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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Reporting Bugs & Issues

in game chat is broken [SecurityErrorEvent type=“securityError” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=“Error #2048”]

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugged Quest Raid - Lupin

i can’t summon any raid :( ign nonameNik

Originally posted by nopn12:

I think you sould refresh the page and there a bug report forum

refresh don’t help in this case(s).
about forum – tread here is locked! I do NOT want to register to any other forum to report bug on kong based game!

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Big Changes Incoming!

Time to leave game is coming! Every time some devs start this ‘merge servers’ it mean just one – they don’t like to spend much attention to this project and start cutting costs and/or game lost players rapidly and they want to make feeling it is not dead yet. There is no real reason to decrease alliance cap – it worked ok so far. Just a way to make players say ‘LOL, so much alliances, game is going great’. While in reality it will lose many ‘alts’.

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Topic: Dream World / gems and cards.

Originally posted by Nakazawa:

Any comment?

nice idea

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Originally posted by dna0008:

When I hit a raid, that someone else had kill, my client freezes, sometimes I can click on the Raid button (top right), other times I can’t click on anything at all, and new to refresh.

Same here: if raid die and i hit it after that, game freeze instead showing some pop-up ‘raid is dead…’. This started after last update.

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Topic: Dream World / Hells 4-6?

As usual kingk update – more of the same. h1-3 on steroids. Why they even bother to do it? Just copy/paste and change names (and numbers).

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / pvp event designed to push players away from game

Devs are developed new type of event – spend_less_to_stay_safe.

This PVP event is designed to make me (and i guess not only me) spend less and/or stop playing during it. There is nothing to win, just lose during this event.

Here are facts:
Best prize – red crystals, are better than orange, but not that much. At over 20k attack and 12k defense stats, if i replace all my orange crafted equipment with red crafted, i’ll gain ~500 atk & def for a week hunting (and it is not easy to find reds…), but i can get 500 stats with farming raids in less than week, some 3 days are enough :) so what is the point to try?
Reds are good for GD pvp, but they made you stick to red crafted items and prevent spending GSs for new equipment with slightly better stats later, so … why should i bother for reds anyway? (and how this help devs at all? i can understand if i can buy reds for new equipment, but i can’t ….)

GD pvp hunting for reds … well, i was lvl 24 with ~14300 GP (needed to be 16k for next safe level) when event was announced. There always are some bigger fish, you know ;) Now, 2nd day of the event i’m lvl 23 with ~13500 GP after hard fight to keep points. With this speed, i’ll need more than a month to get back where i was before event!
If i play more – i get levels, get pvp health bar refiled and lose even more GP duels (while i sleep or work or … ). If i spend more GSs for synergy, i get levels and lose even more. If i spend GSs for GD passes, i need pvp health refiled so … i lose even more points. Best strategy is to stay away and keep pvp health bar empty??!?

Solution – stop spending money and time for lots during this event to limit my loses. Search for some other game to play and spend time & money … we’ll see if i ever return here after this event.

O, and i was lucky to get 20B on last event 3 or 4 (?) hours before dead line, if i was one of losers to miss it because devs can’t calculate time, i would play some other game by now. (at devs: unixtimestamp do not get affected by time zones or time changes).

I’m not a noob, 8 levels to 1000, i guess i’ll never get level 1000 now :( so sad.

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Topic: Kongregate / New backend update - please post issues here!

i’m playing game ‘legacy of thousand suns’. In chat players post links for raids (part of the game) and since yesterday text is broken – “Legacy of a Thousand Suns”. It is just a visual issue, links work as usual.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

it is working now, Thank You!

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

in PvP → Galaxy Dome → ‘team page’ my fleet is empty. I have fleet – i can see it in profile page, but i can’t change player in GD page. It say ‘page 1/3 retrieving members from database’ and stay like this forever.
It is like this for at least 2 days, i saw it first just after last patch/update. Yet it may be same earlier… I did all steps – clear cache, try different browser – nothing changed. It is not big issue, but is weird.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Thanks LEMouche, i think you are right.

Another minor visual issue after last patch – pop-up window with officers description is way too high. There are 15+ empty lines between spacial ability of officer (orange text) and description (white text). Most of the times pop-up window is bigger than game window.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Originally posted by Liolei:
Originally posted by nikathome:

I just killed boar (with Kill-tech hyper destroyer) and i didn’t receive Atreyu’s Blade as reward. It was just after new patch was applied….

Atreyu’s blade is a random drop from defeating the mission boss

if info here and/or here
is correct – you are wrong. it should be reward (not random!) for killing mission boss

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

I just killed boar (with Kill-tech hyper destroyer) and i didn’t receive Atreyu’s Blade as reward. It was just after new patch was applied….

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Fill Stam/Ener Popup

Same here, i wasted 20GS thinking it is HP refill window …. i almost quit that day

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Topic: Technical Support / Kongregate - entirely broken?

all servers are unreachable: CDN3, CDN2, CDN4. Site have no CSS, no JS, no nothing.
Kong, can you do something about it, please. Or it is time to move to other game platform?

PS: it is DNS issue, but anyway, FIX IT FAST. Even anonimizing sites can’t open your servers, so it is global DNS misconfiguration on your side.

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Topic: Technical Support / PHP error in kong auth script

on load of game legacy-of-a-thousand-suns, game iframe dump:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/kong/lib/KongregatePlatform.php on line 193

It is not just me, in chat all players confirm it is same for them.

PS: on other game i got:
Sorry, but it looks like there is a problem: sorry, unable to authenticate this account

And this is while i’m logged – as you can see , i use my kong account to post here :)

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / what to do to get boar raid unlocked?

What i have to do:
- beat on hard all 4 chapters of section 3
- beat on hard last 4th chapter of section 3?

Please, someone that have done it, answer me. It will save me 2-3 days to go trough all chapters if i can do it easier way.

Thank you in advance!

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Topic: Call of Gods / I'm leaving cog, good bye everyone

Originally posted by cogalty:

Dunno about other servers but I watched the online numbers on s8 around yesterdays war time. Only 60% of the people who usually are logged in around 19.00-20.00 server time have been online. Anyone noticed the same on other servers?

With time it will be better. More and more will quit ;)

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Topic: Call of Gods / Leo (cog offical forum) : T3 soldiers will be able to be recruited in players' castles soon

Originally posted by WHATEVER675:

CoG, I hope I’m not provoking in any manner, but I hope I can offer a beneficence with a little suggestion:

Now I feel completely sympathetic for you having to endure the continuous complaints from the players. (I truly am!) However, there is a main issue that is concurring and that is that fact that you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. If you have any legitimate reason as to why you may not be able to fix the bugs or implement the situations that the players suggest, don’t hesitate to mention it! Then I’m pretty sure the players will understand and will not hassle that much. This is a situation in which a ‘no’ is better than a ‘yes’.

Secondly, I’d suggest you to focus on what the players are advising you to do rather than the weekly updates. The players relatively do not want the weekly updates compared to that of you guys implementing their suggestions. This is why until all the players are slake, I suggest to centralize more on the people’s advice than weekly updates, after all, they are indirectly helping to make the game better and to prevent any future complaints of great similarity.

At the same time, players, to all of you out there. I know CoG may not be in the right that their words and actions are different, but before you guys keep on posting, think. Why? Why couldn’t they listen to your suggestions. Perhaps they’re busy and they just cover it up by saying ‘yes’? Perhaps there could be some other reason? And after all, this is a game. A game is meant to entertain, and to give you people fun and great pleasure. CoG created this wonderful game for all of us to play, and so please respect if for some reason your suggestions or bugs couldn’t be fixed.

To sum it up, CoG, focus more on the players suggestions than other game features and players, just enjoy the game and accept if CoG is unable to fixate your suggestions into the game.


You got it wrong. We, Players, pay the bill. If we do not receive what we pay for – we’ll walk away. If we spend some real money and cog lied to us – there is no reason to think why they did it. It is obvious – they are greedy and do not understand how to keep us happy. So it is payback time. We are leaving on groups. Let them do what ever they want, for what ever reason they have. WE DO NOT CARE ANY MORE AND WE WILL NOT PAY ANY MORE,

cog: good luck in searching new job, i hope it won’t be in game development.

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Topic: Call of Gods / To players in CoG.

Originally posted by clark86:

try legacy of thousand suns.. im there :D the devs create good events + they listen to players + if they make mistake they will really change it.. totally unlike the buggers in CoG..


legacy of thousand suns look nice, i’ll try it for few weeks (so far it is fun), but returning to cog is not in my plans. cos was pure waste of time AND money. I’m sorry i waste my time with cog.

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Topic: Call of Gods / New Score Master

Originally posted by Diodeus:
Originally posted by callofgods:

Santa Claus comes a bit early this year, lol.

I have only one question: Does chinese Santa Claus takes gifts from childrens and puts sh*it under the Christmas tree?

How chinese Santa act this year? He was BAD and GREEDY? No more gifts from me from now, he can keep his sh!ts, i don’t need anything from him any more. I’m done with cog.

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Topic: Call of Gods / I'm leaving cog, good bye everyone

Good bye players, it was pleasure to play with you.
This T3 cards bound ‘feature’ is too much for me.

See you in other games guys.

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Topic: Call of Gods / new club : i will quit CoG if unit card are bound

i’ll quit too.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Pitched battle in Halloween-The Pumpkin seeds

Originally posted by extelon:

i love how “red pumpkin gem” is an orange gem

New promotion cog style: pay for red gem and you will receive orange gem labeled ‘red’.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (October 25th)

Originally posted by callofgods:

Hi, if our staffs make some changes with game, there will have some technical problem to solve, they also have to test it. That will take time. So sorry for you, the changes won’t be made this time. Thank you for your understanding.

If you apply it, don’t bother to reverse it back – i won’t be here any more. WHY? Because you spend weeks and weeks to ‘test’ something and more weeks to ‘fix’ it. Do i have patience to wait for you? NO.

If you think this issue should stay as it is – then DO NOT APPLY IT UNTIL IT IS REMOVED FROM UPDATE.
I’ll log-in tomorrow, if cards are bound – i’ll never-ever-EVER return here. I hink most of us will do the same. It is your decision, do what you think is better, we will react as we think it is better for us.