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Topic: Collaborations / Character Artist for Visual Novel/Adventure Game

Ahaha! Forgive me for the misinterpretation, then. I just made the connection due to the artists’ NSFW page.
Thank you for directing me to some possible help! I’ll give contacting them a shot. And, thanks again for the luck…^^

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Topic: Collaborations / Character Artist for Visual Novel/Adventure Game

The game won’t contain any adult content, but I do appreciate the luck. xD

There are several different styles I would consider, but the ideal is probably either a “manga” style or a mix of manga and American comic-style. The only styles that I absolutely do not feel would would suit this project are anything too cartoony, “moe” (super overly cute anime style), or realistic. I would like to stay within the realm of semi-realistic, at at least proportionate-wise, though I’m fine with — encourage, even — some stylization.

That said, I’d be fine with your friend’s style as long as he or she is cool with the fact that there won’t be any opportunities to draw awesome (unclothed) boobs. :P

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Topic: Collaborations / Character Artist for Visual Novel/Adventure Game

Game Title: Gatemaster!
Team Name: Mad Bat Studios
My Contribution: Writer/Programmer
Engine: Ren’py
Language: Python
Target Systems: Windows/Mac/Linux

Gatemaster! is a fantasy visual novel/adventure game hybrid currently in the conceptual stage of development. To clarify, while all or most of the major characters and plot points have already been planned out, there’s still quite a bit of world-building to be done, some game mechanics and a few designs to be clarified, built upon, or otherwise refined. That is where YOU come in!

Before I go any further, here’s an overview of Gatemaster!’s plot:

What if I were to tell you that Earth as we know it is only one of infinite planes of existence? And what if you had the power to access these alternate planes?

You, Poe Belvedere, are an exceptional — if somewhat arrogant — student. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any endeavor you don’t excel at. Everything you’ve attempted has always come to you so easily, in fact, that by this point in your life it has almost become boring. What you didn’t know, however, is that you are also a Gatemaster. Gatemasters are powerful beings that can travel through worlds and are oftentimes tasked with guarding these interdimensional gates from those who would abuse them. With your discovery of a portal that leads to the magical world of A’raenia Primary, your own world has suddenly and quite literally opened up to you.

But being a Gatemaster is not all fun and games, and though you are not yet aware of it your irresponsibility puts all of the planes at risk. How will you handle your role as Gatemaster when the very Earth seems to be crumbling apart around you? Will you be the realms’ savior, or will you inadvertently bring about their destruction?

In my opinion, there are two major factors that set Gatemaster! apart from most visual novels.

1: Interactivity
While it is not unheard of for visual novels to contain mini games or RPG elements, etc., for a standard visual novel the only interactivity comes in the form of decisions that must be made at certain points that effect the direction and outcome of the story. While Gatemaster! does certainly contain this genre-defining attribute — and to a wide extent, considering the variety of worlds the main character is able to access — it is also puzzle driven, in addition to containing a skill point raising system that’ll both aid the player in their adventure and open up more story possibilities. The game will also make use of an interactive map and inventory system.

2: Realism
Oftentimes, visual novels allow for the possibility of forming relationships with a range of different characters and Gatemaster! is no exception. What is different, however, is the way in which these relationships are formed. There are generally two possible ways this is accomplished: by choosing the correct options in a standard visual novel, and by raising the proper attributes/giving gifts/going on dates in what’s known as a dating sim. Gatemaster! takes this a step further by having different requirements depending on who you’re going after. For example, one character requires the player to keep an eye on the in-game calendar, making certain not to miss special events in that character’s life. Of course, it won’t be so complicated that the player won’t be able to figure out what to do for who, but it will require a bit more work and attention to detail than merely giving the girl a bouquet of flowers or answering a question the way she’d like you to.

What I’m Looking For: As my partner, I would like for the character artist to work closely with me throughout the development of Gatemaster!, providing feedback, suggestions, ideas of their own, etc.

And, as the character artist, here’re the tasks my partner can expect:

• Concept sketches
• Sprite lineart
• Character lineart for event CGs

Coloring and backgrounds will be handled by separate artists!

Extra: To be absolutely upfront, when we have enough conceptual work completed for an outside observer to be reasonably confident that the project will be seen through to completion, I intend to submit it to Kickstarter. I have seen successfully funded visual novels there, and I truly do believe that Gatemaster! could find success there as well. However, that does mean that I do not presently have any funding that I’d be able to offer upfront.

If anyone has any questions at all, or would like for me to expand upon or clarify anything presented thus far, please do not hesitate to either reply here or send me a PM.
Alternate Contact:

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Topic: Collaborations / Recruiting: How to Be a Successful Villain

Up you go.

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Topic: Collaborations / Recruiting: How to Be a Successful Villain


Type: Visual novel
Genre: Various
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Engine: Ren’py
Language: Python


So, you’ve finally decided to quash those worthless inhibitions, cast aside your inconsequential existence in favor of something a little more…high profile, and take your rightful place high above the mundane society in which you’ve heretofore been wasting your life. Good for you! Don’t start polishing that death ray just yet, though. The road to infamy is one of many hairpin turns, steep inclines, and unmarked dirt roads that you’ll almost certainly miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, this crash course simulator will not only tell you everything you need to know about being a successful villain, it will also show you just how prepared (or not!) you are to let the world know you mean business! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start preparing to be a successful villain—right from the comfort of your own home! Maniacal laughter not included.


Appearance Customization – Body type, skin tone, hair and eye color and style, and clothing will be alterable to an extent.

Archetype and Goal – Players will be able to choose from a list of archetypes (mad scientist, otherworldy, costumed, etc.) and goals (world domination, monetary gain, revenge, etc.), which will both determine the base storyline and impact the available questions.

Questions Before Story – Rather than being presented during the course of the story as in most visual novels, players will answer story outcome and direction determining questions before it begins. These questions will be randomized and come in various types, such as ranking and multiple choice, and will be presented as a villainy aptitude test.

Easter Eggs and Unlockable Content – Certain player actions can unlock hidden content, such as alternate endings and game modes.


°Lead Programmer – Will work alongside the assistant programmer (myself), incorporating the more difficult scripts utilizing the Python language within the Ren’py engine.

°Character Artist – Will create various male and female bases in basic and complicated poses, as well as eye and hairstyles to go along with them. Lineart only. Ideal style a sort of mix between American and Japanese comic styles (semi-realism), but will consider others.

°Clothing Designer – Will work alongside the writer (myself) in designing suitable clothing for each archetype. Will also create the clothing in such a way that it fits the appropriate bases.

°Colorist – Will digitally color bases, hair, eyes, and clothes.


While it is not currently feasible for me to provide compensation, everyone who contributes to this project will receive payment either before or after it is released (depending upon the agreement reached between myself and each individual contributor).

This is a large project, and completion will require commitment on everyone’s part. If, for whatever reason, you do not believe you will be able to see this project through to completion, please do not bother applying.


Email –