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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Annoucement] Server Merge Scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th

Maybe you can idk…Find another server This game is about competition not complaining, if it’s too hard, i would suggest not playing this game _

Originally posted by alex4500:

I think. This merge. STINKS. Starglade L1 is laggier than ever. World chat is full of trolls, spam, noobs, etc. There is no real proper way to earn a large amount of gold without cashing. Delivery is owned by select Eidolon cahsers who kill MERCILESSLY. Sengolia L1 ends in UNDER ONE MINUTE. One minute is just enough time to earn 0 honor. Not to mention the intended time for Sengolia is an entire hour. Crypt is enough to set my computer on fire. There are 19 emperors! In the honor description in the character page it says the server max is only 1! How can a non casher compete with this? How can a slow computer or internet compete with this? How can a person expect to talk in world chat without making the next Dr. Phil show? You can’t.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Just Showing Off

what? You’re not an emperor yet? xD

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Topic: Crystal Saga / game play

honestly, the really big things in cash even guild quest reset cards can be bought with in game money, not just real life money, i have really good friends that have never spent a time in game and can kick casher’s into the ground. It’s not forcing you to pay for anything, but they do need some funds to keep the servers up. Like i said, you can get mostly anything you need, alotta things take time, and the know-how. You just don’t know how :D

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Topic: Crystal Saga / *** SUGGESTIONS ***

I would just like to see a kind of event that could exchange your x amount of gold into x amount of crystals, even if expensive, it would be nice to have an alternate way of gaining crystals. I know roses can be used like that, but it’s just not enough and the amount of clicks that it takes is really stupid for even 1 crystal.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Activity] The Race to Level 100

Grats Jade :D Maybe we’ll see you as the first level 120 Eidion as well

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by arturx500:
Originally posted by tooktook:

Please add a confirmation to the GoD explore

oh this has happened to me so many times….
+1 accidently exploring when you find GoD its really frustrating…

I +1 this as well :P I have almost quit cause i explored 3x away from GoD in an hour.