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Topic: Contract Wars: General / VIP crown fades

Hi, sorry in advance but why does the VIP’s crown symbol tend to fade away in certain team elim games? Haven’t played this game in a while.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you sleep on

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

My futon, and occasionally my large plush sheep if I fall asleep when I lean on it.

lolwut @ username.

Also, I have a plush bear.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do we share this world with Psycopaths

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

What is your definition of a “psychopath”? The fact that it varies and different people interpret it differently can change this entire thing completely, at least for myself.

Originally posted by MarkNutt2012:

Psychopath: a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour. The mindset of a psychopath is that of somebody who can understand and analyse emotions perfectly, and can emulate them convincingly too… but actually does not feel the emotions themselves.

Marknutt, it looks like MmeBunneh was asking OP (Crowbar) for his definition of “psycopath”, not just for some random definition…unless you are Crowbar.

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Topic: Off-topic / Fellow OTers, please help me with this school bully

Originally posted by TheNeW13yRsOld:

Tell the teacher. If I was in your school, I’d help you.

This. Tell the teacher. We are random people on the internet who don’t really know you, but your teacher does. Take the time after a class or even after school to talk to your teacher. Because all we can do is tell you stuff and cheer you on, your teacher is actually there and is in charge. What if your teacher has a better plan?

I mean for all we know your teacher might be Canadian and go all Wolverine on your bully.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT Irregular's Thread

My last post in off-topic was January…wow.

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Topic: Off-topic / SHOULD the world have a giant NUKE war so it can have a fresh start?

Originally posted by spookyskeleton:

How would you survive this? Do you think its a good idea? ?

Your title and your post asks two completely different questions.

First question: SHOULD the world have a giant NUKE war so it can have a fresh start?
Killing people just to make it “fresh”? Uh, no. Also, you end up with radiation and everything that tries to have a fresh start will just die.

Second question: How would you survive this?
Now you’re asking good questions that make good discussion.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Kongregate closing the game down?

It was a really, really good start and the whimsical design had me sold. But later on it became waaay too grindy.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / whats your favorite multi-player game?

This isn’t multiplayer.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the Day Discussion

Race the Sun is a really, really fun game..but for some reason the badges aren’t registering! I mean, I already play contract wars and get the unity badges there.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / grenade & mortar

Originally posted by celticguardian10:

its too hard to complete w-task and complete contract

Nades and mortar got nerfed?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / glitching through lighthouse window

Originally posted by TheNecro115:

dont see a problem. i see the barrels of guns thru walls all the time.

Except he was using it to snipe people. Across the map to the “home base”

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / glitching through lighthouse window

The vip MrBalrogSlayer has figured out how to make his gun magically go through the lighthouse window, like so:


So is this a bannable offense?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Official 'Glitch Abuser' Thread

Please investigate “anpunbangbzl”. Was sniping at a new OSM match, but for some reason I died from a springfield operator trp from this guy. Didn’t get a screen of it, but here is his name a few seconds later.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Botman, Contract Wars got invaded

Oh….so this is where they’re all coming from.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Penetration vs damage?

Penetration is the damage that goes through enemy armor if they have it.

While we’re discussing this, does penetration affect which walls bullets can shoot through?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Developers are planning to completely replace OSM and EVAC with OSM2 and EVAC2,your thoughts on this?

Originally posted by insanejok3r:
Originally posted by insanejok3r:
Originally posted by superhiperpolulo:
Originally posted by Kyuss_:
Originally posted by lor12:
Originally posted by DirectorDAlt:
Originally posted by TheScanianDude:
Originally posted by PauloBauCouto:
Originally posted by arturs200013:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:
Originally posted by minersail:
Originally posted by shockshell2:


Back to the petition, count me in!
I’m fed up with how the new servers made me it so, so much more difficult to get double kills since the games have a much larger range of levels, and if they get rid of my 2 favorite maps (OSM and EVAC) and completely replace it with two camper friendly maps (OSM2 and EVAC2), then no I will quit.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Best gun for 365GP??

Spend it on SP, you’ll never get tired of that.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / +5 LP?

I got a skill on roulette today that said I got +5 LP for 6 hours. What is LP?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 345 FREE GP!!!!!!!!!!

This is so freaking amazing, I can’t believe I’m late to this party.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / COLT IAR tips

Originally posted by Provokes:
Originally posted by Mithrandir1:

Tips – accuracy, damage and firestab.

Get mobility – an IAR that has 80+ mobility is very fun to play around with in evac.

With 80+ mobility, it basically becomes an AR with a 90 bullet magazine lol.

The muzzle flash is still a problem though so you have to learn to play with it.

What do you do to get that?!
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / TA-TheAnimals clan discussion

Thanks for the bonus exp skills, but could we pleaaase get some of the specialization stuff at the bottom? I know it only applies to certain clans, but their benefits are way, way better than the normal stuff at the top.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / VIDEO/AUDIO (Complete Guide)

Thanks for this guide, here’s a friendly bump!

Also, for some reason on some lower end computers the post effects checkbox affects how far you can see. Here’s the beginning sniper with post effects off:

Now here it is back on

On newer computers this doesn’t have as much of an effect though.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Lag fix

Originally posted by Discuzting:
Originally posted by Jull_CR:

I want to know how to fix the lag. My pin in game is 130-116…

Help pls…

Lag is not related to ping,
its something about your computer…

They are different in that ping is used to measure lag…seriously, what are you picking at?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Cya guys! ;)

I only know you from seeing you on chat and responding to my post here. But I do hope you find or have found better stuff with your time. :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Experience VS Level

Originally posted by R0lLMaN:
Originally posted by FlyingPachyderm:

IMO, the more leveled up you are the less ready you are for hc.

In hc, all skills are OFF. Everything that you had that gave you a leg up whether if it was accuracy, recoil, damage, whatever is suddenly gone. And the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

It’s a great equalizer but there are those who abuse the friendly fire being activated.

Originally posted by ak47frizzle:

It’s horrible. When you step into hardcore, it immediately turns into a cannibalistic macrocosm. Everyone attacks the VIP even though it’s their own team’s. Especially the legs. People in HC have a fetish for legs and seem to want to devour them first. Then they leave him to be exploded by the enemy team and they’ll have a feast before time’s up.

Also, your scope shines if you just point it in someone’s general direction. Does anyone know if it’s the same for collimators?

It only affects optics.

So…only the things that magnify? Not familiar with guns or anything.