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Topic: Eredan Arena / Need help, Gold Class Deck Review Pls

I’d consider:
Meli, Ma, Moira, Killicrew, Armada, thought it is not particularly interesting or original.

Otherwise, you could try something like Zejabel, Azaram, Dimizar, Moira, Almaria as a counter-meta deck. Haven’t tried anything like this myself though because I’m missing a couple of the Nehants. Zej, Aza and Dimi (especially Zej) counter many Noz pretty well due to their multi-hits (as well as Ma/Meli), and Moira and Almaria have very realistic chances of winning their matches, even against a ‘powderer’ due to their dodge.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Balance of the game

Originally posted by pyrogene:

That makes no sense at all. How in the world is having a card that guarantees a win good for the meta? He is a big reason why the game is not balanced in the first place and yet you think it alleviates the problem that the game is unbalanced?


Having a card thats a pretty sure win is vital in the current meta.

Having a card that’s a pretty sure win is an abomination in any game’s meta. It stifles flexibility and creativity because you’re practically giving away a free win by not including this in your deck. Using a +DMG multihit deck? Exhien fits with both. Running a +STR/zerk/powder deck? Exhien can score an early win and make both your buffers extremely dangerous. Running “insert deck here”? Exhien will STILL most likely score a win, AND throw out incidental buffs for a couple of your other characters.

Now I know someone is about to tell me Exhien can be beat by Ylliana with crit buffs, or a Clover with berserk, to which I say… really?

In the first situation, 90+% of the time you’ve given away a win by running Artrezil or Telendar. You then follow it with Ylliana who either scores an extremely inconsistent 4Y, or 4B, or 2Y2B roll and win while Exhien throws buffs out to the party, or full on fails and give away another win while allowing the opponent to still buff. How is this a good solution?

While the second is somewhat valid, it features the Meli/powder combo that is demonstrably the other biggest balance issue in the game right now. Countering one balance issue with another balance issue does not mean the first is balanced. It means you have two major balance issues.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Interesting deck ideas that just work

Originally posted by Barbzilla:

I managed a11k hit with Yu Ling though.

I’d love to know how you managed such a thing with any of the given teams.

Even fighting undead, I see 2×2×1125 + 1×2×450 = 5400 from crits… can’t see +dmg getting it up much over 6k. You could certainly manage Yu Ling 11k with zerk/powder/crit, but you could do the same with any card.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Character Roll distributions

Common programming practice would be to use a function that generates a ‘random*’ number (these numbers are typically very large), and apply a modulo operator to the number to reduce the output to 0-5 (unless using a function where you can specify the range, in which case this is done internally). You’d then use some sort of conditional to cause 0,1 to be recognized as swords, 2,3 as reds, 4 as blue and 5 as yellow (for example). The distribution of the numbers generated is very close to even for a large data set (we’ve been working at developing better random algorithms for decades). This is how RNG typically works for a programmer.

You see a slot machine spinning, but this is only an animation. In all likelihood your next dice roll is determined within milliseconds of the server receiving your hold/re-roll request.

Creating a separate ‘RNG table’ for every card would be significantly more work, and more complex than simply implementing a 6-sided dice roll. I also cannot see any way it would benefit the devs.

See Occam’s razor .

  • I say ‘random’ because technically speaking the numbers generated by a random number generator are not truly random. Then again, neither is a coin flip or the roll of a die. With enough information about initial states, any can technically be predicted. That is a whole different discussion though, and well beyond the scope of this thread.
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Topic: Eredan Arena / Anyone find a use for Yu Ling?

I’m sure it was supposed to say 4.2k.

Max theoretical is well over 20k… though it requires rolls you’d have to both be completely retarded to to play outside attempting a damage record. Something like Meli, Hook, Armada, Artrezil and Silent (2r4s) on offense against a 12-hitter (Exhien is the most consistent with 3r3y).

140str + 12*(90+140)zerk = (2900str * 3(powder) * 2(crit) + 20DMG) * 4hits = 69680.
There might even be better… I was toying with a Talendar/Brutus comp to start then realized Silent could better it by around 8k dmg. Anyone come up with something higher?

EDIT: Apparently Silent has changed from the screeny I saw where she had Berserk 70 for 1R, meaning Brutus is indeed top theoretical I can come up with:
120str + 12*(135+70)zerk = (2580str * 3(powder) * 2(crit)) * 4hits = 61920.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Character Roll distributions

While it is entirely possible that the devs put hidden weightings on certain characters, the question would be why? It benefits them in no way, and since they have stated the rolls are using a 6-sided die with 1B1Y2R2S, if anyone happened to produce stats to the contrary, it would undermine player trust.

Essentially the devs could only lose from this proposed scenario, and for that reason I’ll assume claims are a result of confirmation bias and/or poor rolling strategy until presented with significant statistics indicating otherwise.

Whether some cards should have their rolls/skills rebalanced is a whole other can of worms.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Mech type cards

Given that Bomzar was recently previewed, and Galene works with constructs, I think it is likely the next release will feature a number of constructs. At the moment there is very little selection. I’d just wait.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / I Need Help With Team

Originally posted by bestsam1234:

You could replace one hero with Absalon also. (He’s become good now) and lot many people use guemelites!

I’d strongly recommend against Absalon. Even with tons of Guemelites all over, he relies heavily on blues, and you’ll rarely get more than 2. His optimal roll of 4b2y is incredibly unlikely, and most rolls common to him put out underwhelming damage.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / I Need Help With Team

@PurpleEyez – I’d pick Anryena, Marzhin and Exhien as a base for your team. I’d probably use Moira when you get her to 3 as well, and the last would be a bit of a toss-up… Azaram is reasonable right now to combat the multi-hit+DMG meta-game. I’ve seen people trying out Jon to counter all the mages, Ylliana to combat powder users (though she is very inconsistent, so I wouldn’t recommend her), Corc has a reasonable chance of winning with a good roll, and will usually splash some shield around even if he doesn’t win, Mylad could possibly be considered as a buffer, or Lady Jane to combat powder.

Team won’t get you to masters, but I could see it getting easily into gold, or possibly champs if you play it well.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Amazing card idea!

Originally posted by iSula:

Aww, atleast im good with the concept.
Could you give me some ability ideas then?
I like kkfung’s idea, but then they will know what dice i plan to change. :(

Mechanics… the 2R roll would have to come 3rd, otherwise it disables the other rolls by swapping your reds for swords. Damage potential seems low, though I’d have to run numbers for it vs a lot of cards to have a real sense of balance. Combo of high dodge, and randomization of enemy dice makes it hard to estimate how much damage it’d be taking.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Amazing card idea!

As someone who’d like to see a card that messes with opponent rolls, I support the basic concept, but don’t feel the abilities have been well enough thought out.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Balance of the game

Kotoba (red clan) were rebalanced last month, and Noz’dingard (blue clan)were rebalanced this month. Zil (purple clan) have not yet been rebalanced. That is part of the reason you see a huge disparity between Salem/Artrezil and Anryena. Both Zil and Sap Hearth (green clan) are due for a re-balancing before long. They seem to be doing 1 clan per month, so it’ll be a while still before you see Salem and Co. on par with Anryena.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Compiled List of Heroes and their Abilities

Watch the spelling on a few of those… Aleshane, Archmage Anryena, Moira.

Also, lol@Hime – Crit (if Asian). Try ‘if Kotoba’.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Best setup for Nehants team?

Azaram and Zejabel not too bad with all the multi-hit going on. Aside from that, you’re better off avoiding the Nehants for now.

I’ve noticed you multiple times in the past few days with almost identical questions revolving around a full Nehant or full Sap team. Take the advice people have been giving you for a few days now, and if you want to win, don’t make a full Nehant or Sap team. If you’re not going to listen to the advice people give you, then why ask?

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The Best Team

Originally posted by sssfinxxx:

…dodge is missing to resist to multiple attacks. And not just that.

First up, you need to get to know what counters different abilities. Dodge does not counter multiple attacks, in fact, dodge is countered by multiple attacks.

Dodge counters crit, and somewhat counters powder.
Multi-hit/many-hit counters dodge.
-DMG counters multi-hit.
Backstab counters anything STR based (sword hits, powder, Shui Khan’s 2B).
Shield counters Rage.
Small number of big hits counters Berserk.
Life Drain/Heal counter early skills.
Sword/hits after drain counter Life Drain.

From the list of lv3 you’ve given, I’d definitely pick Azaram, Zejabel, Moira as they do well against many common cards right now. Dimizar, Carkasse and Marzhin are all reasonable for the 4th and 5th slots as well.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / I really need help with my team

Originally posted by Havoch:

Exhien > Mel > Ma > Armada/Al > Clover

This exact team played in this exact order is pretty much a ticket to master league at the moment. Kind of sad since any major counters would have to rely heavily on dodge, which usually gets beat down hard in the many-hitting Noz meta. If anyone can come up with a strong counter to this team that would be competitive in the current meta-game I’d be curious to hear it…

Best I can come up with would be something like… Silent, Azaram, Zejabel, Moira… and I can’t even come up with a solid anti-Clover pick once she has Ma/Meli buffs. Any multi-hit buffs her to insane levels, her reds eat dodges, and without dodge, she eats your face.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Noz'Dingard buff

Originally posted by MawkM233:

Edit: Just need something to counter those Mel teams…

Yeah, Ma, Meli, Killicrew, Clover, Exhien is frustrating to fight… Exhien’s +All DMG side effect has the potential to turn even Ma/Meli into formidable fighters, and Killi/Clover are completely insane with Ma/Meli buffs.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Weekly Ex discussion

Originally posted by Buffalorising:

He didn’t have the best roll... However, Exhien is still a great card.

While that is a perfect Spiritspeaker roll, Exhien can reply with any of RRRBBB, RRRBYY, RRRBBY, or RRBBYY for a win or even RRRRBY for a tie.

Your fight:
Exhien: RRRYYY - 100+100+100+3x(150+75-150)+3x(150+75-150)+3x(150+75-150) = 975
Spiritspeaker: RRRRBB - 450+450+150+150+150+150 = 1500

Other fights:
Exhien: RRRRBY - 100+100+100+100+(350+100-90)+3x(150+200-150) = 1360
Spiritspeaker: RRRRBB - 450+450+(150-35)+(150-35)(150-35)+(150-35) = 1360

Exhien: RRRBBB - 100+100+100+(350+75-90)+(350+175-90)+(350+275-90) = 1605
Spiritspeaker - 450+450+(150-105)+(150-105)+(150-105)+(150-105) = 1080

Exhien: RRRBYY - 100+100+100+(350+75-90)+3x(150+175-150)+3x(150+175-150) = 1685
Spiritspeaker: RRRRBB - 450+450+(150-35)+(150-35)+(150-35)+(150-35) = 1360

Exhien: RRRBBY - 100+100+100+(350+75-90)+(350+175-90)+3x(150+275-150) = 1895
Spiritspeaker: RRRRBB - 450+450+(150-70)+(150-70)+(150-70)+(150-70) = 1220

Exhien: RRBBYY - 100+100+(350+50-90)+(350+150-90)+3x(150+250-150)+3x(150+250-150) = 2420
Spiritspeaker: RRRRBB - 450+450+(150-70)+(150-70)+(150-70)+(150-70) = 1220

There's a better chance of Exhien scoring the 'tie' roll than Spiritspeaker rolling his perfect roll, and I'm not certain of it, but I suspect the combined chance of rolling any of the winning rolls is also higher than Spiritspeaker's best roll. I've even skipped a couple of the rolls that include swords.
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I actually made a post about this recently.
When to Stop Buying Standard Packs

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Re-rolls and what to keep?

You’re rolling correctly for Armada as far as I’m concerned. No powder = loss AND no team buffs. If you happen to miss reds/swords, but get powder off, at least you’re walking away with a consolation prize.

I haven’t looked carefully enough at odds for Gemineye to give you proper advice.

Toran’s best roll is 2r2y2s, closely followed by 1r2y3s and 1r1y4s, but even 2y4s or 1y5s can hit respectably (with no enemy shield). For a 0Y Toran, I’ll either throw a full re-roll, or hold a single sword. Swords are definitely more valuable to Toran than reds… you’ll want anywhere from 2-4 swords in most cases, while you’d rarely ever want more than 2 reds. Obviously getting that 1 yellow minimum is key before holding too many dice.

I can’t say what the odds are of managing to get 2r2b1y on Shui’Khan, it is certainly non-trivial to calculate that, even given an algorithm to determine what you hold. However, I have a strong feeling it is <90%, and your opponents have just gotten lucky.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / do all dice colours have the same chance to roll?

Originally posted by evandura:

While this is an old topic, the die probability is stated in the game/app in the FAQ/Help section. Help > Fight > How do I use my dice?

Good find! I know a few of us looked for it.

Roll probability

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Shield team

Originally posted by harpoondfish:

The ugly corc
Going for two shield buffs instead of max damage lowers your damage only slightly, while buffing your team well.

Only part I really take issue with. Best Corc roll is 2y2b2r, which gives your team two shields, AND max damage. 2y1b3r works as a fallback since it is much easier to roll. 3y3r would be the target if you know he will lose.

Other than that, not a bad strat. Though look out for dodge-busters like Shui’Khan or Gan’So with powder. Their red hits will eat through your dodge, and the monster powder hits will eat through your shield like a hot knife through butter.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Stagnation Problem

Originally posted by origamimaster88:

Oh and I was wondering how often the special packs show up in the chests. Does anyone know how to increase the chance?

I hear some people believe doing a nude rain dance in the middle of the street increases the chance. Not sure I believe it though, I already tried and didn’t notice a difference.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / When to Stop Buying Standard Packs

Originally posted by Mythrilvael:

Ultimate packs give you a random card you don’t have yet.

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

Ultimates are chosen among heros you don’t own yet, not heros you don’t own yet at lv.3

Did I say differently somewhere?

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Topic: BloodRealm / Ability

Originally posted by Ikciu:

What is wrong? I have other ability on 2 champions than I’ve had it early … These new one are crap! I can understand if you let someone to change it if he wants but you decided for us. Early I’ve had full health to my cards after kill enemy card and right now i have only +HP for my champion. I sacraficed some cards with regenerate because this ability was enought and right now left me none regenerate!

Sounds like you have issues with the Crowe changes. Trust me when I say that you’ll appreciate champ heal more than ally heal in the long run. When you start out, enemy allies are extremely weak, so the ability doesn’t gain much health for you, but when you’re running into lvl 50/60 allies all over, you can get a huge heal for only 1 blood. It is very strong.

Also, Great Elk is one of the best green cards, and it renders the old second skill completely useless while in play. Many other cards you might use early on Crowe have Giant, Consume or Regenerate… so the ally survivability shouldn’t be too great an issue.