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Topic: The Arts / Power Chords vs Chords

Power chords are chords that comprise a root note (say, C), a perfect fifth (which would be G in this case), and sometimes an octave (C again). The chord itself is derived from a standard major/minor triad (C E G or C D# G respectively) but missing the third note (the E or D#). I’m not entirely sure of the origin of the term but I think it has more to do with its association than it being “more powerful” than other chords.

Playing a heavily distorted guitar pretty much rules out the use of “regular” chords (eh? Power chords are regular chords) which, if played, sound really muddy. It has to do with frequencies – the way a root note interacts with, say, a third note compared to a fifth note is different because the frequencies have different ratios to each other. The fifth is the most consonant or “stable” of any notes on a major or minor scale due to it’s ratio to the root, ergo sounds the best when played with heavy distortion.

Which leads to what I was saying about “association”. Because playing distinguishably major or minor chords through the use of the third note sounds bad when played with distortion (seriously, it makes it the chord ridiculously unclear depending on the amount of distortion), a lot of rock, metal and what have you bands tend to use these “bare fifths” (a root and a fifth lacking a third – a power chord) more than others. Most of the time it isn’t due to lack of talent (although be wary of bands that exclusively use power chords), but simply because other chords aren’t a viable option. So because these chords are used a lot in songs that use distortion for the guitar, the chord is associated with being “powerful”, although really it’s just the distortion that makes the song powerful, not the chord itself.

Hope that helps.

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Topic: The Arts / [request] Sack

Flash with pixel tools

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Topic: The Arts / [request] Sack

My my, you’re persistent, aren’t you?

When you say 6-bit, I assume you mean 8-bit… like all pixel-y and that?

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Topic: The Arts / Bended Stickman Comics

I like your style, kiddo

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Topic: The Arts / What Kind of Instrument do you play?

Marh, that’s so much I don’t what even that I even don’t that what even.

Tell me, is it like this…

Or more like this?

EDIT: Perhaps, in a thread about what instrument you play, I should have elected at the point of posting to mention that I play electric guitar, and perhaps that I have for two years. And that I also play a little bit of bass and keyboards on the side.

I know you all would prefer to look at silly pictures, though.

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Topic: The Arts / Music? In this forum? It's more likely than you'd think.

This is all very confusing to me. I should add, before I write this, that this is coming from the mind of someone who spends most of his day composing music and reading up production techniques etc, and so would post more regularly on the forums were they to start accomodating (or should I say encouraging) people like us.

If the music forums are going to be revitalised with the new intent of focusing on music production, composition, etc. etc… does that mean that discussions about bands, genres, songs, etc are going to be discouraged there? I know there are a lot of people who would happily make those threads and debates that currently exist in the music forum, simply because they like music and want to discuss it, not make it. The way I see it…

There are going to be people who don’t want threads about production, theory and terrible songmakers proposing critique (which they might not understand or have interest in), in a forum where they can discuss current musical happenings. There are going to be people who don’t want threads about (“[band1] vs. [band2]” + [genre]/[album] x Infinity) clogging up space when they would much prefer threads geared towards an artistic point of view. If you’re going to move the “musical happenings” discussions somewhere else (say… off topic), there are going to be people who don’t want a forum where they’ve been allocated to discuss music to be full of random threads about favourite flavour of ice cream etc. and vice versa. If this art forum is going to encourage more music and literature, there are going to be people more focused on drawings and paintings etc. who won’t want threads about music and literature, people focused on literature who dont want threads about music and (you see where I’m going with this). There might be something about “literary artists wanting their own forum because musicians have one” in there too, but I dunno.

In a perfect forum, there would be realisation that there are as many and more different types of people than there are subjects of discussion, and as such there would be different forums for each. But, if you want my honest opinion, which shouldn’t really factor in to this debate that much because I’m not entirely aware of all the points and current suggested M.O’s (I kinda glanced through this thread, I’ll admit), I’d say things like production tutorials, song critiques and software discussion probably would be more suited to being grouped with other such threads in the art forum, sharing the many similarities that they would. A song is just expressing emotion, thought and creativity with notes instead of brushstrokes – I don’t see how the terms “art” and “music” are mutually exclusive.

Er… a summary I suppose… so what would I do? I’d prefer to keep all the arts together, encourage art forum visitors to experiment with the various mediums, keep the discussions regulated (like, for example, directing people to a “song critique” thread that everyone can post in, instead of having everyone posting their own threads per song and causing clutter) and hope that everyone gets along. I would keep the music forums the way they are, because as I mentioned, I feel like the stark differences in thread types and the sheer influx of threads by adding a whole new community on top of the existing one would only cause more chaos than it would alleviate.

There are probably some points I missed and/or stole from others, and I’ll be honest, the structure of that post seems a bit of a mess (it’s 3 in the morning, I’m tired), but that’s the gist of how I feel about the whole thing.

TL:DR FOR WALL O’ TEXT HATERZ; Adding musicians and artists together seems more appropriate than adding musicians and music-lovers, in that the former pair are MUCH more similar than the latter.

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Topic: The Arts / Avatar Creation App (Now Live on Kongregate!)

I don’t know what you mean by “controlling” everything, but what about a “clear canvas” button? Would be handy.

Oh, and I should say that I really like how lightweight this thing is. Most other online drawing stuff (on my rubbish 4+ year old laptop anyway) runs quite slow once you’ve made quite a lot of strokes. This was running as fast as it was when it started at the end of this, which (may not be very good, but) you can tell is chock full of proverbial paint and whatnot:

Oh, and <3 the brighten/darken tool. Saves time with all the shades etc. Basically lovin’ it in general. Good job on being awesome.

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Topic: The Arts / [story] I Am An Environmentalist

Most of the issues you raise aren’t environmental issues, but rather human rights issues, which aren’t the same thing.

If I may interject, that actually could be the point. The message could be (in a nutshell,) that sometimes people will dedicate so much thought to fighting one problem (in this case, environmentalism) that they forget about/ignore other, more important issues (in this case, human rights) that they could/should be helping as well. If that is what the point was, kudos to you, Jude. Cleverly written and makes a good point.

If not… eh, what Raw said. He probably knows what he’s talking about more than me.

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Topic: The Arts / Expand my horizons? Leave my comfort zone, huh? (Warning: large images)

Quick question:

This is what everyone else is seeing… right?

btw, I don’t mean to poke fun, these actually look pretty cool.

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Topic: The Arts / My grievances. Only read if you're not going to be easily offended.

This forum may not know me very well, but I come to this forum every day as a lurker simply because I like art, and, being that I too have noticed a decline in quality I feel inclined to say something.

Everybody who gives their honest opinion is a professional critic.

Art is not made to garner respect or fame, and those who create it to that end just because they want nice comments about how great their work is are kidding themselves. Those are by-products. Art is supposed to be made to be visually pleasing and/or to represent a message the artist doesn’t feel he is able to express in words (or one he simply chooses not to). If a piece of art isn’t visually pleasing to the viewer, he or she should have the right to say so.

Obviously anyone who simply says “sucks” to every artwork he sees is a troll, but sometimes it can be applicable (if reworded so as to appear mature). If some good-fer-nothin’, two bit poster posts a piece of artwork that is quite obviously total rubbish, “sucks” might apply then, because there are simply too many things to criticise. It’s better than not saying anything at all, because the poster may then decide, “You know what? It does suck balls. Maybe I should try and improve if I’m really going to be taking art seriously.” And if he doesn’t take art seriously, maybe he’ll take the point and leave.

But the thing that really ticks me off is censorship where it isn’t even explicitly breaking rules. If a critic says “This is complete utter crap, your art work needs to improve drastically before you even think about posting here,” this may be censored because it may simply be construed as dick-like behaviour. It’s not. It’s not an attack on the poster, it’s an attack on their art. One of my best friends is an aspiring artist and if he paints a crap picture, I’ll say, “Jesus Christ that picture is terrible. Not enough…” etc. etc. I will then procede to point out what is wrong with the picture. He doesn’t mind, because he realises that I don’t think of them as any less of a person to get along with, just that I didn’t like his art. We laugh about it and we remain friends. This should happen more in the art forums.

In short; Obvious troll posts are obviously troll posts and should be deleted thusly. But if the criticism in question is a valid opinion, it should be allowed, even if there isn’t any constructive criticism. Just as long as it isn’t a habit and is only reserved for truly terrible pieces of art that have too many things that need improving.

/two cents

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Topic: The Arts / [Game] Secret Artist V - Get Your pics in NOW!!! Whisper NCIO if you can make a second fairly quickly


Alright, I’ll sign. I haven’t been drawing much recently, I could use the practice.

Interesting description, eh? Hmm… I can play just about every instrument I’ve ever touched fairly well (especially guitar and piano), I own a small pipe (for smoking) that I’ve never used, but like to hold it so I look like I’m using it, and someday I plan to take over the world using my epic psychology skills/knowledge of politics (try working that into a picture). Er… I’m pretty tall, and I have medium length dark brown hair.

By the way, this is actually secret artist 6, if you’re counting the revisited one.

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Topic: The Arts / Stippler Pics

Thought I might have a go at proper pointillism, as opposed to my other pieces;

How’d I do?

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Topic: The Arts / DC will draw you!

I see a similarity in these two poses hmmmm…

Oh snap! Well spotted, I didn’t even notice that while I was drawing it. :P

Oh, and sorry guys, today was one of my lazy days, I’ll get back to work tomorrow. Think I’ll skip roflcopter for a few drawings while I think of something (not too good at the whole cartoony thing you suggested… I could draw you IN a roflcopter though. Whaddayathink?). JediDude next then? I promise I won’t be as half-assed as I was with pivotman’s.

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Topic: The Arts / DC will draw you!

Whales can be Freshwater!??!?!

They can be 20 lbs!??!?!

Heheh, me and my jokes. ;)

Edit; Here’s pivotman.

I’m only joking by the way, I’m sure your art is very serious. ;)

This one didn’t take as long as most of the others because there’s no blocky "e"s needed. Phew. I probably should spend a bit more time on these, though, the quality seems to be slipping a little. :S

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Topic: The Arts / DC will draw you!

ForeverLoading’s done.

He then proceeded to catch himself a 20 lb freshwater whale. Nice one, Forry!

Pivotman next, then.

Wait. And what about me? D:

I was just replying to some people. Don’t worry, I’ll get to you eventually.

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Topic: The Arts / DC will draw you!

pivotman99: Do me Do me!

Eh… are you sure you wouldn’t like a picture instead?


JediDude: More on the metal/progressive side though.

High five, dude. :D

Deriaz: Tried to keep out anything that could even be seen as a hint to what I look like. ;P


And as a block response to any compliments; thanks! I’m working on ForeverLoading’s right now, got a pretty good idea of what everyone else is going to look like. Not so much for Deriaz, though, which is ironic. I’ll think of something though.

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Topic: The Arts / DC will draw you!

(Also, check out my gallery )

‘Sup guys! I had a big speech planned out for this part, but if I cut the crap early, you won’t suffer as much. So I’m just going to say: You probably don’t know me, and I’m not exactly a great artist.

But, alas, I am bored of the summer, and I figured a great way to pass the time is to do something I like (i.e, draw), for a collective people I like (i.e, Kong).

The rest is in the title.

If you’re going to request a drawing, please assume I know nothing of you (even if you’re possibly the most famous person who ever lived), and give me a sentence which best describes you or something you like doing. I’ll try and think of something witty and/or (and that’s a big or) fitting to draw you doing. Don’t bother telling me what you look like, it’ll probably be more fun to find out what I think you look like.

Here’s a few to give you an idea of how I roll:

Nqkoi1; someone I have great respect for as an artist. I don’t know if I’d be as good as I was today if it wasn’t for such inspirational artwork. Also: big help on how to draw clouds. <3.

arcaneCoder; I actually drew a picture of him once (about a year ago), and he complimented me on it, but then I did act like a bit of a dick later on and came across as pretty insulting. If you’re reading this, aC; sorry. :( I drew you a better picture to try and make up for it.

Also, bear in mind that this is probably the oldest I can make a grown person look, short of their worst enemy being winter.

yuyuter; this one I actually drew for a “secret artist” round, but no-one guessed that I drew it, so… surprise!

ForeverLoading; Here it is in case you’re too lazy to scroll down the page.

Pivotman; That picture he’s holding will haunt me forever.

That’s all so far. If you like the style, and want to see what you would look like, ask below, and I’ll see what I can do. Pictures usually take a couple of days (if I’m not being lazy).

Feel free to criticise, I’m always looking for ways to improve.

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Topic: The Arts / Set of Logos for game studio.

The name is “Cloud City Studios” yet you want something with planets and the like?

Why not something with… y’know… clouds.

And, uh… cities.

Like this:

Just a thought. I’m not really expecting you to like it, but if you do, it wouldn’t be hard for me to make the other odds and ends you wanted.

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Topic: The Arts / Look at the Last Post! [SA4]

I’m assuming you’re asking that because you want to. If so, you might as well; it doesn’t look like anyone else is making an effort to. If you’re just asking in general, I’d say sure. What harm could it do?

I’m a little sad that those people who guessed mistook mine for someone else’s. But then I look at who they thought drew it, and I feel a lot better. :P

Btw, I think Marh drew Techy (no.4). And it’s obvious that Nq drew JohannasGarden (no.2). Other than that, I have no idea (’cept for mine! :P).

Oh, and TuckerFast, I’d say give it a couple’o more days yet, then post the names.

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Topic: The Arts / Look at the Last Post! [SA4]

From what I know/have figured, I’ve submitted mine, and so has Nq, Marh, Yuyuter and Techy. That’s five of us; hardly little to none. Just post those.

Also, are you pestering people for their pics like you should be doing?

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Topic: The Arts / Eye Of The Storm

When someone says “This is rubbish” you flip out. But when someone says “This is good” you actually take it pretty well. Even though both are just as meaningless. And, really, should both be taken the same way.

When someone says “This is rubbish” you say they’re a dick. Even though you say “BTW hokage, that is worse than mine.” Which is just as bad and as meaningless. So because someone says something bad about your work that gives you the right to lash back out?

Just sayin’.

By the way, you ask, “what rep?” to Nq.


You obviously haven’t been here long enough to know that Nq is one of the best artists in this place.

EDIT: Crap. Like, what, triple ninja’d?

EDIT 2: Last post in a locked thread? Then it looks like it was locked because of me. :(

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Topic: The Arts / Communal Gallery (Give Your Homeless Art a Home!)

When I drew it the little finger was actually there and would’ve looked good, but whatever way I arranged the picture it got cut out.

If it helps, the tip is only a few pixels away from the bottom of the picture.

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Topic: The Arts / Communal Gallery (Give Your Homeless Art a Home!)

Megalulz at the MechaMeme.

I don’t think it’s worth bumping my thread with, I’ll just post it here;

I always liked the song; so the logical step forward would be to draw a graphical interpretation. So here it is. The bastard lovechild of my imagination, Flash’s line tool, and whatever I must have been on when I contrived the typographical aspect.

Watchya think, hmm?

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Topic: The Arts / Secret artists III [Round three finale]

Wow, a lot of awesome arts here.

… these are so good, I can’t honestly make a guess as to who is supposed to be who…

Wouldn’t you think the better the drawings are, the easier it would be to tell? :P Anyway, my guesses;

1st; Hmm… I’m feeling ZachAttack in this one. His kinda style. Not sure who of though.
2nd and 3rd, no idea.
4th; Almost definitely Marh. By… Oboe?
5th; No clue to this one either, but it looks freaking awesome.
6th; Johannas by Oboe.
7th; Yuyuter by meshjsl.
8th; GHXpert by ???
9th; I really don’t see how slugs relate to anyone. I have to ask; why? Also: no idea.
10th; I think it might be Lightsun, but I’m not going to chance looking directly at it. No idea who by.
11th; Uh…
12th; Looks a little like me maybe? Probably wrong. But it’s by TuckerFast, I know that much.
13th; meshjsl by… Ozzy? Looks like a drawing I saw of his once. All I’m going on.

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Topic: The Arts / Great new avatar for me!?!

More like this?

Or more like that?