratch, IMO. It would make it easier to judge entries, though.

There is one other potential issue with this: If the GiTD did get, say, 50 entrants again, how many people would want to play through 50 iterations of Tetris (or Pacman, or whatever)?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Thanks, Shalmezad, and welcome to our new victim coordinator.

I was thinking that instead of having the game mechanic theme be optional, maybe any one of the theme elements could be optional. So, for this last one, I could use Beast, Ablaze, and the game mechanic, while someone else could choose Beat, Beast, and Ablaze (or any three of the four — of course they could use all four if they like).

Right now, there isn’t much use for a “static” optional theme element, as it can just be ignored (I assume that’s why no one bothered suggesting any game mechanic with this last one). It would also widen the potential response while still keeping an overall theme(-ishness), I think. Then again, maybe it would make the theme too nebulous…?

Would people just prefer to drop the game mechanic portion of the theme altogether (or even go back to the single-word theme)?

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post your weapon or/and armor ideas

Biter weapon
1 – 2 damage
+ 2 speed
- 1 attack

Whet stones have a chance to modify this weapon twice when used.

“The dual ivory blades of this dagger are long and slightly curved, like rat’s teeth.”

Spirit of the Cheetah footwear
+ 3 speed
+ 1 stealth

“These striking fur boots are exceedingly light and comfortable.”

Smouldering Eye accessory
- 2 attack
+ 4 stealth
Greatly decreases vision.
Entities that have noticed the wearer of this item have a chance of losing sight of wearer each turn, and all ranged physical attacks have a greater chance of missing (including those by the wearer).

“An orb with a swirling greyness within, sometimes tinged with streaks of orange, housed in a plain steel armband. While no smoke can be seen eminating from it, a fog seems to gather whenever it is worn.”

Spellweaver Ouroboros headgear
+ / – x int (starts at + 0, ascending)
+ / – x faith (starts at – 0, descending)
x increases/decreases by 1 with every spell cast or skill used by wearer; when faith’s modifier rises, int’s declines, and vice versa. The upper and lower bounds are determined by the level of the wearer; when the bounds are reached, the declining modifier will then start to rise and the rising modifier will decline.
Has a chance to instantly refresh a spell or skill in cooldown (based on whichever stat currently has a negative modifier).

“A circlet in the shape of a serpent biting its own tail.”

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Originally posted by JMSlasher:

My rating (The Water Temple): 4/5

Originally posted by JMSlasher:

Then Blaze Blitz, another good entry. […] Rating: 4/5

You need to vote for a first and second place (or at least a first place, since there were only two entries).

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post your weapon or/and armor ideas

Helmet of Realization headgear
+ 1 def
+ 1 int
+ 1 faith
A portion of incoming magic damage (based on intelligence) is converted to physical damage.

Elemental Tuyere accessory
+ 1 int
Elemental spells (fireball, freeze, etc) cast by wearer gain +1 damage per 10 intelligence of wearer.
Cooldown time of elemental spells is increased.

“A strange-looking tube apparatus that hangs around the neck. A mouthpiece extends up from the apparatus to allow use while keeping the hands free for other tasks.”

Breastplate of the Iron Maiden body armour
+ 3 def
+ 1 damage to all melee attacks by wearer
- 2 speed
All melee attackers targeting wearer take 2 physical damage.
Wearer takes 2 physical damage and gets Bleeding status debuff when this is equipped and again when it is removed.

“This hideous armour has spikes covering the outside and inside. It looks like it has a place to attach a large chain at the small of the back. It was probably made for some very brutal gladatorial arena combat.”

Reaper’s Talon weapon
4 – 7 damage
- 1 attack
- 2 speed
Increased chance of critical hit. Critical hits will also apply a Bleeding debuff.

“Somewhat reminiscent of a scythe, this sword sports a large, curved, single-edged blade with a thick spine that protrudes from a handle that is about twice as long as a regular sword’s. The quillions are thick and wrapped like the grip, as though they are also used as handles.”

Armageddon Scepter Legendary weapon
0 – 1 damage
- 2 attack
- 2 speed
Whenever this weapon successfully hits, maximum damage is increased by 1 if wielder’s faith is higher than the current maximum damage, and all entities get a random, stackable debuff (including wielder, if wielder does not currently have a Holy buff, and any off-screen entities). Whenever it kills (directly; not by debuffs it inflicts or spells cast), minimum damage is increased by 1 (up to maximum), and it has a chance to cast God’s Wrath.

Cannot use a whet stone on this weapon.

“The large, gnarled head of this scepter is carved to depict an angel and demon grappling, with many bodies at their feet.”

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

Try this link instead: Blaze Blitz

@stain88: You’re not supposed to alter the game during the voting period. Also, I don’t think .5 second delay for firing will be enough to really make a difference.

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Topic: Game Programming / BzzzBzzz feedback

Couldn’t get even get the loading bar in IE, for some reason, so I tried Firefox, which worked.

Functions well and looks good. I didn’t notice any technical issues (apart from not loading in IE — but I didn’t play very long, just a few short games). Not my particular cup of tea as far as games go, but should be fine for those who enjoy that type of game.

My thoughts on game play issues:
I think it should probably start slower and speed up gradually. The way the bee moves already makes accuracy in placement difficult, so starting slower shouldn’t make it too easy at the beginning, and will give players a feeling of “settling in” to the game, a better sense of progression, and less frustration for those who aren’t very good at it.

The “change block” indicator should show what block it will be changed to; or at the very least, when it is used, it should guarantee the player won’t get the same block they are already holding (which is what happened the first time I tried it).

Come to that, the player should be able to see what the next piece will be. There is already enough luck involved in piece selection without exacerbating it by making the player virtually build blind: the round piece, unless the player happens to have built something to hold it, is basically a guaranteed fail. By seeing that this piece is coming up, the player might be able to do something about it — and that would be hard enough then.

You could even play on that and have situations (such as failing to reach a specified height in a specified time frame, for example) that may cause inclement weather, which temporarily obscures what the next piece will be (a little cloud with a “?” could cover the next piece and switch piece).

Anyway, good job and good luck.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Congratulations Halysia *

1st place – Blaze Blitz by Halysia

I really liked this one, though I definitely miss being able to move forward and back (at least by a limited amount). I hope you’ll make a longer version. I defeated the boss on my second try (it was touch-and-go for a bit there, though). Love the look of it as well.

I was thinking, on my second time around, that maybe if I eat the cows, I’d gain some health… Nope, just burgers. :)

2nd place – The Water Temple by stain88

Apart from some minor, non-game-breaking techincal issues (see below), this was good. I didn’t mind the lack of a mini-map (long, long ago, there were actually games without mini-maps! le gasp!) — though if it was much larger (without separate, discernable areas), it would definitely need one. It could use some method of limiting the player from spamming fireballs, as it makes even the “hard” rooms trivial (particularly since the fireballs and water blasts cancel each other out).

Text window got stuck for me, too — I believe it was the signpost about not all rooms having enemies. I could still open and close other text messages from signs, but that one persisted underneath. IIRC, the text window did not interfere with any of the doors for me.
As mentioned in a previous post, enemies could overlap each other, or player could walk over enemies.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Beats Beasts Ablaze*

It seemed a bit flickery, I guess… I only used it a few times (the first time I played), but once when I used it, it looked like half of it disppeared (the right half).

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Beats Beasts Ablaze*

Well, as usual I started too late and spent too much time screwing around with the graphics (though you wouldn’t know by looking at them)…

@stain88: Enemies sometimes overlap each other (looks like it disappears, but its on the same space as another — in fact, you can walk over enemies (I don’t know if they’re actually gone or I just can’t see them anymore, but they don’t seem to affect anything afterward)). Not game-breaking, but kind of weird.

@Halysia: Looked fine to me… Flamethrower blast seemed a tad bit “random”, but I assumed that was on purpose.

Edit: The deadline has passed, right?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Beats Beasts Ablaze*

Just to clarify: the verb is “beat” (to repeatedly strike an object (or entity), or to win a contest against others); a beat in the musical sense (or in the colloquial sense of a cop walking a beat) is a noun, and therefore does not satisfy the criteria for this contest.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #46 - *Beats Beasts Ablaze*

Noun: Garden
Verb: Search
Adjective: Surreal
Game Mechanic: Metroid-style room/screen change (ie, screen is locked to current room’s boundaries until a border door is reached, then it scrolls between the old and new rooms)

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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Dragon Hunter

Originally posted by DcGamess:

-Charging now a different colour before fully charged
-Spacebar instead of clicking to advance levels

Thanks, that’s much better. The volcano-destruction instruction text is back, too, so that’s good.

FYI: First time I loaded the page and started the game (after the updates), the player’s character didn’t appear and didn’t respond to keystrokes (after I refreshed the page and started the game it was OK, but a subsequent reset had the player absent again — though that time, he did respond to keystrokes, and he appeared to fall from the wall to the left of the start area).

Made it past the 3rd boss this time. Wasn’t expecting that to be the last level (length-wise, not difficulty-wise). I would split each [current] level into two to four sub-levels (kind of like Super Mario’s “world 1-1” type of thing), perhaps with mini-bosses at the end of all but the first sub-level (and the boss levels, of course). A bit more work for you, of course, but I think it will flesh out what you have here nicely, and allow a gentler learning curve.

If you’ll excuse my long-winded example (and my unorthodox use of the blockquote tag):

[1-1] How level 1 is now, except instead of the boss at the end, just sprinkle some lizards and volcanoes. Give the lizards more room to roam, though, so they’re slightly more difficult to deal with.
[1-2] Basically the same as 1-1 (apart from placement of things), but a bit more. Might be a good time to introduce a pit or two, to get the player ready for the missing floor in later “worlds”. Sub-boss could be two or three “children” of the boss: a smaller, weaker version of world 1’s boss, but doesn’t spawn volcanoes and only launches a single fireball (have a few volcanoes sprinkled around to start, though).
[1-3] Again, 1-1 but even more. If you haven’t done any pits in 1-2, now’s the time; if you have, do more here. Current level 1 boss at the end.
[2-1] It would be neat to have this be a transitional level, where the player ascends floating platforms. Lizards, a few volcanoes on the lower bits, ghostly dragons up higher, and spiky walls. Don’t put the pushers in yet. If you have the “stairs” over a pit, you don’t need to worry about how to resolve falling (it would be the same as falling in the current level 2).
[2-2] Current level 2, but instead of the boss at the end, her “children”: a few small, weak jumpers (or short-duration flyers, to make sure they can get to another platform) that fire a weak-shot version of the ice shard attack of the boss, like the player’s weak shot. Possibly allow them to call ghostly dragons, but only if they call in unison (ie, none of them can attack when one is being called, and only one can be called at a time, so the random nature of enemy behaviour can’t get too overwhelming here).
[2-3] Current level 2, but more (no more lizards, though), with the current boss at the end.
[3-1] Current level 3 is about perfect for the first segment of world 3, but could use a few more of something.
[3-2] Current level 3, but more spiky walls and piranha-things. Blasty dragons could be made a bit more formidable by giving them a “rage power”: when hit, they respond with a spread shot of 3 or four energy balls. Since bahamut is the big, bad end-boss, rather than having a child of it as the sub-boss, maybe something like a giant (more giant?) splitter blasty dragon…? I don’t know. I suppose you could just rehash the prior bosses and their children, though that seems a bit lacklustre.
[3-3] Current level 3, but even more (surprise). Bahamut and end.
Unlock “hell mode”: repeat, but with increased life and damage from enemies, and maybe undead versions of others that had attempted to slay bahamut. You get the idea.

…and bears. With lazers! (just kidding)

Anyway, just my thoughts. Feel free to ignore any or all of it.

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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Dragon Hunter

Much better. I like how the weak shot travels up slightly before descending.

The secondary text is a lot more readable, now, thanks. Not really noticing any flashing, though (but I’m generally not looking at that when things are happening, so maybe)…

For me, the information on how to destroy the volcano never appeared (browser refresh and retry; same result). I walked toward it, looking for the text change, walked into it, jumped on it, shot it with a weak shot, then shot it with a power shot — the text never changed from the last lizard kill (until after I passed it, then it changed with the next kill).

Some other suggestions for improvement:
It is difficult to tell where the “line” for the power shot is, since the red sparking (flaming?) animation starts long before it is ready. You should add some yellow to the sparks/flames when it is ready (or some other easy visual clue).

There should be a keyboard shortcut for starting the next level, since the mouse isn’t used for anything else.

The difficulty progression for the bosses seems good (I haven’t beat the 3rd boss yet, but I have encountered it), but the third level (pre-boss) is easier than the second level (pre-boss). The big, blasty dragons appear daunting at first, but they’re actually quite easy to defeat. The biggest difficulty with level 3 is trying to not end up back on a platform when trying to fly under the spiky walls. Contrast that with the pushy dragons from level 2 (they’re much more manageable now, but they’re still a PitA), and even the diagonally-flying ghostly dragons (which, while frail enough to kill with a weak shot, sometimes need to be dodged a bit to get into a good position to take them out, and can sometimes “ambush” you).

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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Dragon Hunter

Certainly has potential.

The volcano that appears partway through the first level looks like it is an environmental hazard, not a killable enemy. The text in the top left corner does say how to deal with it as soon as you walk into it, but may not be noticed at that point (I stopped looking at the messages as soon as I started playing the level), and the text below it that specifically mentions the volcano is really small. I would suggest enlarging the second line text size a bit, and having an exclamation point appear over the player’s character’s head to indicate that the text is important information (obviously, you’d want to add information on what the exclamation point means on the screen before the level begins). Also, you may want to have the message appear at the same time the volcano appears on the screen.

The first boss, more often than not, dropped right on my head. Again, an exclamation point (and a little extra pause to let the player read the message), would not be amiss. I think letting the player slip down the right side of the double platforms (the one that the player is standing on in your screenshot) would make the first boss battle a little easier (and it looks like you should be able to).

Pressing the restart button after death would sometimes reset the level, but not have the player’s character show up, forcing a browser refresh.

I got to the 2nd level boss. The “push you back” flying dragons usually wore my health down quite a bit before I could get there. They are your major difficulty spike (no pun intended) in the second level (at least for me). I think you should briefly pause its forward motion whenever it pushes the spiky thing.

Please let the weak shot travel a little bit further. The major drawback of the weak shot is not the low damage it does, but that it requires so much effort to get it to hit anything. It feels more like a melee attack than a ranged attack. Maybe about half again as far, I’d say: It would still be short-range, but long enough that it won’t feel like you accidentally dropped your arrow.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] Isometric Game

Math is your friend. It’s often an annoying friend, but it’s still a friend.

There are formulas for determining which side of a line a point is on. You have the rectanglular space that the tile is in, and I presume you can produce the coordinates of each of the tile’s four isometric corners, so you should be able to apply the appropriate formula to the mouse coordinates and the tile’s isometric corner coordinates.

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Topic: Game Programming / call function from another class

Originally posted by Elite_Within:

public class childSprite extends Sprite
private var _topSprite:topSprite; // here i cant create a new instance of topSprite
// cause that would fuck the child/top relation up.

That’s because a new instance is, well, new… So you’re not referencing the parent, since the parent is an already existing object.

// create a new object of type topSprite; it’s position in memory will be determined when
// it is created, and the variable _topSprite will be assigned that memory location
private var _topSprite:topSprite = new topSprite();

// this is assigned the same memory location, because it points to the ALREADY EXISTING
// topSprite object that we just created
private var _anotherTopSpriteRef:topSprite = _topSprite;

// if, in the constructor of childSprite, we accept a parametre for a topSprite reference:
public function childSprite(topS:topSprite)
_topSprite = topS;

// I don’t recommend doing it that way, but it will accomplish the same thing as this:
// inside topSprite:

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Topic: Game Programming / call function from another class

Didn’t you say that it was a child of TOPSPRITE? And I assume from the name CHILDSPRITE that it is an extension of the Sprite class, no (which is an extension of DisplayObject)?

If inside of TOPSPRITE you addChild(CHILDSPRITE), you should be able to removeChild(CHILDSPRITE)… Or are you using “child” in a different way (as in “subclass”)?

Maybe you should post the relevant code.