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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

It would help if people would bring a proper deck. Things with magic resistance (Velyn, DS, Angels). Or general tanks (Lawrence, Rulk, etc). Vig/Sorann to deal with portals.

But most importantly, take out rage (tower in row 2) first. It seems so obvious but still, 3 weeks after event starts, I feel I still have to mention the obvious.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Chinese Cards] Upcoming Cards

It was a cheap way to win, but helsing did win showdown with detonate and mareth (Stony ruins). We made lots of mistakes, even went with wrong decks but detonate can be the only way to beat mega whales.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

Already the wait time has increased as the number of people willing to pay 50 gold has diminished. People are realizing that unless you are a whale, you’ll probably lose to the adventurers. So less dark champion volunteers, less people to fight, and 30 minute wait times.

I give this event a month before it goes the way of the dinosaur.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

Seems lot of people are willing to pay 50 gold for 30 pvp medals. If you have a decent deck you should win as dark champion everytime.

Unfortunately for the challengers, too many new people who have no idea how to play, make it easy for the dark champion to win.

Each tower is 66 health

Row 1 tower – reduces countdown 2 of each boss’ cards
Row 2 tower – does 3 lightning damage to every enemy creature
Row 3 tower – reflects physical damage
Row 4 tower – reflects magic damage

Some of the spells I’ve seen of the dark champion include:

Obliterate – swift deaths whole hand of single hero
Demonic Spawn – cd1 skill that spawns a gate anywhere u like where demons appear, most likely in front of enemy. 100% return rate
Nemesis -cd5 Lightning damage – 55 damage to all heroes and creatures
Devour – mass 5 damage to all heroes, heals by same amount, 100% return rate, cant be swift deathed
Healing Wave – cd0 – Heals all like aleks
Bag of Tricks – returns 3 skill cards from grave
Marshall forces – reduces cd 5 of all cards in hand
Terror – returns all creatures to summoners hand
Piercing scream – 6 ranged damage to all units, knocked back 2 spaces
What’s yours is mine – doppelganger of every hero for 4 cards total copied

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Remove Pan

The reason rangers dominate is like Cheesecakeluv says: There are a variety of ways to play them.

These are just some of the leading rangers in Stone Ruins:

Blarbal is imho the best at pan deck because he mixes in some powerful awakened cards.

Soleil is imho the best pure ranger rusher with all his godly creatures and skills.

Saint can run whatever he wants be it power, pan, or rush, but he is currently doing pretty well rushing with gates of betrayals. (And the bug that still remains with it)

As for many of the top rangers, I see Kaostheory, PRimmAT, ChaosAngel2112, Bow2Me, Overseer, Pervepic, st29 as pure rushers, but they mix in different types whether howlers, or mifzunas, tariel, or other low cd units.

That leaves DustyGazongas, Karpov, astralmagic, anthonyroias, and Henrique as the really consistent pan decks besides blarbal.

Myself, I run different decks in 1s, depending on who I see in arena. If there are a lot of rushers, I run an anti-rush deck. If I see a lot of whales, I run a pan deck. If I have no time and want to get my daily 5 out of the way quickly, I’ll rush. If it’s hard to predict what my opponent is running, I run a power deck.

However, painting all rangers with the same brush doesn’t portray an accurate picture of how many actually run pan decks. In my experience, I face the same number of rushers as I do people running pan decks, and that includes a fair number of mages and priests who both rush and use pan (Aang, Ray, GrainIsBack, Majeral, etc..)

The outlier is Zyli (and HellFyre) being the only warriors able to consistently be in the top 20. So warriors have the most to complain about I would think.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Veloxia

Just watch the very end of that 90 minute video, say 1:30:45 mark, where 2v2 finals happens and one team takes out 1 player with one turn of veloxia, callista, jaraax, sylvi, and mifzuna (buffed and military charged). Then it continues on for a bit until same thing happens to other player, 1:34 mark and beyond is over.

We should be grateful to the monster GM for keeping veloxia out of our version of the game because it absolutely makes it a one trick pony game.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / WB need to be fixed

Right now one team dominates wb (Kong1) so thoroughly few other teams bother going beyond minimum pts. So wb doesn’t get killed, and no one gets fatal.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Advice for a long time player

Get silver from usual places (boss, tower, seaport). Do multiple runs of map 13 (I find 13-2 easiest and fastest). This is because of some bug where map 14 you don’t get as much silver as map 13. Sell off event items like horsehairs, soccer balls etc..

Most importantly, get to 3000 points during forbidden zone event to get 1.2 million silver. Also during fz, exchange only when silver is the reward (or gold). Don’t exchange for stupid crystals.

I’m vip0 and can make 400K silver a week, but that is also because of guild help from showdown and other perks.

If your list is the only things you’re considering here is how I would rank them from best to worst:

Elven Legionnaire (6/14 awakened is amazing)
Battle Abbess
Werewolf Fleshripper
Xbow captain
…all the rest would fall under I wouldn’t bother upgrading to godly.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The Screenshot Thread

We had the same thing, our team quit 10 minutes b4 the end of world boss since our lead was like 20 and the boss wasn’t going to be killed so we shut it down. One of our teammates (who we randomly played with) sneaked away and did more so he/she got the only max damage chest. Suffice it to say, we were pissed.

Lesson: Never do wb with people you don’t know.
Lesson #2: Ontar might be that kind of person so be warned.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Last ditch effort to prevent Kong 4 merge

What’s done is done, now we have to figure how to move forward so we don’t have this debate again.

I think determining a fair compensation to kong1, to course-correct the over-compensation to kong4 should be considered.

2 fire rubies 5 million silver seems fair to me.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Merge Compensation Absurdness

The very top of both servers will not change with this compensation. Whether belugas or saint has 5 more godlike won’t change the fact that they will be in tough against aang, blarbal, etc.. i.e vip10 players will be status quo.

It’s the vip0-vip5 who will suffer. Mostly vip0. The middle and lower class which comprises most of the player base will all of sudden see an influx of level 50 and under having overpowered cards that will cause many players to become disheartened at the discrepancy between their level of cards and kong-4’s new godly cards.

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Topic: Star Era / can not load game S17 18(fixed)

I hate to pile on but, with 50/60 days for login for limit break sirius, the server down means I lose alot of time invested in this game. Do they give compensation here or not? I’m guessing the latter.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Updated with Plan C] US Server Cross Change Plans

Capeta meet Aang. Or Blarbal.

And I vote for plan B ‘cause I’m a ranger.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Reputation Race

If you have the time to grind, you can make reputation rep to 35 with epic creatures, then if you have leg/godly, work your way to 40 rep. I only use tower coins to increase my rep beyond 40.

This post already has broken down what rep u need and reputations crests needed:

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Clear Rumors

DNA sold his account to a player who played as Achluophobia (for I think $2000), then DNA tried to get his account back by complaining to Kongregate that his account was stolen from him. Kongregate suspended the account, and Achluophobia quit in frustration while DNA kept the money he got, but never got his account back.

Blarbal is a very good player but some people would argue there are other strong players. Macdrum, dgg, krozman, just to name a few.

I frankly think Rojkod is the biggest whale right now (45000 card power in 1s and 2s), but Aang and a few others do have a bunch of awakened that make them scary.

There are definitely people who have spent over $10,000 since 50,000 gold recharge is $1250 in real dollars and many players have definitely done the 50,000 gold recharge for all the black opals they have.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 2v2 Queue Broken

Krozman, you and your partner are over 1250 2s score, over 300 pts over most ppl in top 10, and 600 pts greater than most of the top 200. I don’t know what you would gain by fighting people much lower than you to increase your lead even more. If it’s for the fun of the game, most people find fighting people so much greater in score not much fun, hence the long wait times.

I agree wait times are long, but considering how we arrived there (more hp for all, whale-guppie gap even larger than ever), it’s no wonder people have left 2s. I would do more 2s myself but if its just for the daily quest, I’d rather just surrender twice than fight spenders like yourself or fight for 40 min for one fight. The fun has disappeared for me because I have no chance against most whales, and the time invested is not worth the wait.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Legendary from Box

Worst yet here….Goblin caravan (that 0/8 bomb thingie)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / VIP0 enquiry

I’m not top 8 or anything but have been in Stone Ruins for while. Tony knows :) And yes, I save money

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / You all are lucky to have Monster GM

We happily retain MonsterGM as our go between us and the devs. But we don’t ever take MonsterGM for granted, so here’s more love and gratitude for our great and wonderful MONSTER!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Greece srv

has what not we have to be go for like we do?

thx for help

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cull Nerf Decided

Thank you Monster and blind for all your behind the scenes work in persuading the devs to make this significant decision.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Guide] All About The Forbidden Zone Item Exchange Event

I know the more points u get the better the rewardds but last 3 days all I’ve gotten is exchanging gold for stuff which I would never do. I probably won’t hit 3k points now :(

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Farewell

Ah, our fearless leader is no more. :(

All the great ones leave sooner or later, and you were always classy to a fault. Will miss the fact of the day, but the ultimate fact is:

You will be missed greatly.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Server cross compensation?

Fair enough, I apologize for that rough response.

It’s just that there are many, many threads where people say, “Give us compensation! I demand it!” I was in a contemptuous mood because it seems like too many people demand free things so quickly like that will solve the problem or even ameliorate the seething masses. You may have a point that it’s tougher but seriously, what kind of compensation can they truly give that would even the playing field? You are at a disadvantage if the field has gotten tougher, and no amount of compensation other than giving you free godly cards would make up for that deficit.

The server population was decreasing to the point where people were waiting 30 min for 2s. That’s why there was a server merge. To expect to be top 8 as before is unrealistic. My guild also is suffering where we struggle for top 10 in cross for showdown. I personally probably will struggle to be top 200 cross in 1s or 2s.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Server cross compensation?

What kind of compensation is appropriate for whining? More people means less rewards for everyone.

These compensation are all wah, wah I deserve this because I’m a child. It’s tougher, deal with it.