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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

i waited 2500 sec or over 40 min and didnt get in so quit.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Balinda: Let's Get Emotional

Need a “GG” emoji:

1) one for the sincere sentiment
2) one for the sarcastic platitude

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / RANDOM PVP STAT IDEA

Giillt, you mean your 20% drunk rate? Or is that closer to 90%?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

Necroing this because has to be said.

Dark champion has been going on for 7 months now, and still people have no idea what cards to bring and what towers to concentrate on.

Personally I like to go for the red tower first (one that does 3 damage to all units). Some prefer blue tower (which reduces cd of all cards), but dark champion has skills that are cd 2 and lower so unless it’s a whale with great cards, red tower should be priority.

But going after towers in row 3 and row 4 first make no sense, even if there are opposing units in it.

Bring some healing units that give u back health.
A few vig for the portals.
Things with magic resistance are great.
Bring units that have a chance of living beyond 2 turns, i.e. nothing with less than 6 health.
Bringing things that fly over towers like pegasus, even faeries, makes little sense, since towers are the priority (4×66 health is way less than 300+ health of opposing player). Unless of course you intent to vig/heavenly help those flying units, please don’t bring. Bringing cd+5 cards is waste of time since it takes so long to get out, and dc can just remove whole field so you’ll have to wait a long time. Unless they are obliterate proof cards of course. So no bael, auggie, etc..

Most importantly, unlike other bosses, teammates need to communicate, what units they intend to kill, saving dd for modesty or wheel, etc..

Priests can be real asset with heavenly help on key units. One HH on magic unit (DS, abbess, faery) in r2 can take out both rows 1-3 towers if placed properly.

Finally, even against whales, one has a chance. I only give up if field is filled with units that we can’t remove (wheel, modesty, sarya, mercy, judgment, etc)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 5 Day Forbidden Zone?

If its 5 days i wont even bother with it, no server will get to 1 million total so we won’t get benefits of getting 3k points.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Chinese Cards] Upcoming Cards

Don’t respond to mike, he’s just a troll. We all know that heros can’t block.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Choices

Depends if u rush or anti rush.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Advanced World Boss Guide

Most important thing is having a good team. Working with people you don’t know is recipe for disaster. This way you avoid duplicate cards and having like 4 priests on a team. Knowing your teammates tendencies and cards is priority.

Recognizing patterns like crosses come out turn2 on angel level, angels come out turn 4, righteous judgement turn 5, etc..

I am opposed to most creature cards over cd3, even mifzuna or callista since by the time it reaches boss, a cd2 card can be doing damage. Freyja too slow, but lionroar helps as cooldown less. Now with laurel, yumi isn’t worth the time.

With faeries now, they also are very good in wb, but only if one person plays it, since 4 people playing faeries can’t get the boost of conjure, plan b, thoth etc.

Also xbows (cd2) are really effective since they can be swift raided and go behind the fast moving creatures.

Frankly we should ask that gamebox team what their strat was, since they routinely got 120+ damage, and made everyone else not do wb for a time.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Jaraax World boss guide

Disregard this.
Read the other guide.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

What’s surprising that after couple months people stilll try to be dark champion.

Albeit, only noobs and whales are trying, no one in between really wants to waste the gold.

Still, since it costs nothing to be adventurer and times are 30 min sometimes, you usually get one or two afk people since they have nothing to lose by being adventurer, only screwing up their teammates which I’m sure they don’t give a f about.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Maintenance

Maintenance just started at 10pm PST. So will prob be offline for couple hours im guessing.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Login Problems

Also of note: Today is the last day for login for the back to battle event where u get a free legendary card for logging in 15 days straight. Which I’ll probably miss now…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Best/Worst excuses for losing in arena

I hear the same old whiny excuses when people lose. Here are some of my favorites:

1) I’m drunk
2) You got lucky (crit, block, etc)
3) I got disconnected (sometimes valid)
4) I got distracted (cat/dog, son/daughter)
5) I got a bad draw

Just take your lumps like an adult and admit when you got beat.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Building the best RUSH DECK

The fact that Honzo has made 2 posts, which are exactly the same post, suggests he is on the newest server.

He’s probably the last priest rusher since that deck won’t get top 100 anywhere else. Grotesque Goliath?! Any deadly blow, petrify, or sorann will stop that rush cold.

Right now plan B, premed, fairy hybrid, and thoth is the way to go for ranger at least.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Skill Banish

How does this affect pan’s use? I thot the skill cards would literally show cd 99 but now that I know it’s only to its max, then pan could still get skill cards out theoretically. But I’m just guessing since I haven’t seen it in action.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise of Mythos 2.0 is here! (Maintenance Patch Notes for Dec 16)

Why is no one talking about Redmaw Addlemace (Ogre + Demon = Barbarian)?

It’s a game changing card!

Skill Banish: CD of all skill cards in a random enemy’s hand set to 99

So in 1s, swift death hands, djinn hands, any mages hands are basically stuck until you can kill Redmaw with the cards u have ought there. Cause you can’t kill with the any direct damage skill cards obviously.

Otherwise, stick Redmaw in the back and watch as opponent hand fills up with useless skill cards that they can’t use.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cant play any battles

We all experienced the same thing at the same time.

League, arena, tower, challenge hall, everyone got kicked out and now no one can enter and fight so basically it’s like maintenance right now, can ’t do anything.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Awakened Non-Elite Suggestions

Elf Legionnaire was my first and I still love him. Would get a second if I could.
Elven Rebel is a super tank, works in all decks.
Abbess is ok, but needs time to build up and cd 6 is kinda long.

I would love to get awakened Blessed Dragonkin but that requires dragon fragments which probably won’t be available for non vip till 2020.

P.S. Ask Zeez what he thinks about his awakened skystone nid.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Alt. accounts

Shakira here.

I have never claimed to be the best vip0 player. I have never made post season (cross top 32 tourney) ever.
I don’t even carry vip0 as a badge of honor. It’s kind of embarrassing to know I’ve spent so much time on this game and have yet to spend money on it.

I’ve posted my vip0 status b4 but this is the last time. My lips don’t lie.

Just to prove that this is recent, date is noted.

Just to show that lots of luck is involved, even with vip0. To get godly equip is very lucky and I acknowledge that. I have spent all of my gold just trying to upgrade armor alone. I can say I’ve worked hard to get the cards I’ve gotten through 100% combine and some luck in AH, but every day I learn something new in this game so I have room to improve.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

It would help if people would bring a proper deck. Things with magic resistance (Velyn, DS, Angels). Or general tanks (Lawrence, Rulk, etc). Vig/Sorann to deal with portals.

But most importantly, take out rage (tower in row 2) first. It seems so obvious but still, 3 weeks after event starts, I feel I still have to mention the obvious.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Chinese Cards] Upcoming Cards

It was a cheap way to win, but helsing did win showdown with detonate and mareth (Stony ruins). We made lots of mistakes, even went with wrong decks but detonate can be the only way to beat mega whales.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

Already the wait time has increased as the number of people willing to pay 50 gold has diminished. People are realizing that unless you are a whale, you’ll probably lose to the adventurers. So less dark champion volunteers, less people to fight, and 30 minute wait times.

I give this event a month before it goes the way of the dinosaur.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

Seems lot of people are willing to pay 50 gold for 30 pvp medals. If you have a decent deck you should win as dark champion everytime.

Unfortunately for the challengers, too many new people who have no idea how to play, make it easy for the dark champion to win.

Each tower is 66 health

Row 1 tower – reduces countdown 2 of each boss’ cards
Row 2 tower – does 3 lightning damage to every enemy creature
Row 3 tower – reflects physical damage
Row 4 tower – reflects magic damage

Some of the spells I’ve seen of the dark champion include:

Obliterate – swift deaths whole hand of single hero
Demonic Spawn – cd1 skill that spawns a gate anywhere u like where demons appear, most likely in front of enemy. 100% return rate
Nemesis -cd5 Lightning damage – 55 damage to all heroes and creatures
Devour – mass 5 damage to all heroes, heals by same amount, 100% return rate, cant be swift deathed
Healing Wave – cd0 – Heals all like aleks
Bag of Tricks – returns 3 skill cards from grave
Marshall forces – reduces cd 5 of all cards in hand
Terror – returns all creatures to summoners hand
Piercing scream – 6 ranged damage to all units, knocked back 2 spaces
What’s yours is mine – doppelganger of every hero for 4 cards total copied

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Remove Pan

The reason rangers dominate is like Cheesecakeluv says: There are a variety of ways to play them.

These are just some of the leading rangers in Stone Ruins:

Blarbal is imho the best at pan deck because he mixes in some powerful awakened cards.

Soleil is imho the best pure ranger rusher with all his godly creatures and skills.

Saint can run whatever he wants be it power, pan, or rush, but he is currently doing pretty well rushing with gates of betrayals. (And the bug that still remains with it)

As for many of the top rangers, I see Kaostheory, PRimmAT, ChaosAngel2112, Bow2Me, Overseer, Pervepic, st29 as pure rushers, but they mix in different types whether howlers, or mifzunas, tariel, or other low cd units.

That leaves DustyGazongas, Karpov, astralmagic, anthonyroias, and Henrique as the really consistent pan decks besides blarbal.

Myself, I run different decks in 1s, depending on who I see in arena. If there are a lot of rushers, I run an anti-rush deck. If I see a lot of whales, I run a pan deck. If I have no time and want to get my daily 5 out of the way quickly, I’ll rush. If it’s hard to predict what my opponent is running, I run a power deck.

However, painting all rangers with the same brush doesn’t portray an accurate picture of how many actually run pan decks. In my experience, I face the same number of rushers as I do people running pan decks, and that includes a fair number of mages and priests who both rush and use pan (Aang, Ray, GrainIsBack, Majeral, etc..)

The outlier is Zyli (and HellFyre) being the only warriors able to consistently be in the top 20. So warriors have the most to complain about I would think.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Veloxia

Just watch the very end of that 90 minute video, say 1:30:45 mark, where 2v2 finals happens and one team takes out 1 player with one turn of veloxia, callista, jaraax, sylvi, and mifzuna (buffed and military charged). Then it continues on for a bit until same thing happens to other player, 1:34 mark and beyond is over.

We should be grateful to the monster GM for keeping veloxia out of our version of the game because it absolutely makes it a one trick pony game.