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Topic: Eredan Arena / Latest Patch Makes Me Want To Quit

And Ma is back once again, with a vengeance… almost laughable how bad some of the previous must have meta cards are… looking at you Kriss.

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Topic: War of Omens / Mogesh's ability now redundant

Originally posted by walkleft3:

Does anyone use sacred tortoise or shepherds gift?

Both personally.

Originally posted by Norgrath:

So don’t build your Mogesh deck around allies with 1 health?

Two words. Cow toss.

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Topic: War of Omens / Is there a cap to resources?

After running my own experiment up to 100k gold in the past with a Vesp apple/merch guild infinite deck, my patience ran out. It isn’t HARD to reach, it would be monotonous to reach.

Yes there is a cap since it is a computer program. Given the way most programming languages work, I’d venture a guess that the cap is either 2^31 – 1 or 2^32 – 1 (long int/unsigned long int), which are approximately 2.15/4.3 billion respectively.

To put that into perspective, even if you could generate 100k per second (not realistic), it’d take around 6/12 hours (respectively) non-stop to reach the cap (100k*60s*60min*6h = 2.16b).

‘Mathing’ this out a little further, realistically, it’d probably take an hour to even reach 1k per second. If we take this as an acceleration rate (1000/1s/3600s), we have 5/18 gold/s^2. Using the rate equation total = (v0)t + 1/2*at^2, with initial rate of 0, and solving for time when total is 2.15b, we get that time ~34.5 hours. ~48.9 hours for 4.3b. Have fun with that.

Not an undertaking I’m willing to participate in.

*Note: It has been quite some time since I’ve worked with any physics, but unless I’m completely off, the above rate equation should look familiar to some, and I see no reason it can’t apply here.

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Topic: War of Omens / How does Tome of Memory work?

More specifically, it increases the size of ‘the pocket’ by 1. Not the maximum number you draw, and not the max number you can hold. Normally, you can draw 3, and hold 1 ‘in the pocket’. With tome of memory, you draw 3, and can hold 2 in the pocket. The pocket refers to the number of cards you can have held in your hand at the end of the turn without reducing your draw number.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Inappropriate pictures

As small as the icons may be, the player ‘Hero 101513’ currently sitting at #97 in Master league appears to have a distinctly ‘adult’ picture for their icon.

Just a heads up, as this is an ‘all ages’ site.

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Topic: War of Omens / Misinformation probably bugged

Originally posted by Schattensang:

The card “Misinformation” reads as “remove entirely from bank”, which works just fine, and “destroy / remove after use”, but here is a little problem. When you use it with “Clever Planning” it will still go back into your deck. That’s probably not wanted, as they could otherwise just have used the usual “destroy after use”-line like with all the other Metris cards.
The same goes for the hero Theodox, as his 10% chance can give you Misinformation back into your deck.

Hardly a bug, the Devs are fully aware that this is possible, and have progressively increased Misinfo’s cost as a result.

Removing opponent’s full bank is doable, but hardly practical unless you’re against a much weaker opponent or in an extremely long game. If the latter is the case, the other factions have some equally destructive abilities late in the game… think ‘going infinite’ or just cycling hard for Vesp, Shrines of Rebirth abuse or late game Rites decks for Daramek, or Word of Unmaking blowing away your entire deck.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Thorns

Originally posted by michael78714:

-dmg? Do you think a -dmg team can defeat a deck with kriss,
death-tree, Djammena , and other 2 strong heroes?

While I agree that Thorns on Kriss is pretty awful to play against, I’d attribute that more to the fact that Kriss already wins a very solid majority of his matches than Thorns being OP.

While Death-Tree’s buff is extremely reliable, she is not a consistent winner on her own. Her damage is decent if you roll 2r2y or 3r3y, but otherwise she is very likely to lose… particularly with the number of Talendar and Lory rolling around.

Also as already stated, -DMG counters Thorns hard, and though it isn’t a prime example at the moment due to the state of the meta-game, Shield counters Thorn/Rage combo like a boss. To the people who complain that -DMG isn’t a viable alternative due to the number of Purifiers now, I’d argue that this is a problem with a lack of Priest-hate… again, not a problem with Thorns.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Highest killing and Highest total damage?

Despite not having used her for a few seasons, my highest number of kills is Gemineye at 399 with 800k damage. Highest damage is Marzhin at 1.1mil damage and 348 kills.

Dark get an honourable mention as she is quickly overtaking both for kills and damage. She was my ‘ringer’ back in the Ma/Armada days, didn’t see play for quite some time, and is back again this season with Death-Tree support.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Volt and Dionaea bugged

Volturia – her RB skill is currently a little bit bugged. Each of the 200 lightning hits only apply 10 lightning debuff when they should each apply 20.

Doesn’t make a huge amount of difference in most cases. 150 damage difference for RRRBBB, 220 difference for RRBBYY if my calcs are correct. Could be a bit more if using her with thorns.

Dionaea’s STR buff is also bugged, and has been since the Sap re-balance. It is labelled on card as 40 STR buff, but I think it is 61 (or something like that). Unfortunately I can’t verify that one since I only have her at level 2 at the moment.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Kind of boring after Silver League

To see real balance, they’d probably have to re-balance cards on a very regular basis. Not sweeping, full-clan, power-creep driven re-balancing, but frequent subtle tweaks to the numbers on the most and least used cards.

One card being used in 80% of decks? Drop the damage one one of its skills by 25. Or make a small decrease to the power of the buff/debuff it applies. Several cards virtually never used? Give it an extra dodge stack, or bump its numbers a little. If these kinds of small tweaks were made frequently, the system would gradually be forced into an adaptive equilibrium where all cards were roughly on an equal footing.

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Topic: War of Omens / Conjured Argoreth

Originally posted by Zabotinski:

I think it’s because it’s summoned ‘naturally’, as in, there was no ‘on play’ phase.

Endazu has other cards that summon creatures in a similar way. I’ll speculate that if you could play either Song of Spring or Grave Contract with an Overseer in play, their generated creatures would also not proc from Overseer.

I can confirm that Benediction and Marshal both trigger flowers’ magic generation.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Yet another deck advice thread for the new season

Originally posted by Barbzilla:
Moira may be a very strong filler though with the +damage, and she won’t rely on the thorns to get wins.

Quite right, she can often put up a real challenge for opponent even without thorns, and she also give you some flexibility… dodge/+DMG heavy, shock heavy, or fireball heavy rolls are all possible.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Damage Reduction?

Zejabel, Azaram, Dimizar, Kriss, Malyss would probably be a strong contender. Make sure you either defend with Malyss, or stack on enough -DMG to cancel small early hits that many opponents have for their first skills.

For those preferring a bit of Sap flavour, Zeja, Aza, Dimi, Fey, Spiritspeaker is probably also viable.

The first picks are generally Zeja, Azaram, and then people build from there. The Terror/Dodge on Kriss/Malyss, or Heal on the Saps give you some extra tricks that work well with -DMG.

For the ultimate -STR one man team… lvl1 Akra. 2r2b2y for -1800 STR and 3400 damage (or 5r1[b/r/y] for -3k STR). Nerf please! trololol

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Topic: War of Omens / Most satisfying feelings of the game

Originally posted by YusufT2:

My most satisfying moment was when i placed 3 forgeries and my opponent bought bounty. SO AMAZING.

The second and third ones are a doozy… yeah…

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Topic: Eredan Arena / EX discussion: Shori

Originally posted by Vallyn17:

I think it’s interesting that it’s a “2x” dmg hit instead of 2 separate hits.

You can see the wording differences in other cards as well.
As in:
3x Hit 125 on Exhien
Hit 4x Strength on Shui Khan
3x Physical attack on many Saps, Blood Sword, etc.

If ‘Hit’ comes first, it is a single hit. If the number comes first, it indicates multiple hits. Shui/Shori basically use their own strength value for a Smite2/3/4 on opponent.

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Topic: War of Omens / don't rate the game too early

I’m not aware of any reward for rating the game.

You get a daily reward that you can choose the reset timer on. Also daily quests for a silver bonus.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: The Claw

Originally posted by davewills111:

Hisomu with raised strength from master ma and buffed with rage with perfect all six blue rolls or lory as defender with 4R and 2B rolls can have a high chance of beating her.

Its like you go out of your way to mention the most retarded scenario possible. Really? A Shock using multi-hitter with Rage buff AND a perfect roll can beat her?

Better not forget to mention Lady Jane defending with 6B captain obvious!
On topic: I’d consider including RRRYYB as a perfect roll. While it is strictly worse than RRRRBB, 1700 un-modifiable with 3 dodge and 300 shield is arguably as good, or better than RRRRYB or RRYYBS, depending on the situation.

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Topic: War of Omens / Bug - Leper + Redirect

Originally posted by azoo:

However, I think Leper does have a problem while returning damage from Unstable Runes… In fact it does not return damage at all. Well, on the other hand it might be conscious design decision.

Interacts the same way as Frame/Misdirect with bombs. The bomb/inscription is considered the source. Since the bomb/inscription is considered the source, the redirect fizzles. Whether or not this is intended or working as it should has been the source of a fair bit of discussion.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / EX discussion: Shori

Originally posted by davewills111:

if i can use rage on her and get 6 swords on the turn kriss will be toast provided he doesnt has shield.

This is the kind of mindless comment I can’t stand seeing in threads discussing card balance. If you’re trying to beat Smite, you want your STR as low as possible. If you want to deal 6 Raged hits, you want STR as high as possible. She has neither high, nor low STR.

To add to the idiocy of this comment, virtually EVERY OTHER CHARACTER is in very near to an identical position as far as ‘6 swords with rage’ goes.
As to my thoughts on her, Smite fodder (as with many Kotoba) and obvious synergies with Crit and/or Powder All (come next pirate re-touch perhaps?). Has a bit of roll flexibility, and isn’t too heavily affected by Nehant debuffs compared to many other characters, but still doesn’t seem a top tier card in the current state of the meta-game.

If we see Smiters disappear, and Nehants dramatically increase, she may see play for a bit, but even then, Jane and Claw seem better picks.

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Topic: War of Omens / war pigs big bug !!!

Originally posted by Azuza:

when war pigs enter the field, and i got 3 overseer, it should proc 3 times.
if i have one lamb and 3 catchers, it procs once.
if i have two lambs and 3 catchers, it procs twice.
if i have no lambs and 3 catchers, it procs three times, same if i got 3 lambs.

Hmmm… my guess would be it attempts to resolve all the sac targets at once, and the lamb’s “magnetic” sac effect causes it to be targeted by the effect for each effect resolution, after the first resolves though, the lamb is no longer around to sac, and the additional stacks of the effect fizzle. I’d say it is definitely a bug if it can be reproduced.

Easiest case to check would be 2 overseer, 1 lamb, then whatever other allies out when you play the Pigs. Effect would be most noticeable with larger numbers of overseers, and only a single lamb in play. Rats/Goats/Oxen would probably also see similar bug.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / stop crying

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Is it just me...

Originally posted by Lafoote:

or is it a total douche move to play the same hero as your opponent in round 1 of a match?

It seems like a zero skill, I’ll take my 50/50 chance cuz I have no strategy play in my opinion. Sometimes later in the game, matchups or buffs/debuffs make it a favorable move, but initially, I feel like it’s just a cop out.

While mirror matches also frustrate me since they’re essentially a coin toss (assuming equal comprehension of probability), they are unfortunately the best option at times. The ones that really bother me are the mirror picks when other options would be the optimal pick, and your opponent still wins by rolling better.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Djamena

Originally posted by Lafoote:

One other thing, rolls are more difficult than they appear. More than 2 Red is BAD! In my last three matches combined she has not rolled a single B.

3r3b is 2400 (3×350 + 3×150 heal + 3×150 + 3×150 heal).
4r2b is 2200 (2×350 + 2×300 heal + 2×150 + 2×300 heal).

Though your opponent needs to deal some early damage for the RB hits to be worthwhile, neither seems like a terrible roll.

I’d agree that 3r without blue to pair up is hardly optimal (1r will be wasted if not with 3b), and 4r without 2b is also not very good since you’ll get a maximum of 3 hits that way (unless paired with thorns buff as Xen and kang pointed out).

The nature of the healing/purify combination also somewhat negates debuffs (purify for obvious reasons, and healing is not affected by -DMG, shield, dodge or Terror).

She’ll definitely seem some play in Death-tree teams, though I question her consistency for top level play without thorns assistance.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / fxxx annoying

It is not too wide. It is based on the Elo points difference between yourself and your opponent. I believe it is around 8 points for an even match, and then as the gap increases, the points follow. The further ahead you are, the more you have to lose, and less to gain because in theory, you’re playing a weaker player, and should not be rewarded as much for beating them. Just the same, if you are behind you’ll gain more/lose fewer for playing against a stronger opponents.

At the very start of the season there are a few days where it is very jacked up as many people enter the ladder at a much lower point than where they should be, and you can lose some big points that way. Mid to late in the season the system works relatively well.

Also, the system is not rigged against you. It works the same for every other player. Unless you’re at the very top, there are people ranked above you that can lose more points to you than they will win against you.

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Topic: War of Omens / The Endazu: Strategies and Counterstrategies

I disagree with the people saying they’re weak to Daramek/Metris rushes. It depends what style of deck you do with. If you’re trying to run Warding Circle with Scribe and Flowers… then yeah, you’ll never manage to establish enough control to keep your allies shielded. But Endazu have their own powerful early-game moves. Behold the Veil/Scroll of Petals can generate some early mana for Unstable Runes/Grave Contract to either kill off enemy allies (vs Daramek rushes), or establish some meat-shields (against Metris rush). Halting rebuke can also be played after a few turns of charging to slow the assault. Whispered Barbs is also extremely useful against Dara creature decks if charged early in the game.

The one deck style I do find tough to deal with is a Vesp mob. if you can’t muster the power to establish early control, they’ll gradually overwhelm you with a fresh army every turn.

Have only played a few MP with Endazu, but I’ve won all 5 so far. A couple were other Endazu trying to slow-roll shields and anima, one was a Dara rat deck (Runes to kill off early from rats, then skelly rush to control), and I can’t recall the others.